Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 10

Song Yan looks at her and shifts his gaze, he still stands there and pants. He is tired and he feels like he would lose his temper soon.

Then there’s another car losing its control. It is moving toward them. Song Yan swears toward that driver. He comes forward to take a look at the car and notices there’s no one inside the car.

Song Yan checks through the car and sets up a warning sign. Xu Qin notices that his arm is bleeding and just remembers that he helped her out by breaking the glasses.

“You have injury on your arm.” Xu Qin walks toward Song Yan and at the same time, his walkie-talkie rings. “There’s another series of car accident at the main road near Qiu Shui lake. The third victim is stuck in the car…..”

Song Yan looks at Xu Qin, she is standing under the heavy rain. She is so pale and weak. He tries to check her and determines that she is okay. His duty is done so he turns his body to leave.

“Do you know that I was inside the car?” Xu Qin asks him.

Song Yan stops walking and doesn’t answer . His walkie-talkie rings again, he doesn’t look at her and just leaves.

Xu Qin doesn’t stop him, she watches him take big steps to leave. He takes a left turn and disappears in front of her.

The water has entered her phone, she couldn’t turn it on. Yet she doesn’t need to have her phone on to know that the hospital would give her a call. In this kind of weather, there would be emergency cases.

The car couldn’t be lifted up now, it’s lucky that the hospital is nearby. She could just walk for ten minutes to return to the hospital.

The time Xu Qin arrives back at the hospital, it’s already 12:00 p.m.

The emergency hall is fill of waters and people. Three to four cleaning services are cleaning the water up. Because people keep on coming and going, the floor just turns clean and dirty in a mater of second.

Xiao Nan passes and notices Xu Qin, she is surprised: “Doctor Xu, why are you looking at this? Did you fall into the water?”

“I just fell, it’s okay. I’ll go clean up first. Later on I’ll come back. Help me to dry my phone. I don’t know whether I could use it again.”

“Give it to me.”

Xu Qin goes to the shower room of the hospital and washes herself, then she changes her clothes. She returns to the emergency room and gets busy.

The rainstorm persists for the whole night.

The cases keep on happening.

The city is filled with the traffic police, armed police, firefighters, ambulance, special police and medical workers cars’ lights……..

Countless people are trying hard to observe and guard the city that night, they determine to not sleep.

The sky turns bright slightly, the rain starts to calm down. There’s no more new patient coming to the hospital. The doctors and nurses finally could be relieved.

Xu Qin passes the corridor when she comes out of the emergency room, she notices several doctors are sleeping soundly while sitting on the ground.

The corridor is quiet.

Xu Qin walks soundlessly to the bathroom, she washes her hands three times and raises her head. She looks at the mirror and notices that she has dark circles under her eyes.

She returns to her office and notices that she is so thirsty. It’s been ten hours since she drank water. She pours a cup of warm water for herself and drinks it. She stands near the window.

It’s four o’clock in the early morning. The sanitation workers has started to pick up the trashes and clean up everything.

She notices one of them is wearing an orange color uniform.

She recalls the moment he helps her.

Last night there’re should be few calls asking for help. Yet he still comes to help her.

Xu Qin finishes her glass of water and goes to the resting room.

In just an hour and half, there would be her turn to work.

Last night most of the patients are coming to the emergency room for accident and drowning cases.

Xu Qin is so busy to check up on them, she ends her shift at 06:00 p.m.. The time it’s a change of shifts, she seems to have no energy even to walk. Her car is still there. She gives a call to Xiao Yi Xiao and asks for his help to call a trailer to drag her car. She takes taxi to go home.

On the way back home, the driver is listening to the news. The news anchor reports:

“Last night there’s an exceptionally heavy rain, it creates a great disaster and makes an economic damage of 91.1 hundred million Yuan….”

“Last night indeed the rain is so great. It makes everywhere turns into a river.” The driver says, “ It should be hard for the police and firefighters. They should be very tired. This morning when I went out, I saw a group of firefighters supposedly they had duty nearby. Their body was so wet, yet they didn’t seem to care. They just slept there on the ground. Their clothes are muddy. Ah, their arms even bled—-“

Xu Qin doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t know whether the driver met Song Yan.

Perhaps he was, perhaps he wasn’t.

In this big city, there are a lot of people like Song Yan.

Because of these kind of people, this city is safe and people could be rescued. The next day everything returns to normal.

Xu Qin’s car has reported to be something as worthless. Meng Huai Jin buys a new car. It comes by a week.

In the days before getting her new car, Xu Qin just takes a taxi to the car.

Everyday in that week, she keeps on recalling the sense of security she feels being on his embrace.

On the sixth day, Xu Qin uses her connection to get Song Yan’s work schedule and his condition in the group. They are trained in a military base. Though he is working in shift but the unmarried firefighters should stay in the camp to do daily practices. They should stay in the same camp and couldn’t come out for day or night.

Every month, he would have three days off. He could come home but couldn’t leave the city. At any time he should be on alert for awaiting order.

Xu Qin hangs up the call and stands on the balcony. She looks at Wu Fang street.

In the afternoon 05:30 p.m., the sun sets.

She is waiting there silently.

After several minutes, the news comes by. Song Yan’s work schedule. Today he is on the last day of his three days off.

Xu Qin turns her body to go out. She takes the elevator and exits the building.

In just six cays, it seems to be the city is in another season.

There’re people are designing the garden.

Xu Qin looks around. She keeps walking and entering Wu Fang street.

She worms her way into the crowd. She passes everything… till she arrives in front of Di family house.

The front door is left unlocked.

Xu Qin takes a look from the small crack and gets inside the courtyard.

The principal rooms (in a courtyard house, usually facing south) is locked. Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma aren’t home. Xu Qin passes the yard and steps on the purplevine petal.

She walks to the room facing the west.

Xu Qin stands there for a second and wants to open it. Before she opens it, she hears footsteps behind. Song Yan is walking toward his room with his head hanging low. He notices Song Yan is in front.

He smiles and examines her for half second, he smiles: “You are on the way here?”

He should know that she come to look for her the last time.

Xu Qin looks at his eyes and says: “No, I come here for a special purpose.”

Song Yan: “Is there any problem?”

Xu Qin: “Last time you rescued me, I come over to thank you.”

Song Yan looks at her and sneers at her. “Just for this?” He goes to open his door.

Xu Qin doesn’t retreat, they are standing so close with each other.

“Em, I come here to thank you.”

Song Yan leans on the wall and looks at her. “Then tell me, how do you plan to thank me?”

Xu Qin never thinks about this matter, she just looks at him. “How do you want me to thank you? I could do anything.”

Song Yan’s gaze turns dark, he looks at her and thinks for a while. He suddenly stands up close toward her. His fingers stroke her neck. It is so electrifying.

She stiffens and doesn’t move.

His fingers are rough, it comes upward till it reaches his ear. He asks hoarsely: “You could do anything to thank me.”

Xu Qin shivers: “Tell me.”

“What if I say Yi Shen Xiang Xu (devote one’s life to me)? Em?” He uses his fingers to tease his chin. She could smell the scent of his cigarette.

Xu Qin feels her legs are going weak. She bites her lips and says nothing.

Song Yan laughs. “If every woman that I saved wants to Yi Shen Xiang Xu, then shouldn’t I be dead by now? Would it be your turn?”

He stands up straight and takes his hand away.

Xu Qin doesn’t say anything.

He just smokes and looks at her again: “How could you be so confident that after years, I still would keep thinking of you, and want to sleep with you?”

His words are too harsh, it’s ruthless. It burns Xu Qin’s heart. Her face is pale.

Xu Qin shakes her head lightly: “Song Yan, don’t use that kind of tone to talk to me.”

Song Yan is sick of it, his tone gets more serious: “D*mm*t, you still wish for me to call you politely Meng Da Xiao Jie (Ms Meng)?”

His words are harsh and blaming her,

Xu Qin watches him, her eyes are red.

Song Yan straightens her lips and doesn’t continue to say anything. He turns her head and looks at the woodworks around the courtyard. His face is serious like he is thinking of something.

His eyes turn cold. He wants to say something much harsh, her eyes are watery.

Song Yan just frowns and grits his teeth. He points at her with hatred and warns: “Swallow it back. D*mm*, don’t play this trick with me.”

He knows that she is a cold and ruthless woman. She just turns gentle and weak just for her goal.

“Do you hear me?!” He howls at her.

Xu Qin keeps on staring at him, her eyes keep on watering.

Song Yan is so furious, he hates that he couldn’t tear her mask. He comes closer toward her and grabs her collar. He presses her toward the pillar and scolds: “Stop doing your trick!”

Xu Qin bites her lips and looks at him. In a next second, her tears start to fall down to his hand.

He seems to feel it and suddenly lets her go. He immediately retreats.

Xu Qin just stays there.

The courtyard is silent. They just stand there and don’t look at each other. They say nothing.

At last, Xu Qin just says: “Song Yan, let’s get back together.”

Suddenly his phone rings.

He should return to the camp.

Song Yan doesn’t look back and just leaves.

“I already forget you since long time ago.”


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