Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 6

The first night after the first day of school, the male students are chatting in the dorm. Chen Xing Ruo is the hot topic.

“…… D*mm*t, that woman should be goddess! This morning Wang You Fu chattered for a whole morning, he also chattered during the Politics Subject. I usually fall asleep for Wang You Fu’s chatters. But today for the whole period I didn’t sleep! Chen Xing Ruo sits in front of my view, wow! She is so impressive! I could see her every time I raise my head! She is too beautiful!”

“She is a goddess, she is a goddess! But don’t you guys think that she is a bit cold. She seems hard to be approached.”

Bian He pushes his glasses and compliments: “Chen Xing Ruo indeed feel a bit estranged. I feel that Di Jia Jing is much better. Chen Xing Ruo is a woman that couldn’t be controlled by man….”

Lu Xing Yan just comes out of the bathroom when Bian He said those words.

He is wearing a black t-shirt and gym shorts. He just had his shower so his hair is so wet.

His roommates, who are discussing Chen Xing Ruo, asks him: “Ay, Yan Ge, what do you think of the transfer student?”

“Nothing great about her.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t even raise his head and goes out of the room. He still could hear the sound from the room because the room doesn’t have a soundproofing. “…. You guys should know too, the Mo Lian convention is all in English. Her speech is great, the logic is very clear. So I have a great impression about her.”

“He Si Yue, stop pretending. You should have a great impression of her because of her appearance.”

He Si Yue laughs and says: “It’s right, Chen Xing Ruo indeed is a bit eye-catching. Yet her performance that time was too outstanding.”

Inside the bedroom, most of them are top students. The topic of conversation moves around Chen Xing Ruo. — They conclude that Chen Xing Ruo’s appearance is ranked in the top three of the whole school.

Lu Xing Yan couldn’t understand, what is so special about white peacock that could make these guys chatter nonstop about her.

Lu Xing Yan thinks about what Li Cheng Fan’s question before about the Mo Lian convention. Cheng Xing Ruo’s expression —

Though she shows no expression, yet her no expression feels like: “Oh, I just know that you are an uneducated poor quality guy.”

Thinking about this, Lu Xing Yan’s mood turns sour.

He goes to the Li Ceng Fan’s room. The door is left unlocked. He is about to push open the door and just hears.

“Hahahaha, wow! D*mm*t!”

“No, for real, if her cup size is two times bigger, it should be a vision. The feel… But Cheng Xing Ruo’s appearance, the guys would…….“

“You should suffer in silence.” Lu Xing Yan suddenly opens the door and just gets in.

“Ay, Lu Shao Ye (Master Lu).” No one knows what he feels, they are greeting him.

Lu Xing Yan looks at them and doesn’t respond. He just goes to Li Cheng Fan’s bed. He emits the aura that ‘D*mm*t, I am not close to you’.

Li Ceng Fan is not at the dorm, Lu Xing Yan just finds his charger, which he wants to use. He just takes it and leaves without saying anything

He feels that Cheng Ruo Xing is a woman that is an expert at pretending. It’s common for him to hear those male students discussing female student, sometimes in vulgar way, he usually feels nothing. But today….

Those male students in Li Cheng Fan’s dorm look at each other, they don’t know what offend him, their minds are full of questions mark.


Ming Li has a quick teaching tempo. Most of the Grade 11’s new subjects have been finished taught. This semester, it directly enters the first round of review.

The Yi Zhong of Hui Ze also has not so slow tempo. Except two topics of history subject, everything is done.

Chen Xing Ruo adapts well to the new environment. After all, most students are also friendly and kind toward her. The teachers are treating her well too.

There’s only one thing that makes her feel annoyed.

Shi Qin told her that in the past a lot of people gathered around Lu Xing Yan, now it happens to her.

She doesn’t know what is the rumor surrounding the school are about her. But these several days after the first day, most male students gather around the back door of the class or window to look at their class.

Once she came out of the restroom and heard two men discussed near the back door.

“Which one is Chen Xing Ruo?”

“I don’t think that she is especially beautiful.”

She said nothing and just went to the teachers’ office to ask for two questions. She waited till the bell ring then she went back to the classroom.

In addition to this, the first week of the school is quite serene.

On Friday mid-afternoon, Pei Yue calls her over and says today that Lu Shan has time today so he would come and pick them up at school.

In the afternoon during the class, she meets Lu Xing Yan. At first she wanted to tell him but his face looks like ‘Though I look at you but you and trash bin have no difference’. His expression makes Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t want to speak up.

The last subject is changed into self-study. Chen Xing Ruo is too lazy to bring back her books so she takes the time for self-study to finish her literature and history homework.

Three minutes before the school ends, she starts to tidy up her things.

But the class committee suddenly turns her head over and says to her: “Chen Xing Ruo, today you should stay for cleaning the classroom. Because today someone will come to check it.”



The committee looks at her and thinks that she is unwilling. She asks cautiously: “You couldn’t stay?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “No, I could.”

Very quickly before the bell rings, the students start to relax. Someone stretch their body, someone chat with each other. Someone want to go home quickly.

Chen Xing Ruo goes to the back of the classroom and browses over at the the schedule of doing the class cleaning duty.


Sweeping the classroom

Chen Xing Ruo: Line 1& 2 and corridor.

Lu Xing Yan: Line 3& 4 and stage.

The arrangement is arranged by exceptional committee.

Chen Xing Ruo is standing there and trying hard to digest the information. Then she sends a message to Pei Yue to report. She says to her that she should be late for thirty minutes.

Pei Yue just replies: “Okay.”

Ming Li enforces the students to stay at the dorm. During the weekend, everyone choose to go home. So every Friday after the class ends, everyone would leave so quickly.

Chen Xing Ruo waits till most of the students are gone and starts to take the broom. She starts to sweep.

The time she turns her body, she notices Lu Xing Yan, who is holding his basketball, and several men are going out of the classroom.

“Lu Xing Yan.”

Her voice sounds too sudden in the classroom.

Lu Xing Yan turns his head and looks at her lazily: “What is it?”

“Do the cleaning, clean up line third and fourth and the stage. Today someone would come over and check.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t say anything, suddenly everyone inside the classroom laugh.

“Pfff! Asking Lu Xing Yan does the work! Hahaha!”

“You are crazy one!”

Lu Xing Yan is a bit unfamiliar with ‘cleaning work’. He just turns silence for a while and goes to the list to take a look.

He then looks at Chen Xing Ruo, he then says: “I and you are a group so help me to clean up first. Thanks.”

He doesn’t even give any time for Chen Xing Ruo to refuse, he just leaves with other male students.

They just disappear. Chen Xing Ruo could even hear those male students are mocking Lu Xing Yan.

He Si Yue wants to go to the teachers’ room and he passes the Chen Xing Ruo’s classroom. He notices what happened.

“They always act that way. Don’t think too much about it.” He goes toward Chen Xing Ruo and comforts her.

Chen Xing Ruo shakes her head: “It’s okay.”

Every school has that kind of group of ignorant and incompetent students. She doesn’t feel strange about it.

“I help you.”

He Si Yue takes the broom and helps her to sweep.

Chen Xing Ruo thanks him and doesn’t refuse.

After all, there’s someone that would inspect the works. She might not able to clean it up.

He Si Yue moves agilely. Chen Xing Ruo just finishes the first line, but He Si Yue is almost done with his work.

He Si Yue: “Let me clean up the second line.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “It’s okay. I’ll finish up.”

He Si Yue thinks about it and nods: “Okay, I’ll change the trash bag.”

Chen Xing Ruo is sweeping while thinking. She is confused how could a sixteen years old men, could be He Si Yue but also men like Lu Xing Yan.

They finish the cleaning and go to the restroom to wash their hands.

On the way back to the classroom, He Si Yue asks: “Today is Friday, are you going home?”

For this temporary moment, Lu family house could be counted to be home right.

Chen Xing Ruo: “Em.” Then she asks politely: “You?”

“I also go home. Then let’s go out together.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “I still need to stay for a while, today someone would do the check.”

He Si Yue: “It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Chen Xing Ruo wants to say something more but suddenly Wang You Fu appears and notices both of them. He waves his hand. “Ay, He Si Yue, come over to my office.”

Very good, she doesn’t need to refuse anymore.


Lu Xing Yan is good at picking time, after the cleaning is done, he returns back to the classroom. He looks that Chen Xing Ruo is wiping her hands. He takes off his wet hairband and says: “Da Xiao Jie (Big Miss), you are really good. It’s clean.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at him calmly and says nothing.

Lu Xing Yan is sneering and sitting on his chair. He unscrews his bottle and drinks it.

The class in the first classroom in the first building so it is checked first.

The time the check is done, Chen Xing Ruo picks up her backpack and stands up to leave.

The time she passes Lu Xing Yan, she stops.

Lu Xing Yan is still drinking his water.

Chen Xing Ruo suddenly speaks up: “Because of Pei Yi (Auntie Pei) and Lu Shu Shu (Uncle Lu), today I wouldn’t bicker with you. But in the future please don’t give trouble to anyone.”

Lu Xing Yan feels she is funny. He puts down his water bottle and leans back “I didn’t bicker with you about my basketball. You are quite arrogant.”

“The basketball bumped my arm. You even couldn’t learn to say sorry. Yet you wished me to throw it back to you.” Chen Xing Ruo is indifferent.

Lu Xing Yan looks at her for three seconds and suddenly stands up.

He is tall. When he is not standing straight, her head even doesn’t reach his head. Supposedly he was smoking before, she could smell a faint smell of tobacco.

Chen Xing Ruo feels uncomfortable with it so she unconsciously covers her nose and leaves distances in between them.

Lu Xing Yan watches her and purposely leans over: “What are you acting now?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “……”

“If you aren’t tired, I’m really so tired of you.” He takes out his cigarette box out of his pocket and passes a cigarette to Chen Xing Ruo. “I would not give you a lighter.”


Her thought is at a standstill for three seconds and she just remembers the first time she met with him. She suddenly understands.

She looks at Lu Xing Yan and suddenly asks: “Do you feel because I have a lighter, it means that I smoke?”

Lu Xing Yan raises his eyebrows, he decline to comment.

She says calmly: “I even could use the lighter to burn a joss stick for your burial mound.

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