Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 5

In the midnight, there’s a light rain. The next morning, the ground is a bit moist.

The window is opened and the wind feels especially fresh and clean.

“Why are you opening the window, it’s too cold!”

“I’m sorry. I just want to have more ventilation. If you are cold, I will close it now.” Di Jia Jing turns her head back and smiles apologetically.

Noticing that female student is Di Jia Jing, the male student is startled and rubs his nose. He says: “It’s okay, you could open it. It’s good to have more ventilation too.”

Di JIa Jing is the student in charge of the studies of the class. She has a good achievement. She is beautiful and kind. A lot of male students have a good impression of her.

The female student, who sits down beside that male student, is speechless. She pokes that man’s arm. Then she asks Di Jia Jing: “Jia Jing, I heard that your room has a transfer student? Who is she?”

“Ao, she should come with Shi Qin later on.”

Last night Shi Qin finished her homework till early morning 03:00 a.m. The room needs to have its lights off at 11:00 p.m. So she just used the table lamp to do her homework.

Di Jia Jing left the room in the early morning. Before going out, she woke Shi Qin. Yet Shi Qin was so sleepy so she didn’t budge.

Chen Xing Ruo was awake when Di Jia Jing woke her up. Yet she said: “I’ll sleep for a while again.”

Di Jia Jing is their class leader so for the first day, she needs to do a lot of things. So she should wake up early to get ready.


07:25 a.m., the students start to arrive at the classroom.

There are people are chatting, memorizing words, doing their homework, eating their breakfast. The classroom is lively and noisy.

“Lin Yu unexpectedly proposed publicly, he did it during his concert! Is he crazy! How could he fret over trifles! Recently he loses a lot of fans, he would not be that popular!”


“My mathematic question of multiple-choice question are answered randomly. He wouldn’t checked it through right/ This winter homework is too difficult.”


Someone is gossiping: “I heard that Lu Xing Yan and Xu Cheng Zhou, Chen Zhu went together to the beach for holiday? What do you think are Lu Xing Yan and Chen Zhou datting?”

Another female student looks stunned: “Haven’t they date long time ago?”

“I just heard, no they haven’t dated each other.”

“I don’t really know about it. I always thinks that they are together since last semester. Oh right, our class seems to have a transfer student. She stays in Di Jia Jing’s room.

“I don’t know about it.”

“Last night the time Li Ting went out with us together for dinner, she told us.”

The female student looks around feels puzzled: “Where is she…”

‘Speak of the devil and he doth appear.’

07:30 a.m., Shi Qin and Chen Xing Ruo get into the classroom before the bell.

When Chen Xing Ruo just gets inside the classroom, it’s so noisy.

But after a while, the classroom turns quiet —.

Wang You Fu holds his red thermos and gets into the classroom.

Chen Xing Ruo is a bit surprised, she thinks a homeroom teacher like Wang You Fu has no power.

The bell suddenly rings so loudly.

Wang You Fu looks pleased and goes to the stage. He puts down his thermos and….. No, in a next second he picks it up again.

“Everyone could stop for a while. Now I will introduce the new student in our class.” He waves at Chen Xing Ruo to come forward: “Come, introduce yourself.”

Chen Xing Ruo isn’t that reserved, she walks toward the stage and bows done slightly. Then she writes three big letters on the blackboard. Then she says to everyone. “Hi everyone. I am Chen Xing Ruo. I hope you could give advice and help for me. I hope that we could get close with you guys.”

It’s a three second silence and then everyone starts to clap.

Wang You Fu looks satisfied and looks around. He points to the empty seat: “Chen Xing Ruo, you could sit down there first. We would move the seats next week.”

Chen Xing Ruo nods and walks to her newly assigned seat.

The time she just sits down, Wang You Fu just hold his thermos and starts to do his routine talk. “Next semester, you guys would be Grade 12 students, you shouldn’t think of it as Grade 12, it’s still long way to college entrance exam……”

Then suddenly someone says lazily: “Report.”

Lu Xing Yan is wearing his school uniform, he stands in front of the door sloppily. He is holding his backpack and a basketball.

Wang You Fu looks at him. No one knows whether he would scold him or no. Before he speaks up, Wang You Fu’s phone rings. He looks at the screen and notices it is a call from the leader of Grade 11’s teachers.

Wang You Fu ignores Lu Xing Yan and goes out to answer it.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t wait for Wang Yo Fu and just passes Chen Xing Ruo’s side.

Chen Xing Ruo notices that the basketball on his hold is a new one. It has no dust or dirt.

It’s not the basketball from last night.

This time Lu Xing Yan suddenly puts down the basketball and lets it bounce on the ground.

Chen Xing Ruo’s face remains unchanged, she just looks at Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan says nothing and watches her intensely for few seconds. He suddenly pursues his lips and then goes to the back row.

Chen Xing Ruo feels that his gaze says ‘Wait for me’.


They are separated by an aisle. Chen Xing Ruo is seated in the fifth row of second column, Lu XIng Yan is sit down on the seventh row of first column. It’s not too far.

Lu Xing Yan looks front and could see her figure.

The time Wang You Fu returns, he looks around and finds Lu Xing Yan. “You are late, copy the notes of Politics subject ten times.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t refute, he just says “Em.”

Wang You Fu returns to what he said before and continues to chatter.

Half way, Lu Xing Yan just yawns.

“I heard that last night you played basketball and the ball was thrown by a female student to the trash bin? Crap! Did she do it for attracting your attention?” Lu Xing Yan’s seat-mate, Li Cheng Fan, asks.

It’s not strange for Li Cheng to think that way. Now a lot of female students love to read too much novel. They have novel-kind of thought. They know that currently acts of writing love letters or giving chocolates are outdated so they are looking for a new way to get male students’ attention.

Last semester, Lu Xing Yan came to the dining hall and he was splashed by a bowl of hot soup by a Science class female student.

Also there’s a Grade 10 art female student, she came toward Lu Xing Yan and confessed in despotic way. She even wanted to kiss him forcefully. But luckily she was too short so Lu Xing Yan just picked her out like a chicken to go away.

Li Cheng Fan: “Which female student is it? From what class is she? How does she look? She is quite impressive. Then did you take the ball?”

“No I didn’t.” Lu Xing Yan plays with his pen and looks at Chen Xing Ruo.

“Crap, isn’t it too wasteful?”

Looking at how Lu Xing Yan doesn’t say anything, Li Cheng Fan is indifferent too. He finds another topic. “Ay, You haven’t seen it right. The fifth row second column… that one, the one who sits down beside Ruan Wen. She is a new student, she looks so pretty!”

Beside Li Cheng Fan, there are lots of students discussing about Chen Xing Ruo. They keep on looking at her.

Chen Xing Ruo seems to notice them, she keeps on listening to Wang You Fu and reading her book.

Wen Zong (kind of literatures subject) is self-proposition, Wen Zong’s of Hu Ze and Ming Li are different.

She hasn’t have time to take her new textbooks so she borrowed from Shi Qin. She wants to compare it.

At 08:00 a.m. The bell rings. The individual study time ends.

Wang You Fu is finally done with his talk. “Okay, I’ll talk till here. You guys should think about it carefully. You should try your est. Oh right, for the time table, where is it? Ao— Ruan Wen, the winter homework for Politics subject, let’s not collect it first. I’ll talk about the examination paper later on during the class.”

“Okay, Wang Lao Shi (Teacher Wang).” Ruan Wen answers.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at Ruan Wen, Ruan Wen looks at her. “Hi, my name is Ruan Wen.”

She opens up her books and shows her name. “This.”

Chen Xing Ruo nods, “Hi, I am Chen Xing Ruo.”

Ruan Wen nods: “Em Em. Your name is pleasant to hear. It comes from Cao Cao <<Guan Cang Hai>, right? Xing Han Can Lan, Ruo Chu Qi Li (Our galaxy is splendid).”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t know whether her name comes from that excerpt, she just smiles.

Wang You Fu just leaves and the classroom turns noisy again.

Chen Xing Ruo just finishes greet Ruan Wen, then male students behind her pats her back.

She looks back.

That man smiles so gently and kind.

“Chen Xing Ruo, do you remember me?

His voice sounds familiar.

“I am He Xi Yue.”

His name is familiar too.

He Xi Yue just smiles helplessly: “I see that you have forgotten me. We met each other at Mo Lian convention. You were from Yi Zhong of Hui Ze right?”

He attempts to rouse her memory: “That time the Mo Lian convention topic is protecting and developing the marine environment. You were representing New Zealand, I was representing Nigeria. We achieved the best award. We even had a dinner together.”

Chen Xing Ruo finally remembers him. “Ao, it’s you.”

She seems to say it so dully, she adds: “What a coincidence.”

“Right, it’s too coincidental. We hadn’t met each other for a year. I just saw you and recognized you.”

“I’m sorry, you were quite different from that time…. em, you look different.”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t admit that she has a bad memory.

He SI Yue just laughs: “I change my hairstyle.”

He lowers his head and strokes his own hair.

Everyone around them seem to do their own business, but actually they are listening to their words.

Hearing about ‘the best award’, all of them are surprised.

She is transferred from Yi Zhong of Hui Ze, she got the best reward for that convention, she should be a top student ah…..

Lu Xing Yan and Li Cheng Fan also hear them out, but both of them don’t really know about that convention.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t know but he doesn’t speak out. Li Ceng Fan is not acting the same, he shows his puzzled look and asks: “What is that Mo Lian convention?”

He Si Yue and Chen Xing Ruo look over.

Lu Xing Yan licks his lips and rolls up his papers expressionlessly. He knocks on Li Ceng Fan’s head: “If you don’t know anything about it, just shut up.”

Li Ceng Fan shows his strong desire for information. “Do you know about it? Tell me what is it about.”

Lu Xing Yan: “……..”


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