Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 4

Inside the stationery store.

“The total would be 173 Yuan, would you pay cash or use your mobile phone?”

“Mobile phone.”

“Scan this.”

Chen Xing Ruo just enters the sum of money. Her hands and legs are cold so the time she does the fingerprints, it doesn’t respond quickly.

It takes her quite some time to pay, she pushes the glass door open.

The cold wind blows. It makes her feel cold.

The man, who stood under the tree before, is gone.

His words are are like a ‘scripture and mantras of Buddhism’, it keeps on repeating on her mind. Till now she is unable to focus.

She drags her suitcase while her mind keeps on wandering, She keeps walking toward the area with literary reputation (Shu Xiang street) of Ming Li.

The Shu Xiang street of Ming Li is a narrow and long one-way street. The sides of the street is filled with evergreen camphor trees. The right side of the street is Ming Li’s school building. From the fence, she could see the school’s basketball field and sports fields. On the right side of the school is the dorm and several restaurants.

Because of Lu Shan’s help, the transfer process is not very complicated.

She goes to the administration office and meets her new homeroom teacher.

Her homeroom teacher is Wang You Fu, he looks like a forty or fifty years old man. He is not tall, he is a bit chubby yet he looks very kind.

He is a quite slow person, he wastes five minutes to find his form.

He even speaks in slow pace, he holds his thermos and says: “Don’t worry. Our Ming Li is not falling short of Hui Ze.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks over the stationeries that she bought before.

…… Why she only has pencils.

“That year I graduated from Nan Cheng’s Shi Fan Da Xue (Teacher Training college). We were assigned, you know it right? After graduated, I went to Hui Ze, The Yi Zhong of Hui Ze was the school for immigrant workers, that time the qualification of the teachers weren’t good, the salary was low. But in just twenty thirty years, Hui Ze government has improved that part really quick and good.

Chen Xing Ruo finally finds her black pen, and starts to fill in the form.

“I am familiar with The Yi Zhong school. Your current principal is Shen Zhi Bo, he was the one that went with me to the Yi Zhong of Hui Zhe. I used to live with him. How could a person like him be a principal….”

Chen Xing Ruo: “……”

“Ming Li school is different, Ming Li school has a more concrete history. It was established years ago. These years there have been a lot of scholars leading groups are our alumni.

Chen Xing Ruo keeps on filling the form and says: “Em.”

Wang You Fu doesn’t know what has he spoiled, he then says: “The salary is high too.”

Chen Xing Ruo holds the pen.

After she is done, Wang You Fu takes Chen Xing Ruo goes to the corridor to the principal’s office.

Wang You Fu seems to be so free, he even offers to take her to take her uniform and dorm.

Letting this homeroom teacher takes her to look around the school would make her wonder whether she could have dinner tonight so Chen Xing Ruo just refuses politely.

The time she is out of the principal’s office, Chen Xing Ruo goes to the library first to take her uniform. Then she goes to the dorm.

Ming Li’s dorm is connected dorm between male and female dorm, it is in u-shaped form building. There’re also teaching and administrative staffs’ dorm and a dining hall.

The time Chen Xing Ruo arrives at dorm at the 4th floor 403, the dorm is so noisy.

“Jing Jing, wait for me! I’ll be done copying soon!” A female student with pink sweatshirt is writing at a tremendous speed.

“I just wear coat, you could write slowly. It’s okay.” Someone answers and goes out of the restroom.

The female student, who is leaning on the door, is using the tube to curl her bangs. She is thinking about something. Then she goes to the bathroom and yells: “Ay? A Jing, did Wang You Fu say that the form social practice should be handed over? I forget to sign it off.”

“Today when I met him, he didn’t say to hand it over. Yet I think you should do it, maybe few days later he would want it to be handed over.”

“The school is too annoying. We just celebrated the Chinese New Year, how should we do that. It’s too complicated!” The woman, who is curling her hair, suddenly feels unhappy, she throws away her mirror in the table.

The time they stop talking, Chen Xing Ruo knocks on the door.

The female students look at the door at the same time.

“Hi, guys. I am Chen Xing Ruo, in the future I also would live here too.”

The atmosphere turns silence.

The three female students are watching Chen Xing Ruo for ten seconds.

“Ao… You are the new transfer student?” The female student, who is called A Jing, just responds: “Today I heard Wang Lao Shi (Teacher Wang) mentioned about you. I almost forgot about it.”

She comes closer and welcomes Chen Xing Ruo: “Hi, I am Di Jia Jing.”

The other haven’t regained theirselves, they still digest the situation.

The time Di Jia Jing brings the newly roommate inside the room, one of the female student responds: “Hi, I am Shi Qin.”

Then another voices says: “Ni Ting (You hear).”


Chen Xing Ruo looks at her.

“Her name is Li Ting.” Di Jia Jing explains.

Chen Xing Ruo nods.

Most people would feel unfamiliar and estranged when meeting their new roommates, yet Chen Xing Ruo is not most people. The other roommates act much more awkward than her.

She just arranges her sheet quietly and unpacks her things.

The other roommates are doing their own things, but they keep on watching her silently.

One of the corner of the sheet couldn’t be push down, it keeps on sticking up aggressively just likes that impolite Lu.

Chen Xing Ruo stands there and thinks about it for several minutes, then she takes her books and pushes it down.

Di Jia Jing couldn’t look at it any longer, she asks hesitantly: “That….. do you need any help?”

Chen Xing Ruo just wants to refuse unconsciously but the time she is about to speak up. She just thanks her.

It’s very strange. Chen Xing Ruo seems to be the one that could attract a lot of attention though she looks cold.

In less than two minutes, Shi Qin also puts away her winter homework and helps Chen Xing Ruo to tidy up her table.

Under Di Jia Jing and Shi Qin’s helps, Chen Xing Ruo could finally packs up.

When she just stands up, Pei Yue calls her phone.

She looks at the phone and goes out to answer the call.

Shi Qin looks at her, when she is sure that Chen Xing Ruo is away. She sighs:” Chen Xing Ruo is too beautiful ah! The time she got inside our room, I was so amazed by her beauty!”

Di Jia Jing: “She also has a good aura, she seems like someone who learnt dance.”

Shi Qin: “Right, there’s like something special about her! She is too cool!”

Li Ting snorts and seems indifferent: “You are too over, I feel that she is not as beautiful as Chen Zhu.”

“She is much more pretty than Chen Zhu, I couldn’t appreciate Chen Zhu.”Shi Qin is like Chen Xing Ruo’s little fans. “Ah Ah Jing JIng! Let’s take her for dinner okay? Would she agree? She seems a bit cold!”

Di Jia Jing: “Let’s ask her later.”

Li Ting is speechless and tidies up her bang. She holds her backpack: “I’ll go out first.”

Chen Xing Ruo is done with her call and says nothing. She bumps into Li Ting when she is about to come back to the room. They just nod to each other and says nothing.

Li Ting seems not acting too friendly with her.

But it’s also normal. After all, Lu family also has Lu Xing Yan, who is also not friendly to her.


At night Chen Xing Ruo and Shi Qin, Di Jia Jing go out for dinner together.

Shi Qin is a bit chatterer. During the dinner, she keeps on talking nonstop.

After the dinner, they go stroll around the school then just goes back to the dorm. Her words keep on coming out. On the way, she keeps on talking from Ming Li’s dorm’s condition to the affair between the leader of Grade 10’s teachers with the English teacher of Grade 12.

The night wind is a bit cold.

“…… I didn’t expect that the leader of Grade 10’s teachers, who has a cadre appearance, unexpectedly could have an affair with the English teacher! The time we were in the Grade 10, he liked to attack our class, he always asked our class to stay over till late to scold us. If it’s not our male student…….” Shi Qin glances at the basketball field, “Ay? Lu Xing Yan?”

Di Jia Jing raises her head.

Shi Qin also glances at the basketball field. “That’s right!”

“Xing Ruo, it’s him. That man with black t-shirt is playing game. Could you see it?” Shi Qin points. “Once that leader of Grade 10’s teachers, felt that our class’ gymnastic skills are too bad. He scolded us and wanted to punish us. He wanted us to do ten times. That male student just got into dispute with that teacher! Then male students of our students fight with them! The male students just threw away their school uniform and asked the leader of Grade 10’s teacher to demonstrate it for them!”

Chen Xing Ruo imagines it, but she says nothing and shows no expression.

“After that time, that leader of Grade 10’s teachers realized that our class is not easy to be pushed around. Oh right, Lu Xing Yan….. That man, he is our class now. He is very famous in our class. A lot of female students like him.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “Then what about you?”

Shi Qin: “Me? I don’t like that type of man.”

Chen Xing Ruo glances at her.

Shi Qin continues to chatter: “Last semester our class was divided. Most of female students love to pass his class to see him. It makes the restroom near the class feel so crowded, we need to queue to go to the restroom!”

Most of the time Di Jia Jing just stay quiet, suddenly she speaks up: “Xing Ruo, do you want to go to the classrooms’ building to look around?”

“No need—“

Before Chen Xing Ruo finishes her words, suddenly there’s a “Prakk” sound.

A basketball bumps her arm and disappears under the shade of tree. Di Jia Jing is surprised.

Xu Cheng Zhou: “Wow, the ball goes outside the school!”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t answer him and just pulls his headband. He glances over the fence.

That figure looks familiar.

“It seems to be there. There are few female students there, we could ask them to throw it back.”

That male students just run toward the fence and yells: “Mei Nu (Beautiful woman)! Help us! Throw back the ball!”

Di Jia Jing picks up the ball unconsciously.

But the small crack of the fence couldn’t accommodate the ball to get in, she just looks at the height of the fence. She feels awkward: “Should I throw this ball inside?”

Shi Qin: “You could just throw it up…… Forget it, let me help you.”

But without waiting Shi Qin gets the ball, Chen Xing Ruo just takes the ball from Di Jia Jing, then just throws it in…..

into the rubbish bin.

Di Jia Jing and Shi Qin are startled.


“Let’s go.” Chen Xing Ruo is expressionless.

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