Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 2

From the train station to Luo Xing Hu mansion, it takes around two hours. Yet on the way, the atmosphere isn’t awkward.

Pei Yue is a very friendly and fashionable elder. She knows about popular trends.

A while after getting on the car, Chen Ruo Xing is asked to take a we-fie together. Then Pei Yue retouches the photo before posting it to the Instagram.

They arrive at the mansion at night. The wind at night at Luo Xing Huo area is warm. As far as the eyes can see, the lakeside mansion looks so orderly. Looking at it, Chen Xing Ruo couldn’t’ help but to think of <<Qian Yu Qian Xu/ Spirited Away>>.

Pei Yue for her now is like a single footlight, her kindness somehow comforts her loneliness being in an unfamiliar city.

The driver, Liu Shu (Uncle Liu) takes care of the suitcase and Pei Yue just holds her to get inside the mansion.

Lu house is a three floor of small mansion, the mansion has lawn, swimming pool and small garden. The house is decorated in a luxurious way that Chen Xing Ruo didn’t expect. It’s so comfortable and homey.

Pei Yue takes her around and inside the house. She shows her everything. “After the dinner, you could stroll around the lakeside. Nearby there’s also a concert hall, art center and Xing City’s library. You could walk around seven minutes and you’ll arrive there.

“Your bedroom would be in the third floor. This morning I already arranged everything for you. From your bedroom, you could see the view of the lake. At night you could open the window, the wind is very comfortable and easing. Let’s go, let me show your room.”

“Pei Yi (Auntie Pei), no need to trouble you so much.”

Chen Xing Ruo is taken upstair, she just realizes that this condition is here is different from what she imagines.

She thought that she would be a guest at Lu house for two days. After the semester starts, she would move in to the dorm, but now….

“Just think of this as your own house, don’t restrain yourself. Though Ming Li school asks for students to stay at the dorm. But there’s still no remedial for Grade 11. Later on every Friday after the school ends, I would let Lao Liu picks you up.” Pei Yue sighs. “Your A Yi, me, always wants to have a daughter. It’s just after giving birth I have an incompletely cured illness and now I’m old.”

She pauses and smiles: “Before the New Year your Pa told me that he would send you over here. Everyday I stare at the stars in the sky and the moon, finally you are here. Your Lu Shu Shu (Uncle Lu) is always so busy, Lu Xing Yan is also indifferent. Look, it’s winter vacation and he just goes with his classmates. He’s been gone for ten to half month. He just sent me a message today to inform that he would go home today. He just wanted me to pick him up, I’m so lazy to mind him.”

Lu Xing Yan.

Chen Ruo Xing remembers that name on her mind.

Pei Yue opens up the door and waves at her. “Come here, take a look at your bedroom.”

Chen Xing Ruo gets inside the room.

She looks over and notices the room is full of pink color, it’s simply match colors of dream. It’s decorative yet not gaudy.

On the table, there’s a crystal vase that fills with fresh Lily flowers, it seems to welcome the new owners. On the shady side of the bedroom, there’s also a white Steinway grand piano.

“In our family, no one could play piano. In the past, we just placed it in the living room as a decoration. But your Lu Shu Shu especially instructed someone to move it here. Do you like it?”

She used to have that kind of piano too but it’s gone. It feels familiar to her.

Chen Xing Ruo nods: “Thank you Pei Yi. Thank you Lu Shu Shu.”

“Why are you thanking us, you are too polite.” Pei Yue looks at Chen Xing Ruo affectionately. She keeps on smiling.

Pei Yue is honest. She keeps on wanting to have a daughter. After all for her, a daughter would be more considerate and warm. Her son is nothing compared o this young woman.

Considering Chen Xing Ruo should be tired by now, Pei Yue doesn’t waste anymore of her energy, she asks Chen Xing Ruo to have a shower and rest early.

Chen Xing Ruo agrees and sends Pei Yue out.

There’s no one else of Lu family members, except Pei Yue, at the house currently.

Chen Xing Ruo just closes leans on the door side for a while and closes the door.


At night 10:15 p.m. At Zhang Ling Gym of Xing City. The tour concert “Saying Love You” of Lin Yu, the current popular idol singer, ends fifteen minutes earlier.

Lin Yu has left the concert venue quickly and leaves his fans crying and howling. It’s a mess.

Everyone is throwing away the concert glowing sticks to the ground, the venue is full of rubish.

With a great difficulty, everyone starts to leave the venue.

Chen Zhu is so angry she tears her concert t-shirt with her bare hands, “I wouldn’t like him again. I saved money by not eating and drinking out to get the VIP ticket. Who wants to see him propose to another woman ah ah ah!!!”

She bought the t-shirt at the stall in front of the concert venue, it’s eighty one dollar a piece. The material is quite okay so it’s hard to tear it. Chen Zhu bites and pulls it apart. Then she just cries out loud.

Another female student also starts to cry. Another one also yells: “That woman is not that pretty, how could she be together with Mu Mu. Ahhh! I’m so angry! How could she do that!!!”

“That’s right! She also is five years older than Mu Mu! I am getting crazy!!!!”

Bian He, who always acts orderly, pushes his eyeglasses and mutters to Xu Cheng Zhou in lower voice: “Two days ago when we went to watch movie, didn’t they praise how the male lead proposes to the the female lead during a concert, didn’t they say it’s too awesome?”

The female student just stomps in anger: “Shut up!”

Bian He just shuts up like a chicken braised with brown sauce.

Xu Cheng Zhou is speechless: “Are you done?”

But they just respond him with a more intensifying roar and sob.

He couldn’t understand them: “That Xiao Bai Lian (Pretty boy) isn’t very tall, he is just 175 cm. He is not that muscly yet he dares to show his abs. He loves to blow a kiss. His voice is like a chirping sound. Do you have problem with your brain?”

Several female student raise their head and look at him. They are silent for three second then they start to throw things toward him.

“It’s obvious that Mu Mu is 176 cm! Don’t make a rumor!”

“Are you an expert at Math, how could you have face to talk bad about our Mu Mu!”

“You are the chirper, your whole family are chirper!”

“Wow.” Xu Cheng Zhou just avoids the things they throw at him.

He runs and hides behind Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan frowns. He looks like he would lose his patience soon.

He looks front and those women just stop throwing things.

Lu Xing Yan is not in a good mood. His expression like a cold water that is poured down to a head. It makes a lot of people turn sober.


The north wind is blowing.

After a brief reminder, those women start to get dispirited. They start to be emotional and talk bad about Lin Yu’s fiancee.

Their situations aren’t suitable for them to go home alone so XU Cheng Zhou takes initiative to coo and comfort them.

When they are turn a bit normal, they decide to go to have barbecue to calm their mood.


The barbecue stand is the most crowded place at night. It’s great business. The draft beer gurgles its bubble, the air is full of barbecue smoke.

Lu Xing Yan has no appetite, he is not in a good mood. Hearing Xu Cheng Zhou’s arrogant words and those women’s gossiping, he once again feels so sleepy.

The time Chen Zhu eats the beef skewer, the chili powder gets into her eyes. He urges Bian He to cooperate. One gives Lu Xing Yan a bottle of water, one gives Lu Xing Yan a wet tissue.

But Lu Xing Yan isn’t aware, he is also so sleepy. He unscrews the bottle of water and drinks it. Then he uses the wet tissue to wipe his hand.


He is polite.

Xu Cheng Zhou is shocked.

He is wrong, Lu Xing Yan deserves to be single for sixty years.


The time Lu Xing Yan returns back to Luo Xing Hu, it’s already late at night.

Previously he sent a message to Pei Yue to inform that tonight he would definitely go back home. He notices the clock on the wall shows it’s already past 12:00 p.m. Lu Xing Yan looks at his phone.

There’s no new message.

He changes into his slippers and throws his coat on the sofa.

The second floor of the mansion consists of library, gym, cinema hall, there’s also his parent’s bedroom. The whole floor is dark and peaceful.

Lu Xing Yan’s bedroom is located in the left of the first room on the third floor. He just goes back to his bedroom. He opens up his door.

Before he opens it fully, he suddenly pauses.

He looks at the crack of the door, between the small crack, there’s a hint of light.

Lu Xing Yan lets go off the handle and takes two steps back.

The floor is quiet, Lu Xing Yan looks around.

Finally, he thinks that his mother is inside his room and wants to scold him, he really wants to to avoid this kind of torture so he thinks of a solution.

He is so tired.

The first guest room on the right side is the largest one, it’s similar like his bedroom. He doesn’t think too much and just opens the door of the guest room.

He opens the door and directly hits by the wind.

Lu Xing Yan tuns sober after being blowing.

The room has the bedside lamp on, the yellow light is so gentle and warm.

He is startled for a while and his gaze finally fells on on the young woman nears the window.

The wind blows the curtain, it also blows out that young woman’s long nightdress.

She is playing with her lighter, the flame emerges and the wind blows to light it off.

She finally closes the lighter.

They both look at each other.

She seems to be unhappy, she pursues her lips coldly.


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