Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 1

The high speed train stops at Hui Ze south stop for ten minutes.

Lu Xing Yan takes off his earphones, he could hear the sound of snoring of the man, who is seated in front and the noise from the suitcases of the the travelers, who are just boarded.

He stays on her seat there for three seconds and sits up straight. He throws away his earphone to the table and opens up his water bottle. He asks: “How long more would it take?”

“We are at Hui Zhe now, maybe around an hour more.” Xu Cheng Zhou holds his phone and plays his game.

Chen Zhu just comes over to their seat to take pork jerky from Xu Cheng Zhou’s backpack. She passes it to both of them: “Do you guys want these?”

Xu Cheng Zhou just avoids her: “Gu Nai Nai (Great aunt), I’m playing my game, don’t poke me!”

Lu Xing Yan says nothing, he just pushes it away. He is a reserved man.

Chen Zhu is speechless, she rolls her eyes and just bites the pork jerky. Then she goes back to her seat on the other carriage.

It’s not a public holiday so the high speed train is quiet peaceful. The newly boarded guests place their suitcase well. The man in front of their seat seems to be awake, his snoring sound is gone.

Lu Xing Yan finishes his water and wants to doze off again.

Last night he didn’t have a good night sleep so he is so sleepy now. His ‘young master’ illness could just appear anytime and anywhere so though he is so sleepy, he couldn’t really sleep soundly.

The time he just closes his eyes, his hearing turns sharp.

He could hear Xu Cheng Zhou’s low voice, hear the closing the door, hearing frictions of the wheels with the ground, it’s far yet sounds nearby.


This is the first time for Chen Xing Ruo to get on a high speed train and travel far away. Finally, she just knows that Hu Ze south stop doesn’t support the system of retrieving ticket by swiping the ID card. So she needed to queue up for some time.

Carriage no. 2, Seat 7A, window seat.

Chen Ruo Xing once again verifies her ticket.

It’s right, this is her seat.

But there’s a middle-aged man sitting down on her seat.

Chen Ruo Xing: “Ni Hao” (Hi.)

That man doesn’t move, he doesn’t open up his eyes. His beer belly is sticking out. He is leaning at the seat comfily. His mouth is slightly opened.

“Shu Shu (Uncle), this my seat. Are you sitting on the wrong seat?”

Chen Ruo Xing says coldly.

Lu Xinng Yan opens up his eyes and after a while, he continues to close his eyes again, he kicks the front seat.

The man with beer belly is unprepared, his head is bent to another side. Beside him, there’s a white-collar worker female sitting beside him. She has tried to endure his action for some time. She quickly avoids his head and rolls her magazine that pokes him. “Xian Sheng (Mister), wake up.”

Now he couldn’t continue to pretend to sleep.

The man with the beer belly just wipes his face and pretends like he just turns awake. He looks back at Lu Xing Yan and notices that he is sleeping so that man feels so puzzled.

Then he turns his head back to see Chen Ruo Xing is standing up on the alley. She looks like a good student. He is impatient, “Aren’t there many seats around? You could sit down on the empty seat. Why you, young woman, couldn’t be more flexible?”

“Carriage 2 seat 7A is my seat, Shu Shu. We could match our ticket.”

“This young girl, why are you…”

The beer belly man doesn’t expect that an attendant on a train comes over after hearing noises.

Chen Ruo Xing explains it to the attendant and takes initiative to show him the train ticket.

After the check up, the attendant looks at the beer belly man. “Xian Sheng, I’m sorry could you show me your ticket and ID card?”

The attendant looks like she is just a twenty years woman, she looks inexperienced. The beer belly man doesn’t pay attention to her, he just botches: “I bought it via phone.”

“Then show me your booking from your phone.”

“I have no battery.”

“Your ID?”

“I’ve lost it.”

Two of them are talking and Xu Cheng Zhou feels it’s too be so annoying. The calm journey seems would be ruined. He just plays with his phone now.

After a second, he suddenly uses his elbow to poke at Lu Xing Yan.

“What?” Lu Xing Yan frowns and opens his eyes a bit. He sounds impatient.

Xu Cheng Zhou lowers his voice: “Look at that girl, isn’t she look very beautiful and bold?”

Lu Xing Yan raises his eyes.

In the early spring of February, it’s turned cold again The girl is wearing a cream high collar sweater. Her long hair is tied in low pony tail. She is holding a black backpack.

From his angle, he could only see the side-face of that girl. Her features are indeed delicate and fine.

Without waiting for him to comment, Xu Cheng Zhou once again says: “Ay, should we help her? Should we record this situation?”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t mind it and says: “Selfless model citizen ah.”

Xu Cheng Zhou looks at him with a gaze “you should understand”, then he wants to say something more. Yet suddenly there’s a “pang” sound.

—Chen Xing Ruo holds her suitcase and moves it forward.

She is fast and quick.

The attendant and the beer belly man stop disputing for a while, the voice in the carriage also is gone.

Chen Ruo Xing is expressionless, she unloads her backpack and throws it on top of her suitcase. She takes out her phone and focuses the camera to the beer belly man. “Middle-aged man is willfully occupy somebody’s else seat on the high speed train, why it’s becoming more and more adult who behaves in a childish manner?” what do you think of that title?”

The beer belly man is startled for few seconds and respond. His face changes and he starts to point at her. He roars: “What are you recording! What are you recording! What’s wrong with your attitude, SOB! Give me your phone.”

The beer belly man doesn’t expect that the young girl could act this way. She is bold and stubborn. He is so furious, he stands up and wants to snatch away her phone.

Looking at his sudden action, the attendant blocks him quickly and places Chen Ruo Xing behind her body. Xu Cheng Zhou and other two young men immediately stand up to intervene in that fight.

Xu Cheng Zhou: “What are you doing, Da Bo (Uncle)! How could you bully a young girl! What kind of man you are!”

The other young man also cooperates; “Right! Occupying another person’s seat is wrong! How could you be unreasonable!”

All around everyone is supporting the young girl. The woman who is sitting beside the man yells. The beer belly man just stands up and returns to his seat. He staggers and falls back to the seat.

Looking at him, Chen Ruo Xing’s eyes are full of sneering. Her camera still faces the man. She does not have any intention to move it.

The beer belly man is so furious, he just sits back and says: “Okay! Okay! Just record it! Please record it! I would not move, I want to see how long could you persevere to record me!”

Everyone is sighs and their eyes show a gaze of “Wow this man is really shameless!”

Chen Ruo Xing doesn’t change her expression, she is quiet and records that man—-

A second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Suddenly she puts back her phone and looks at the table in front of Lu Xing Yan. “Excuse me, could I borrow your water?”

The bottle of one third of water is picked up by her.

She opens the bottle cap.

“Would you go or now? If you don’t go, then we don’t need to sit down.”

That she inclines the bottle forward and raises it to the top the beer belly man’s head.


All people around are stunned.

The beer belly man is still angry: “You….”

Then she just pours the water ruthlessly to the beer belly man’s head.


After an hour, the train arrives at the final destination, which is South Xing Cheng’s stop, the passengers get off the train. Chen Xing Ruo pulls the suitcase and answers a call.

“Young beauty, are you here?”

Pei Yue’s voice sounds so happy, it makes Chen Xing Ruo’s mood turns better. “Pei Yi (Auntie Pei), I’m getting off the train.”

“Then go to the the exit B, I’ll wait for you there.”

Lu Xing Yan, Xu Cheng Zhou, and friends also go to the exit B, it’s just too many people, it’s hard not to be sluggish.

“……. That man just responded and swears a lot of bad words, then do you know what else she did? D*mm*t, everyone is stupefied. That Xiao Jie Jie (Young woman) just poured all the water without saying anything! Really she just poured it all.” Xu Cheng Zhou retells the story in lively and realistically way.

“Look at my clothes, I also have water mark in my clothes, it’s not dry yet! Look!”

Because the joined seats are few so except Lu Xing Yan and Xu Cheng Zhou, everyone else are sitting on the next carriage so of course they don’t see it.


“Then the train marshal comes over. That man is a second class carriage yet he occupied the first class. He also bought a short journey ticket. He had sat there for six stops. Anyway he is taken away.” Xu Cheng Zhou just remembers something, “Oh right, Xiao Jie Jie also borrowed Lu Xing Yan’s water, then she paid for five dollars.”

“Ay Lu Shao Ye (Master Lu), show us the five dollars….”

Lu Xing Yan looks at him expressionlessly, he just chews his chewing gum and looks at his phone again.

For this matter, only Xu Cheng Zhou is excited to talk about it. Anyone else didn’t watch it so they don’t feel anything. Finally the topic of conversation changes, they are chatting for the night concert.

Half of them are friends since the junior high school, they move to Ming Li’s senior high school and their group just gets larger.

For the winter vacation, the group went to the beach and played for ten days. Because these female students love to watch the idol called Lin Yu’s, they want to go to his concert so they rush to go back today.

Looking at how excited the female students for the concert, Xu Cheng Zhou just rolls his eyes and doesn’t continue to talk. He just holds Lu Xing Yan’s neck. “Ay, Lu Shao Ye, see what is this?”

After few seconds, Lu Xing Yan gets a WeChat notification.

Xu Cheng Zhou puts away his phone and leans closer cockily, “How is it? It’s great right? It’s an art point of view right?”

The photo shows a quite familiar — female stands on the corridor and looks coldly at the middle-aged man. Her back is straight, she is standing there like a beautiful and elegant peacock.

Xu Cheng Zhou doesn’t stop to compliment: “Don’t say anything, this female is really so beautiful. The important thing is she has a bit of temper. I supposed she should learn Ballet, she really has a face of first-love moon.”

“What aesthetic taste do you have?” Lu Xing Yan sneers and slaps Xu Cheng Zhou’s head with it.

“What is it about my aesthetic taste? This is how we rank Campus Belle for our school? If you don’t believe me, you could ask He…”

All of them chat for some time and go to the taxi stand. Because they are a big group, they need to divide themselves into three taxis. Two taxis for four people each, the last taxi is for Lu Xing Yan and Xu Cheng Zhou.

The time they are about to get on the taxi, suddenly Chen Zhu gets off the car and waves at them.

Xu Cheng Zhou looks at them and knows that someone is urging him to do good thing. Xu Cheng Zhou stops and says to Xing Lu Yan. “Let’s change, I’ll sit in front.”

But Lu Xing Yan couldn’t hear him because he has his earphone on. He just gets on the car ad closes it. He sits on the front passenger seat.”

Xu Cheng Zhou simply gives up, he just gets on the car and then takes off Lu Xing Yan’s earphone. He says: We are home, could you do it? Tonight there will be a concert, you should seize the opportunity. I think you deserve it to be single.”

This time for going out, everyone is making a chance for Lu Xing Yan and Chen Zhu. But Lu Xing Yan doesn’t do anything. Chen Zhu also couldn’t getit straight. They have no progress.

Xu Cheng Zhou is still chattering. Lu Xing Yan is annoyed and looks at him. “Could you just shut up!”

This time Chen Zhu gets on the car, Xu Cheng Zhou shuts up and moves. He laughs and chats with Chen Zhu.

Lu Xing Yan is thinking about something, Chen Zhu asks him something. Yet he answers her in very botchy way. Moreover he just puts on his earphone again and plays with his game again.

Chen Zhu lowers her voice and asks: “What happened to him?”

Xu Cheng Zhou: “Who knows? He always acts that way, you should know it.”

Chen Zhu: “Okay ah.”

Lu Xing Yan plays his music really loud .

He just types a message for Pei Yue to report that he would go back home tonight a bit lae.

Yet he gets no reply, he is too bored to listen to Xu Cheng Zhou so he just opens that photo.

Like what Xu Cheng Zhou said, that photo indeed looks artistic.

The woman in the photo looks so beautiful. She doesn’t smile, she is cold like a new snow in the winter.

Lu Xing Yan watches her for a while and then he presses the ‘save’ button.

This time, Xu Cheng Zhou suddenly says: “Wow.” He once again takes off Lu Xing Yan’s earphone and says: “I seem to see your family’s car. Ou Lu, 088. I am not wrong right? It’s your car, right?”

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