Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 4

Xu Qin goes back home and just notices that she has few missed calls. The time she wants call back, Meng Yan Chen calls her.


“Your area is in fire?”

“It’s in the street next to me. I’m okay here.” Xu Qin kicks her shoes and gets inside her room without wearing any slippers.

“It’s great.” Meng Yan Chen asks again: “Recently you are so busy?”

“A bit.” Xu Qin passes by the floor mirror and looks at herself that is full of mud. She frowns, she feels awkward. “Let’s stop talking. I want to take shower. Tomorrow I’ll go home and visit Pa Ma.”

‘Okay.” Meng Yan Chen hangs up.

Xu Qin stands on the shower and has a cool shower. She looks at the water and recalls how Song Yan looked at her rudely. That handsome face is covered with ash and sweat, he looks wild like he was before.

That time Xu Qin was just a middle school student.

It should be summer, Xu Qin came home after school. On the way she was stopped by Song Yan and his good-for-nothing friends.

Xu Qin used to hang her head low when she is walking. The time she almost stepped on Song Yan’s feet. She raises hear head.

Song Yan raised his chin. “You are Meng Qin right?”

Xu Qin turned silence.

Song Yan immediately continued: “I take a fancy on you.”

His friends were laughing so loudly, Song Yan frowned and looked back to scold them. “You guys d*mm*t, just go away! Don’t you guys see that I’m pampering your Sao Zi (Sister-in-law)? Who make a sound again, I would beat him to death!”

That friends just went away, Song Yan turned his head again and looked at Xu Qin. He frowns: “Speak up.”

Xu Qin looked at him for a while and says: “I don’t know you.”

“I’m Song Yan, your man.”

Xu Qin just lowered her head with disinterest and continued to walk forward.

Song Yan just placed his hands on his pocket and smiled toward the sky. He kept on walking and blocking Xu Qin’s path.

Xu Qin went to the left, he would block her; the time she went to the right, he would walk toward the right.

It happened for some time, Xu Qin raised her head again and looked at him.

Song Yan looked at her, he smiled: “I’m asking you? You haven’t finished your words, why are you running away?”

Xu Qin didn’t answer and just seized the chance to run away.

Song Yan blocked her quickly, Xu Qin couldn’t avoid him so she knocked her body to him.

“Ahyoo—“ He just snorted and laughed: “Come, and knock me again. Knock into my heart.”

Xu Qin retreated and stood up straight, her face was red and finally she yelled: “Rogue!”

Song Yan kept his hands inside his pocket and said innocently: “What did I do?”

Xu Qin: “Why did you keep on blocking my path?”

Song Yan raised his chin: “I like you, if I don’t block, who would block you?”

Xu Qin didn’t say anything.

“Did you hear my words before? Em?” Song Yan lowered his head and looked at his eyes: “You wouldn’t talk right, I’ll not let you go.”

The teenager Xu Qin just stood there and watched him. She didn’t say anything, she also didn’t walk away.

Both of them stood still for some time, no one was willing to walk away. At last they just stood up there for ten minutes, twenty minutes, half hour, then an hour.

Perhaps a person only be that childish and stubborn in their young age.

Xu Qin suddenly be in low spirits, she suddenly turns off the tap water.

This would be the only meeting by accident for them, they wouldn’t meet each other again.

He is just inessential person, she doesn’t really wish to meet him again.

The next day she comes home, she has a small problem.

Xu Qin forgets to bring her permit. The guard of the great courtyard supposedly to be a newbie soldier. He doesn’t recognize her, he also doesn’t remember her car’s license plate so she is being stopped and asked to register.

Xu Qin flips open her bag for a while then she raises her head and says: “I seem to forget my wallet so I forget my identity card too.”

The guard asks: “Who are you looking for?”

Xu Qin stops for a second and says: “Meng Huai Jin, Chief of Staff.”

The guard is confused and starts to examine the woman in front of him.

Xu Qin is sitting on the car and says nothing. She just feels weird that it’s toward the evening but the sun is still shinning so hot.

The guard wants to say something but a soldier comes over and gives respect. The guard also returns his respect.

The solider pulls open the railing: “Meng Xiao Jie (Ms Meng), I’m sorry. He is a newbie, sorry to take your time.”

Xu Qin smiles faintly: “It’s okay.”

She drives pass the gate. Both of the soldiers are giving a salute while following her car with their eyes.

This courtyard was built in 1980; Red walls and white tiles, shaded by green trees, quite the old wind. Though it is adjacent to the west area of the crowded city, yet it faces the lake. It closes to the museum and library. It is quite peaceful and quiet in noisy surroundings.

Xu Qin stops the car and doesn’t get into the house rushingly. She feels a bit stifling.

She goes to the shrub and smokes a cigarette. She stands close to the shade of trees. The air is cool and her mood turns better. She notices a yellow mark on the green tree. Now it’s still summer. The other side of the wall has a ginkgo tree that has the yellow leaves, it likes a kid that makes a mistake.

That year Song Yan used to climb off that tree and looked for her. That man remembered clealry about the patrol time.

Now he shouldn’t be able to do it, there’s a camera over there.

Xu Qin lights off her cigarette and sprays her perfume. Then she goes to the front door.

The time she just reaches the front door, Meng Yan Chen’s car arrives.

Xu Qin just stands there and waits for Meng Yan Chen, who is wearing military uniform, to get off his car.

Meng Yan Chen is a handsome man since he was little. With his military uniform, he sheds off his delicateness and transforms himself to look heroic. He really looks like Meng Huai Jin in young age. He is calm and discipline.

Meng Yan Chen looks at Xu Qin: “You seem to look skinnier?”

Xu Qin: “You are exaggerating it, how long has it been since you went home?”

Meng Yan Chen takes off his hat: “Two weeks.”

Xu Qin goes upstair and rolls her eyes at him. “You have face to talk about me?”

Meng Yan Chen watches her little delicate face, he is startled and smiles. He follows her to go inside.

Xu Qin gets inside and changes her shoes, she greets: “Pa, Ma.”

Meng Yan Chen also follows: “Pa, Ma.”

Fu Wen Ying comes out from the study room. “How could you guys go home together?”

Xu Qin: “We met outside. Where’s my Pa?”

“He is playing chess with Xiao Yi Xiao’s Pa. It will be dinner soon, he would go back soon.”

Xu Qin: “I am sweaty, I would go up and change my clothes.”

Fu Wen Ying frowns and looks around. She smiles and asks: “Who was smoking?”

Xu Qin doesn’t respond.

“Me.” Meng Yan Chen says: “Before I smoked one on the car. It’s been some time, yet you still could smell it on me.”

Fu Wen Ying continues to smile: “Do you forget our family’s rule?”

Meng Yan Chen raises his hand: “Don’t bring the cigarette smoke back home, I promise there will be no more.”

Xu Qin goes upstair and closes the door. She looks at her bedroom, it seems to have no change. She walks toward her table and opens up her cupboard. Her wood shavings and little carved figures are gone.

Fu Wen Ying dislikes her hobby to carve. She said that staying for a whole day inside the room to carve woods and say nothing, her brain would damage.

She also dislike Xu Qin’s profession as a surgeon. She said that the profession as doctor shouldn’t be belong to the family like them.

Xu Qin closes the cupboard and takes out a dress out. She starts to take off her clothes.

Meng Yan Chen knocks on the door and opens the door: “Qin Qin…”

Xu Qin is taking off half of her top, her white shoulder and blue bra are seen. Her eyes are on Meng Yan Chen. Meng Yan Chen is holding his phone close to his ear. He is startled and pulls to close the door.

Xu Qin asks: “What is it?”

Meng Yan Chen: “Yi Xiao called, he books a room, he is asking whether we would want to come over.”

Xu Qin nods: “Em.”

Meng Yan Chen just turns his body to leave.

Xiao Yi Xiao is their neighbor, he and Meng Yan Chen is born in the same year, month and day as Meng Yan Chen. But two of them are really different, one is like a fire, one like is an ice.

When they were young, they competed for everything; They refuse to give in to each other. If you like east, I would like west. If you go to the north, I would go the south.

They starts to reconcile after Xu Qin’s arrival.

Xu Qing didn’t like to talk, she just loved to carve wood with her knife, was is like a robot. Xiao Yi Xiao really liked the little Mie Mei, he looked at her with curious gaze. Sometimes he stroked her hand or poked her face. She wouldn’t cry or make fuss. She would just look at him with her eyes. Xiao Yi Xiao really liked her. Everyday he would run toward Meng family house. Meng Yan Chen kicked him out. “This is my Mei Mei (Little sister), not yours.”

Xiao Yu Xiao was so furious, he came home and bickered with his Ma: “I also want Mei Mei. I want the one like Xiao Qin.” Then he was hit by his Ma.

Xiao Yu Xiao heard from Fu Wen Ying said that Xu Qin was sick because she didn’t come out and just stayed at home. For everyday he would climb on the window to look for her to come out and play. He would talk about how fun it is to go out and play to provoke her to go out.

One day, Xu Qin just carved out a little figure. She said nothing and just stuffed it into Xiao Yu Xiao’s hand. Xiao Yi Xiao looked at it and realized it was a little miniature of himself. He was so happy and showed it off to Meng Yan Chen. Meng Yan Chen laughed and reveals that he had more than tens of it.

Xiao Yu Xiao was so furious that he was about to bite Meng Yan Chen.

Xu Qin always be protected by them since she was little. She only has a few friends. She only has ‘superficial contact’ with outside world.

Song Yan is an exception.

After the dinner, Meng Yan Chen says that he would go out to meet Xiao Yu Xiao, Fu Wen Ying doesn’t ask too much question. She doesn’t disagree and just complains how Meng Yan Chen doesn’t act like Xiao Yu Xiao; he should find a girlfriend.

Meng Yan Chen just acts like he doesn’t hear her.

Xiao Yu Xiao is a local kid, he loves to hang out with his friends at night. In town from east to west, north to south, no one he doesn’t know, no place he never goes. He has a lot of friends and girlfriends. One time Xu Qin said that he is a playboy, she didn’t expect that he would let go and said: “I am playboy? I have loved you for so many years, the earth could be the support of me.” Xu Qin was too lazy to mind his joke.

Since he was young, he always be a naughty boy. He even was beaten by his Pa till he was twenty eight years old. He is disinterested with an official career. He prefers to do business. Now the naughtiest one be the richest one.

Xiao Yu Xiao is the frequent visitor of Wan Liu. It seems every night he would be there to discuss about business with his business partners. Meng Yan Chen says Xiao Yu Xiao’s name and the waiter just takes them to his room.

They pass a dazzling sight of elevator, Xu Qin unconsciously sees a red fire hydrant, on the side there’s a ‘fire control safety check’. There’s a record of the dates and names.

“April 16, Nan Cheng fire department group, Wang Xuan Kai, Qualified”


“September 17, Nan Cheng fire department group, Zhang Hao Ke, Qualified”

The elevator doors open and Xiao Yu Xiao is inside the elevator.

Meng Yan Chen: “Where are you going?”

Xiao Yu Xiao: “Xu Yi Sheng (Doctor Xu), we are honored by your presence so I should go downstair by myself to pick you up.”

Xu Qin turns her head around and says: “If you have this skill, it’s better for you to use it to coo your girlfriend.”

Xiao Yu Xiao looks at her and asks: “What are you looking at?”

Xu Qin: “Nothing.”

The elevator starts to move up.

Xu Qin suddenly says: “Last week I saw Song Yan.”

Meng Yan Chen and Xiao Yu Xiao look at her.

XiaoYu Xao asks: “What is his job now? Let me guess, he wouldn’t be a boss like me right.”

Xu Qin’s eyes turn gloomy: “He is a firefighter.”

The atmosphere in the elevator turns quiet.

Meng Yan Chen snorts: “I just know that guy wouldn’t have a good prospect.”

Xu Qin smiles weakly: “Yes.”

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