Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 2

After she gets off work, Xu Qin goes to the outpatient department of burn surgery on the ninth floor of the building to look for Professor Xu Ken. Last night during the surgery, she encountered a little doubt, she wants to find the professor to consult.

In the morning 08:00 a.m. Xu Ken is not at the hospital.

Xu Qin asks the nurse and just realizes that she remembers the wrong date. Professor Xu Ken is always off on Saturday. She though that today is Friday — Recently she always be so tired. Xu Qin rubs her nose with force. Then she goes to the elevator. The time she passes the cleaner room, she accidentally hears her own name.

“I heard that the time Xu Qin returns back from emergency department, she would be promote to be a resident physician.” That voice belongs to Yang Si Jia. She and Xu Qin entered the hospital at the same time. They were intern before and be promoted to the hospital doctor.

“What?! resident physician?” Zhu Xian is their senior, she clearly sounds unhappy: “Why? Just because she studied abroad in the US? She just be here for few years, does she have enough experience?”

“So she is sent to the emergency department, I guess it is done for fooling people. Indeed. — The time she is done, she would be the resident physician. It’s not to proper, but no one would find a fault with it, it only makes an exception.” Yang Si Jia washes her hands and looks at Zhu Xian with eyes that full of pity. “I feel it should be your turn. You are older than her, you are more experienced that her. But there’s no way because her family is her behind-the-scenes supporter.”

Zhu Xian snorts and says: “Everyone could find a connection. Everyone that could get in here has a bit of connections.”

Yang Si Jia shakes her head: “Oh, but her family background is not ordinary. I heard that her family name is Meng, because she doesn’t want to make it public, she changes her family name.”

“MENG?'” Zhu Xian hesitates for a while: “The chief of staff’s…. daughter?”

Yang Si Jia shrugs her shoulder.

Zhu Xian says nothing and just gives vent to her dissatisfaction by washing her hands with exerting force. She then takes tissue to wipe her hands. After some time, she just throws the tissue to the rubbish bin. “She doesn’t want to make it public? It’s too hilarious. If she doesn’t want to do it then she shouldn’t go the ‘back door’. I have enough of her, yet I would still be working at the same place as her, I…….”

Zhu Xian chokes, Xu Qin is watching her from the slightly open door. Xu Qin is so calm and cold.

Xu Qin asks indifferently: “You don’t want to work with me, should I help you to talk with the Yuan Zhang (The head of the hospital?” Because she is so tired, her voice is hoarse.

Zhu Xian is trembling, her gaze shows that she feels shameful and wants to beg for her forgiveness.

Xu Qin then just turns her body and leave.


The time she exits the hospital and goes to her car, the security guard greets her friendly: “Xu Yi Sheng (Doctor Xu), you are getting off work?”

Xu Qin smiles and nods. She gets on the car and drives her car quickly to get out of the parking area.

The early morning sun is shinning so splendidly, it is so shinning that Xu Qin feels it’s hard to ope her eyes.

Meng Family’s courtyard is located in the west of the city, it’s quite far away from the hospital. Papa feels distressed to see her working so hard so he buys her an apartment at Zong Lu Hua Yuan area. It only takes ten minutes to go there so it’s convenient for her to go and get off work.

The apartment is new and sitting on the north facing south. It’s big. Xu Qin is living there with absolutely empty space, yet she doesn’t feel lonely. Years of staying abroad has made her to be good at living alone in a city.

Maybe because of continuously staying up till late, Xu Qin has a sore throat. She remembers that she has a kettle at home yet she forgets where she places it.

She searches for it at the kitchen cupboards for a while. Then she takes it out and tears open all the plastics. She washes the kettle cleanly and then pours two bottles of water inside. The time she is about to heat it up, she notices that the plug of the kettle is English style plug.

Xu Qin holds it and stands there for few seconds, she sighs and also doesn’t know from where the butler bought this one. She tries to find whether she has another connector for the plug.

Finally she just lets it be, she opens up a bottle of water. The cold water somehow makes her throat hurt. She frowns yet she finishes the water. Then she goes to the bathroom to have a shower. She dries her hair before getting on the bed to sleep.

Xu Qin sleeps so soundly, yet in a daze she could hear a siren. She knows that it’s not an ambulance so she doesn’t wake up.

Till at the next moment, there’s a bell ringing. It sounds hurry, the person also knocks very hard on her door. “Xu Xiao Jie (Ms Xu) ?! Xu Xiao Jie?!

Xu Qin suddenly wakes up, there’s sound of siren outside.

She opens the door and sees it’s the security guard of this apartment complex, he looks anxious and terrified. He is sweat: “Please go down quickly, the Wu Fang street is burning. Your car blocks the passage for the firefighters.”

Xu Qin is sobers, she wears her shoes quickly: “I’ll go down now.”

“Bring your car key ay!”

Xu Qin closes her door and then she asks: “That part is the firefighter’s channel? I see that residents are parking their car there.”

The security guards pulls a long face: “Yes, everyone is blocking that path. There would be a major thing. Hurry up, I still have a lot of residences that i couldn’t contact.”

The security guards run away: “It’s over, it’s over. This time it’s so over.”

Xu Qin takes the elevator and looks at the window and notices a thick smoke from not far away place.

Xu Qin’s apartment is located in Zong Lu Hua Yuan, which is a famous high grade area. The apartment there costs two or three times higher than the area surround its. It’s new area that has everything needed available around.

As for Wu Fang road is near the Zong Lu Hua Yuan area, it’s a widely known poor and old area. In the past it is inhabited land of craftsmen. But after it gradually transforms into a small commodities street and lowest rung of society residence.

A few years ago Dong Cheng plans to develop Wu Fang road so it would be demolished buildings and relocate the inhabitants, but there are lots of people living there. Most of them have no property right and the developer of that area doesn’t willing to give enough compensation. This leads to those people to have no place to live and both sides can’t come to an agreement. The developer plans to use force to demolish it.

Luckily there is a domestic famous director finds a great view and makes Wu Fang road part of his film. The society starts to appeal to protect that area of the city because of its culture and architecture. They want to leave the vintage image of Wu Fang road. It creates a great controversy. At last Wu Fang road turns into a famous scenic spot and couldn’t be demolished.

Year by year, the area turns from plain to impressive place — all around that area is great buildings and European style residence and SCBD. It has wide streets. It’s so crowded. The local people are bantering that the area has changed into “The garden in the center of New York”.

Zong Lu Hua Yuan is on the other side of Wu Fang road, It’s just separated by an alley.

As a result, Zong Lu Hua Yuan has problem regarding the parking area. In addition, there is a maintance for the parking areas. The residence in that area couldn’t park their car inside. Some of them just parks their car outside. The small alley on the back becomes their first choice.

All the fine cars line up parking as long chains inside that alley and only leaves an one-way street. Day after day, there is no problem.

Who knows that it makes the fire engine couldn’t get inside.

Xu Qin goes out of her building with the back door and runs into that alley. The firefighter engine’s siren keeps on ringing. Stream of people are walking out. The adults are running with a panic-stricken face. Men are holding their women and daughters. Teen are holding elderly. Several firefighters are guiding those groups: “Don’t push! Just walk slowly and safely! Don’t run!.”

Xu Qin looks at the situation around and notices a heavy smoke from the SCBD building.

A lot of people are starting to move their car.

Several firefighter’s engines are blocking the alley, their red lights are on. The driver of the fire engine starts to swear: “Where is the property manager?! Hurry up ask people to move their car!”

Two cars start to move, yet suddenly the fire engine car stops again because there are still two cars that block its way.

On the street, women are screaming, kids are crying. The waters are on the ground. The firefighters pull the water hose but because there is limited length it could only spray the water in several range.

Xu Qin’s hair and clothes are wet.

She runs toward her car and takes out her car key. The time she wants to press open her car, a woman runs and knocks her off. It makes her car key falls down to the bottom of the car.

Xu Qin kneels down bends over to take a look. It turns out that under the car, there is a stream of filthy water.She feels disgusted, she bites her lips and extends her hand to take her car key but she couldn’t reach it.

From the under of the car, she could see some shoes running over, they are two firefighters

“How about these cars, we couldn’t contact the owner, what should we do?”

That man’s voice is cold, he sounds angry: ‘D*mm*t, just lift it!”

“How should we do it?!”

“If we don’t lift it up then should we wait till this place turns into a flat ground? People are here, lift up the car!” That man comes over and makes an order.

“Song Dui (Leader Song), look at all these license plate number. They are all……”

“Stop saying nonsense. I’ll bare the responsibility.” That man says coldly.

Xu Qin’s heart is forced down and finally could reach the key. She stands up and hears the angry voice behind her. That man is still furious. He howls: “Is this your car? Do you know that this is the fire engine’s channel!”

Xu Qin presses her car key and opens the door, she turns her head and apologizes: “I’m sorry, I….”

Song Yan is wearing a deep blue fire-fighting suit with the safety helmet. He is standing behind her. He looks at her with impatience and disgust.

Xu Qin’s mind goes blank. Looking at that face makes her face goes blank.

Song Yan pushes her without any politeness, he roars: “D*mm*t, why are you still standing there stupidly?! Hurry up drive the car away!”

Xu Qin staggers and bumps into the car and she just regains herself, she looks around. Everything is at a mess. Then she turns her head again to look at Song Yan, Song Yan has already gone to another car.

Xu Qin gets inside her car and starts the car. She follows the direction to go out of the alley. The time she passes by Song Yan, she looks at him for a while.

Song Yan and several other firefighters are lifting the cars. Those men look serious and tense. They use all their power to lift up the car to the side and overturns it to the road side. They don’t stop. The fire engine starts to get in.

His image from the rear-viewed mirror turns small, he disappears in front of her eyes.

Xu Qin remembers that Song Yan’s house is at Wu Fang raod too.

She parks the car at the outside of her apartment building. Her heartbeat turns normal. The time she recalls what happened, she just realizes that Song Yan basically doesn’t recognize her. He looked at her like she is just a stupid city resident.

He doesn’t remember her.

She looks at the running people from her rear-viewed mirror. She takes out her phone and calls the hospital’s emergency center.

“Wu Fang road has a fire disaster, have you received report of a crime?”

“Our ambulance car has already gone there.”

Xu Qin puts down her phone and uses her rubber band to tie up her hair. Then she gets off the car, she runs toward that alley again.

2 Replies to “Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 2”

  1. so… she does remember him, well before she saw him with mouth covers, right?
    I guess he didn’t notice her due to the turmoil of the moment


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