Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 83

Sang Zhi lowers her head and looks at her phone. Then she raises up her head again, her lips move, she wants to say something, but Duan Jia Xu has stand up straight.

He looks at her affectionately and gently.

In this row, everyone that sit down are students.

Everyone are looking at them.

Sang Zhi doesn’t know most of them. Because she isn’t too familiar with them, most of them also never meet Duan Jia Xu.

He seems to come over to remind her, he says nothing else. He just nods lightly and then takes a step back. He returns back to his seat.

The time he is gone, Sang Zhi’s classmate leans forward and says: “What happened? That handsome Ge comes over to flirt with you? It’s also too–“

“But it’s true.” That classmate continues: “That Ge is too handsome, he should be a prodigal in tournament of love.”


“Moreover it’s easy to say that his face is a face of Zha Nan (Jerk).” That classmate clicks her tongue and says: “I never met that standard of Zha Nan’s face.”

Hearing this, Sang Zhi looks at her. Her expression turns complicated.

The classmate: “What is it?”

“That man.” Sang Zhi couldn’t help but to explain: “is my boyfriend.”



It’s a silence for few seconds. It’s too awkward that her classmate just laughs dryly and explains: “I mean he is too handsome.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t really mind. After all indeed Duan Jia Xu looks that way. She just smiles and says gently: “It’s okay, I’m not angry.”

Her classmate is curious: “How do you know each other?”

Sang Zhi replies to Duan Jia Xu’s message, while answering her classmate. “He is my Ge Ge’s friend.”

“Ay, I also want to have a Ge Ge.” Her classmate is jealous: “It’s best if he could be handsome and has a handsome friends so I could have special advantages fall to a person in a favorable position.”

They both chat for a while.

Sang Zhi starts to concentrate to chat with Duan Jia Xu through WeChat.

Sang Zhi: [When did you come here?]

Duan Jia Xu: [This morning flight.]

Sang Zhi: [Why are you here?]

Duan Jia Xu: [I heard that you would attend this award ceremony, previously my company is also invited to come over so I replace Jiang Jie to come here.]

Sang Zhi is unhappy: [Yesterday you said that you aren’t free.]

He made her be in a bad mood.

Duan Jia Xu: [I want to give you a surprise.]

Duan Jia Xu: [You are angry?]

Sang Zhi looks at his words and feels that her bad feeling just goes away. She recalls the way he looks when he wears a full suit. She licks her lips.


It’s quite surprising.

Sang Zhi thinks about it and takes initiative to mention. [Then should we go and sit down together at the back?]

Sang Zhi: [There are empty seats.]

The assembly hall is big, there are lot of seats. The front seats basically are filled. But the other seats are empty and people could sit anywhere they want.

Duan Jia Xu: [Okay.]

Looking at this, Sang Zhi tidies up her things and says something to her friends. Then she stands up and goes to the back row seat. She finds two empty seats.

After a while, Duan Jia Xu also comes over and sits beside her.

Sang Zhi looks at him for a while and feels he is extremely attractive. She could notice that most of women are looking at him. She is a bit unhappy. “Why are you wearing your suit? You changed it after getting off the plane?”

Duan Jia Xu holds her hand and massages it: “Em.”

Sang Zhi mumbles: “My classmate said that your face is a face of Zha Nan (Jerk).”

Duan Jia Xu pauses and lifts up his head: “What?”

“She said.” Sang Zhi watches his face and says: “It’s hard to meet a standard face of Zha Nan (jerk).”

“What kind of face Zha Nan is?”

“I also don’t know.” Sang Zhi starts to be unscrupulous: “Just the one you have.”

Duan Jia Xu’s eyes move.

Sang Zhi just explodes without waiting for his answer. She suddenly pinches his face and says: “Could you not exert your ‘electric discharge’ (charm) to other people?”

“……” Duan Jia Xu is startled and feels absurd. He is silent: “I exert my ‘electric discharge’ (charm)?”

Sang Zhi holds his head and shifts it. She wants to block his face with his body. She says: “You should sit this way.”

She considers again and says seriously: “In the future, could you wear gauze mask when you are out?”

Looking at her face, Duan Jia Xu just responds and smiles.

“Xiao Cu Bao (Little vinegar-stuffed dumpling: person who loves to get jealous).”

Sang Zhi doesn’t deny. She glances at him and suddenly notices his tie. It’s the tie for her.

Sang Zhi changes her topic: “When would you go back to Nan Wu?”

“The morning of day after tomorrow.”


“During the Qing Ming (the day marking the beginning of the 5th solar term (April 4, 5, or 6; a festival traditionally observed for worshipping at ancestral graves, technically known as “sweeping the graves”), I’ll also come over.” Duan Jia Xu says: “I’ll go and clean up the grave for my Ma. That time do you want to come together?”

Sang Zhi nods: “Okay.”

Duan Jia Xu leans on his chair and turns at his head. He watches her after a while and says: “Come closer.”

Sang Zhi is confused: “Why?” She just leans over.

“My tie is too loose.” Duan Jia Xu says: “Help me to push it up.”

Sang Zhi is stupefied. “I couldn’t do it.”

Duan Jia Xu: “Just push it up.”


Do you not have your own hands?

Sang Zhi just holds his tie and pushes it up clumsily. Duan Jia Xu suddenly holds her wrist and pulls her.

Then suddenly his lips kisses hers.


It’s just a very short kiss.

Before Sang Zhi responds, Duan Jia Xu has already sit up. He tidies up his tie and says: “You surprised Ge Ge.”

Sang Zhi: “?”

“If you want to kiss me then just tell me.” Duan Jia Xu kisses her lips and says: “No need to do this little matter.”


Sang Zhi’s expression is hard to be explained in few words.

This man is really special one. The most shameless man she has ever met.

Sang Zhi controls herself,she just pulls his hand to get him closer to her. Then she helps him to tidy up his tie. “You distort it.”

Duan Jia Xu looks down and suddenly smiles, he calls after her: “Xiao Hai.”


“I miss you.”

Sang Zhi lifts up her head and says with a low voice: “Oh.”

Duan Jia Xu raises his eyebrows: “Just ‘Oh’?”

“I said ‘oh’.” Sang Zhi helps him to tidy up his tie and explains seriously: “I mean ‘me too’.”

Duan Jia Xu laughs: “Great.”

Though it’s already a long time, it’s not yet the award ceremony yet. Sang Zhi looks at her phone and asks: “Later on you will go up and give a speech? It seems that every company has three minutes.”

Duan Jia Xu: “Em.”

Sang Zhi is excited: “Have you prepared it?’

Duan Jia Xu: “Em.”

The speech should be about the company’s condition, Sang Zhi also doesn’t ask much. But because she expects it, she feels the time passes quite fast.

Now it’s almost the time for Duan Jia Xu to give a speech.

Duan Jia Xu stands up and looks at her. “I’ll come back soon.”

Sang Zhi plans to take photos of him. But her seat is quite far from the stage, so she simply changes her seat.

After a while, it’s finally Duan Jia Xu’s turn. He stands under the bright light in front of the audiences.

Sang Zhi opens up her video app to record him.

Duan Jia Xu takes the microphone from the MC and he looks more serious than normal. He speaks up and describes slowly about his company. He makes it simple.

The people in front of Sang Zhi is a bit taller, she is afraid too to block the view behind her. So she just raises up her phone higher, it’s clear that it makes her need to be strenuous.

After two minutes.

Duan Jia Xu finishes his speech and suddenly turns his body. He walks to the side for several meters and stops. He notices that the MC is somewhat confused. He just smiles gently and explains: “I’m sorry, my girlfriend is taking photos of me.”


“My previous position makes it’s difficult for her to take photo of me.”


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