Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 429

The weekend ends, Dou Weir flies to Germany.

Before she is boarded, she gives a call to Ye Qing Xin and asks her whether she wants to buy anything. Every time she goes abroad, she would bring things back for Ye Qing Xin whether it’s expensive or special. Anyway she never goes back empty-handed.

At first Ye Qing Xin would refuse, after all it’s not easy for Dou Weir to earn money. But after Dou Weir turns even successful-and famous, but now she just lets her be.

But Dou Weir seems have a quite smooth progression in her profession. It’s like someone also paves path for her.

After Dou Weir agrees to consider, He Ji Fan’s mood turns better. Even his assistant notices his good mood. At nightfall, his assistant passes him materials to look over. The time He Ji Fan returns the signed materials. The assistant starts to fawn on him. “Chief He, I see you are are radiant with happiness. Are you encountering a good thing?”

He Ji Fan is surprised and touches his face: “Is it obvious?”

The assistant gives an impressive answer: “Yes, even when you are walking, your footsteps have a good breeze.”

He Ji Fan laughs and says: “You are right. Indeed I have a happy thing, but……” He picks up his pen and points at his assistant: “But I’ll not tell you.”

The assistant laughs: “Then let me congratulate you first.”

He Ji Fan smiles: “It’s too early to congratulate me, but it’ll be soon.

Then the secretary knocks on the door.

He Ji Fan says nothing, the assistant says: “Come in.”

The secretary opens the door: “Yu Geng Xin Xian Sheng (Mr Yu Geng Xin) is looking for you.”

“Let him in.”

Then Yu Geng Xin just gets inside the office room. In the past he had came over to find He Ji Fan for several times so He Ji Fan’s secretary and the reception have known him to be boss’ best friend. They just let him go upstair yet the secretary still accompanies to inform He Ji Fan.

“It’s quite hard to find you.” Yu Geng Xin jokes and sits down on the sofa. “You seem not surprised to see me?”

Previously for some time Jiang Xiao Lou wanted to try to progress in Hollywood so Yu Geng Xi resigned from Sheng group to follow her. Only few of his best friends know about this. The reason of his leaving not only for his woman but also because he feels shameful to continue to stay.

His Mei Mei (Yu Qing You), his mother, made unforgivable mistakes. At last his father is also in bad condition because of what he did to He Shu E and Jing Zong.

Most people have heard the gossip that Yu Wei has offended someone and he is punished to be disable person. Yet the most authentic reason only few people know about it.

In just two months, Yu Geng Xin suddenly returns and indeed it’s too confusing.

The secretary prepares a cup of tea for Yu Geng Xin, He Ji Fan waits for her to come out and asks Yu Geng Xin: “When did you arrive?”

“Yesterday.” Yu Geng Xin answers honestly, he picks up the cup and says: “Two reasons. First, Xiao Lou was feeling unable to adapt there. She kept on being sick. At last she decided to go back. Second, I suddenly realize that escaping is not a good solution. Being abroad doesn’t mean what my parents and sister did to be inexistent.”

“As for my Biao Mei (Ye Qing Xin), I always feel sorry and guilty toward her. Yet all along I never apologize to her directly, I also never do anything to compensate her. Now when my guilty is quite worthless.”

“Then you plan to……” He Ji Fan grows up with Yu Geng Xin so he does understand him. He is calm and harmonious. He doesn’t like to compete or strive for fame and gain. He is quite antique person, he is a person like Tao Yuan Ming (Jin dynasty writer and poet), a frank and honest person that is suitable to be a hermit.

So for his words, He Ji Fan doesn’t find it to be absurd.

“I heard Wai Gong and Wai Pong are living together with Xin Xin at her house. I was ignoring their feeling by escaping. This time I come back, I plan to be fulfill my duty to them. I want to share the responsibility with her to take care of elders.”

Both elders have been raising him, he feels that he has responsibility and duty to take care of them too. “I don’t know how should I make the call. Tonight please help me to arrange a dinner. Call Bo Yuan and Xin Xin to join too, also Xiao Yu and Lin Yuan and wife, along with Xiao San (Xiao Yan) too. Just like a common friend gathering.”

“All of them are okay, but for Xiao San, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t come.” He Ji Fan laughs: “Do you forget? Now he is at Su City.”

Yu Geng Xin is shocked: “He hasn’t returned?”

He Ji Fan shakes his head: “I heard that he is there to accompany his ex-wife. How could he have time to come over?”

Yu Geng Xin: “…..”

Jing Bo Yuan gets the call from He Ji Fan to have dinner together, he doesn’t agree directly, he calls Ye Qing Xin first to ask about her opinion. Then he calls back to say that he would come with Ye Qing Xin.

He Ji Fan said that it’ll be common friend gathering, they could take the kids along. So the time Jing Bo Yuan picks up Ye Qing Xin. Ye Qing Xin and the kids are wrapped up like a round ball (Meaning: they are wearing thick and warm clothes).

The little kids are so happy when they heard they would come out. They are wearing their own clothes with little help from Ye Qing Xin.

On the way, the little guys are so excited, they keep on chattering nonstop. Except Mu Mu, who is much more silent. They couldn’t talk too much words yet they could make people they are talking lot of words.

When they arrive, Ye Qing Xin gets off the car first then helps the triplet get off the car.

Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan hold the idea that the kids should be independent so for whatever they think the kids could do it by themselves, two of them wouldn’t help them. At first the maids and the elders couldn’t do it like them.

The maids are also afraid to let the young masters cry, the elders also love their grandsons too much. They think that Jing Bo Yuan and Ye Qing xin are too ruthless, they are just young children? They are not even two years old, how could they eat and wear clothes by themselves? how could let them run without being carried? They only have little legs, how tired would be for them to walk?

Jing Bo Yuan and Ye Qing Xin keep on communicating for several times in turns about it. The elders then just agree reluctantly about their way of educating the triplet.

The triplet could walk more steadily than before. Three of them hold hands with each other. Ye Qing Xin stands on the left side and holds Nian Nian’s hand, Jing Bo Yuan stands on the right side and holds Mu Mu’s hands. This scene is full of love. Few of young girls take photos of them.

The big private room is booked by Yu Geng Xin, it’s a room that has children’s recreational facilities. Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao notice there’s an inflatable castle. They just run over, yet Mu Mu just walks steadily behind.

He Ji Fan also brings He Chi Zhou over. At first He Chi Zhou is playing by himself, suddenly he notices two ‘robbers’ come over to take his toy. He is startled and pouts. He gets off the inflatable castle. He runs over and hugs He Ji Fan’s leg.

He Ji Fan is talking with his friends, he lowers his head and looks at his own son’s timid expression. He rebukes hostilely: “What is it? Those kids are younger than you, why should you be afraid!”

Ye Qing Xin looks at how happy her three sons play, she kneels down and says to He Chi Zhou: “Zhou Zhou is a man, you are very brave. You aren’t afraid of Di Di right? Is it because you don’t know how to play with Di Di right?”

A lot of families that only has kid would experience it. At home the kid might be lively but the time he is out, he would be very well-behaved. He doesn’t know how should he interact with other kids, it might looks like he is afraid.

He Chi Zhou looks at Ye Qing Xin and says nothing.

“Playing alone is not interesting ah? A Yi would take you over and play together with Di Di okay?” Ye Qing Xin says gently then she extends her hand to hold He Chi Zhou’s hand. He Chi Zhou just draws back.

Ye Qing Xin takes out her phone and opens up her photo with Dou Weir. “Zhou Zhou, look. A Yi is your Mama’s best friend oh. A Yi is not a bad person, let’s play with Di Di Men (Brothers) okay.”

Looking at Dou Weir’s photo, He Chi Zhou’s eyes turn bright. He extends his hand to take Ye Qing Xin’s phone. He keeps on saying: “Mamama…..”

Looking at this, He Chi Zhou is successfully persuaded to go and play. He finally plays with the triplets.

“Zhou Zhou usually doesn’t go out and play?” Ye Qing Xin asks He Ji Fan when she is back to Jing Bo Yuan’s side.

He Ji Fan doesn’t deny. He Chi Zhou has a lot of toys and he usually just stays at home. He Ji Fan is so busy with his company. Though Chen Meng loves her grandson yet the time she is free, she would go out and play Mahjong with her friends. Old Madame He is old, she is so lazy to move. At most she would take He Chi Zhou to stroll around the garden. He Zhang Ju is no use.

Though sometimes He Ji Fan would take his son to the children’s playground, He Chi Zhou also plays by himself. If there’s a person approaching him to play, he would try to distance himself.

That time he didn’t feel that is a major problem, but now he realizes that this is a major thing. He Chi Zhou’s expression is too terrifying.

“He doesn’t feel afraid, it’s just he doesn’t know how to interact with other people. In the future, you should just take him out frequently and teach him how to play with the friends. You could look after and guide him, it’ll be okay.” Ye Qing Xin looks at how he frowns at He Chi Zhou. She guesses He Ji Fan’s thought. She smiles: “In the future, if you have time, let him come to our house, Let him be familiar with first with the triplet. In the future, let’s go out to play so he would be fine.”

He Ji Fan looks at how crazy Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao play, he smiles: “Okay.”

Because in the name it is He Ji Fan’s initiated-gathering so Yu Geng Xin is a bit late. Jiang Xiao Lou is coming together with him. Looking at both of them, Ye Qing Xin is startled; “Biao Ge Biao Sao, when did you guys comeback?”

Yu Geng Xin: “Yesterday.”

Ye Qing Xin notices that Jiang Xiao Lou’s face is a bit pale. She asks: “Biao Sao, are you okay?”

Jiang Xiao Lou smiles: “In US, I was a bit unaccustomed to the environment and climate. I didn’t live well. I was sick, I also feel that I have no destiny with Hollywood so we just go home.”

“Then you should have a good rest.” Ye Qing Xin says: “You should take care of your body.”

Jiang Xiao Lou: “Thank you for Biao Mei’s care. I’m better now. There’s no major problem.”

‘Biao Mei’, it makes Ye Qing Xin be startled. It’s the first time Jiang Xiao Lou calls her that way but Ye Qing Xin doesn’t show any expression, she just smiles: “Then what are your guys’ plan now? Do you guys plan to go away again? Biao Ge, what do you have in mind?”

She is asking whether Yu Geng Xin has plan to work back at Sheng group. If he wants to return, she would give him his last position.

Yu Geng Xin understands Ye QIng Xin’s words, he smiles: “I plan to register my own small company, I would try on my own.”

Ye Qing Xin nods, “If you need any of my help, don’t be too modest.”

Yu Geng Xin looks at her. His Biao Mei is young but she could distinguish her feeling clearly. If it’s someone else, they might put the blame not only toward the offender but also the family of the offender.

Yu Qing You’s misconduct had made Ye Qing Xin to experience bad effect, Yet she doesn’t bare any grudge toward him.

Ji Lin Yuan and Song Xian Yu are the last ones to come. Ji Nian Yu also comes, the time she notices Jing Bo Yuan. She immediately asks Ji Lin Yuan to let her off. She runs over toward Jing Bo Yuan and asks him to hold her. Then she goes play to the four Di Di.

“Bo Yuan really attracts the little girl’s liking.” Cheng Ru Yu sits down on the sofa. “Here there’re lots of handsome Shu Shu (Uncle), yet she just wants Bo Yuan.”

Song Xian Yu replies him. “Remember, you are his Jiu Jiu.”

“It’s the same.” Cheng Ru Yu says: “Where is my Xiao Wai Sheng (little nephew)? Why didn’t you guys take him too?”

“At first I wanted to take him but he fells asleep when we would go out so we just left him to sleep.” Song Xian Yu explains, then she looks at Cheng Ru Yu: “I heard from Nai Nai, you have a girlfriend now. Where is she? Why didn’t you bring her with you so we could meet her?”

Cheng Ru Yu smiles: “It’s not the time yet.”

“You are so mysterious.” Song Xian Yu ridicules him.

Ye Qing Xin finds Cheng Ru Yu’s answer to be strange. Cheng Ru Yu has a girlfriend? Could it be Jing Suo Suo? Two days ago, she met Jing Suo Suo, yet she said nothing about the relationship.

Jing Suo Suo is someone that couldn’t keep a secret. If she already be with Cheng Ru Yu, she definitely would report it to her. Moreover Jing Fen Fen seems to be calm.

“When does Cheng Yi Sheng start dating?” Ye Qing Xin asks Song Xian Yu when they go to the restroom together.

“I’m not sure. I just heard it form Nai Nai. She said that at last she doesn’t need to be worried and put more energy to arrange blind date for him. I asked why and she answered that Da Ge already has a girlfriend, they have a good feeling toward each other, but they have quite different personality. They are still trying to accommodate each other. If there’s no other issue, this end of he year, he would take her home.”

Ye Qing Xin listens to her and feels it’s unrelated to Jing Suo Suo but he isn’t sure.

“Oh right Xin Xin. In the past didn’t you join a designer competition? I have a friend, she also wants to join a competition, she wants to look for you to get a bit of experience.”

Song Xian Yu washes her hands.

“Look for me?” Ye Qing Xin is confused: ‘How could your friend wants to find me to look for experience? She knows me?”

“You could say that she is your little fans.” Song Xian Yu smiles: “She read about you on the fashion magazine. She really likes your design. One time she saw us strolling around. She keeps on remembering it. This time she wants me to help to ask for chance to meet.”

Ye Qing Xin finds it is funny. “Really?” She almost forgets about that interview. “Okay, if I could help anything, I’ll be very honored.”

“Now I will give her a call, she should be very happy.” Song Xian Yu takes out her phone to call her friend. Ye Qing Xin says: “Then I’ll go out first.”

Inside the private room, Jing Bo Yuan, Ji Lin Yuan even He Ji Fan are feeding their own kids. Jing Bo Yuan is the most working hard dad. He needs to take care of his triplet. Yet he could do it orderly.

The little guys are so obedient toward Jing Bo Yuan.

The fathers are helping to put the food on the plate, the five kids pick up their own spoon and eat by themselves.

Ye Qing Xin gets inside the room and watches them. She doesn’t have any it of intention to help.

Jiang Xiao Lou notices this and says: “A lot of women are afraid of getting married as a lot people say that when a woman gets married, she not only needs to work to earn money but she also needs to solidify her position in the family. She should do the house chores, she should give birth to kids, take care of them. It’s too terrifying but for me, maybe they are just unlucky.”

Ye Qing Xin just looks at Yu Geng Xin: “In the future, Biao Ge wouldn’t act that way toward Biao Sao.”

Jiang Xiao Lou looks at Yu Geng Xin: “But I don’t dare to have wild hope that he would like Biao Mei Fu (Jing Bo Yuan). I just hope he wouldn’t dislike my body change after I giving birth.

It sounds like a joke, Ye Qing Xin laughs. Yu Geng Xin also laughs and says nothing.

Honestly though previously Jiang Xiao Lou said secretly about Shi Ying’s matter toward Ye Qing Xin, she wanted to use Ye Qing Xin’s power to attack Shi Ying, but Ye Qing Xin doesn’t dislike her.

Jiang Xiao Lou is very frank, at least she makes herself an honest one.

Song Xian Yu returns quickly, she tells Ye Qing Xin that her friend is free anytime. She would wait for Ye Qing Xin’s arrangement. As Ye Qing Xin would attend classes during weekdays, they promise to meet on Saturday.

After the dinner, Yu Geng Xin raises his wine glass and apologizes in public to Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan about his parents and Mei Mei’s faults.

Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan are ones that know clearly to whom to show gratitude and against whom to feel resentment. Those who made mistakes are caught and punished. They wouldn’t catch an innocent person. Yu Geng Xin never does anything wrong.

It’s just.

Ye Qing Xin just knows that Yu Wei was beaten because of He Shu E’s scandal.

On the way back home, the little guys are sleeping.

Ye Qing Xin sits down on the back and takes care of the triplets. She remembers Yu Geng Xin’s words and couldn’t help to gasp: “Tell me why did Yu Wei should expose those things, what is the benefit for him?” She says again: “Anyway Biao Ge has experienced a lot of problems, yet he could be calm. He is an impressive.”

If it’s another person, he might not care about Yu Wei’s fault and just blames Jing Zong to make Yu Wei in this state.

They return home, the elders are still sleeping. Jing Bo Yuan and the maids are carrying the kids back to the baby’s room.

Ye Qing XIn suddenly gets a message.

[It seems that He Xian Sheng (Mr He) still doesn’t know about Shi Ying’s matter.]

Ye Qing Xin immediately recognizes the sender. She just replies.

[This is a major concern.]

Jiang Xiao Lou doesn’t send another message, Ye Qing Xin just saves her number into her contact list.

On Saturday afternoon, Ye Qing Xin meets the friend of Song Xian Yu. She is a year younger than Song Xian Yu. She is at the same age as Ye Qing Xin, she is a Mongolian, called Sha Ri Na.

“She is my classmate’s Mei Mei (Younger sister).” Song Xian Yu introduces them. Because she has a good relationship with her classmates, she frequently visits Mongolia to play. She stays at their house and eats their food so she is quite close with the Mei Mei too.

Sha Ri Na is so happy to meet Ye Qing Xin. She keeps on praising Ye Qing Xin’s design. “I’m a bit ashamed, actually I also joined a competition before but I was eliminated in the preliminary round. This time I want to join the Milan fashion competition. I have spent around two months to design five pieces, I want to ask for your help to take a look…….”

Ye Qing Xin isn’t impatience, she just says: “That is your material right? Let me take a look.”

Ye Qing Xin takes a look and gives several comments, Sha Ri Na notes all of it.

At first Sha Ri Na wanted to treat Ye Qing Xin a meal, but Ye Qing Xin gets a call from Dou Weir. Dou Weir is back and she says that she brings few good things for her. She asks her to pick her up.

So Ye Qing Xin lets Sha Ri Na down, she says goodbye to Sha Ri Na and Song Xian Yu. She then asks Driver Lu to send her to the airport.

She has a bit trauma of driving the car after the accident. When she could not drive by herself, she wouldn’t drive. Sometimes there’s no one to drive her, she still would drive alone yet she never speeds up.

She picks up Dou Weir at night. Dou Weir’s assistant and manager come out from the arrival section. Dou Weir is tall and fashionable. She attracts a lot of people’s gaze.

Ye Qing Xin looks at her and realizes that she has grown up a lot.

“What good things you bring for me?” Ye Qing Xin couldn’t help but to tease her.

Dou Weir takes off her sunglasses and smiles: “Shouldn’t I be the best present?”

Ye Qing Xin says: “You are using me as your shield right?”

Dou Weir holds Ye Qing Xin’s shoulder: “I couldn’t hide anything from you. He Ji Fan said that he wanted to pick me up. I was so worried so I said that you are looking for me, you want to pick me up….. Hehe…..”

“It’s not a good solution to keep on avoiding him.”

“Just for a while, it’s okay. You know that I’m not really mature. I’m afraid that I’ll surrender in no time.” Dou Weir knows herself clearly.

Last time she and He Ji Fan kissed inside the bathroom, she almost lost herself.

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