Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 428

He Ji Fan is too close, his manly aura is covering her. Dou Weir’s back starts to be tensed. She has a goosebump.

She suddenly stands up, “I, I’ll go the restroom for a while.”

He Ji Fan’s change makes her to be caught unprepared.

If it’s two years ago, she would let him marry her. That time she didn’t need him to try hard to propose and she would agree to him soon.

Now time has changed a lot of things, she has changed too.

She wants to call Ye Qing Xin and just notices that her phone is not with her.

After a while, the door is suddenly knocked. Dou Weir looks at the door and not open it. He Ji Fan’s voice is heard. “Wei Weir, I don’t know why did you decide to break up with me two years ago. But these two years, I never forget you.”

“In the past I had a lot of girlfriends, I used to think that woman is a tool for man to enjoy se*ual love. I even couldn’t count clearly how many women I had. I never thought that there would be a woman who is worthy for me to marry, I used to think that I would marry the one that would be most favorable choice for my family’s interest.

“Till I met you, Wei Weir…….”He pauses, he then denies his previous words, “It’s not till I met you, it should be till the time you left me these two years. I keep on recalling our moments together. Wei Weir, I couldn’t say that you are the only woman that I love this lifetime. But I could say for sure that at this moment this time till the end of my life, you would be the one that I want to spend the rest of my life.”

He Ji Fan’s words are sincere and sounds reliable.

He had a lot of girlfriends yet it’s never easy for him to make promise. Because he knows that he couldn’t do it, he also wouldn’t make promise to win women’s heart. Now his words are sincere. He feels that he could do it.

Dou Weir leans on the wall and says nothing. Her face is calm yet her heart is in a mess.

“Wei Weir.” He Ji Fan calls after her.

Dou Weir takes a deep breath, stands up, and opens the door.

He Ji Fan looks at her and his eyes turn bright. He raises his hands and places them on her shoulder. He looks at her eyes.

“Let me think about it.” Dou Weir doesn’t give him any decisive answer.

He Ji Fan holds her: “Okay, I’ll wait till you accept me.”

Dou Weir smells his scent and suddenly her heart turns calm. She doesn’t hug him back, she just closes her eyes: “Yet I have a term.”

“Tell me.”

“You couldn’t intervene my work anymore. If I have time, I…… will call you.”

He Ji Fan holds her tighter: “I hear you.”

“Okay. You also cannot force me, you should hear my opinion.”

“Em.” He Ji Fan says, “I also have term.”

Dou Weir opens her eyes: “What?”

He Ji Fan lets her go and lowers his head to look at her on the eyes. “I want to kiss you, don’t resist me.”

Without waiting for Dou Weir’s response, He Ji Fan just kisses her.

He Ji Fan makes her retreat two steps and then he closes the door.

Dou Weir is passive, her heart beats so fast. She is distracted by his kiss.

Ye Qing Xin hears about what happened between two of them, she doesn’t be surprised.

“What do you think should I agree to him?” Dou Weir is unsure, “I’m a bit scared.”

“What are you scared of?”

“Didn’t you say that it’s easy to move rivers and mountains, but it’s hard to change one’s nature. I believe that his words are sincere but how long would it last?”

“But you already responded to him right? Think about your answer, aren’t you sound that you agree to him?”

Dou Weir turns silence and says: “Just think of it, but now I feel couldn’t let go of myself. I always feel that I’m floating the boundless and indistinct sea with a driftwood. I don’t dare to move around carelessly. I feel if I am not cautious I would die. What do you think of my feeling?

“Is it because you don’t believe that he would love you forever, or perhaps you don’t believe he would not stop to have other women?”

Dou Weir turns silence.

Thinking about a playboy promises to be loyal to one woman, it seems like asking a cat to not have an affair. The success rate would be 0%.

“For this matter, other people couldn’t help you. You should depend on yourself on how you would choose. Wait till you have decided, don’t forget to tell me.”

Dou Weir just thinks that Ye Qing Xin is worried about her so she just agrees to her.

Ye Qing Xin ends the call and puts down her phone. She turns her head and looks at Jing Bo Yuan: “Couldn’t I tell Dou Weir about this matter? I feel that Dou Weir is anxious, it might make Weir be okay to be Zhou Zhou’s stepmother.”

Jing Bo Yuan is wiping clean Zhao Zhao’s nose, he just says: “No matter whether Zhou Zhou is He Ji Fan’s biological son or not. If this matter creates a great sensation, it’ll create unhappiness for a lot of people. Your friend is young, she might be impulsive. She just start to eased up with He Ji Fan. I’m afraid that this might creates grudge.

He has this worry because Dou Weir is Ye Qing Xin’s best friend. If she is someone else, he wouldn’t care.

“Then we should just watch unfeelingly He Ji Fan raises other people’s son?”

“This isn’t confirmed yet? Zhou Zhou might not be others. Don’t mind this, I would find an appropriate chance to mention this to He Ji Fan.

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