Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 426

He Ji Fan takes Dou Weir and He Chi Zhou to eat at the expensive restaurant nearby.

This time it’s the prime time of having lunch, the private rooms are fully booked. He Ji Fan plans to go to another restaurant yet Dou Weir says: “Why should we eat at the private room? Is there anything unfit to be seen?”

The waiter is sensitive, she notices a belligerent atmosphere between these two people. She smiles and watches intensely at them.

Two adult and the little boy at last are taken at the empty table in the main dining hall.

After ordering the food, there are two guests coming.

He Yi Yi and Ji Yan Xin.

He Yi Yi looks at He Ji Fan and Dou Weir are sitting on the same table. She doubts that she is looking it wrongly. She rubs her eyes and sees that she is not wrong. She glares at them with rage.

This Dou Weir, why is she everywhere?!

Especially when she notices the affectionate gaze from Ji Yan Xi toward Dou Weir, in a instant she just loses her rationality.

She immediately rushes to their table and points at the Dou Weir’s face. She starts to interrogate: “Why are you with my Da Ge? Is it because you want to be Zhou Zhou’s stepmother? Do you think you are suitable!”

He Yi Yi’s voice attracts other people’s gaze.

Dou Weir’s gaze turns cold, she looks at He Ji Fan like a smile yet not a smile.

He Ji Fan’s face changes and rebukes: “What are you talking about? You sow no respect to your elders.”

“Ge, you don’t know this Dou Weir, she is not a good woman, she…..” She seduces the person that I like.

He Yi Yi is pulled by Ji Yan Xi before she could finish her words.

“He Da Ge, Weir, I’m sorry. Yi Yi has sharp-tongued but not she is not malicious. We will leave first, I don’t want to disturb you guys.”

Then he just holds He Yi Yi to leave the restaurant.

The atmosphere in the restaurant returns to normal.

Dou Weir ridicules: “Your Mei Mei, is really charming.”

He Ji Fan: “In the future you are not living with her, so no need to mind her.”

Dou Weir: “……”

Outside the restaurant.

He Yi Yi is dragged out by Ji Xi Yan. She is unhappy: “Yan Xi Ge Ge, why are you dragging me? That Dou Weir is unbelievable, you never forget her yet she goes and seduces my Ge. She wants to marry into He family, how could she not know about her quality!”

“YI YI!” Ji Yan Xi’s face turns cold: “ENOUGH!”

He Yi Yi is surprised. Her eyes are full of fright and innocence. She looks like a naive and weak little woman that needs to be protected.

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, you are angry? You scold me, you unexpectedly scold me for Dou Weir……”

Ji Yan Xi couldn’t bear to see her sad expression. She grows up with him together, he thinks of her as his own Mei Mei. “I’m sorry I don’t do it in purpose. Don’t cry.”

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, don’t like Dou Weir anymore okay? See now she is with my Ge. You should know what kind of person my Ge is. He always has a lot of girlfriend. Now she doesn’t deserve you, don’t like her anymore okay?”

He Yi Yi clutches Ji Yan Xi’s sleeve and acts miserable.

Ji Yan Xi strokes her head and says lightly: “I’ll take you to eat at the other restaurant. Let’s go.”

“Yan Xi Ge Ge…….”

“Be good, let’s go.”

Before He Yi Yi walks away, she turns her head and looks at the restaurant. Yet sh could Dou Weir’s laughing face. The time Dou Weir is smiling, there’s a feeling that man couldn’t resist her and woman couldn’t learn about it.

Dou Weir notices He Yi Yi’s gaze.

Ji Yan Xi is a really good person. A tiny negative thing about him is, he couldn’t understand how to distance himself with the woman beside him. Especially He Yi Yi. He clearly knows that He Yi Yi has feeling toward him. Yet he still pampers her like his own sister. He is doing some intimate actions with her. Dou Weir dares to be sure that the woman, who would be with him, would be very tired.

After the dinner, He Ji Fan suggests to go at watch movie at the cinema. Dou Weir doesn’t want to go but He Ji Fan makes an excuse to want to visit her grandma.

Dou Weir could only agree to go.

The time they arrive at the cinema, He Ji Fan chooses the soonest movie would be showed. Dou Weir doesn’t object. They need to wait for twenty minutes before the movie starts. They hold hands with He Chi Zhou and waits at the cinema lounge.

When they just sit down, there are three familiar people coming over.

Song Xian Yu and Ji Lin Yuan are taking Ji Nian Yu.

He Ji Fan greets them, Dou Weir is not familiar with them so she just smiles.

Song Xian Yu and Dou Weir sit nearby, she feels that Dou Weir is familiar, she asks: “You are Xin Xin’s friend?”

Hearing Song Xian Yu mentions Ye Qing Xin, Dou Weir looks at her: “I am Dou Weir, you are?”

Song Xian Yu smiles: “I am Song Xian Yu.”

They both chat for a while, the topic of their conversation is related to Ye Qing Xin.

The movie will start soon, Ji Nian Yu and several adults are still talking so Ji Nian Yu just raises her hand and makes a keep silent sign. She says with a low voice: “Sssttt! Don’t talk anymore. The movie will start soon.”

Song Xian Yu strokes Ji Nian Yu’s head and whispers: “Okay, wear your 3D glasses.”

He Chi Zhou looks at how Xiao Jie Jie (Little sister/ Ji Nian Yu) wears 3D glasses, he imitates her but his hands are not that flexible so Dou Weir helps him.

Probably because little kid is born with love of the cartoon, so even though He Chi Zhou is still young, he is watching it with keen pleasure.

Dou Weir is uninterested with the cartoon, she just sits there and gradually starts to doze off.

The time He Ji Fan covers her with his coat, she could feel it, her eyes move but she doesn’t open up her eyes.

Song Xian Yu notices how He Ji Fan acts so considerate toward Dou Weir, she finds it strange as she has known He Ji Fan for some time. These years, she notices his speed of changing girlfriend. It is simply too shocking. She even has seen how he treated woman. It’s the first time for her to see how he acts that lovingly.

He Ji Fan notices her gaze, he turns his head to look at her.

Song Xian Yu just smiles and shifts her gaze calmly.

The film ends, He Chi Zhou suddenly wants to go to the restroom

He Ji Fa takes him to the restroom, while Dou Weir and Song Xian Yu go out together.

The time they are at the entrance of the cinema, Song Xian Yu says: “Then we will leave first. Nian Nian, say bye- bye to A Yi.”

Ji Nian Yu is a very obedient little girl, she wears a dress like a little princess. She waves her hand cutely and says with her baby voice: “A Yi, bye- bye.”

“Nian Nian, bye- bye.”

Dou Weir watches the family of three leave. Ji Lin Yuan carries the kid up and holds his wife’s hand. He is tall, he looks like a dependable man.

The time He Ji Fan carries He Chi Zhou out, he notices that Dou Weir is daydreaming while facing the entrance door.

“They are gone?”

Dou Weir turns her head: “Em.”

Then He Chi Zhou extends his arms wide toward her: “Mama, hug me.”

Dou Weir takes his little body. His dependence on her makes her unable to describe her feeling.

“Zhou Zhou, why do you like me?”

He Chi Zhou seems to not understand her words, he just bends his head.

Dou Weir laughs. What could a young kid like him understand her?

He Ji Fan’s phone rings, he goes to take it while walks few steps away.

The time the call ends, his face is sour.

Dou Weir notices it, there should be a problem. Yet she doesn’t ask him, she just waits for him to tell her.

“Wei Weir, I would send you and Zhou Zhou back to the mansion first. Nai Nai asked me to go home. I have a bit or problem. I will go back a bit later, then we will eat dinner together.”


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