Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 70

“He’s not really coming back with me.” Sang Zhi’s palm starts to sweat, she explains dully: “Jia Xu Ge also comes back to Nan Wu so we ate together. Then Ge Ge is drunk, he isn’t drunk so he helped to send me home.”

Li Ping says: “Are you drunk?”

Sang Zhi says: “A bit.”

“Don’t drink anymore in the future. This one just forget it, your Ge Ge is there so it’s okay. But if you are outside, if you could, don’t drink. You should pay more attention to yourself.”

Sang Zhi nods quickly.

Li Ping then mentions: “Zhi Zhi, previously Mama called you and once you said that Duan Jia Xu was sick and did surgery right?”

Sang Zhi: “Ah? Yes, why? It’s last year.”

“No, Mama is just asking.”

Li Ping’s response makes Sang Zhi feels insecure. She also doesn’t know what should she say. She just nods and pretends to be calm. “Oh.”

The elevator suddenly feels so narrow for Sang Zhi.

Li Ping chats with her casually: “So you guys frequently meet at Yi He?”

“Just sometimes.” Sang Zhi says calmly: “We sometimes have dinner or something?”

“In the past why didn’t he come back to Nan Wu?” Li Ping says: “How could he come back so sudden?”

Sang Zhi is not great at lying so she just wants to mislead her: “I also don’t ask him. I don’t know.”

“You also, how could you not call Ma or Pa to pick you up if your Ge is drinking?” Li Ping says gently: “Why should you trouble him to send you back home. It’s rare chance for them to gather.”

This time the elevator stops.

Sang Zhi follows Li Ping out of the elevator. Sang Zhi says: “He lives nearby so it’s on the way.”

Li Ping; “Em.”

Sang Zhi feels strange. She feels like Li Ping notices something is going on between her and Duan Jia Xu. She asks cautiously: “Mama, what is it?”

“It’s nothing.” Li Ping smiles and opens up the door. “Hurry up go and take a shower. You smell like an alcohol.”


After they get inside the apartment, Li Ping goes to the kitchen and tidies up.

Sang Rong is taking a shower in his bedroom.

Sang Zhi wants to help Li Ping out, but the time she gets inside the kitchen, Li Ping just drives her away. Li Ping asks Sang Zhi to take a shower and sleep.

Sang Zhi feels that she is not really a help so she just returns to her room and takes a shower.

She recalls her conversation with Li Ping, she feels ill at ease. She feels that her parents would notice it soon.

Sang Zhi feels depressed. She hesitates whether she needs to seize these two days to mention tactfully about this matter to Li Ping.

She feels this matter shouldn’t be hard to mention.

Because she is weighed down with anxiety, Sang Zhi doesn’t realize how long she takes to take a shower. The time she is done showering, the light in the living room is on, only the light in front of the bathroom is still on.

Sang Zhi goes to the living room to take a glass of water, the time she passes the master bedroom, the bedroom of Sang Rong and Li Ping. She hears that Sang Rong and Li Ping are chatting with each other but she couldn’t hear it clearly.

Sang Zhi returns to her bedroom.

She sits on the carpet near her bed, she takes out her phone and sees Duan Jia Xu’s message. Sang Zhi opens it up and replies: [I’m home, I just finish taking my shower.]

She thinks of it and types: [My Ma seems to notice that we are dating.]

Before she could send it, her bedroom’s door is knocked.

Sang Zhi turns off her phone and lifts up her head. She stands up and sits down on her bed. “What is it? You could get in.”

The next moment, the door is opened.

It is Li Ping.

She gets inside and sits down on her bed. She seems to considering something. She is serious: “Zhi Zhi, Mama wants to ask you something.”

Sang Zhi puts down her phone: “Em?”

Li Ping asks: “Tell the truth to Mama, you and Duan Jia Xu are dating?”

Sang Zhi licks her lips.

Their eyes are on each other, Sang Zhi responds: “Ah?”

“Ah why are you ah–ing?” Li Ping says: “How could Mama not know what are you thinking? You suddenly take out those things from years ago, for the whole day, you just watch your phone and laugh. You suddenly wanted to go out with your Ge to eat barbecue?”


“How long have you date?”

Sang Zhi just sits down straight and says: “Not long.”

“So this summer you don’t go home?”

“No.” Sang Zhi says: “I just heard from my roommate that finding an internship is much more interesting than stay home and do nothing. I think about it and feel it’s true.”

Li Ping’s smile just disappears and she asks again: “So during your summer holiday, did you stay at his place or dorm?”

“…….” Sang Zhi is nervous, she stammers: “Dorm! Ge Ge also knows about this….. I didn’t stay at his place. Last time Ge Ge came to Yi He, he also saw us.”

“Mama doesn’t mean to intervene you.” Li Ping sighs: “I just want to take a good care of yourself. After all for this matter, indeed a woman is easily harmed. Moreover you are much younger than him.”

Sang Zhi says: “I know.”

“So what step you guys in right now?”

“Nothing, nothing……” Sang Zhi feels awkward.

Li Ping watches her intensely.

“Mama, didn’t you meet him for several times.” Sang Zhi wants to help to say good words about Duan Jia Xu. “You also know that he is not a bad guy. He treats me well. You don’t need to worry.”

“Zhi Zhi.” Li Ping strokes Sang Zhi’s head and says seriously: “I just mentioned this to your Papa. Honestly we don’t really approve that you guys are together.”

These words are out of Sang Zhi’s expectation, she lifts her head and feels a bit at loss: “Why?”

Li Ping: “Have he mentioned about his family’s matter?”

Sang Zhi nods: “Why?”

“Previously I also mentioned to you that during your Ge’s first-year of college, he looked for your Ge to borrow 30,000 Yuan. How could your Ge have that kind of money? So he asked your Pa. It’s not a small amount of money so we asked him for a reason.”


“So we could guess about his family’s condition.” Li Ping says.” Mama doesn’t mean that we really attach the importance of family background. I’ve met him and I know that he is a good guy. Because of that 30,000 Yuan, he always treat our family well. He had came several time to give you tutorial. I gave him money but at the last day he placed it all on the coffee table.

Sang Zhi is startled, that time she couldn’t form her words well.

“When you were a little girl, he was very considerate to you. I also know that your Ge loves to hang out and play with him. Perhaps you think of him as your Ge, I have no objection toward it.” Li Ping sighs and says slowly: “But if he would be your partner, Mama really…….”

Sang Zhi is anxious, she cuts her Mama’s words: “Mama, you couldn’t act like this.”

“I am not sure about his condition right now, but didn’t I say to you that his Papa is a person with a vegetative state?” Li Ping says: “Also the family of the victim always come to make trouble with him?”

Sang Zhi says seriously: “Not always.”

“You encountered trouble because of it?”

Sang Zhi is silence for few seconds: “No.”

With her response, Li Ping suddenly understands. She takes a deep breath and says calmly: “Zhi Zhi, Mama knows what happened to his family. It’s unrelated to him. Indeed he is miserable. Maybe you could say that I’m selfish but I really don’t hope that my daughter be the one that accompanies him to live that kind of life.”

“…..” Sang Zhi chokes, then she says seriously: “I don’t feel it’s hard to live with him, he also treats me well. I’m very happy to be with him.”

“You are still very young, you guys just be together for short moment.” Li Ping says: “Moreover now you are a university student, he has been working for few years. You guys are encountering different people and matters. Sometimes you guys might not have same thing to talk about. You guys would easily diverge.”


“Zhi Zhi, Mama doesn’t want to say words that makes you unhappy.”


Li Ping stands up and says again: “Mama just disapproves but wouldn’t stop you. You should consider it yourself. Maybe for this matter now for you, it’s far away. After all it’s only dating.”

Sang Zhi says with a low voice. “I will consider.”

“I also don’t ask you to look for a rich man.” Li Ping says. “I just wish that you could find someone that is treating you well, you like him and a suitable one.”


Sang Zhi never expects Sang Rong and Ling Ping would disapprove.

They always spoil her, no matter what she asks as long it’s not too over. Basically they wouldn’t object. Including going to Yi He university as well as not coming home for the summer holiday.

Besides, they also know Duan Jia Xu.

They know clearly about Duan Jia Xu’s family condition, they also know what kind of person he is.

Sang Zhi doesn’t understand Li Ping’s worry. Perhaps it’s because of his family condition as well as his current economic condition. But she doesn’t feel that there’s nothing major. Having no house doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t live well.

Sang Zhi feels a bit agitated, she gets off her bed and turns on the light. She then rolls herself with her blanket. She then takes out her phone and notices that Duan Jia Xu has sent her several messages.

Duan Jia Xu: [Tomorrow do you have time to go out?]

After several minutes, another message: [Are you asleep?]

Then after several minutes: [Xiao Peng You is an expert in sleeping. <Sad>]

Looking at his cheesy emoticon, Sang Zhi feels that her bad mood just disappears. She erases her words then considers for a while. She takes her earphone and wears it then she calls him.

Duan Jia Xu immediately answers her: “You are not asleep?”

Sang Zhi: “Em.” She is considering whether she should tell him or not what happened with Li Ping.

“I was chatting with my Ma.” Sang Zhi says with a low voice like she is whispering words with him. “I didn’t see my phone.”

“Then are you getting ready to sleep?” Duan Jia Xu says: “I feel that now young people should be able to stay up till late. How could you act like an old man?”

Sang Zhi frowns: “Sleep early and early to rise, it’s good for your health.”

“Em, I get it.”

Sang Zhi recalls her conversation with Li Ping before, she feels worry. She then doesn’t really pay attention to Duan Jia Xu’s words.

Duan Jia Xu notices that she is unfocused: “Are you sleepy?”

Sang Zhi just regains herself: “Ah?”

“If you are sleepy then just end the call.” Duan Jia Xu says gently: “Ge Ge will look for you tomorrow.’

Sang Zhi indeed feels a bit sleepy, she says to him: “Ge Ge, let me ask you a question.”

Duan Jia Xu is startled and laughs: “Em?”

“The time I was young,” Because she is staying inside the blanket for some time, Sang Zhi feels out of breath. She just takes out her head of the blanket. “When we just knew each other, you treated me very well, why?”

Duan Jia Xu doesn’t really remember about it. “When I had ever treated you well?”

“You treated me quite well ah.” Sang Zhi says seriously, she mumbles. “If you add Qian Fei Ge, Jun Wen Ge, oh and also my Ge, they are nothing good compare to you.”

“Then supposedly when you were young, you also treated me well?” He jokes: “It’s possible that I’m also a good person.”

Thinking about how he didn’t take the money for her tutorial, Sang Zhi turns silent and just says: ” Em.”

“Also I seem to never tell you that in the past my Ma was sick, your family lent me 30,000.”


“I feel that your Pa Ma are good people.” Duan Jia Xu doesn’t feel embarrassed to mention it. “So I also need to be good toward you.”


At last Sang Zhi doesn’t mention it to him.

She couldn’t tell him that her parents disapprove their relationship.

But when she thinks about it for a night, Sang Zhi actually feels it’s nothing major. As long as she could say good words about Duan Jia Xu in front of Li Ping and several time persuades Sang Rong. Supposedly this would pass too.

The next morning, Sang Rong finds Sang Zhi to talk about it. Then he doesn’t mention it anymore. Li Ping also doesn’t stop her when she says that she wants to go out.

Sang Zhi also doesn’t mention that thing to Duan Jia Xu.

Duan Jia Xu mentions it once whether he needs to go to visit Sang Rong and Li Ping but Sang Zhi feels that it’s not the best time because of Li Ping’s words. She is afraid that he would be unhappy so she refuses.

That holiday just passes that way.

Sang Zhi doesn’t bring that much things back home so she doesn’t need to bring back a large suitcase. She doesn’t let Sang Yan to send her to the airport. In the afternoon on the 7th, Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu just take a direct bus to the airport.

After the security check in, they go to the airport lounge to wait.

Sang Zhi doesn’t have afternoon nap so she feels so sleepy. SHe is bored so she opens up the game she downloaded before, secret room game. She is not an expert in gaming, sometimes for a level she could finish it for half day.

Duan Jia Xu sits down beside her and watches her play. From time to time he gives her a hint.

Every time she is stuck, Duan Jia Xu would give her hint that makes her able to pass it. After passing several levels, Sang Zhi suddenly just puts down her phone and be angry: “I’ll not play again.”

Duan Jia Xu feels she is so funny: “What is it?”

“Have you play that game?” Sang Zhi throws her phone to his thigh, she is unhappy. “You are too odd. I haven’t explored the game throughly but you already know where is the clue.”

Duan Jia Xu picks up her phone and says: “This game is from my company.”


Sang Zhi doesn’t really know about his work, she doesn’t know what kind of game he created. She feels a bit diffident. She glances at him and takes back her phone silently: “Then don’t talk.”

Duan Jia Xu raises his eyebrow and says nothing else.

After several minutes, Duan Jia Xu speaks up but this time it’s not about the game. “Oh right, yesterday your Ge gave me a call.”

Sang Zhi lifts up her eyes: “What did he says?”

“He just said eight words.” Duan Jia Xu says: “Wo Ruan Le Wo Mei De Yi Sheng (I have ruined my Mei’s life).”


“Then he just hung up.”

Sang Zhi: “No need to mind him.”

Duan Jia Xu laughs and lowers his head, he continues to watch her. “Do you love to play game?”

“Not really.” Sang Zhi says honestly: “Not really interested.”

“Then what about your ex-internet boyfriend?” Duan Jia Xu says: “How did you know him?”


“With your age, supposedly,” Duan Jia Xu looks at her and says: “Do you have a marriage partner in the game?”

Sang Zhi: “EM.”

Duan Jia Xu: “Which game?”


He is a person with perseverance, for every matter he would dig up to its root. When could he change this habit?

Sang Zhi answers reluctantly: “Mao Xian Dao (Dangerous Island).”

Duan Jia Xu says lazily: “Oh.”

Then there’s a silence.

Sang Zhi continues to play game, after a while there’s boarding announcement.

This time, Duan Jia Xu says: “Then one day….”

Sang Zhi stands up and looks at him: “Ah?”

Duan Jia Xu finishes his sentence: “Go there and have a divorce.”



4 Replies to “Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 70”

  1. LOL divorce with non existent man.
    Well…i do can understand her parent.
    Being generous and kind towards others do not mean that one can not be biased towards one’s own kin.
    They love her, so it is normal that they wish her the best and not having a hard life.
    Being rich is not a must but atleast to not living with too much burden.
    DZX’s issues is not only a sickly father but also an obsessive stalker.
    It is a matter of course that they are worried.
    In Asia the law doesn’t really prosecute offender who doesn’t make a real physical harm but mental abuse is actually not less dangerous.
    It is hard to live at ease when they can be harassed anytime without able to do anything much against it.
    I think he really should move to Nanwu, maybe it will get better.
    Her parent would slowly accept when they see that she can overcome all her issues well and wisely.
    Atleast they are not being unreasonably angry.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. My family was also against me marrying my hubby because they were worrying about me to go across the ocean to just be with him, being alone abroad without my family back up.
      This worry will only be able to fade over the time… They will slowly accept it when they see that everythings are allright.
      There is no bwtter solution in this matter than to prove that we live well.
      Time will show 😊.
      My family is now very fond of my husband.

      Liked by 10 people

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