Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 65

There are many people inside the restroom, the line of the queue is quite long too.

Sang Zhi doesn’t plan to go to the restroom, she just wants to wash her face. She just passes by the line.

She notices that her eyes are red, she looks like she is being scolded rather the one that is scolding.

She takes a deep breath and takes a tissue to wipe her face.

She thinks about what happened yesterday, she had racked her brain to talk with Sang Yan about her relationship with Duan Jia Xu. She thinks that Sang Yan is too unreasonable.

Her anger just raises up again.

Sang Zhi throws away the tissue to the bin and goes out of the restroom. She returns back to the table with her straight face.

They are sitting in a table with four chair. This time Duan Jia Xu and Sang Yan are sitting in different side. Sang Zhi doesn’t want to be close with Sang Yan so she says to Duan Jia Xu. “Go and sit down inside.”

“Awesome.” This time Sang Yan speaks up too. “You are mature now, how could you say that you want to cut ties between us.”

After Duan Jia Xu shifts to sit inside, Sang Zhi sits down and pretends to not listen to his words. But finally she says again; “Then we should just severe it.”

“Which relation? Let me remind you that in 18 generations of Sang family, we only have one heir for a generation.”

“……..” Sang Zhi looks at him, “Later on I’ll tell Gu Gu (Auntie).”

Looking at how they still fight with each other, Duan Jia Xu doesn’t feel that this thing is getting out of control. He just watches them with great interest. Very quickly he passes the menu to Sang Zhi and cuts them off. “Let’s order the food first.”

Sang Zhi pursues her lips and starts to look at the menu.

Yet Sang Yan isn’t ready to get over this, he continues to enrage Sang Zhi and makes matters worse: “You guys are just together for a while, how could you do like this?”

“Could you be more reasonable,” Sang Zhi is a bit annoyed. She closes the menu. “Next time I go home, I’ll beat your girlfriend too, what do you think about that?”

“These matters are the same?” Sang Yan says: “Thankless wretch.”

“How could you say that I’m thankless wretch? Also what is the difference?” Sang Zhi fights with him. “Anyway it’s wrong to hit someone else, could you be more reasonable? This not really a serious matter.”

“Reasonable?” Sang Yan watches Sang Zhi’s face for few seconds, then he smiles. “I’m sorry, for me, I don’t like solve matter in that sissy way.”


“Moreover, Tong Xue (Friend), I and my bro were fighting, what is the relation with you.”

“……….” Sang Zhi immediately looks at Duan Jia Xu.

Duan Jia Xu looks at Sang Zhi and strokes her head. He says: “Don’t fight with your Ge too.”

Sang Zhi says: “It’s him who wants to fight with me.”

Duan Jia Xu: “I also hit him, so it’s fair and square.”

Hearing this Sang Zhi looks at Sang Yan again, she couldn’t see any bruise on his face. Between two of them, Duan Jia Xu looks more miserable than Sang Yan.

But maybe Duan Jia Xu cares much about the face so he doesn’t hit Sang Yan’s face.

Sang Yan also says nothing, he lowers his head and plays with his phone.

He looks indescribably miserable.

Sang Zhi just loses half of her anger, she thinks of his main reason of coming over. She turns silent for few seconds and looks at Duan Jia Xu: “Why were you beating my Ge?”



When she thinks about it carefully, if her boyfriend wasn’t Duan Jia Xu, if she dated a man around her age, Sang Yan wouldn’t want to fight him.

So the most possible reason for Duan Jia Xu and Sang Yan fought is her and Duan Jia Xu’s relationship.

Looking that the matter isn’t that big, Sang Zhi starts to calm down and orders the food.

Then she asks: “Did you guys to the hospital?”

Duan Jia Xu: “Em.”

Sang Yan just watches her and says nothing.

“Oh.” Sang Zhi looks at Sang Yan and takes initiative to say: “Ge Ge, which part of your body is hurt?”

Sang Yan says coldly: “What is your business?”

This ‘cold war’ has lasted for two weeks, Sang Zhi frowns and says unhappily: “Are my words unreasonable? I also don’t try to make trouble, also, should you be so angry for that long?”

Sang Yan lifts his eyes and looks lazy: “Duan Jia Xu, is your girlfriend crazy?”


“Tell her that I have a girlfriend.” Sang Yan clearly doesn’t want to end this fight with Sang Zhi. “So, if you, have nothing else to do, just don’t talk to me.”

“…….” Sang Zhi is angry too. “Return back my 800 Yuan.”

Sang Yan is too lazy to mind her.

Duan Jia Xu just laughs: “You guys to fight for a whole night?”

“Who wants to fight with him?” Sang Zhi lowers her head and drinks the water. She tries to control her anger and says: “It’s okay if he doesn’t want to mind me, who would value as a rarity?”

The food is served.

She has been fighting with Sang Yan for some time, she feels so hungry. She takes a scallop and places it on her bowl. She forgets about all the things she said to him before. She starts to talk about other things with Sang Yan: “Ge, who is your girlfriend?”

Sang Yan doesn’t answer.

Sang Zhi looks at Duan Jia Xu: “Do you know who is it?”

Duan Jia Xu wears his watch and shakes his head. He laughs.

Sang Zhi is suspicious about it. “You have been talking about your girlfriend for several months, I never see her. I even never see her photo. Yesterday I had a video call with Mama, she also didn’t mention anything about it.”

Sang Yan doesn’t want to make his hands dirty, he just eats those food that doesn’t need to be peeled.

“If you have something to say, just say it.”

Sang Zhi: “Is it because you don’t want to go to blind date so you just make a person out?”

“…….” Sang Yan lifts his head: “Why should I?”

It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to chat about this matter. Sang Zhi looks at him and changes the topic. “When do you plan to go back to Nan Wu? These two days I still need to go to work, but for the weekend I could accompany you to stroll around.”

Sang Yan: “I come to look for my bro, why should you accompany me to stroll?”


Duan Jia Xu peels a bowl of shrimps and places it in front of Sang Zhi. Hearing this, Duan Jia Xu’s eyebrows raise up. He says to Sang Yan: “Then let me accompany you? Could I bring my family member?”

Sang Zhi doesn’t want to mind Sang Yan anymore, she lowers her head and chews her peeled shrimp.

Sang Yan extends his hand and just takes the bowl that is full of shrimps: “Whatever.”

Sang Zhi suddenly lifts up her head.

She watches how he pours every shrimps into his own bowl, then places the empty bowl back in front of Duan Jia Xu. He says slowly: “It should be hard on you.”



Sang Zhi really doesn’t know.

How could Sang Yan be so offensive?

For convenience to fight over food with Sang Yan, Sang Zhi simply changes her seat. She sits next to Sang Yan. For whatever he takes, she immediately picks up her chopsticks and just moves what he wants to eat to her own bowl.

Afterwards, Sang Yan starts to ‘eat off one’s own strength’, he wears gloves and peels the shrimp.

He peels one and puts it inside his bowl, in a second, Sang Zhi just picks the shrimp and puts it inside her mouth.

Sang Yan looks at her without any expression: “Are you a bandit?”

Sang Zhi chews the food inside her mouth, her cheeks are full. She swallows everything and says sincerely: “I help you try the taste.”


“But I haven’t recognize the taste.” Sang Zhi says, “Peel twenty more for me, let me try.”

Sang Yan: “Just go back wherever you come.”

Duan Jia Xu is full, he watches both brother and sister. He smiles and says to Sang Zhi: “Sit down back here.”

Sang Zhi: “What are you doing?”

Duan Jia Xu smiles: “Let me service you.”

Sang Zhi blinks and just says “Oh.” Then she stands up and gets back to her chair.

“……..” Hearing the word “service”, Sang Yan takes off his gloves. “Why do I feel so disgusted by your guys’ style fo dating.”


After the dinner, Duan Jia Xu pays for the bill.

Three of them exit the restaurant. Sang Yan takes out Duan Jia Xu’s car key and returns it to Duan Jia Xu. He yawns: “You guys could do anything you want, I’ll go back first.”

She feels Sang Yan should be lonely and helpless in this strange city so Sang Zhi doesn’t want to let him to stay alone. “Ge Ge, if not you could come with us to watch movie?”

“I and two of you?” Sang Yan says tiredly: “Do I look crazy?”

Sang Zhi looks at his phone: “Why do you always say that kind of words? You came yesterday, I already booked the movie tickets yesterday, now I couldn’t return it.”

She looks at her phone. “But now there’s should be no one that want to watch it. If not let me book the seat beside us?”

Sang Yan: “I’ll not go.”

“Then I”ll book it now ah.” Sang Zhi says. “This is a couple seat, I’ll book another one for you.”

Sang Yan: “Are you deaf?”

Sang Zhi says: “I’ve booked and paid it.”


The movie theater is quite far so they get on the car.

Sang Yan just throws the car key to Duan Jia Xu and lets him drive. He just gets in to the backseat. He seems to not want to let Sang Zhi sit down on the backseat.

Sang Zhi is sensible so she sits in the front passenger seat.

Thinking about it, it’s been several months since she met Sang Yan. She turns her head and talks with him. “Ge, so when would you go home?”

Sang Yan says lazily: “Next week.”

Sang Zhi counts the date: “Then it’ll be on August.”

Sang Yan: “Yeah.”

“August?” Duan Jia Xu fastens his seatbelt and looks at Sang Yan. “Okay, this end of month I’ll move out from my apartment. You could help me out.”

Sang Yan: “?”

Sang Zhi also hears this for the first time: “Ah? You want to move out of your apartment?”

“Em, I’ve reached the end of my rent contract.” Duan Jia Xu says, “I don’t plan to continue. I have several recommendations of new apartment near your university. I plan to take a look at it next weekend.”

“I help you to move out?” Sang Yan sounds cold. “Are you crazy?”

“No problem.” Duan Jia Xu says gently: “As long as you are willing to help.”



They arrive at the cinema.

Sang Zhi goes to retrieve tickets, she also buys a bucket of popcorns. She looks at the ticket, she hesitates to how to allocate the seats.

If she and Duan Jia Xu sit together, then it means nothing to let Sang Yan comes over and watches movie. It seems to isolate him even more.

But if she and Sang Yan sit together, it’s a couple seat, it’ll be very strange.

At last Sang Zhi makes a solution.

She passes the ticket to Sang Yan. Sang Yan looks at the ticket “couple seat”. “Both of you guys should sit down together.”

Duan Jia Xu: “?”

Sang Yan: “?”

Sang Zhi wants to find an appropriate reason. “I want to lie down.”

After a while, three of them enter the cinema box.

Sang Zhi occupies a chair and raises her chin to let both of men sit down beside her.

Sang Yan is speechless. “Are you crazy?”

“Why?” Sang Zhi is stupefied. “Both of you guys just sit together, there’s nothing wrong about it.” We are coming to watch movie, I couldn’t let you watch it alone.”

In the cinema theater, there’re only three of them and a couple.

The couple in front of them turn their head to look at them.

Sang Yan doesn’t mind her anymore and just sits down.

Sang Zhi looks at Duan Jia Xu like ordering to sit down beside San Yan.

Duan Jia Xu raises his eyebrow and follows her order.

Sang Zhi wears her 3D glasses and puts down her phone. She starts to eat her popcorn. Then she hears the couple in front her start to chat.

“Lao Gong, look at those two men behind us…….. They seem to be gay.”

Sang Zhi pauses: “…….”

“They even bring a female with them.” The woman laughs. “Supposedly the don’t want to be noticed.

In a next moment, Duan Jia Xu comes over and sits down beside Sang Zhi.

Sang Zhi looks at him.

Duan Jia Xu: “Your Ge asked me to go away.”

“………..” Sang Zhi doesn’t really mind about couple seat because she usually books a couple seat when she goes with her girlfriend too. She turns silence for three seconds. “Forget it, just let him be.”

The seats in the cinema theater are sofas, it’s soft and fluffy.

Besides the couple seat, there’s usually another seat. But the couple seat is covered by a fender.

So now Sang Zhi could only see Sang Yan’s leg, she couldn’t see his appearance.

Sang Zhi takes some popcorns and passes it to Duan Jia Xu’s lips. “Do you want to eat it or not?”

Duan Jia Xu opens up his mouth and extends out his tongue.

The movie starts this time, Duan Jia Xu looks at Sang Zhi for a while then wears his own 3D glasses and starts to watch the movie.

Because Sang Zhi feels a greasy taste in her mouth, she just puts down the popcorn bucket beside.

She keeps in watching the movie and focuses on it.

After some time, the movie starts to show the scene where a man and a woman are hugging and kissing each other. It’s so hot and intense.

Sang Zhi also feels moved because of that, she holds her popcorn bucket and starts to chew again. In a next second, she notices that the couple in front starts to hug and kiss intimately.


She is startled. She glances at Duan Jia Xu unconsciously.

She just notices that Duan Jia Xu is approaching her. He is not watching the movie, yet he is watching her intensely. Because he is wearing the 3D glasses, Sang Zhi couldn’t really see his eyes.

She could only see that he is smiling and leans over slowly.

Sang Zhi suddenly understands his intention and whispers: “There’s a CCTV here.”

Duan Jia Xu acts like he doesn’t hear her. The next moment he just pecks on her lips. He is gentle, he bites and licks her lips. But very quickly he retreats.

It’s moist and hot touch.

Sang Zhi turns stiff and points to the other side. She doesn’t dare to speak to loud. “My Ge, My Ge is beside.”

Duan Jia Xu laughs lowly.

He is afraid that the popcorn bucket on her hand would fall down so he takes it and puts it on the side. His lips stick close to her ear. He says: “Then shouldn’t it be more excited?”


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