Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 42

Papa only care about that auntie

They both went outside, Chen Wan spoke impatiently: “Regarding this matter, what will you do?”

Song Ting Yu put his both hand into his pant’s pocket, pursed his lips, didn’t say anything.

Chen Wan was somewhat anxious: “You will not still protect that Su Ran right? This clearly was her doing. She made your both kid to be gone. Moreover, this time Zhi Rui almost lost her life….”

She didn’t finish her sentence, Song Ting Yu coldly looked at her: “Ma, what do you want me to do? Let people to give a round of attack to Su Ran? Or also pushed her from the top floor?”

Chen Wan was startled for a while: “Why can do it? She should take responsibility of her doing, don’t tell me this matter will just be gone like the wind? Zhi Rui is so pitiful, your kid is also pitiful….”

Song Ting Yu was unable to hear more of Chen Wan’s word, perhaps the effect of lacking of sleep, he felt his temple to be aching. He used her hand to massage it for a while: “This matter I will handle it by myself.”

He said it, then turned his body to leave.

Yet Chen Wan was still completely in rage: “You always said you will handle, yet running into Su Ran’s matter, when have you ever handle it?”

Song Ting Yu’s long finger paused, yet he didn’t stopped walking.

After Song Ting Yu left, Su Ran just sleep, yet she could only sleep for 2-3hours.

Because it was not early anymore.

The time she awake, she went to Song Wei Xi’s room. Today he was not in really good mood, it seemed because of the yesterday’s matter.

Su Ran helped him to change her clothes. He raised his face to look at her: “Mama, is Papa home yet?”

Su Ran was startled, she forced a smile and said: “Not yet, he is busy, what happened?”

“Who is the aunty we met yesterday? How is she?” Song Wei Xi stood on the bed, his little body moved forward to hug Su Ran’s neck, and placed his head on her neck. “Is she okay? Mama, I’m afraid that she will be dead…”

Su Ran lightly pat his back, “Wei Xi, you are thinking too much, how could she die? She is okay, so you don’t need to think wildly, okay?”

“Okay.” Song Wei Xi finally nodded his head.

After changed his clothes, he apparently thought again about the matter: “Mama, who is that auntie? What is her relation with Papa?”

Song Wei Xi was really clever, and also sesitive, yet Su Ran didn’t want him at this little age to think too much. So she used her hand to stroke his little head: “They are friends, that auntie is Papa’s friends.”

“But she bullied you.”

“She didn’t bully me…”

“She bullied you.” Song Wei Xi’s face was very stubborn: “She used her wine to wet your clothes. Moreover she also wanted to push you down, she is bad people…”

“Mama, I will protect you. I will not let anyone bully you.” Song Wei Xi hugged Su Ran.

Su Ran was so touched, she said: “Mama knows. In Mama’s heart, Wei Xi always is a brave and capable strong man.”

After done with helping Song Wei Xi, she pulled him to go downstairs. He said: “Mama, I want to see Papa, I also want to tell him, I didn’t push that auntie.”

“Wait until he is home, we will tell him okay?”


The dining room downstairs.

During their breakfast, Song Ting Yu and Chen Wan were not there.

On the dining table only sat down Song Ming Xuan and Madame Song.

Madame Song looked in bad mood, it seemed she was about to explode. But when she looked at Song Wei Xi, she held her emotion.

It had been two days consecutively that Song Ting Yu didn’t come back home, supposedly he was in the hospital with Bai Zhi Rui.

These two days, the headline on the news was relating to event happen during Song’s family annual party, the news was really written wonderfully and outstandingly. They didn’t leave out the detail of Su Ran’s past, marriage arranged following a pregnancy, and her success of entering Song’s family.

Of course, they were all criticizing Su Ran.

Although Song Family already used their greatest ability to block this matter to spread, but during the party there were a lot of people, moreover, the reporter news were also a lot. So it couldn’t be hinder.

At first in a lot of An City’s people’s view, Su Ran was reserved person, and unscrupulously woman. But now, undoubtedly people also thought her as a ruthless woman.

The public tended to favor Bai Zhi Rui’s side.

Even more they praised Bai Zhi Rui that because of love, she even gave up her profession and business, quit from entertainment circles. These years, she continuously silently stayed on Song Ting Yu’s said. Yet didn’t expect her to unable to avoid Su Ran’s vicious attack.

Su Ran went out Song Wei Xi’s room, the time she wanted to go downstairs, she heard Madame Song’s fury voice.

She only looked at the newspaper on her hands fell on the coffee table, her crutch was knocking down the carpet: “Simply a rubbish, now these news reporters didn’t have any baseline? They didn’t know clearly, yet they talked rubbish.”

Because she was too emotional, so didn’t finish her sentence, she coughed intensely.

Looking at this Song Ming Xuan, immediately moved forward to support her and asked her to sit down: “Ma, be careful of your health. Don’t be too emotional.”

Su Ran also hurriedly went to pour a glass water then go to the living room: “Grandma, drink some water.”

She even more went to grandma’s side and patted her back to calm her down.

Madame Song gradually calmed and waved her one. She pulled Su Ran to sit down, at first she wanted to say something, but looking at the newspaper. She extended her hand and placed the newspaper on her back.

Su Ran smiled, didn’t say anuything.

Madame Song was bitter, how could she not understand? Madame Song was worried when Su Ran looked at that news, she will worried.

But these things had been on talk for two days, how could she didn’t know about it.

Su Ran didn’t really put this thing into her heart.

Even yesterday when she was in call with Tian Mi, when Tian Mi asked her about it, she just faintly expalined.

This similar matter, was not also the first time for her. Four years ago, when she just twenty years old, she also became a hot topic. At that time she could pass it, how could she know she be dejected?

“Ran Ran….” Madame Song held Su Ran’s hand: “These two days did you meet Song Ting Yu?”

Su Ran shook her head, and said truthfully: “No.”

Chen Jing jsut came back, this moment also sat down on the living room. Just a moment ago she was scolded by Madame Song that let her be quiet. But this moment heard Su Ran’s word, she raised her head to glare at her, and said: “Ma, Zhi Rui is really pitiful. She not only lose her kid, she even almost lost her life. When she just conscious she wanted to commit suicide so Song Ting Yu just stayed at the hospital, it was as sure thing…”


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