Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛 – Chapter 400

“Before that little girl called me and said that saw Bai Zhi Rui together with a man, is it true?”

That time he was reading his work. Her call was not explanative. Perhaps it’s because she was too excited, he couldn’t get the point.

“Yes.” Su Ran told him all about what they saw today: “You can check on her.”

“This matter just let Ding Chen handle it, I think she is more interested in this.”

Su ran nodded and peeled the apple. She cut the apple to small bits and sticked it to the toothpick, then she put gave it to Song Wei Xi.

Song Wei Xi now should enter elementary school, but with his condition now, they might not be able to send him to an ordinary school. Yet sending him to the special school, she was not really willing.

“Will you ask a teacher to come and teach Song Wei Xi?”

Song Ting Yu shifted his gaze from the TV: “Okay.”

“Invite a girl. A girl will be more attentive. Please be mindful, look for the best.”

“I know.”

Su Ran prefers college students to be Song Wei Xi’s teacher. After all, she thinks that college student will be more full of spirit.

After her request about inviting a teacher for Song Wei Xi, very quickly Song Ting Yu found a suitable teacher for him, she is a second year student.

Su Ran watched how she interacted, played and taught Wei Xi, she felt satisfied.

Song Wei Xi also didn’t reject him so she thought that Song Wei Xi was also happy with her new teacher.

Since Ding Chen bumped into Bai Zhi Rui and that man, she put effort to investigate about this matter.

She had a lot of connection so very quickly she could find out.

Bai Zhi Rui was cautious that every time they were together in public they wouldn’t act intimately with each other. Moreover they would hid to carry on their love affair. She was extremely fear to be recognized that she never took him to her An City’s home.

After all she needed Ding Zhen Ye’s money to live so she should be aware and careful.

Ding Chen noticed that Bai Zhi Rui didn’t not always meet him, it’s only on Wednesday or Saturday night.

There’s impossible to take a photo of their intimacy outside the room because Bai Zhi Rui was too careful.

Ding Chen didn’t want to give up.

She thought since she couldn’t find photos of their intimacy outside, then she decided to take it from inside.

Ding Chen bribed a reporter to help her.

Quickly, Ding Chen got a good news.

The reporter disguised herself as hotel employee of course she could get photos of Bai Zhi Rui and her little boyfriend.

Ding Chen looked at the photo, and almost threw up.

Because in the photo, Bai Zhi Rui and her little boyfriend unexpectedly fed each other, and they used their mouth!

Ding Chen took the photo and gave the money to the reporter. She asked him to keep this as a secret first. She wanted to tell Ding Zhen Ye first.

This moment Lin Cheng Huan noticed that she was so concentrated with the photo. Yet her face showed feeling of disgusted. He laughed helplessly: “Why do you still look at it when you want to throw up every time you see it?”

Ding Chen kept on looking at the photo: “oh, today I ate too much. It’s okay to throw up a bit.

Lin Cheng Huan smiled: “What will you go now?”

“I want to let someone to take these photos to my uncle to see.”

“Why should you make a trouble, two days later he will come right?”

Ding Chen was startled, she just remembered that in several days there will be a banquet. That time Ding Zhen Ye will appear.

“I suddenly think of a good way.” Ding Chen blinked.

Lin Cheng Huan was holding on the steering wheel: “Why do I think that your way will let Bai Zhi Rui feel like dying?”

Ding Chen laughed and moved closer to her: ” Nan Zhu, don’t you be too understand me.”

She said it then grumbled:”Actually sometimes I also really thank Bai Zhi Rui and Ding Zhen Ye. If it’s not their doing. How can I break away from Han Lei and be together with you? Are we keep on being wrong? Nan Zhu, will you regret being together with me?”

“No, I will not.”

Ding Chen is satisfied and happy with his answer: “It’s better to be together with you than Han Lei. At least on the bed we we have mutual understanding and cooperation, we also could communicate smartly off the bed, right?”

Lin Cheng Huan stroked her head: “Chen Chen, you are a girl, couldn’t you be more….”


Ding Chen finished his sentence.


“Why should I be reserved in front of you.” Ding Chen snorted: “Let’s go to Bro Ting Yu’s house. I want to show the pictures to let them enjoy it.”

“Ran Ran is pregnant now. She doesn’t have a good appetite. You shouldn’t let her throw up again.”

“……..” Ding Chen suddenly hugged his arm: “Nan Zhu, you change.”

They both went to Song Ting Yu’s house. Of course Ding Chen was impatient to share the photos to Su Ran and Song Ting Yu.

After Su Ran looked at it, she noticed that Ding Chen kept on watching her.

“What is it?” Su Ran rubbed her own face and thought there’s something on her face.

“Are you okay?”

Su Ran was even more confused: “I’m okay.”

“Nan Zhu said that you will throw up when you see this photos.”

Su Ran was surprised then understood Ding Chen’s meaning. She laughed: “It’s okay, I have a good defense.”

Song Ting Yu said: “What do you plan to do with these photos?”

“I planned to put it on the banquet.

The day Tian Hai held banquet party, Su Ran was dragged by Song Ting Yu to go.

Su Ran doesn’t like that kind of occasion, moreover she needed to wear evening dress. She felt it’s troublesome. She also couldn’t wear high heels now.

Yet Song Ting Yu threatened her if she didn’t come to be her companion then he would find a woman secretary to be his.

Su Ran seemed to be calm and pointed at him. She said: “the night you come home, if I can smell any bits of female perfume, then don’t you sleep in my bed. For a week, you can sleep in the guest room.


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