Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 423

Now it’s already 11:00 p.m., He Ji Fan’s dinner could be thought as midnight snack.

On the dining table.

He Ji Fan takes care of He Chi Zhou’s attentively, but He Chi Zhou doesn’t spare any moment to look at his own father. His eyes are fixed on Dou Weir. He looks so happy.

“Zhou Zhou, turn your head over to look at Papa.” He Ji Fan could feel that he is being treated coldly. He raises the spoon and calls him several times. Finally He Chi Zhou just turns his head over and looks at him. Yet the time he looks at He Ji Fan, he shows no smile.

His gaze shows that he is disliking his Papa.

When he turns his head over and looks at Dou Weir again, the little guy smiles so brightly and happily.

He Ji Fan: “……”

The maid, who stands nearby, smiles and says: “Xiao Shao Ye really likes Dou Xiao Jie. When he knows that Dou Xiao Jie would come over, he keeps on refusing to sleep. He wants to stay downstair to wait for Dou Xiao Jie.”

Dou Weir is touched by his action, she strokes He Chi Zhou’s chin and says: “That is because I’m more likable right, Zhou Zhou?”

He Chi Zhou just slaps his two hands on the table and smiles.

Dou Weir’s mood is getting better.

Before the dinner is done, He Chi Zhou starts to yawn and wants Dou Weir to hold her. The time Dou Weir holds him, he closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Looking at the little guy’s cute sleeping expression, Dou Weir’s heart is melting.

She couldn’t understand why this little guy likes her so much.

“Send him back to his bedroom, I also need to go home.” Dou Weir passes He Chi Zhou to He Ji Fan.

This time He Chi Zhou is sleeping soundly so he doesn’t wake up when Dou Weir passes him to He Ji Fan.

He Ji Fan doesn’t take He Chi Zhou, he just says: “His bedroom is on the second floor, just on the left of the staircase.

Dou Weir frowns, she wants to say something but He Ji Fan’s phone rings. She just holds He Chi Zhou back. He Ji Fan takes out his phone, Dou Weir glances at his phone.

It’s woman’s name.

Ye Yu Shi.

This late night, a woman calls a man. Dou Weir thinks that it shows that they are not in normal relationship.

Especially when this man is He Ji Fan.

Dou Weir just lowers her head and looks at He Chi Zhou’s face.

He Ji Fan just looks at the phone but doesn’t answer it. He just rejects it and places the phone back to his pocket.

Dou Weir once again wants to pass He Chi Zhou back to He Ji Fan. She smiles: “Zhou Zhou has seen me, now I have nothing else to do. Bye.”

He Ji Fan doesn’t take He Chi Zhou, he just extends his arms and hugs Dou Weir. The little guy is between both of their bodies.

The maid is sensible so she leaves quickly.

Dou Weir doesn’t prepare to be hugged by him, she wants to run away but she cares about the little guy on her hold. She doesn’t use too much power to struggle.

“What are you doing?”

“Tonight just stay and sleep here.” He Ji Fan pulls her closer. The time he is talking, his breath sprays on Dou Weir’s neck. “It’s been two years, I always miss you.”

Dou Weir looks at his face.

Dou Weir looks away and tries to maintain her calmness. She smiles and says: “If my boyfriend knows that I’m outside with another man and stay over for the night, he would be very angry.”

“You have no boyfriend.” He Ji Fan is very confident.

“Whether I have a boyfriend or not, perhaps you still are not clear about it?”

Dou Weir feels that his arm starts to slide to her bottom, she immediately becomes alert: “if you keep doing this, I’ll resist. If it hurts the kid, don’t complain to me.”

He Ji Fan stops.

“Put your hand away!”

He Ji Fan complies and takes his hand away.

“Zhou Zhou’s bedroom is upstair, let’s send him up to sleep.”

“You go and tuck him in, I’ll not go.” He Ji Fan leans closer to her and says to her ear. “It’s okay if you don’t want to go up.” He smiles. “Do you believe that since I slept with you, I couldn’t get interested with another girl?”

Dou Weir takes steps back, she denies firmly: “I don’t….”

” believe”, suddenly He Ji Fan just kisses her. His tongue enters her mouth.

Dou Weir is furious, one of her hands is holding Zhou Zhou. Her other hand is pushing He Ji Fan to get away. But He Ji Fan is standing there as solid as mountain.

After a long kiss, Dou Weir is panting. He Ji Fan just lets her go.

“Tonight stay here.” He Ji Fan says with a hoarse voice.

Dou Weir’s lips are swollen, she just feel ashamed into anger. “Aren’t you so shameless? The kid is still here, what if he is awake?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell him. You are his Mama, I am his Papa. It’s right and a matter of course for Papa to kisses Mama.”

“You….. you are shameless!”

“Send Zhou Zhou up and tuck him in. Tonight stay here and accompany me. I promise that I’ll not do anything to you. But if you want to leave, I couldn’t promise anything.” He Ji Fan looks at her chest dubiously.

Dou Weir is wearing a sweater and shows nothing.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Zhou Zhou’s bedroom has a bathroom. There’re also bed and blanket. You could lock the door after you get in. I wouldn’t have way to get in.”

Dou Weir is half doubting him, yet she has no way.

“Don’t follow me, I’ll go upstair by myself.”

He Ji Fan smiles and lets her be. He says: “Okay.”

Dou Weir holds Zhou Zhou and runs like her tail is being roasted.

He Ji Fan follows behind her.

The maid calls him: “Xian Sheng.”

He Ji Fan looks at her and says: “Go to the dining room and tidy up.”


He Ji Fan smokes two cigarettes before he goes upstair.

Inside the room, Dou Weir looks at the door and leans on the door for a while. She is at loss.

What is their status now? Is she going to get her status before? His friend with benefits.

He never be so serious with another woman, even toward Shi Ying, who had given birth to a son for him. He also could treat her that coldly. This kind of man clearly is ruthless.

She doesn’t want to wait till he is tired of her and just gets rid off her.

She doesn’t want to have any relation with him.

It’s just He company’s strength is not only well-known domestically but also it also has a great influence internationally. If not how could he easily changes the GC schedule.

She doesn’t know what he did but it should be related to him.

She always thinks herself to be a mouse between the cat and mouse play. The time she is played around and wants to run away, he would show his fierce teeth to scare her off to not run away. The time she is not running away, he just plays her around to appreciate her being embarrassed.

She thinks about that matter for a long time, then she goes to the bathroom. She is shocked to see the things on the washstand.

All of the toiletries are still sealed, all are from the brand that she likes.

He Ji Fan prepared all of these for her?

How could he be so attentive?

Perhaps he is scheming something?

Her presence here tonight, is it clearly planned by him?

Dou Weir feels that she couldn’t know what he is thinking.

He isn’t an attentive and meticulous man.

She cleans up her makeup and takes a quick shower. She wraps herself with the bathrobe. She doesn’t dry her hair and just gets on the bed.

Dou Weir falls asleep.

In the next morning.

Dou Weir feels something itchy on her cheek, she wakes up. She opens her eyes and sees He Chi Zhou is smiling so splendidly.

On his forehead there’s a blue-green swollen bruise.

She doesn’t need to think any further, she knows that this little guy should fall down when he climbs down from his own baby crib.

He Chi Zhou just laughs and touches Dou Weir’s face.

“Xiao Jia Huo (Little guy), why didn’t you call Mama to hold you. You fell down, your Papa would be sad.”

“Mama….” He Chi Zhou’s vocabulary is limited.

“Are you hungry?” Dou Weir pinches his cheek lightly. “Wait for a while, I’ll wake up and take you downstair to eat.”

Dou Weir freshens up and holds the little guy’s hand. He Ji Fan is standing outside and waiting for them. He is smoking

Dou Weir frowns when she smells the cigarette. “Why are you standing here? What are you doing?”

He Ji Fan just throws the cigarette away and comes forward. He strokes He Chi Zhou’s head and looks at his bruise. “I’m waiting for you. Did you have a goodnight sleep?”

Dou Weir says: “If I’m at home, I’d sleep better.”

He Ji Fan just ignores him and changes the topic: “Let’s go down and eat.”

During the breakfast, Dou Weir’s phone rings. She looks at the screen and sees the call is from Old Madame Dou.

She stands up: “I’ll go and answer the call.”

He Chi Zhou thinks that she would leave, he cries and yells: “Mama… Mama…..”

Dou Weir looks at He Ji Fan: “Urge and pamper him to not cry.”

She exits the dining room and answers the call.

“Weir, are you busy? Xin Xin is here. She comes over to visit me, you should come over too.” Old Madame Dou says.

“I’ll leave soon. No need to let Dou Weir comes over especially for me.”

“I’m not busy, I’ll come over soon. Please let Xin Xin sits for a while more.” Dou Weir is happy. “I also have something to say to her.”

She ends the call. He Ji Fan is standing close to her body.

Dou Weir is surprised: “You scare me!”

“Where would you go?” He Ji Fan is unhappy. He watches her closely.

“Why should you car? Perhaps I should tell you wherever I go.”

He Ji Fan: “It’s okay if you don’t want to say it. I’ll take Zhou Zhou to go with you.”

Dou Weir is shocked. How could this happen? How could she let Nai Nai sees that little child calls her Mama. She should not be able to explain to her.

“I… Xin Xin asks me out to stroll around. We haven’t met for two years. It’s rare chance for her to ask me out? How could I refuse her? We would stroll, how could you, an adult man, be interested to go with us?”

He Ji Fan thinks about it and says seriously: “Where would it be? I and Zhou Zhou will go together, we would wait for you guys downstair.”

Dou Weir: “……… Why should you force me this way?”

He Ji Fan fixes his gaze on Dou Weir. “It’s you who always keep on forcing me.”

“How do I force you?”

“If you agree happily to be with me, I wouldn’t need to work this hard.”

“It’s impossible for us to reconcile! How could you not letting me go? I am fed up with that kind of life with you!”

Dou Weir loses her temper: “You have a lot of girlfriend, how couldn’t you be enough with it? Why should you tangle with me?”


He Ji Fan suddenly clutches Dou Weir’s shoulders, he says: “I don’t let you to return to the past. I want to start over with you. I admit that in the past I was irresponsible, I had a lot of women. Yet after I was with you, I never have and be another woman. I sincerely want to be with you. It’s not a game for me.”

Dou Weir looks at his eyes, her emotion just calms down.

Their eyes are on each other.

After a while, she shakes off his hands. “I’ll go to the hospital to visit Nai Nai. My Nai Nai has a bad health, she couldn’t get irritate. I hope you could understand me.”

“Weir, I don’t want to force you, but I also want you to understand.”

Dou Weir doesn’t look at him. “But you already force me.”

At the afternoon 12 o’clock, a blue Porsche car stops in front of Jing He hospital lobby.

Dou Weir says nothing and just gets off the car.

“Mama……” He Chi ZHou is sitting on his baby car seat, he couldn’t be silent anymore.

“Zhou Zhou, be good. Mama would do something first. Then Mama will back soon to accompany you, okay?”

“Mama….” He Chi Zhou is reluctant to part with Dou WEir.

Dou Weir persuades him once more. “Zhou Zhou listen well to me, obey okay. If not Mama would be unhappy. If Mama is unhappy, in the future I’ll not accompany Zhou Zhou again.”

He Chi Zhou feels wronged but he restrains his tears.

Dou Weir strokes his head lovingly and says: “Be good, Mama would be back soon.”

Then she gets off the car and closes the door. She even doesn’t look back.

He Ji Fan watches her disappear. He lights on his cigarette. He has a lot of dating experiences, but this is the first time he feels so helpless toward a woman.

Dou Weir goes to the Old Madame Dou’s sickroom. Before she gets inside, she tidies up her hair and takes a deep breath. Then she smiles. When she opens the door, they could only see her smiling face.

“Xin Xin, Nai Nai.”

Ye Qing Xin is sitting close to the bed. She is wearing a loose clothing, she doesn’t look like she is pregnant. She smiles toward Dou Weir lovingly. “My Wai Gong is sick, he is here too. I remember that Dou Nai Nai is here too so I come to visit. Dou Nai Nai is too modest, she wanted to give you a call. Are you busy?”

“Today is weekend, it’s okay.” Dou Weir smiles and says: “I also planned to come over.”

She puts down her bag and says: “Okay, there’s a nurse taking care of Nai Nai. Accompany me downstair, I have something to talk to you.”

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  1. ugh…… I don’t really like Dou Weir and He yi Fan’s drama. I’m very annoyed with both characters as I really hope they don’t get together, it’s so messy that I just want this done and over with.


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