Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 421

Hu Jing looks at the closed bathroom and sits down beside Old Madame Dou. “Nai Nai, our Weir is very great. After the graduation, she not only could find a good job, she also could find you a great grandson-in-law.”

These words startle Old Madame Dou.

“You have met Xiao He?”

Didn’t Dou Weir just tell her that Xiao He is still abroad?”

In the beginning, Dou Weir persuaded Old Madame Dou to come over to Jing. She said to the old lady that she needs to keep secret of her marriage for a temporary moment. She said that they shouldn’t even tell Dou Jin Wen and his family to avoid them making troubles. Wait till the wedding day is decided, then she could say it.

But the old lady thinks that her youngest son indeed always secretly asks Weir for money to buy this and that. Weir wants to marry, her youngest son should want to ask a huge sum of betrothal gifts to the man.

The old lady doesn’t expect too much, she just think as long the man is honesty and wants to work hard to earn money. According to the custom, it is usually man who visits the female’s side. Dou Weir has said a lot of good words about the man. Dou Weir said that his business just starts so in this critical moment, he is so busy. But she stressed that Xiao He is a good man.

The Old Lady felt a bit unhappy about it, but she still comes to Jing City with Dou Weir.

These months, she never meets that man. Old Lady starts to worry.

“When did you meet Xiao He?” Old Lady asks.

Hu Jing is startled to hear it. She wants to say something. But the bathroom door is opened. Dou Weir immediately comes out fo the bathroom. Dou Weir smiles but it’s cold. “Previously didn’t Da Ge say that he wants you to keep account? Didn’t he register you for night school for accounting. Tonight are you going to attend the class?”

“Ah?” Hu Jing is stupefied. But very quickly she responds and says to Dou Weir “Oh, today is Sunday ah. The teachers also need to rest. I’ll go to the class tomorrow morning.”

“Okay. I still want to buy something, Nai Nai. I’ll go back home first, Call me if you have something.”

Hu Jing picks up her handbag and leaves the room.

“Let me send you out.” Dou Weir follows her out.

She closes the door.

“No need to send me out, I’ll go by myself.” Hu Jing looks at Dou Weir and says: “Now you are our family pillar, how could I trouble you to send me out.”

Dou Weir doesn’t mind her and just walks toward the elevator.

Hu Jing looks at Dou Weir’s figure and pouts.

Now is a dinner time, a lot of people are going out to have a meal so the elevator is packed.

The time they go out of the elevator, Hu Jing says frankly: “If you have something to talk about, you could say it.”

Dou Weir turns her head to look at Hu Jing. “In the beginning Da Ge had no money to start the business. I gave him money, we signed an agreement that though I invest that money but if I want to take it out. It’s not impossible. But if someone let my Nai Nai feels unhappy, I don’t mind to take it out.”

“What do you mean?” Hu Jing is a bit unhappy.

“You don’t need to say anything about my private matter. If I have something to tell Nai Nai, I’ll tell Nai Nai by myself.” She says again: “There’s no benefit for minding my business. You should think about it.”

Then Dou Weir gets into the elevator again to return to Old Madame Dou’s sickroom.

There are several people to get inside the elevator. Dou Weir is blocked by two men so Hu Jing couldn’t see her anymore.

Hu Jing straightens her lips. She has been married with Dou Jin Wen for two years. She always think that Tang Mei of Dou Jin Wen, Dou Weir, is stupid yet has a lot of money. But now she feels that it’s getting hard to control Dou Weir.

She doesn’t know whether it’s her illusion or not.

Dou Weir returns to the sickroom and opens the door.

Old Madame Dou is looking at her.

“Why aren’t you sleeping? It’s 08:00 p.m.”

Dou Weir says it and goes to the bathroom. She doesn’t lock the door to make it easy for Old lady to talk with her.

“Xiao Jing has met Xiao He? Didn’t you say that I shouldn’t tell them? You also said that Xiao He is abroad? What happened? I am confused?”

“Nai Nai, I don’t lie to you. He is really still abroad.” Dou Weir goes to massage Old Madame. Most of the time if she is free, Dou Weir will take care of the old lady by herself.

“That Hu Jing said……”

“Sao Zi misunderstands, yesterday I said to you that I went out to celebrate birthday right? At the restaurant, I encountered Da Ge and Da Sao. They wanted to go have dinner with me. I just met several my college friends. Among my best friend is married. Her husband brought a friend thought. That man looked good. Sao Zi misunderstand and thought my friend was introducing a boyfriend for me.”

“Really? Then why didn’t you let her finish her words? You make me feel worried. I thought that Xiao He didn’t want to meet me.”

Dou Weir laughs: “How could you be? how could you not know your granddaughter? How could I agree to marry with him if he is that kind of man. He is so happy that I agree to marry to him, how could he not cherish me?”

“You always boast.” Old Madame Dou laughs. “Later on when Xiao He is back, you should take him over to meet me. I’ll check on him.”

“Okay, go to sleep. Later on after taking shower, I’ll also go to sleep.”

“Tonight you should just go home, tomorrow you should go to work too. You’ll not rest well here, I will worry about you. I’ll also not rest well.”

“At home I’m alone, it’s cold. It’s better to stay here and accompany you.”

“You kid…” Old Madame Dou just accepts it. Dou Weir goes outside to hang the wet clothes. The Old lady looks at her.

“Weir, how old is Xiao He?”

“He is older than me by few yeas.”

Old Madame is not satisfied with her answer.” Dou Weir gets inside and sits down by the Old Madame’s side. “What do you want to ask, this time you could ask till you are satisfied.”

Her seriousness makes the old lady laughs. “I’m doing this all for you. How could you be unhappy.”

“Tell Nai Nai what type of person Xiao He is? How is his family? I already asked you about it but you said to ask him by myself. I even couldn’t meet him.”

It’s been months but the old lady hasn’t met her so-called soon to be grandson-in-law.

“Later on I would ask him to offer a humble apology to you. How could he let my Nai Nai waits for so long. You shouldn’t forgive him easily.” Dou Weir jokes.

In the past she didn’t tell Old Madame Dou about ‘Xiao He’s matter in detail because she couldn’t compile the story well. Today Hu Jing’s action makes Dou Weir thinks she should be more careful.

“For his personality, he is ……. he is okay. He treats those around him well. He has father, mother, Ye Ye Nai Nai, who are still alive and in a good health. He also has Di Di and Mei Mei.”

“His Di Di and Mei Mei shouldn’t be too old right?”

“They are not really young too. His Mei Mei is around my age, she also attended the same university as me.”

“Oh, it’s good. How old are his parents? Are they healthy? Also how about his Ye Ye and Nai Nai?”

“Nai Nai, you are too detailed than the checker of the residence card.”

Old Madame Dou sighs. “I just want to understand about his family’s condition. Our family is not very good too. You also know how bad is our family is. Nai Nai doesn’t force you to look for a rich family but at least you could be a man with a family that give you a peaceful and steady life.”

“I know. HIs Ye Ye and Nai Nai have pension money, they are in a good health. His parents live in a state enterprise, they also has been retiring for few years. They have a good economy condition. His Di Di and Mei Mei are also working so there’s no much burden. Don’t worry.”

Old Madame Dou is relieved. No one wants to see their loved one to marry to a man with big family burden.

Old Madame Dou frowns: “Xiao He has a good family condition, but have you told them about ours? Do his parents know that I am at Jing He hospital?”

If Xiao He’s parents know that Old Madame Dou is at Jing City and hospitalized, they should come to visit her.

Could it be his parents disapprove Dou Weir.

Old Madame Dou has new worry.

Dou Weir just smiles and says: “Don’t worry, they treat me well. I don’t tell them that you are at the hospital. I don’t want them to worry.”

“Nai Nai, now the most important for you is to cure your illness. Don’t think about anything else.”

Dou Weir helps the old madame to lay down, then turns off the light.

Dou Weir asks the nurse to go home as tonight she would stay and take care of Old Madame Dou. She takes out a folded master and lays it down on the floor. She lays down there.

Old Madame Dou still wants to say something but it’s late so she doesn’t say anything else.

Dou Weir closes her eyes but she couldn’t fall asleep.

He Ji Fan”s action brings her a great trouble.

The next day.

After an activity, the sponsor asks everyone to gather to have a meal. After the dinner, everyone is asked to join to come to KTV. Everything ends around 11:00 p.m.

Dou Weir goes home to her apartment, the time she opens the door, she notices that Hu Jing is inside her apartment.

Dou Weir has no intention to mind her, she just walks directly to her bedroom.

Hu Jing follows behind her and wants to say something.

Dou Weir comes out after having a shower, Hu Jing is still in the apartment.

Dou Weir dries her hair with towel and asks: “Say it if you have something to say.”

“There’s nothing important, it’s just, Du Jin Wen wants to take part in his friend’s real estate project. Don’t worry it’s not about money. Two days ago he met He Xian Sheng, he said that he had looked at your Da Ge’s project, he said that it would earn a lot of money. He said that his company can invest in that project, but….”

“He Xian Sheng?” Dou Weir asks.

“Just two days ago the He Xian Sheng that brought a bouquet of flowers for you, He Yun Xiao. Your Ge sad to me, that he is the vice-president of a big company, he has a very good prospective……”

Dou Weir cuts off Hu Jing’s words again. “If he wants to invest, then just let him be. Don’t tell me anything.” She puts down her towel and wears a headband. She tears open a mask and places it on her face. She says bluntly: “It’s late, Da Sao, you also should sleep early.”

“Weir, He Xian Sheng said that he could persuade his company to invest but it should be something that he wants. He wouldn’t help us without any reason or benefit. He maybe hopes to be part of our family? If you don’t like him, then just agree first to hold him. Wait till he has invested in our project then you could break up with him.”

Dou Weir stops and looks at her. “Do you think that he would be easily deceived? Couldn’t he just play around? You guys should know that in this Jing City, a rich and powerful man could easily play you around and kill you around just like an ant.”

“No, it wouldn’t be that scary right?” Hu Jing is surprised and just swallows her saliva. “I saw that he is a friendly one.”

Looking at how terrified Hu Jing is, Dou Weir just laughs coldly: “Though money is important, but I think life is much more important. Don’t play around, you might get the money but you might not have the life to spend the money. As for Da Ge’s project, you should wait till he could earn the money by himself.”

Dou Jin Wen has a great ambition and Dou Weir knows about it.

It’s good a grand plan and great ambition but the reality is should be considered too.

Letting her to agree to be with He Yun Xiao, lie to him then break up with him. They are naive.

That He Yun Xiao is too skillful, he could finds out exactly what her Da Ge and Da Sao wants.

Hu Jing also knows that her thought is too mean and wicked, Dou Weir wouldn’t agree to it. So when she gets her answer, she isn’t too disappointed.

Before Hu Jing leaves, she says again. “Oh right, He Xian Sheng said that you don’t answer your phone. Is your phone okay? He also asked what time do you usually home? I already help you to lie to him.”

Dou Weir: “….. It’s should be hard for you.”

Hu Jing: “Don’t worry, I should do it.”

Dou Weir: “……”

Hu Jing doesn’t stay for any longer, Dou Weir listens to the closing door.

She takes out her phone and lays down on the sofa. She notices there are two missed calls from He Yun Xiao.

She turns silent and thinks of something. She opens up the list of blocked number. Dou Weir couldn’t help but to roll her eyes. She notices that He Yun Xiao’s number has been blacklisted. This He Ji Fan is too crafty

Dou Weir despises him, she thinks of getting He Yun Xiao’s number out from the blacklist but suddenly she thinks of something and not do it.

In the next few days, Dou Weir is as busy as she used to be. She is so busy that she even forgets who she is. Hu Jing comes over to talk to her about He Yun Xiao several times. Dou Weir doesn’t mind about it.

On the Friday night, she finishes working around 10:00 p.m.

In the beginning of December, Jing City is getting colder. She is wearing a camel- colored coat. She looks fashionable and beautiful.

She stands near the entrance to wait for her assistant to come over and pick her up. Then a blue graphite Porsche 911 stops slowly in front of her.

Looking at this car, she could guess who is the driver.

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