Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 420

“If Da Sao is envious of her, I could introduce several of them to you to know.”

Dou Weir smiles and returns to her room.

Hu Jing’s voice passes through a doorway: “What are you talking about? I am talking this for your own good. Don’t forget you are the one make the most of one’s youthfulness in one’s choice of employment. The time you turn old and weak. Who will ask you out to walk in a catwalk? You should seize the chance when you are young to marry into a rich man. In the future you will cry……”

Dou Weir just throws herself on the bed, she pulls her pillow and covers her face.

After a while, she stands up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She changes her clothes and uses a simple makeup.

“Where are you going? The food will be ready soon.” Hu Jing hears Dou Weir’s footsteps and takes a look from the kitchen.

“After eating this, just go home. I don’t like any stranger in my house, I couldn’t sleep.” Dou Weir’s tone is impolite.”


The door is closed again.

Hu Jing returns the kitchen and throws all the things inside the pot.

“She’s just a model, how could she act like that!”

Her phone suddenly rings, Hu Jing just answers it unhappily.

“Hello! What is it!”

“Who makes you angry? You sound so furious.” Dou Jin Wen is startled by her furious tone, he asks: “Have you made some inquires about that He?”

“HE!” Hu Jing laughs coldly: “Your Mei Mie is too great, she completely doesn’t respect other people. She said that if I am interested, she could introduce several others to me. Is it kind of words that she could speak to her Sao Zi?”

“If she doesn’t tell you, then we could ask again in the future. I think that He isn’t simple one. I will try to investigate him. Our Weir could interact with Bo Wei’s boss’ friends, it’ll bring some advantages to me too. In the future I could expand my business and make my own company. You also could be the lady boss.”

Dou Jing Wen tries to imagine it.

Hu Jing snorts: “You think you could establish your own company. Forget it, I’ll go home after the dinner. I spend a hundred dollar to buy these, I couldn’t waste it.”

“Look how petty you are. After you are done, go to the hospital to visit Nai Nai. We could be like this today, it’s all thanks to Nai Nai.”

“Okay.” Hu Jing is a bit impatient.

Dou Jing Wen’s Nai Nai’s health has collapsed slowly. These several years it has been in constant change of getting better and ill. It has been twice that she almost wears her burial clothes, but she manage to handle it. But she lives in quite inconvenience.

Dou Weir takes her to the Jing City to visit a doctor, but it’s not getting better. Yet she is willing to spend money for curing her without any result.

At first, the old lady doesn’t want to leave her hometown, but Dou Weir uses a method that could change her thought. It’s been months since the old lady moves here. Everyday the old lady stays at the hospital. It seems that Dou Weir gets help from her friend that she could give a single sickroom for the old lady. Though she doesn’t spend the money like water, but the price shouldn’t be cheap.

This time at Jing He hospital cardiovascular ward.

Dou Weir puts the fruits, which she bought on the way to the hospital, on the bedside cabinet. She then puts down her bag and puts it on her chair.

The old lady is still sleeping. Dou Weir’s movement is very gentle, but the old lady still wakes up.

Dou Weir smiles: “How do you feel today? Are you feeling better?”

“I am.” The old lady wants to sit up, Dou Weir helps her, she takes a pillow and stuffs in on her back.

“Xiao He doesn’t come over today?” The old lady looks at her granddaughter with affection. She blames her: “I’ve been coming to JIng City for several months? How could he not show up his face? Don’t you say that he is getting married? I see that he likes you……”

“Weir ah, you are young, you have no experience. You might not know what other people thinking. Now you give a call to Xiao He. Tell me that I want to meet him. If he makes an excuse to be unable to come, it shows that he doesn’t respect you. Don’t be in relationship with him again.”

“Nai Nai, I am just twenty two years old. Don’t rush it ah.” Dou Weir takes the apple on the bedside cabinet. She peels it and says. “Didn’t I say to you? He is an engineer, at first he planned to get married on the National Day. Who knows that he received a big engineering project abroad. He needs time to finish it. He is working hard, it’s also for our future.”

At first Dou Weir proposed to take the old lady to Jing City to visit a doctor. The old lady wasn’t willing to live her hometown. Dou Weir has no way so she just makes a lie that she wants to get marry and defrauds the old lady to Jing City.

She lies to the old lady. That the one that she will be married is an engineering with a family name, He.

Why a man with a family name, He? There’s no special reason. She just blurted it out without thinking.

“Perhaps you wish that your future grandson-in-law is an idle man?” Dou Weir passes the peeled apple to the old lady.

“You couldn’t say this way.” The old lady takes the apple but she has no want to eat it. She looks at Dou Weir: “I just don’t feel relieved. I just want to see that man, whether he is a reliable one or not.”

“It takes time to know a person to be reliable or not. You also couldn’t be sure the first time you meet him.” Dou Weir smiles. “Eat this. The nurse is going out to buy food, she will return soon. Before eating anything, eat some apple to help your digestion. Don’t eat too much. Tonight I’ll stay here to accompany you.”

“No need to accompany me. Tomorrow you still need to work. I am okay. The nurse is good at taking care of me.” Old Madame Dou bites her apple and chews it. She says: “In the future when you are married, you need a lot of money to spend. You should earn and save some money. You could use it for emergency.”

“I know it.”

“If you know about it, how could you take your money and give it to Dou Jin Wen to do business? Don’t you think you are stupid? Is it easy for a woman like you to earn money at Jing City?”

“We are a family, we should help each other.” Dou Weir says kindly.

Old Madame Dou is an intellectual one, she had accepted conventional culture and education. She is more conventional old lady. She thinks that a woman should sit down peacefully inside the office room and go to work on time. She absolutely couldn’t accept modeling, especially lingerie fashion show.

Dou Jin Wen took Dou Weir’s Victoria’s Secret photo to Dou Weir, he said that he wanted to do business, but he had no money.

Dou Weir tells Old Madame Dou that she is working at the company as a designer.

It’s hard to imagine how would Old Madame Dou react when she sees Dou Weir’s photo.

Dou Weir doesn’t want to disappoint the Old Madame.

The doctor said that the Old Madame’s health couldn’t be supported for long time. She wants her Nai nai to spend her remaining days at ease.

“You ah, are stupid one.” Old Madame Dou is thankful for Dou Weir’s sensibility. She knows clearly about her youngest son’s attitude. She thinks of it and orders: “In the future if Jin Wen or her Pa come for you for money, please don’t give them any. Come and tell me. If you don’t have heart to refuse it, Nai Nai will help you.”

Dou Weir lays her head on Old Madame Dou’s thigh. “I’m enough with Nai Nai’s love toward me.”

The nurse comes back quickly, Dou Weir asked the nurse to buy two portions of meal.

She accompanies the old Madame Dou to eat, then helps the Old Madame to freshen up. Then she helps her to lay down again. Hu Jing just opens the door.

“Oh so Mei Mei is here, I thought you are going to date.”

“Why are you here?” Dou Weir’s face is calm.

“Hear what you said, of course I come to visit Nai Nai.” Hu Jing places her nourishment on a table. She smiles: “Jin Wen is concerned about you. He asked me repeatedly to come over to bring good food over. I am tired of him. How could I not come? Nai Nai, you look better. Indeed the doctor of Jing city is brilliant.

Hu Jing is good at speaking, her words make the old lady smiles.

Dou Weir goes to the bathroom.

Hu Jing looks at the closed door of the bathroom, she sits down beside the Old Madame. “Nai Nai, our Weir is so great. After graduated from the university, she could find a good job and also find a good grandson-in-law for you.”

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  1. DW is trapping herself. When HJF finds out about her life, he will definitely take advantage of it. The next chapters will be very interesting!
    Thank you again!

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