Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 419

Dou Weir smiles and looks at Shi Ying. “Shi Xiao Jie is really good at giving birth, Zhou Zhou is young but he could take a good care of Mama. I’m really jealous of you.”

She pauses and says to her: “It’s too pity. Shi Xiao Jie might have no opportunity to experience it.”

Shi Ying’s face just changes.

This time He Chi Zhou just moves. He opens up his eyes and looks at Dou Weir, His little hand holds her top, he says: “Mama

.” Then he closes his eyes and sleeps again.

The little boy is smiling happily, just like a happy baby.

He looks like he really depends on Dou Weir.

Shi Ying’s face turns even sour.

No mother is willing to see that her son calling another woman mama and acts like her is a stranger. Shi Ying feels so devastated as she is standing there and watching them as a happy family of three.

Shi Ying could control her emotion quickly, she smiles and says: “Looking at how good Zhou Zhou and Dou Xiao Jie is, I am not worry. Dou Xiao Jie, you shouldn’t mind that I buy clothes for Zhou Zhou right? After all…..”

Dou Weir could guess what she is about to say.

Dou Weir smiles sweetly: “In the future, I’ll be the one that buy it for Zhou Zhou, I also will not make his way of calling me Mama to be in vain. Shi Xiao Jie, it’s better for you to give these clothes to other person.”


“Move away.” He Ji Fan suddenly cuts Shi Ying so impatiently. “In the future the time you buy something for Zhou Zhou, don’t forget about our promise in the future. Now you and Zhou Zhou is no related.”

“He Da Shao…..”

He Ji Fan looks askance at Shi Ying, he pursues his lips and acts like his patience has gone.

Shi Ying smiles and takes a step back. “I understand, I’ll not buy anything else for Zhou Zhou.”

He Ji Fan drives the car again.

Shi Ying stands there and watches the car disappears in front of her eyes.

She has wasted a lot of thoughts and energies to make discreet inquiries about He Ji Fan’s house. In this area, there are a lot of residents are wealthy and respectable people. The security guards are very strict. Except the residents or people with resident’s approval, other people will not be able to get in.

In the past, she used a lot of excuses to send some things for He Chi Zhou for several times, yet not once He Ji Fan let her in. He just asked her to pass the things to the security guard.

Of course she knows He Ji Fan’s temper well. As long as she could enter his house, it means that she has chance.

As long they are still connected, don’t dream of get rid of her!

Though after having He Chi Zhou, she uses the resources from He Ji fan to be popular at entertainment circle but more than anything, she longs to be part of He family.

He family is a wealthy family, of course they look down at a little actress like her. So what, with He Chi Zhou, she still has chance to enter He family.

But now her only bargaining chip, unexpectedly be so good with Dou Weir. What anger her the most, aren’t Dou Weir and He Ji Fan break up with each other? Why are they together right now?”

Shi Ying doesn’t realize that her face has turned gloomy.

“Shi Jie….” Her assistant notices that Shi Ying’s face is sour. She speaks up cautiously. “The wind is blowing heavily here, let’s go home.”

No matter in public or in private, Shi Ying always acts so friendly. Yet her assistant is afraid of her. She couldn’t know the reason behind it, but she always feels that the gloomy Shi Ying is so frightening.

Shi Ying regains herself and calms herself down. She looks at her assistant. “I remember that your Jie Jie’s son just turns a year old?”

The assistant nods: “Em, last week he just celebrated a year birthday.”

“Just take all of these to your Jie Jie’s son to wear.” Shi Ying passes the plastic bag to the assistant. “Maybe it’s a bit bit, but he should be able to wear it when he is a bit older.”

“This…..” The assistant is hesitating, she accompanied Shi Ying to buy these clothes. These are expensive clothes.

“Take it.” Shi Ying stuffs it to her hand. “Anyway I couldn’t use it.”

The assistant knows about something about Shi Ying’s private matter. Honestly she quite sympathizes Shi Ying. She gave birth to a son for a man, but she couldn’t get approval. She even couldn’t buy clothes for the son.

“Don’t need to sympathizes.” She seems to notice her assistant’s thought, Shi Ying smiles and says: “If you want something, you need to give up something.”

She gets on the car and leans back on her seat. She closes her eyes. “Find someone to make some inquiries about Dou Weir’s recent time slot. Look what her activities that are suitable for me to join. Help me to arrange it.”

The assistant: “Yes.”

The minivan starts to move. The atmosphere in the car is quiet. Shi Ying asks again. “Tell me is it normal for a kid to admit a woman to be his Mama the first time their meet?”

The assistant tries to fathom what Shi Ying wants, she considers and says: “It is reasonable to say no, but maybe it depends on fate.”

Shi Ying sounds tired. “What kind of fate?”

Though He Chi Zhou couldn’t live together with her, but she also has interacted with him several times. She remembers that once the kid was sick, quite critical. She went to take care of him, she took opportunity when He Ji Fan and He family members were not around. She taught him secretly to call her Mama. No matter how she taught him, he couldn’t speak up.

That time she thought that maybe it’s because he’s sick. He’s no energy and he’s still young, he couldn’t speak well.

Today looking at how dependable he is with Dou Weir, Shi Ying feels unhappy.

On the other side.

Dou Weir carries He Chi Zhou to his own bedroom, she places him on the bed. He Chi Zhou’s little hands are holding her clothes. Dou Weir pry opens his fingers, he immediately wakes with a start.

“Mama…..” He Chi Zhou doesn’t open his eyes, he cries and calls after her. He clutches Dou Weir’s top again.

Dou Weir: “……..”

Indeed, her past bad premonition happens.

Dou Weir starts to be ruthless and pries open his fingers. She doesn’t care about his cry and turns her body to run outside.

“Why are you running so fast?” He Ji Fan holds Dou Weir’s wrist. He looks at his maid and the maid is sensible. She gets inside He Chi Zhou’s bedroom to pamper him.

He Chi Zhou cries till he wakes up, he opens his teary eyes and looks at Dou Weir. “Mama…..”

Dou Weir doesn’t even look at him. “My duty is completed, I could go home now right.”

He Ji Fan doesn’t answer, he just pulls her to downstair.

They could hear He Chi Zhou’s faint sound of crying from upstair. It’s so heartbreaking.

“I and Shi Ying are unrelated.” He Ji Fan lets go Dou Weir’s hand. He then lights on his cigarette.

“That is He Xian Sheng’s matter.” Dou Weir is indifferent. “Send me back home, it’s not good to take taxi from here.”

He Ji Fan watches Dou Weir’s face, “You don’t mind about this?”

“He Xian Sheng, you should be joking, why should I mind about this?”

“At the main gate, those word that you said to Shi Ying make her really angry. I thought you are jealous.”

Dou Weir mocks: “She was the one that tried to press on me, am I not allowed to attack back?”

He Ji Fan looks at upstair: “Zhou Zhou couldn’t leave you. Tonight just stay here. Tomorrow I’ll send you directly to your activity site.”

“I am afraid that He Xian Sheng will change your perspective at the midnight.” Dou Weir says: “Could you return my phone now?”

He Ji Fan passes her phone back to her.

Dou Weir immediately switches it on. It rings for a while and turns quiet. She has messages and missed-calls from her managers. Secondly, her Sao Zi (Older brother’s wife) Hu Jing’s missed-call and two missed-calls from Ye Qing Xin.

Surprisingly, there’s nothing from He Yun Xiao.

Dou Weir doesn’t think too much about it, she calls back her manager then calls Ye Qing Xin.

She talks with Ye Qing Xin and goes to the front door to change her shoes.

“Are you okay?” Ye Qing Xin asks her.

“How could I not be okay. I’m good. You are pregnant now, you shouldn’t stay up late to do your task.”

“I’ve talked with my tutor, he could understand my situation.” Ye Qing Xin says softly. “Weir, tell me honestly, you and He Ji Fan…… are you guys really…..”

“Of course we have no possibility.” Dou Weir cuts her off. “I still have something to do now. Let’s end it here. Bye.”

She hangs up. She lifts up her head and looks at the man, who is standing in front of her.

No wonder Ye Qing Xin is still curious about her relationship with He Ji Fan.

With her current condition with He Ji Fan, anyone will think that they have an embarrassing relationship.

“He Xian Sheng, I’ve said so many times. But I will repeat myself again.” Dou Weir tidies up her hair, she stands straight and says: “Our relationship has ended two years ago, now we are unrelated. In the future, we will also be unrelated. I wish you could be more serious.”

“You suddenly take me to your house, then ask your kid to call me Mama. Those who are beside me will misunderstand it. I think you also don’t want those women misunderstand us too right?”

“This is not good.”

He Ji Fan smokes his cigarette and doesn’t look at her.

“If it’s not a misunderstanding?”

“What do you mean?” At a moment, Dou Weir couldn’t understand his words.

“I say.” He Ji Fan moves forwards for several steps closer to her. He presses her between his body and the wall. “I want to let you be Zhou Zhou’s Mama.”

The faint scent of his body gets into Dou Weir’s nose, her heart beats so fast.

She doesn’t want to lose in this battle. “For what reason He Xian Sheng thinks that I will be willing to be your son’s Hou Ma (step-mother)? Especially when ……. the mother of your son, is at enmity with me.”

“What is it? I could help you to avenge it.” He Ji Fan smokes.

At the start Shi Ying used Dou Weir’s vanity to scheme her. It harmed her to almost be destroyed by a stranger man. That was planned meticulously that Dou Weir was in a bad luck that man took fancy on him, he also was in bad luck of being schemed by her old friend.

Dou Weir never tells He Ji Fan about it. First because she has no evidence, second, she feels that she also the one that brings trouble through her own actions.

If she wasn’t that greedy to be successful in the entertainment industry and wasn’t longing for wealth, Shi Ying wouldn’t be successful in scheming against her.

“I have resentment toward her, I could solve it by myself.” Dou Weir wants to move away from He Ji Fan’s encirclement. He Ji Fan doesn’t make it hard for her. He takes his car key.

“I’ll send you back home.”

On the way, two of them are quiet.

The car stops in front of the Zhong Hua Yuan complex’s front gate. Dou Weir speaks up: “Just stop there, I could get in by myself.”

He Ji Fan ignores her and just drives inside the complex. “Which building are you?”

“Just stop on the side.”

He Ji Fan: “Which building?”

Dou Weir: “…………..28.”

The car stops in front of the tower 28.

Now it’s 04:00 p.m, the sun sets in the west.

Dou Weir doesn’t say anything and wants to open the car door to get off the car.

But she couldn’t open it.

“Door.” She turns her head to look at He Ji Fan.

He Ji Fan holds her wrist and pulls her closer. Dou Weir is slow in responding, she is kissed by him.

His tongue lures and tangles with her mouth. Her body just turns weak.

His kissing skill cannot be easily despised.

He Ji Fan doesn’t kiss her for a long time, he lets her go and pats her blushing face. “Tomorrow I ‘ll go to Hong Kong. Next week on Friday, I’ll pick you up at night.”

Dou Weir’s heart is beating so fast, but slowly it turns normal. She glares at He Ji Fan. She wants to say something but finally she doesn’t say anything. She opens the car door again but it is still locked. She then moves closer toward him and presses the button. He Ji Fan also presses the button to unlock the door. His hand just covers hers.

Dou Weir withdraws her hand quickly and gets off the car. She just gets inside the building quickly without stopping.

He Ji Fan looks at her fleeing in defeat figure. His mood turns good. He lights on his cigarette and smokes there for a while.

Dou Weir runs toward the elevator and looks at the mirror inside the elevator. She is startled.

Her face is blushing red, it shows her shyness.

She is startling for long time, she even forgets to press the button.

The door is opened once again, the one get in is a family of three. The chatter of the small kid makes her regains herself. She calms herself down and presses floor 16th.

This area isn’t a good reputation one, it’s just a middle class one. Most people buy this apartment because they couldn’t buy the expensive one. The apartment here is cheaper by ten million than the expensive one. It’s quite good.

Dou Weir changes her shoes and gets into the living room. She looks that Hu Jing is laying down on the sofa, while wearing a facial mask.

On the coffee table, Dou Weir notices the facial masks that she usually uses.

She frowns, she doesn’t feel distressed for a facial mask but she doesn’t feel happy that her things are touched by stranger.

“Sao Zi, why are you here?”

“It’s your Ge, he is worried about you so he asked me to wait her for you.” Hu Jing couldn’t open her mouth wide because of the mask. “He let me to ask also, who is that man, who pulled you away?”

Dou Weir is lazy to answer her: “Didn’t you guys hear about it yesterday? Ex- boyfriend.”

“I saw that his style is impressive, he is closed with Bo Wei’s boss. Is he also a businessman?”

“Also his Di Di, he doesn’t seem like a common people.”

Dou Weir: “Impressive or not, it’s unrelated to us? I am a bit tired, I’ll return to my bedroom first.”

“What do you mean unrelated to us? I don’t believe it. Those two like you.” Hu Jing takes off the mask and sits up. She pats her face and says: “If their family background is okay. You also don’t need to think too much. Sao Zhi knows that you have excellent people around you. But if you are too picky, you will have vague and unclear vision. You should learn from your friend. She is young but could marry to a big boss. She now is pregnant with twin. Being a big boss Bo Wei’s wife, is a good thing.”

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