Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 415

Jing Suo Suo shakes her head, Ye Qing Xin rolls her eyes at her. “It’s already messed up. Don’t make additional troubles.”

“Let me repeat myself okay. I am not making additional troubles. He Er Ge is pursuing Weir. Weir hasn’t agreed. He Da Ge and Weir have break up. Tonight with this condition, it’s obvious that He Ji Fan want to reconcile. Weir expresses her wish to not reconcile. I pool them together also wants to let Weir solve this matter……..”

The more words she speaks, Jing Suo Suo feels even more guilty. She quickly changes the topic of discussion. “But for real, I think He Da Ge is really shameless. If it’s me, when someone makes it hard for that waiter, I will have no face to stay. But he Da Ge just drinks his Bordeaux quietly. Interesting.”

Toward He Ji Fan’s action, Jing Suo Suo despises it but also admires his shamelessness.

Jing Suo Suo looks at Cheng Ru Yu and asks: “Right? If it’s you, you also will be embarrassed to stay here right?”

Cheng Ru Yu leans back on his chair. His fingers are playing with Jing Suo Suo’s hair. He smiles and answers: “You should look what kind of the other party is first.”

Jing Suo Suo looks at him once more and asks him seriously: “What do yo mean?”

Cheng Ru Yu just smiles and doesn’t answer Jing Suo Suo’s question.

“Weir is gone. We will also go home.” Ye Qing Xin stands up. “Today thank you for Weir’s Da Ge and Da Sao. Let’s meet up again next time.”

Dou Jin Wen smiles, “It’s our honor. Next time if there’s a chance then I’ll treat Chief Jing and Jing Tai Tai a meal.”

Ye Qing Xin just smiles and doesn’t declare where her stands. Jing Bo Yuan takes Ye Qing Xin’s coat and her handbag.

Dou Weir’s stylist and manager are experienced ones. They respect Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan.

All of them go out of the Shi Guang Qing Cheng. Previously, Dou Weir said she wants to be treated by Ye Qing Xin, but she pays it by herself.

Everyone is driving their own car, except Dou Jin Wen. Everyone doesn’t drink

“Today it’s nice to meet know all of you guys, especially Chief Jing. It’s my honor to know you. Let’s gather together.”

“Then we will leave first. Da Ge, Xin Xin, bye bye.”

“Drive slowly.” Ye Qing Xin says.

Jing Bo Yuan opens the car door for Ye Qing Xin and waits till she is inside the car. He also helps to buckle her seatbelt.

On the way home, Ye Qing Xin notices. a woman with red dress. She couldn’t help but to think of Dou Weir.

Dou Weir used to love He Ji Fan. Now He Ji Fan seems to be pestering her. It’s hard to say whether Dou Weir will reconcile or not with him.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Jing Bo Yuan. “If all the men in the world are devoted to their feeling like you, wouldn’t it be less women be heartbroken?”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles: “Not all women are as sensible as you.”

“Are you complimenting me?”

“If you think so then let it be.”

“Then you choose me because I’m sensible? What if I’m not sensible?”

“I’ll change you to be a sensible one.”


“Bo Yuan, it’s been a long time since you said romantic words toward me, what if you say a little bit right no?”


“You never say that you love me, I want to hear that you love me.”


“You don’t love me?” Ye Qing Xin knows that most men feel annoyed to be asked that kind of question. “Do you love me? How deep is your love?” Yet this moment, she feels so excited about this. She abnormally persistent in talking about this matter.

Being together with him, she indeed is a sensible. It only happened once when they were fighting after her miscarriage.

“If you don’t say that you love me, then you don’t love me.” Ye Qing Xin looks at him with bright eyes.

“Hurry up say it. Say that you love me so much, you don’t want to leave me even for a moment.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her and stops the car on the side.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t understand why he is stopping his car on the road side. Jing Bo Yuan unfastens his seatbelt. He approaches her.

He kisses her and his tongue blocks her chatter.

Ye Qing Xin could taste his manly taste and closes her eyes. She hugs his neck.

“Xin Xin…….” A voice calls after her, Ye Qing Xin is immersed in her beautiful world, she doesn’t hear it.

Dou Weir recognizes the white car near the roadside to be Jing Bo Yuan’s car.

Dou Weir glares at He Ji Fan. “What do yo want? Do you know that you are so childish now? Do you think that you are strong president of a company?”

She was dragged by He Ji Fan out of the private room, then she was taken to another private room to avoid He Yun Xiao. He Ji Fan called someone to let someone drive away his Lamborghini. He Yun Xiao should think that they are gone.

In the past she never expected that this man is really crafty.

No matter what Dou Weir said, He Ji Fan is indifferent like he couldn’t hear her out.

Dou Weir wants to call Ye Qing Xin for help, but He Ji Fan just takes her phone and places it in his pocket.

Dou Weir: “…… He Xian Sheng, He Da Shao Ye, what are you doing?”

Dou Weir closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She says calmly: “He Ji Fan, we are unrelated now. We lost contact for two years, now you act like this, what do you want?”

After their break up, Dou Weir invests all her energy on her modeling career.

She works hard to reach this position, so she is so busy. Sometimes she forgets about her past, forgets about those people.

In the surface, He Ji Fan is a casual playboy. As the inheritor of He company. He is also a busy man yet he never cares about a woman and ignore his company.

So though he has feeling toward Dou Weir, he never acts like a young person that acts impulsively and neglects serious matters.

Both of them are busy, of course they have no time to meet up each other. Though they are meeting each other, Dou Weir will ignore her. So that’s how these two years be for them.

Whatever Dou Weir asking, He Ji Fan just stays quiet. So she just shuts up and sits back.

After a while, the car stops. He Ji Fan finally speaks up. “It’s been a long time since we had a good chat. Accompany me to drink.”

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  1. JBY is so full of himself. He will make YQX sensible? Funny!

    Seriously though, is there any more hope for HJF and DW? I don’t want DW hurt. She is really good friend. I didn’t like her at the start of the novel but I like her now.

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