Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 414

He Ji Fan is wearing a pure black shirt and navy blue casual suit. His hair is short, it always be styled perfectly that suits to his style.He is fashionable and attractive. His appearance is like honorable prince.

He is so tall, then the waiter looks so short.

Except Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan, everyone is surprised to see this uninvited guest.

Dou Jin Wen speaks up first: “This is….”

He Ji Fan passes the birthday present to Dou Weir and says nothing. He walks toward Jing Bo Yuan and sits down beside him.

“He Da Ge (Big Bro He), why are you here?” Jing Suo Suo says: “Where is He Er Ge? Why isn’t he coming with you?”

He Ji Fan glances at her and doesn’t want to mind her. He takes his own cup and pours a cup for himself.

Dou Jin Wen is completely ignored, he is unhappy. But looking at how impressive He Ji Fan’s style and how he seems to be close with Jing Bo Yuan and friends. He doesn’t dare to say any impolite remark.

This year he just learns to do business. He of course knows about the well-known reputation of Jing Bo Yuan. He also knows that for past short moment Jing Bo Yuan was having a complicated situation that influenced Bo Wei group. But now everything is solved and Bo Wei also earns a lot of benefits.

It’s obvious to him that Jing Bo Yuan has a great capability that he shouldn’t look down. Now he has no enough time to fawn on Jing Bo Yuan. How could he dare to offend his friends.

The waitress is sensible, she quickly adds another set of tableware for He Ji Fan. Dou Weir looks at He Ji Fan’s gift. She notices the logo to be the most favorite famous brand.

“I don’t know what He Xian Sheng means.”

Dou Weir speaks up slowly, her tone shows an intense disaffection.

He Ji Fan drinks a gulp of his tea and looks at Dou Weir: “Birthday present.”

Dou Weir laughs lightly, today she is wearing a red dress. Her hair is curled and hanging on her shoulder. Her makeup is simple and delicate. She is wearing a red lipstick. She has the power to bewitch men.

She narrows her eyes and looks at He Ji Fan. She starts to provoke him. “If I don’t remember wrongly, we already… Em, it’s been a year that we broke up. I don’t know about other people. But for me when I break up with someone, I even will not be friends with them. So He Xian Sheng’s gift, I couldn’t accept it. I feel strange about it.”

“Or perhaps you also do this to your every ex-girlfriend?” Dou Weir suddenly laugh and stands up. She walks toward He Ji Fan and says: “I think He Xian Sheng is busy for three hundred sixty five days in a year, no need to mind me.”

She places the plastic bag in front of him. “He Xian Sheng, if you come to attend my birthday party, then you could stay for several glass of drinks. But we couldn’t be friend. I could treat you a meal. But this birthday present, it’s better for you to take it to give to your other ex-girlfriend to let them be happy.”

Without giving any chance for He Ji Fan to respond, Dou Weir just returns to her own seat and says to the waitress: “Why are you serving the food so slow?”

The waitress notices that the atmosphere is too awkward, she immediately lowers her head and apologizes: “I’m sorry, Dou Xiao Jie (Ms Dou), let me go to the kitchen and urge them to be quick.”

Dou Weir says to the waiter, who takes He Ji Fan here. “I heard that you guys also provide service of business meeting here. Business discussion needs more private environment. When big bosses are discussing something, you guys also bring a random stranger to get in to disturb?”

The waitress: “……”

He Ji Fan is a frequent visitor of Shi Guang Qing Cheng, he is also a honored guest. But unexpectedly Dou Weir is nobody, He Ji Fan asked the waiter to get into Dou Weir’s private room. The waiter of course will not want to offend He Ji Fan.

Basically the waiter should asks permission first from Dou Weir before letting He Ji Fan inside the private room. After all, the private room is booked by Dou Weir. It’s just the waiter is impatient to show off in front of He Ji Fan. So he ignores the basic manner.

She thought with He Ji Fan’s status, the guests should be happy to have He Ji Fan over. Who knows this will be resulted in this way.

How could Dou Weir couldn’t see this, to speak frankly that waiter should respect the rich and trample the poor.

Dou Weir thinks about it and laughs. She asks: “Who is responsible for this private room?”

The waiter: “It’s Ming Jie, she is in the meeting upstair.”

“Go ask her, how should we solve this matter.” Dou Weir lowers her head and starts to play with her nail. Her tone is slow and casual. But the waitress doesn’t dare to be careless.

The waitress looks at He Ji Fan.

In this matter, the waiter perhaps will need to take him out.

Dou Weir is forcing implicitly for He Ji Fan to leave, she also expresses that he is unhappy with this.

He Ji Fan always has tender and protective feelings for women. That waiter looks completely delicate, her skin is bright and white. She looks at He Ji Fan with sad expression.

Dou Weir doesn’t look anyone and seems to wait for He Ji Fan to stand up and leave.

He Ji Fan looks at Ye Qing Xin, Ye Qing Xin and Dou Weir are good friends. As long as Ye Qing Xin speaks up, Dou Weir will give her face.

Who knows that Ye Qing Xin just smiles toward He Ji Fan and takes the glass of water. She drinks it seriously.

He Ji Fan glares at her and looks at Jing Suo Suo. Jing Suo Suo is giggling, she is holding her phone and types something on her phone.

Dou Weir once more speaks: “Why are you still here, hurry up leave? Or do you want me to go out?”

The waiter looks at He Ji Fan once more, she notices that He Ji Fan doesn’t have intention to help her out. She pursues her lips and just leaves the private room unwillingly.

The atmosphere turns even awkward.

But He Ji Fan doesn’t feel it that way. He just sits down for a while.

After a while, the waiter starts to serve out the food. After a while, a head of the waiters and waitresses comes. The wrong waitress doesn’t follow her: “Dou Xiao Jie, I’m really sorry. Xiao Xiao is our newbie. She doesn’t know the rule. I already suspend her from her duty for some time. She is going home to reflect on her mistake. If you have anything else, please tell me immediately. I’ll help you to solve this matter.”

It is obvious that the head of the waiters and waitresses is an experienced one. She thinks she could solve this matter by punishing the waitress that let He Ji Fan in and to make Dou Weir not find mistake in it again. She also doesn’t want to offend He Ji Fan too.

Dou Weir laughs coldly: “She doesn’t know the rule? Your restaurant should train its employees, how could she not understand the rule and dare to let stranger in? Is it because I don’t look like a big boss, an important person so she purposely wants to deceive me? If today the one that books this private room is Bo Wei’s big boss, you also dare to do this?”

Encountering this hard situation, the head of the waiters just smiles politely: “Dou Xiao Jie (Ms Dou), you should misunderstand me. Of course we don’t employ those who are not understanding the rule. In the future you’ll not met that kind of waitresses or waiters again. This time I bring you a trouble, we are sorry.”

Then she adds: “If Dou Xiao Jie (Ms Dou) still needs anything for us to do from you, please tell me.”

Dou Weir says calmly: “I need what kind of service, couldn’t you see it?”

The head of waiters and waitresses: “Please Dou Xiao Jie gives me suggestion.” She knows that Dou Weir will not speak out to wanting He Ji Fan to leave. If she wants then she will say it directly from the start. She wouldn’t talk in a roundabout way and creates difficulties for them.

Dou Weir: “Forget it, just leave.”

The head of waiters smile: “Dou Xiao Jie, if you have any orders, please don’t hesitate to tell us.”

The dishes are served completely. Dou Jin Wen raises up his wine glass. “As Weir’s Da Ge, I’m very thankful for everyone to spare some of your time to celebrate Weir’s birthday. Our Weir has no parent since she was little. Our family isn’t in a good economy condition. It’s hard to raise hr. Now she is far from her kin, with all of your help, I am relieved. Let me offer you a glass,:

Dou Weir already has no mind to control Dou Wen Jin’s words. Everyone seems to be okay, they all start to at.

Dou Wen Jin takes out his cigarette box and offers it to Jing Bo Yuan, Jing Bo Yuan and Ye Qing Xin don’t speak out yet, Jing Suo Suo just blurts out: “You guys couldn’t smoke, Xin Xin is pregnant.”

Dou Weir is startled and says happily: “Really?”

“Of course, today she had a check up. Three months pregnant, twins.” Jing Suo Suo strokes Ye Qing Xin’s belly. “In the past I said that Xin Xin is reincarnated from pig, it seems to be reasonable.”

Ye Qing Xin: “….”

“Congratulation, Xin Xin. I didn’t expect that you would have your second pregnancy this quick.” Dou Weir smiles.

“Twin? You really have a great luck.” Dou Weir’s Sao Zhi, Hu Jing says: “Congratulation Chief JIng and Jing Tai Tai.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Thank you.”

Because of the news of Ye Qing Xin’s pregnancy, the atmosphere turns livelier.

“Everyone says that pregnant woman’s complexion and skin will turn bad, I see it’s not true. Jing Tai Tai’s skin looks so tender and smooth. I’m so jealous of it.” Hu Jing is good at words than Dou Jin Wen. She is praising and complimenting well that it makes people feels comfortable.

The time they are chatting, suddenly another waitress comes inside and says politely: “Dou Xiao Jie, He Yun Xiao Xian Sheng looks for you.”

“Hurry up and bring him in.” Jing Suo Suo suddenly says excitedly.

The waitress looks at Dou Weir, she feels that she shouldn’t ignore Dou Weir.

Dou Weir smiles: “Let him in.”

He Ji Fan frowns.

Very quickly, He Yun Xiao gets inside the room. His gaze keeps on Dou Weir. “I heard that today is your birthday, I’m in a hurry so I don’t buy any thing. This is for you, next time I’ll compensate you a better one.”

“I’m so happy that you are coming here.” Dou Weir takes the big bouquet of flowers. She asks the waitress: “Add another chair beside me.”

Dou Weir lowers her head and smells the flowers: “This smells nice, thank you.”

He Yun Xiao is overwhelmed by Dou Weir’s unexpected action.

He has been asking her out for several times, basically every time she always finds reason to refuse. But not long before, Jing Suo Suo told him about Dou Weir’s birthday celebration at Shi Guang Qing Cheng. He hurriedly went to buy flower to bring it over. He didn’t expect her to like it so much.

“You like it, then in the future I will give it to you every day.”

“It’s too troublesome.” Dou Weir puts down the bouquet on the side and looks at his smile. “Moreover it’s too wasteful.”

“For you, it’s not wasteful to give you one everyday.” He Yun Xiao looks at Dou Weir lovingly. He acts like he has romantic words at his fingertips, he is sincere.

Dou Weir smiles and says nothing else.

“He Er Ge, in the past I never noticed that your words are this sour.” Jing Suo Suo looks at him with despise.

He Yun Xiao turns his head and notices He Ji Fan and friends. He is astonished and says: “Yi, Da Ge, you are here too?”

He Ji Fan withdraws his gaze from Dou Weir’s face and looks at him: “…… It’s hard to come. You finally notice me. I am just considering to ask Xiao Yu recommends a specialist of ophthalmology.”

He Yun Xiao: “The ophthalmologist wouldn’t be able to cure me well. Cheng Da Ge, you should introduce me a psychologist. I’m having a mental problem.”

He Ji Fan: “I don’t think that you have turned crazy.”

He Yun Xiao : “…….”

Afterwards, the atmosphere turns even livelier than before.

He Yun Xiao knows that Dou Jin Wen and Hu JIng are related with Dou Weir. He immediately speaks up and calls them Da Ge and Sao Zi. He acts so friendly.

Dou Weir keeps on smiling, she seems to act like He Yun Xiao is really her boyfriend. She really treats two brothers (He Ji Fan and He Yun Xiao) differently. He Ji Fan is drinking his wine in low spirit.

Ye Qing Xin understands Dou Weir. If she really likes He Yun Xiao then she would tell He Yun Xiao about her birthday. Her action now looks more likely that she wants to use He Yun Xiao to let He Ji Fan retreats.

As for He Ji Fan, Ye Qing Xin doesn’t understand this man.

If he likes Dou Weir. He always keeps on changing girlfriend like he is changing his clothes. If he doesn’t like Dou Weir, he might act indifferent.

It’s just Ye Qing Xin knows that she is an outsider, she shouldn’t say anything much. She just lowers her head and eats.

Jing Bo Yuan sits down on her left, he helps her to take food and passes a tissue to her.

Jing Suo Suo, who is sitting on the right side of Ye Qing Xin. She keeps on laughing secretly. Her laughter is getting louder. Ye Qing Xin looks at her and asks her in lower voice. “What are you laughing about?”

Jing Suo Suo passes the phone to her. “I’ve got something from He Er Ge, recently I want to have a limited leather cushion that suits my baby. It costs around 230.000. I’ve considered about it for a long time, I don’t want to pay it by myself. He Er Ge promises to buy it for me, Hehe……”

The phone shows the conversation between Jing Suo Suo and He Yun Xiao’s WeChat.

Ye Qing Xin skims through it: “You are the one that called him over? Are you planning to make trouble?”

“Why are you saying that I’m making trouble? Weir clearly doesn’t want He Da Ge to be here. I call He Er Ge over, see Weir looks so happy now. To save her from her unhappiness to look at He Da Ge. Ay, do you know when He Da Ge were in relationship with Dou Weir? How do I not know about it?”

Ye Qing Xin: “How could I know?”

Previously after Dou Weir’s miscarriage of ectopic pregnancy, Jing Suo Suo doesn’t know about it. Afterwards, Dou Weir had relationship with He Ji Fan. Dou Weir didn’t notice that she falls in love with He Ji Fan, she just thought of him like her financial backer. Of course she doesn’t let other people know about it.

So Dou Weir’s friends, except Ye Qing Xin, doesn’t know about her past relationship with He Ji Fan.

This is Dou Weir’s private matter, Ye Qing Xin of course doesn’t say it to anyone.

After the meal ends, Dou Weir looks at her watch. “It’s getting late, Xin Xin, you are pregnant, you should go home and have a rest. Let’s end this here.”

“Let me send you home.” He Yun Xiao is so caring and attentive.

Dou Weir drinks before so now her cheeks are so red. She is leaning on his body and says tenderly: “Okay, thank you.”

“It’s my honor.” He Yun Xiao’s heart is beating so fast.

“You are drunk too, could you? If not let me and Bo Yuan, send you home?” Ye Qing Xin is worry.

“It’s okay, there’s Yun Xiao, I’m not afraid.”

Yun Xiao, she is calling him intimately.

He Ji Fan narrows his eyes and suddenly stands up. He pushes aside He Yun Xiao and pulls Dou Weir to his embrace. He says: “I’ll send her home.” Then he drags her out of the private room.

He Yun Xiao is startled for a while and chases after him.

Everyone else is looking at each other in blank.

“The brothers of He family are quarreling with each other for a pretty woman. In the end who will be the winner?” Jing Suo Suo clicks her tongue. “If I am an entertainment reporter with this one, I’ll be so popular.”

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  1. I don’t know if He Ji Fan can get Dou Weir back. Plus, I don’t think I trust him to be good for her like JBY is for YQX. I’m waiting to see how this ends.

    Thank you so much for the updates. It’s a lovely break from work. Thanks and be safe! 🙂

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