Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 30

The weather in October is still hot, the night brings a bit chill in the air. Yet it couldn’t cover a low spirit.

The time he is sure that it is indeed Sang Zhi. Duan Jia Xu throws his cigarette away to the bin and suddenly he notices the lady cigarette box on his other hand.

He stops.

He looks at her and sways the box. “Who teach you to smoke?”

Two years of not meeting each other, this little girl clearly grows taller.

Last time when they met, she was just around his shoulder. This time she has grown taller till her head reaches his chin. There’s nothing much change from her face. She is more lady-like right now.

She is wearing a pink top and light blue short. It shows her great legs and body.

Her hair is styled in a small bun.

There is no telling what a girl will look like when she grows up.

Sang Zhi isn’t responding, she just watches him.

After a while, she takes back her hand and says: “It’s not mine.”

“Ge Ge personally sees it.” Duan Jia Xu says lazily. “It fell from your pocket.”


“Xiao Sang Zhi isn’t learning a good thing?”

His way of calling himself as “Ge Ge”, it makes Sang Zhi feels that there is seemingly a generation apart between them. She doesn’t want to explain, she points at the cigarette on his hand. “You also smoke.”

“Then when have Ge Ge ever smoke in front of you?” Duan Jia Xu throws his cigarette and puts the lady’s cigarette box inside her pocket. “This, you couldn’t take it.”

“…..” She doesn’t expect him to do it. Sang Zhi says quickly. “That is not mine, that is my roommate.”

“Em?” Duan Jia Xu looks at her and suddenly notices something. He raises his last syllable. “Xiao Peng You, let’s not talk about this. How could you not call me after a long time not meeting Ge Ge?”

Sang Zhi pursues her lips and says stiffly: “Ge Ge.”

“You come here to play?”


“When did your military training end?”

She feels like she is reporting to her parents, Sang Zhi touches her head and says honestly: “Last month in the middle of the month. Our military training last for a half month.”

“Then during seven days holiday for National Day.” Duan Jia Xu smiles: “Why don’t you come to find Ge Ge to play?”

At first Sang Zhi thought after a long time no seeing each other, the communication between people will turn awkward.

But in reality it is not.

Only her alone that feels awkward.

Sang Zhi looks at him and says: “I had another thing to do.”

Duan Jia Xu: “What was it?”

“I attended the class.”

“You attended the class during the holiday.”

“……..” Sang Zhi immediately feels something is wrong. She changes. “Part-time job.”

“Em, in the past Ge Ge also needed to do part-time job.” He notices that she is stalling. Duan Jia Xu be sloppy and smiles. “But I also made time to help you meet your Lao Shi, looked at your homework, sent you home.”


“Xiao Bai Yan Lang (Little fox).”


It’s a silence for a while.

He then stands up and passes the lady’s cigarette box to her and says: “It’s quite good.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t dare to take it.

“Xiao Gu Niang (Little lady) has no bit of conscience.” Duan Jia Xu smiles gently: “It’s quite good.”

“…….” Sang Zhi is a bit angry when he says those words. She forces herself and says: “That time you were in your second third year of college, now I’m just in my first year.”

“Em.” Duan JIa Xu says lightly. “Now you are attacking me about age.”


“Xiao Hai, think about it for a while.” Duan Jia Xu puts his elbows on the fence. “When did Ge Ge treat you bad?”

“……. I don’t say that way.” Sang Zhi says: “Moreover I am a grown up now. Why are you keep on calling me Xiao Hai, don’t you think it’s uncomfortable?”

“How old are you? Aren’t you still a Xiao Hai?”

Sang Zhi swallows her anger and takes the lady’s cigarette box and says: “Then Ge Ge, these years of not meeting each other, you indeed get older a lot.”

Duan Jia Xu doesn’t be angry toward her, he says sloppily. ” Em, it’s pleasant that you still call me Ge Ge.”


“Sang Zhi, go home and open up your phone. Count by yourself.” Duan Jia Xu says: “How many times Ge Ge called you and you didn’t answer it.

Sang Zhi has no confidence to argue. “Didn’t I say to you that I want to study?”

“You want to study so you must be cut of from the rest of the world? What kind of things you are studying? For this matter I’ll settle with you later on.” He looks at his watch. “It’s 11: 00 p.m. aren’t you gong home?”

“I don’t know when will they come home.” Sang Zhi looks at her phone. “Then I’ll go home first.”


“Jia Xu Ge.” She is afraid that she will be scolded by him to be heartless. She asks formally: I also haven’t asked you, why are you here? Aren’t you leaving?”

“Our company has a new employee so we make a party.” Duan Jia Xu says, “Go back and take your things, Ge Ge will send you back to school.”

Sang Zhi shakes her head. “I’ll go back with them.”

“Okay.” He doesn’t force her.

Duan Jia Xu still stays there and watches her. He looks pensive.

Sang Zhi feels unease so she looks at the other side. She could smell a faint cigarette smell.

Sang Zhi asks: “Were you drinking alcohol?”

“No.” Duan Jia Xu finds it is funny: “Weren’t you the one that drinking? Are you trying to blame me?”

Sang Zhi just thinks of it: “Oh.”

He suddenly says: “Stand closer.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t move. “Why?”

“It’s been a long time since Ge Ge saw you.” Duan Jia Xu stands there, his eyes are bright.

“Let Ge Ge sees in detail. Whether Xiao Sang Zhi looks beautiful or not after growing up.”



Sang Zhi returns to the private room in KTV.

Several people are already fallen asleep. There’re drunk people. There are few people are still awake

She wants to come out again after getting in.

Her roommate Wang Ruo Lan notices her and asks: “Ay, Sang Zhi, what takes you so long to go to the bathroom? Let’s play card.”

Sang Zhi sits beside her: “When will we leave?”

Wang Ruo Lan: “They said at 01:00 a.m.”

“…..” Sang Zhi says. “That time the metro is stopped.”

“Then we could get a taxi.” Wang Ruo Lan says. “Perhaps w should take bus? Ay, but I don’t know the last time for bus 888.”

Sang Zhi couldn’t endure the cigarette smoke inside the room, she also feels her stomach is unwell because she drinks several glasses of beer. “Then I’ll go home first, I couldn’t stay till late at night.”

The birthday girl, Ning Wei, approaches her and smiles. “Sang Sang, are you leaving?”

Sang Zhi : “Em.”

“How could you go home alone, it’s late.” Ning Wei says, “Let Jiang Ming sends you home?”

Sang Zhi asks: “Who is Jiang Ming?”

“That one.” Ning Wei holds Sang Zhi’s arm and points to a man. “He is from our department. He is handsome right? I think he is attracted to you.”

“Don’t make a guess, I never speak with him.” Sang Zhi stands up and rubs her tired eyes. “It’s okay, the metro station is nearby. I’ll leave first. I’m so sleepy.”

“Ay, okay.”

“Don’t be too late, it’s not really safe.”

“We are a group of people, why should we be scared!”

“Do you guys bring key?”

“We have it.”

Sang Zhi just leaves the room. Tonight the KTV is very crowded.

Sang Zhi goes out of the KTV building with the elevator.

She covers her face, she recalls what happened before.

She feels a bit angry.

Gou Nan Ren (Dog man)

Lao, Gou Nan Ren (Old dog man)

What is the relation with him if she looks beautiful.

Moreover she is beautiful since she was little.

Why should he take a detailed look?

She stops and releases her breath slowly.

This reunion happens too sudden, it makes her a bit unprepared. Though she feels happy but she feels something else too.

She thinks of what Duan Jia Xu said to her.

— how old are you? Aren’t you still a Xiao Hai?

Sang Zhi laughs inexplicably.

Indeed it’s like what she thinks.

Though she is an adult now, for him, she still a kid. Maybe when she is a seventy years old woman, he will still think her to be ‘Xiao Hai’.

Sang Zhi is a bit angry, she wants to vent her anger. She never curses. She just says: “Lao Dong Xi (Old thing).”

Then suddenly a familiar man sound appears: “Em?”


Sang Zhi turns her head rigidly.

“You are calling me ah?” Duan Jia Xu stands behind her. He thinks about it and laughs angrily: “Right.”


Tonight you seem to only meet me, this—” Duan Jia Xu looks at her, “Lao, Dong, Xi?”


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