Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 23

In the afternoon 05:00 p.m, though the sun is not that fierce, but it is still dazzling.

The alley doesn’t smell good. Chen Wen Jun doesn’t let Sang Zhi standing stupidly like her. He look around and takes her to go to a small store and buys a two sticks of strawberry crystal sugar.

They both looks for a shady place and each one of them eating the strawberry crystal sugar.

Because he is afraid that Sang Zhi will feel awkward, Chen Wen Jun takes initiative to chat with her. “It’s messy near here, in the future don’t come here again okay.”

Sang Zhi says obediently: “I know.”

“At first it should be Qian Fei that come here.” Chen Wen Jun says: “You remember him right, that chubby Ge Ge. But today he has matters today so he cannot come.”

“I remember him. During the summer break, my Ge took me to to eat with the together.”

Chen Wen Jun: “Ah? Maybe that time I already went home? So I didn’t join.”

Sang Zhi nods: “Jia Xu Ge also followed us.”

“Ah? Lao Xu ah?” Chen Wen Jun suddenly remembers something. “Ay, right, during the holiday, he didn’t go home too.”

Sang Zhi says: “Why ah?”

Chen Wen Jun doesn’t really know about it, he just scratches his head. “Supposedly he is lazy to go home moreover he also has a short semester so he doesn’t have any long holiday.”


“But sometimes he will go home too.” Chen Wen Jun thinks about it. “Basically he will go home in short holiday. For example last semester, he went home? But during the long holiday, I never see he goes home.”

Sang Zhi asks with a low voice. “He also wouldn’t go home for the New Year?”

“Yes ah.” Chen Wen Jun says: “But it shouldn’t it be normal. A lot of our friends in the University also don’t go home during the New Year. They will just the New Year Eve at the University. During the New Year, they will also get red pocket from the University.”

Sang Zhi is biting and chewing her strawberry. She doesn’t continue to ask, she changes the subject. “Ge Ge, what are my Ge and guys doing there?”


“Would they fight?”

“If they are all man, it might be.” Chen Wen Ju strokes his chin. “But those are women… wow… they might be just discussing something?”

This time inside the alley.

Because the road is cramped.

Sang Yan looks over after hears Duan Jia Xu’s words.

The red-haired woman immediately realizes the situation is getting strange. She takes two steps back for a while. She starts to pretend to be dumb. “What ah? I don’t know you guys.”

Then she looks at the other two female students.

“It’s okay. We know you guys.” Sang Yan looks at them and sneers: “Yesterday you took my Mei’s twenty dollars right? You also used your cigarette to scald her?”

“What you mean scald her!” The red haired woman raises her voice.

“I just took her twenty dollars. I didn’t do anything else okay? Don’t wrong me! It’s just a twenty dollar. I could return it now.”

“Just a twenty dollar?” Sang Yan finds it amusing. “Tong Xue, don’t mention it’s just twenty dollar. Even if you take my Mei two dollar, I will come and settle it with you.”

The red-haired man immediately starts to get angry. Yet she doesn’t be self-willed, she straightens out her lips and takes out the money. She silently passes it to him.

Sang Yan doesn’t move.

Duan Jia Xu looks at their uniform. “You are from Zhi Zhong? You are not adult yet right?”

“Why don’t you stay at your school and study well. Why should you guys be here?” Sang Yan mocks them. “You plan to do this for your lifetime?”

“Take the money and just go away.” The red haired woman’s expression changes. “What is your business with me?”

Duan Jia Xu lowers his head and smokes it for a while. He seems to be thinking of something. But very quickly he walks toward that woman. He is fixing his stare at her.

It’s a silent gaze.

His eyes are special. When he looks at someone, it feels like he is giving he/she an electric discharge. This moment it’s a bit horrifying.

The red-haired woman’s heart beats so fast, she is afraid to get burned from his cigarette. “What are you doing ah? Are you an irritable person? I already return it to your too!”

Another female student pulls her. “Let’s leave…”

The next moment, Duan Jia Xu suddenly raises his fingers that clutch the cigarette.

He remembers Sang Zhi’s words “Just pats my face”, he raises her eyebrows lightly and his hand approaches that red-haired woman’s face and mutters: “Yesterday you also patted her like this?”


She could only see his hand approaching her face with the cigarette. She clutches her fist and her eyes turn red. But she doesn’t dare to move.

From her view, this man is quite handsome. But in essence, he looks like a devil. He is clearly is laughing but he is terrifying.

He stops before his hand touches his face. He just shakes his cigarette to let the cigarette ash falls on her cloth. He then stands up and says gently: “Are you scared?”


That red-haired female student takes a step back and her tears start to fall down.

“Don’t say anything else.” Duan Jia Xu laughs: “It’s quite terrifying right?”


They go out of the alley.

Sang Yan puts his both hands inside his trousers’ pocket. He follows behind Duan Jia Xu. “Bro, recently you are really good at scaring people. I even feel a bit scared.”

Duan Jia Xu: “Really?”

“Have you ever heard of a proverb?” Sang Yan says: “Your laughter hides a watermelon knife.”


“Also.” Sang Yan remembers something to say. He sneers. “Why my Mei just turns to your family’s Xiao Hai? Then wouldn’t you be my Pa?”

Duan Jia Xu says casually: “Okay ah.”


“I don’t mind.”

“Go away.”

Both of them then notice both Chen Jun Wen and Sang Zhi are standing together and enjoying their strawberries.

Sang Zhi notices both of them. She just swallows a big strawberry. This time her cheeks are full with them. She couldn’t say anything.

Chen Jun Wen speaks up first. “You guys found them?”

Sang Yan: “Em.”

Chen Jun We starts to speak up like a machine gun. “Then what are you doing? You scared them right? How did you scare them? Tell me, tell me! I’m so curious!”

“I said that this month I killed more than ten people.” Sang Yan says lazily. “This month I have reached my quota. I will come again to kill you next month.”

“……” Chen Wen Jun is speechless. “Who are you lying too?”

“You ah.”

Chen Wen Jun is furious, he rolls his eyes at Sang Yan. Then he looks at Duan Jia Xu and tries to get an answer from him. “Lao Xu, could you satisfy my curiosity?”

“Em?” Duan Jia Xu just laughs: “Why should I satisfy you?”

“…” Chen Wen Jun is almost choking. He points at him. “Our little friend is here, why should you say that indecent remark! Aren’t you feeling shameless!”

Hearing their words, Sang Zhi is silent. She is thinking what indecent remark is.

Is it word that sounds erotic?

What is so erotic about those words?”

Isn’t it sound normal?

But she approves Chen Wen Jun’s words that Duan Jia Xu is shameless.

Duan Jia Xu looks at Sang Zhi and smiles. “Xiao Peng You, why are you eating like this?”

Sang Zhi: “?”

He finds it find funny. “You are like a pufferfish?”

Sang Zhi immediately swallows everything into her stomach and licks her lips. She says: “You are the pufferfish.”

“Just like that?” Duan Jia Xu points at her hand and jokes: “Then give me one? Ge Ge will show you how does handsome pufferfish look like.”


“Just eat mine.” Chen Wen Jun couldn’t watch it any longer. “Could you not deceive Xiao Peng You, I feel very guilty that my friend is taking her food and drink.”

Sang Yan looks at him. “Don’t waste your energy. She will not give you any.”

Duan Jia Xu acts like he doesn’t respond them.

In the next moment, indeed Sang Zhi shakes her head. “No.”

She lowers her head and takes out a five dollar from her pocket. Then she puts it on his hand. “You could buy another stick.”


Duan Jia Xu is startled.

This is outside Sang Yan’s expectation. He puts his phone back to his pocket and watches Sang Zhi for several seconds. He says cooly: “Why don’t you give me to buy a stick too?”

Sang Zhi glances at him and probes her pocket. She says innocently: “I just have this five dollar.”

She means that I have no money to give to you again.

Sang Yan turns silence for two seconds and laughs furiously: “Okay, good.”

Duan Jia Xu looks at the coin and laughs. He returns it to her quickly. “Ge GE is joking with you. Ge Ge doesn’t like to eat this. Take it to buy one for your Ge Ge.”

Sang Zhi: “oh.” Then she gives the coin to Sang Yan.

Because of Duan Jia Xu doesn’t like to eat sweets, Sang Zhi just settles for the second best and gives Sang Yan the money. From Sang Yan’s point of view, he just takes what Duan Jia Xu’s rubbish.

Sang Yan takes a deep breath and takes the money. He puts it inside his pocket. “Let’s go home.”

Sang Zhi blinks: “Why don’t you go buy it?”

“I don’t want to eat.”

“Then give me back the coin.”


Sang Zhi is unhappy. “You are deceiving my money?”

“Deceiving.” Sang Yan takes out that five dollar and also the twenty dollars, that he got back from that red-haired woman. “I’ll not only return your five dollar, I also will return your twenty dollar.”

“Yii.” Sang Zhi stops. “You get it back?”


“Give me.”

Sang Yan doesn’t fight with her and just returns the money to her. “It’s real that I’m talented. You keep on fighting with me for money….”

Sang Zhi takes the money and in a flash she passes the money to Duan Jia Xu.

“Ge Ge, for you.”


Sang Yan: “???”


Sang Zhi: “Because he gave me twenty dollar yesterday, now I should return it back ot him. It’s no relation with my silent crush toward him.

Duan Jia Xu: “It’s good to have a Mei Mei.”

Sang Yan: “????”

Sang Yan: “oh. You seem to be more like someone to have Mei Mei than me.”


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