Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 20

Her ankle is iced for a while, her injury on her arm is treated well. She doesn’t feel in a lot of pain so Sang Zhi isn’t really in a bad mood.

Since she was little, she always be well-treated so she doesn’t fee it’s inappropriate to be this close to him.

Sang Zhi glances at him and mumbles: “I also don’t ask you to do anything over.”

She just lets him to treat her wound and wipes her face.

It’s not a difficult task.

How could he say that he feels like he is treating his ancestor?

“I somehow have a “Mei Mie”, your biological Ge Ge is running away.” Duan Jia Xu stands up. “Xiao Hai, you count by yourself, how many times have I help you?”

Sang Zhi thinks and finally says: “If you have trouble, I also can help you out.”

Duan Jia Xu is interested with her words, he sits down beside her and looks at her. “Em? What could you help me with?”

“Just……” Sang Zhi stops and couldn’t think of something to help him with. She scratches her head and feels like a failure. She could only stupidly changes the subject: “Where is my Ge running to….”

Duan Jia Xu says casually: “He doesn’t want you anymore.”

Sang Zhi snorts: “I also dislike him.”

Then she remembers what happened before and starts to be worried: “Would my Ge find it weird that I called him “papa” in front of my Lao Shi. He even heard Lao shi called you as “Sang Zhi Ge Ge”.”

“Em.” Duan Jia Xu says: “Supposedly he knows now that I used to pretend to be him to meet your Lao Shi.”


Sang Zhi’s scalp feels mumb. “What could I do then?”

“What could I do?” Duan Jia Xu sighs: “We both are over.”

“…..” Sang Zhi is very worried because of his words, she mumbles. “It shouldn’t be right. I come to talk with her, he will not tell my parents too….”

Duan Jia Xu: “Aren’t you ignoring him?

“It’s not like I ignore him, he always scolds me.” Sang Zhi starts to be dispirited. “If I’m okay, I’ll let it go. But now I fall down and get injured, he still scold me?”

“Do you feel he doesn’t worry of you?”

Sang Zhi straightens her lips and doesn’t give any response

“Didn’t you see that when he heard what Lao Shi’s words, he didn’t ask too much. Didn’t it mean that he is worried about you?”

Sang Zhi mumbles: “Couldn’t he be more gentle?”

Duan Jia Xu finds it is funny. “Let your Ge be more gentle? Doesn’t it mean that you are forcing someone to do something?”


It’s reasonable.

Sang Zhi doesn’t know what to say, she glances at him and lowers her head.

The atmosphere turns quiet. Sang Yan finally returns after saying that he would take a glass of water for her. It takes him quite some time. He passes her a glass of warm water. “Drink this and let’s go to the hospital.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t move.

Sang Yan kneels down in front of her and raises his hand in front of her. “Do you want to drink it or not?”

Sang Zhi just takes it slowly.

Then Sang Yan turns his head to look at Duan Jia Xu. “Are you done with treating her wounds?”

Duan Jia Xu: “Em.”

Sang Yan gives another cup of water to him: “Thank you, Bro.”

Duan Jia Xu leans on his chair and just laughs. Sang Yan then faces his back toward Sang Zhi’s front. “Get on.”

Sang Zhi feels that she is still in a ‘cold-war’ with him so she pretends to not hear it.

Sang Yan looks back at her and watches her for several seconds. Then he says: “Your “Qing Ge (Biological Older brother)’ has an afternoon class so he will not have time and energy to take you to the hospital. He asks your ‘Qing Pa (Biological father)’ to send you.”


“Hurry up.”

Sang Zhi looks at Duan Jia Xu.

Duan Jia Xu stands up and takes out his phone. He looks at the time and says: “Don’t you have class too?”

“You should remember it wrongly.” Sang Yan doesn’t look at him and just says to Sang Zhi. “Hurry up get on.”

He sounds impatient.

Because of there will be no Duan Jia Xu, Sang Zhi doesn’t dare to make fuss. She is quite afraid that Sang Yan will not mind her too. She could only get on his back.

Duan Jia Xu puts on his hat on her again.

“Listen well to your Ge.”

Sang Yan carries Sang Zhi on his back and starts to walk

Both of them are silent.

When they are already several meters away, Sang Zhi suddenly turns her head and looks t the tent.

She notices a little boy has a sprained ankle too, Duan Jia Xu comes over and helps him.

She couldn’t make out his expression clearly.

She could only see that he bends his waist and pats the man’s trouser. He is gentle. His smile feels like he is a really soft and kind person.

Sang Zhi suddenly feels dejected.

At first she still has words to talk with him.

She wants to ask him whether he can stop calling her “Xiao Hai”, at last now she feels like she is not a little kid anymore.

But it seems unnecessary.

Because there are not meeting each other often.

Moreover, he is not only treating her well, he is treating everyone well.

Gentle but a little bit estranged.


Sang Yan carries Sang Zhi toward the exit of the university.

Because of the short fight before, Sang Zhi’s mood is a bit complicated. She feels a bit regretful and doesn’t want to make up with him.

So this time Sang Yan is quiet, she also doesn’t take initiative to say anything.

Sang Zhi uses one of her hand to hold his neck and her other hand is holding a bottle of water. She is daydreaming. She remembers that when she was little, he also frequently carried her on his back.

It’s been a long time.

Sang Zhi also remembers her hurtful words before.

This time suddenly Sang Yan suddenly speaks up, he cuts off her thought. “I’ll not tell Pa Ma first. Now they are working, it’ll be troublesome for them.”

Sang Zhi: “Oh.”

Sang Yan says calmly: “A bit later I’ll call Ma to call the your Lao Shi to ask for leave.”

Sang Zhi just turns quiet for several times and says: “Oh.”

They come out of the university front gate and gets a taxi. He helps her inside the taxi. He asks the driver to go the nearest hospital. Then he says to Sang Zhi: “Fasten your seatbelt.”

Looking at her injured arm, he just helps her to do it.

Sang Zhi says to him. “Why aren’t you fastening your seatbelt too?”

Sang Zhi straightens his lips: “I dislike to be strapped with something tight, it makes me panic.”

Sang Zhi: “I also feel the same.”

Sang Yan leans back and says casually: “Then just bear it.”


The atmosphere inside the car is silent and peaceful.

After a moment, Sang Zhi suddenly throws her a pocket of jelly drops. “Eat the sweets.”

It falls on Sang Zhi’s thigh.

Sang Zhi looks down and looks at the a pocket of jelly drops. She picks it up. She has a similar taste as Sang Yan. Both of them likes this brand of jelly drops.

Inside there are nine jelly drops.

Usually she takes five and Sang Yan takes four.

Sang Zhi looks at Sang Yan.

He isn’t looking at her, he is looking at the scenery outside. He looks a bit tired. These jelly drops should be her way of giving in and also expressing his apology.

Between family members, it is indeed hard to say sorry.

After quite a while, Sang Zhi suddenly asks: “Ge Ge, did you buy sweets before?”

“What are you thinking? I just take it because it’s handy.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t say anything else and opens up the bag of jelly drops. She takes out nine jelly drops. She takes four and approaches Sang Yan’s side.

She puts the jelly drops on his hand.

Sang Yan moves his fingers but he stays quiet.

After several seconds, Sang Zhi takes one from her five jelly drops for him.

She is using these two jelly drops to express her words.

One for saying thank you.

Another one to say sorry.

The fight between brother and sister starts and ends faster.

Sang Zhi’s bad temper has disappeared, she doesn’t stay silent anymore. This time she has said everything. “Since the beginning, you are the wrong one. I just came you just said that I’m short. You mocked my uniform, you also said that my jump is not good.”

Sang Yan laughs coldly: “Everyday you also say that I’m ugly, what do I say to you?

“It’s not the same.”

“What is it that not the same?”

“I am not lying.”


Sang Yan is too lazy to mind her.

Sang Yan looks outside and says: “Ge Ge.”

Sang Yan doesn’t respond.

Sang Zhi: “Why are you working as volunteer today?”


“Is it because you want to join more activities, then you could know several women and increase the chance of find yourself a girlfriend?”

Sang Yan frowns.

“Then Ge Ge, I feel it’s better for you not to waste anytime.”

“Shut up.”

“You should study well and earn a bit of money.”

Sang Yan is so impatient, he frowns and says: “I just work as a volunteer, what makes you so talkative about it?”

Sang Zhi mumbles: “I’m just asking you.”

“Why you usually don’t look like you worry about me?”

“I usually don’t meet you.” Sang Zhi says reasonably. “Now I meet you. It’s hard chance to meet you. So I’m just using this opportunity to take care of you.”

The time Xiao Gui is in high spirit, everything is useless.

Sang Yan replies. “They lack of volunteers. Chen Jun Wen is the leader of the sport club, he just registered three of us, which also his roommates.”

Sang Zhi finally stops asking. She then thinks about Duan Jia Xu again. She hesitates whether she should ask or not. But at last she just be quiet.

After a moment.

Sang Yan suddenly speaks up. “Nu Er (Daughter)?”

Sang Zhi: “?”

Yet he seems like he is not talking to her. He narrows his eyes: “Duan Jia Xu is your Ge?”

Sang Zhi looks at him: “What are you doing?”

Sang Yan strokes his chin and continues to talk to himself. “It’s quite good.”


Crazy man.


After a check-up at the hospital, indeed there’s nothing major. The doctor treats her wounds once more and Sang Yan sends her back home. He goes back to his dorm after Li Ping is home.

After the sport event, the weekend is coming.

Sang Zhi has two days rest at home. She couldn’t walk smoothly. But Sang Rong and Li Ping need to go to work, so they think of Sang Yan, who they think always be so idle.

They let Sang Yan to do what he usually did before Sang Zhi reaches Grade 9.

Every day he would pick her up and take her home.

At first Sang Zhi wasn’t too happy.

But then she notices that Sang Yan seems to be more unhappier than her. Every time he would show his ugly and offensive face so Sang Zhi starts to be happy.

On Thursday after the school ends.

Because Sang Yan just has free time after five o’clock, Sang Zhi just stays inside her class and writes her homework. Some of the students are still in the classroom to clean up.

After a while, suddenly someone calls after her. “Sang Zhi, someone is looking for you.”

Sang Zhi raises her head to look up. She is surprised to see Yan Zhen Ru in front of the classroom. She blinks and comes toward her.

“Why are you here?”

Yan Zhen Ru just notices Sang Zhi’s leg. “What happened?”

“I have a sprain.”

“Why are you so careless? Is it painful?”

Sang Zhi shakes her head. “Not really.”

Both of them don’t say anything else, they are like strangers now.

Yan Zhen Ru scratches her head and turns quiet. She hesitates. “Sang Zhi, could you accompany me to go to a place?”

Sang Zhi is startled: “Ah?”

“It’s, I have a bit of problem…..” Yan Zhen Ru holds Sang Zhi’s hand and acts like a spoiled child. “Just accompany me. I cannot go by myself.”

“Where should we go?” Sang Zhi says: “I’m waiting for my Ge.”

“Why are your Ge coming here?”

“He is picking me up.” Sang Zhi says honestly. “Because of my injred leg.”

Yan Zhen Ru: “I see you can walk okay.”

Sang Zhi says nothing.

“Let’s go.” Yan Zhen Ru shakes her hand. “I will not take you to strange place. I just feel bored and want to eat at the restaurant nearby.”

Sang Zhi watches her for a while and nods slowly.

“I’ll talk my Ge first.”

Sang Zhi returns to her seat and takes out her phone out of her backpack. But suddenly she gets a call, she answers it. “Ge Ge.”

Sang Yan: “Are you out?”


“Then come out after a bit later.” Sang Yan says: “Today I have a bit of trouble. I’ll let Duan Jia Xu picks you up. He will finish class around 05:30 p.m. Just wait for a while for him.”


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