Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 407

Ma Li Li’s surgery is a smooth process.

She is placed in germ-free room for three days, then she regains her consciousness.

Those three days after Ma Li Li’s surgery, <<Jing City Morning Paper>> and <<Jing City Evening Paper>> keep on reporting about Ma Li LI’s condition after the operation. On the article, they state implicitly how the offender seems to want to be responsible by giving the best medicine, best room. They also show the cost of all Ma Li Li’s care. But the news on the newspaper seem not really helping in fixing Bo Wei’s boss’ image.

No one what happened to Ma family as after the operation, they are calmed down.

Ten days later on the 20th of October, a government department concerned issues a notice. They have considered Bo Wei’s constant manifestation and country’s fiscal levy contribution. They also appreciates that Bo Wei’s active response in correcting its mistake so they approve to let them resume production.

After that news is out, the time the stock market is opened. Bo Wei’s share starts to go up. The confidence rate for Bo Wei’s group share rises again despite all the rumors before.

These period of time Bo Wei is coping with a constantly changing situation by sticking to a fixed principle toward those bad rumors. It keeps its composure and makes them can go this far.

A rumor is not only creating a bad thing but it also can create popularity in the business world.

Those factories belong to Bo Wei, start to get on with their production again. Bo Wei group also posts online in their WeChat official account that they have made a deep introspection and inspection for this project. They promise that they will do perfect safety measure for employees and strengthen the facility safety measure.”

They also post out the compensation they did for the victims of the new project in video format. Bo Wei will take responsibility for the injured victims or the relatives of the deceased victims.

These make the netizens and public see Bo Wei in more positive manner.

But there’re also still people that Bo Wei’s big boss is putting on a show. The boss harmed someone yet he didn’t want to donate his own kidney. He avoided his responsibility.

Indeed it’s hard to control people’s mouth.

The hashtag of “BO Wei’s group is a ruthless business man” has reached the most popular hashtag. But in ten minutes, it’s taken down.

A month after Ma Li Li’s operation, she is discharged and taken home to recover.

Ye Qing Xin has met her few times, she is quiet girl. After several time, Ye Qing Xin notices that she is not closed to her family

A day before Ma Li Li is discharged, Ye Qing Xin let her to hear a voice recording. It’s a recording of her conversation with Ma Li Li’s Ge Ge and Da Sao the first time they met. Most people might be sad to hear it but Ma Li Li just smiles faintly.

The day she is being discharged, the medias are gathering together outside of the hospital. The time she comes out, everyone swarms around her.

None of her family member comes to pick her up that day. Ye Qing Xin buys a two-bedrooms apartment for her and employs a nurse to take care of her. So that time she leaves the hospital just with the nurse. She is still in her wheelchair.

“Ma Xiao Jie (Miss Ma), I heard that Jing Tai Tai (Mrs Jing, Ye Qing Xin) frequently comes to visit you, she also buys an apartment and employs a nurse for you. May I know what is your feeling toward the offender? Do you hate him?”

“Ma Xiao Jie, that time the offender didn’t plan to donate his liver for you, may I know have you forgive the offender?”

These questions sounds okay but then the reporters start to be excited and ask even provocative questions.

“Please answer our questions, Ma Xiao Jie!”

They become forceful.

“If you are too noisy, how could I talk?” Ma Li Li is calm, she doesn’t look like a just-grown-up woman.

“If you guys want me to express my feeling toward the offender…..” She looks at the camera that is the closest to her. Her face is so pale and shows no expression. “Of course I hate him.”

“Then you mean you don’t plan to forgive the offender, who is the big boss of Bo Wei, Jing Bo Yuan Xian Sheng?” A female reporter asks.

Ma Li Li ignores her words and continues. “I hate him for not knocking down and killing me with that car!”

“Why should he save me?” Ma Li Li suddenly turns emotional. “Why didn’t he let me die! I don’t want to live anymore? Why should I live? To be their inflator? To let them humiliate me? Or to let them sell me to that sixty years old man to earn money?”

Ma Li Li’s tears start to fall down. She cannot control her emotion. “Everyday they eagerly look forward for me to die. My death will be their wish! It’s all your fault! Why don’t you let me die!”

The reporters are stupefied. They are silent for a while, and someone asks. “Then you mean that car accident happened because you want to commit suicide?”

Everyone waits for Ma Li Li’s answer.

Perhaps the accident of Bo Wei’s big boss might not be his carelessness but it is a fail suicide.

Ma Li Li’s covers her chest, she pants to breath.

“Since I was little, I know that in the family I am unnecessary one. They always don’t let me to eat together with me. The time they are done, they feed the food to the pigs and dogs and just leave me the remaining ones. During the winter, they let me to wash all the clothes and not allow me to get the hot water. They don’t let me to use the washing machine, they tell me that it’s a waste of electricity. My hands are frozen. The time I told them that about it, they just said that I deserve it.”

“I didn’t know what it means at the first but then I understand they mean that if you want to live that you need to deserve all of these.”

“They don’t let me to go to university, don’t let me to have friends. My clothes are from other people’s trash. This 5th of October, it’s my birthday. The day I turned eighteen years old. They took me to buy a new clothes and took me to style my hair.”

“I thought finally they think of me as their family, they will start to like me. But that night they wanted to send me to that sixty years old man, who has lost his first wife for thirty years. How could I live with that? Tell me do you think what is the point of me living? Em? Isn’t it better to die cleanly?”

Ma Li Li starts to be expressionless though her tears are still there.

“That car should be driven even faster and throws me far far away. Then the blood should splatter everywhere!”

Everyone starts to shiver.

After that news spreads out, it creates a great sensation. But now the bad guy is not Jing Bo Yuan anymore, the bad guys are the family members of the victim.

Everyone is sympathized with Ma Li Li’s life story. Someone starts to post the information about the family members of Ma Li Li.

Her family members are terrorized because of Ma Li Li’s words. Someone throws away a dead rat in front of the house, sprinkles human, dog, cat excrement in front the house. It makes her family members in a state of anxiery.

Ma Cheng Gong is so furious, he calls a man, who asks him to discredit Jing Bo Yuan. He wants that man fulfill his promise. Who knows. That man just says: “Promise? You should think first how to escape this difficult situation first then you can talk with me?”

“What do you mean? You don’t want to fulfill your promise? I will tell that big boss Jing about this, do you believe me?”

“He, you think he doesn’t know about it?”

Then the call just ends.

“……” Ma Cheng Gong is throughly stunned. At first he could get ten million, but because he listened to that man that he will give him an empty check. Now he even loses his Mei Mei, who is source of easy money too.

Though her Me Mei is not educated but she looks pretty and charming. At first he wanted to sold her several times to earn money……

How could he just let go his chance to earn ten million and trust that man?

He had ever seen that man in the television so he thought that man should be an influential one too and will not deceive him.

He is totally unaware that his family and him are the tools in the middle of the power struggle.

He also doesn’t know that offending Bo Wei’s big boss will have a bad consequences.

Ye Qing Xin feels a bit guilty when she hears about the interview of Ma Li Li.

The time she gave Ma Li Li the recording, she also promised Ma Li Li to take care of her remaining life. But she also asked for a favor. She wants Ma Li Li to confess that indeed the accident is her action of committing suicide.

Half of the reporters are called over by her.

It’s clear that Ma Li Li has done beyond her expectation.

Now the netizens start to come out and apologize as they know that Jing Bo Yuan is a victim of injustice too.


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