Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 403

“Afterwards?” He Shu E lowers her head. “The time I mentioned about it in front of you to make you angry. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I wasn’t sure.”

“What made you unsure?”

“I wasn’t sure if I told you the truth about that night, would you be disappointed or would you hate me more?”

Jing Zong massages He Shu E’s face.

He Shu E. ” I don’t deserve you…..”

“You aren’t worthy of me. You are not the most beautiful, you are not the most talented. You even don’t love me, you aren’t gentle, you always act cold, you are too obsessive.” He seems to point out of He Shu E’s weakness. He could think of a whole lot more about this. But this imperfect woman has occupied his heart.

“What a coincidence, I just like you.”

He Shu E hugs Jing Zong and let her tears fall on his neck. “Now everyone knows about my ‘affair’ sixteen years ago. Aren’t you afraid what of other people think of you? They definitely are laughing of you.”

“As long as you be by my side. It doesn’t matter. Xiao E, do you understand? In my heart, you are the most important thing.”

Actually, He Shu E frequently ponders what makes this man loves her so much.

Love is indeed a weird thing.

Before dawn, another thing happens again.

The heart of the victim, who is laying down on the hospital bed, suddenly stops beating. Though she can be saved, but the doctor says that at most the victim can only live for two days. In two days, they should find a suitable donor for the girl. If not, he is unable to save the situation.

On the third day, the victim’s family members bring a group of their friends and relatives to call together all the reporters in front of Bo Wei group’s building. They are demanding that the offender of the accident to donate his kidney.

The news reporters start to report this news again and creat sensation.

The accident has created a great sensation and the family members of the victim seems to be unreasonable and hard to deal with. The reporters are also acting the same way. The security guards of the Bo Wei finally call the police to handle the situation.

The police come and deal with it after some time.

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t show up. Even none of Bo Wei’s employees come to meet them. It makes one of the news anchor dare to say that Jing Bo Yuan is waiting for the victim to die.

A lot of netizens start to scold and criticize Jing Bo Yuan as a coward. Some of them are also cursing him to die sonless. They even start to connect it with He Shu E’s affair that when those above behave unworthily, those below will do the same. If the mom is a thief, the son will not be better. Everything in the media sounds negative.

Once someone tries to refute Jing Bo Yuan, the netizens will attack he or she.

Ye Qing Xin knows about this matter when she is in the classroom.

Her classmate is watching a live broadcast news.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t know about the victim’s condition.

She just knows that last night indeed Jing Bo Yuan got a call. When she asked him about it, he just said that it’s a just a minor problem. After the He Shu E’s scandal, last night Jing Bo Yuan kept on answering a call about this.

That makes her thought that the calls should relate to He Shu E’s scandal.

“Those netizens are too much. No! How could they keep on scolding and cursing Bo Wei’s boss. Hurry up, we should comment to attack them back!”

It’s just their class is only consisted of ten people, they couldn’t compete with those netizens.

Ye Qing Xin asks for a day leave after knowing about that matter. She gets a taxi and goes to Bo Wei office.

Since the accident, Ye Qing Xin feels a bit traumatize to drive a car. She hasn’t touched her car again.

The time she arrives at the office, those people are gone.

But there’re still few reporters waiting. Ye Qing Xing gets off the car and the reporters seem to want to approach her. She quickly runs inside. The security guards are fast to respond too, they immediately help Ye Qing Xin to block the reporters.

Ye Qing Xin knows that the reporters might not know about her identity as Bo Wei’s boss’ wife. But this time they just want to interview any employee of Bo Wei.

Jing Bo Yuan is on the meeting.

Ye Qing Xin is standing outside the meeting room and looks at the situation inside the meeting room form the glass partition of the meeting room. Jing Bo Yuan is sitting calmly in the middle.

She watches him for a while, and he suddenly seems to notice her. He looks at her for a while and turns away.

Ye Qing Xin stops watching and goes to his office room to wait fro him.

She passes by Secretary Mi Mi’s table. Ye Qing Xin stops. “How is the condition of Bo Wei’s share today?”

It’s not a secret so Secretary Mi Mi just answers honestly. “Recently the price is too low.”

It’s a very bad news.

A lot of business newspaper as well as business-nature websites keep on paying attention to Bo Wei’s group share. Ye Qing Xin also reads a lot of their predictions. All of them don’t have a good prediction for Bo Wei’s share future.

Ye Qing Xin sits on the sofa and Secretary Mi Mi serves her a glass of fresh orange juice.

“Thank you.” Ye Qing Xin thanks her and let Secretary Mi Mi goes out. Ye Qing Xin then gives a call to Chen Ting.

“Tai Tai.” Chen Ting is quick to answer the call.

“How is it, has the hospital find a suitable donor?”

“Not yet.” Chen Ting says: “The family members fo the victim are refusing to check for compatibility. They are asking stubbornly to let Chief Jing to take responsibility. The victim only has a limited time. The doctor said her situation is too critical.”

For organ transplant, the chance for getting a match is much higher for the relatives than to the strangers. Those family members should be scared if one of them is a match, he/she should do the transplant.

Ye Qing Xin understands everyone will think carefully to do it.

“Lawyer Chen, please tell Chen Yi Sheng. Ask him to find a way to find a quick solution.”

“I get it, Tai Tai, don’t worry.”

Ye Qing Xin hangs the call and feels so tired.


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