Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 402

For that matter, except three of them, Jing Bo Yuan, he, and He Shu E, there should be no one who knows about this.

Everyone used to know that He Shu E just lost her mind after the miscarriage. No one knew that the kid is not Jing Zong.

Yu Wei is pressed down by two people on the table. Yu Wei keeps on struggling. But the more he struggle, those two men press him even harder.

He glares at Jing Zong: “What do you want to do? With your status right now, if this matter spreads out, you will not get a good consequence!”

“Oh?” Jing Zong says. He stands up and walks toward him. His gaze is fixed on Yu Wei. “What is my status/? What matter will spread out? What will be the consequence?”

“Tell me. How do you know about that matter?” Jing Zong asks for the second time and adds a threat too. “Don’t let me repeat myself for the third time.”

Yu Wei shuts his mouth.

“You will not tell me?” Jing Zong smiles. “Yu Xian Sheng, you seems to age that you cannot remember clearly. How could you guys not help him?”

He says it and someone, who is wearing a black shirt and jeans, comes forward. He takes out a flick knife.

Yu Wei turns even more terrified. “What will you guys do?”

The man, who is holding the pocket knife, says nothing. He just clutches Yu Wei’s chin that forces him to open his mouth.

“Since you don’t want to talk, then it’s useless to let you have a tongue.” Jing Zong sits down on the sofa again and looks patient. He takes out his cigarette and lights it up. He says: “it’s better to let him help you to make thing better.”

The man puts the knife inside Yu Wei’s mouth, Yu Wei finally gives in. “I’ll talk! I’ll talk!”

Yu Wei is sweating a load. The man looks at Jing Zong and Jing Zong just gives him a signal.

The man takes out the knife from Yu Wei’s mouth. The other two men also let Yu Wei go. Yu Wei falls down on the ground.

“I, I just encountered He, He Shu E accidentally. He Shu E and Su Mu Chen were in the hotel. Then I saw Jing Bo Yuan with his people coming over to beat Su Mu Chen. Afterward I heard that you and He Shu E were in fight and she wanted a divorce. I investigated that matter and find out that He Shu E wanted a divorce after the miscarriage. That time Su Mu Cheng was committing suicide. I just link everything together…..”

He is just making a guess. His guess has evidence too.

“You are good at guessing.” Jing Zong laughs.

Yu Wei starts to stand up. “I already answer your question, now please leave my apartment.”

Jing Zong plays with his cigarette. “Since I was young, I like Xiao E. Every time she frowns, I also feel sad. Today you use the media to defame her. Now she should be in despair, she might be crying. Thinking of this makes me even more sad.

“Do you know why Su Mu Chen committing suicide?”

Yu Wei doesn’t know and doesn’t have interest to know. “What do you want?”

Jing Zong doesn’t ponder with Su Mu Chen’s suicide, he is just asking. “You make Xiao E unhappy and doesn’t want to pay out, what is it mean?”

“What do you want?” Yu Wei asks with scared tone.

Jing Zong says: “Broken leg or broken arm, choose one.”

“Jing zong, you are too over!” Yu Wei takes steps back. He doesn’t want any of it.

“Then just all of them.” Jing Zong is too lazy to talk nonsense with this man. He stands up. “The time you guys play with him, please be mindful of the noise.”

Before he leaves the apartment, he orders: “let him live.”

“Jing Zong!” The door is closed.

Jing Zong could hear Yu Wei’s roar: “No, NO, JIng Zong, I’ll choose.’

Jing Zong just takes out his cigarette and says: “Too late.”

He finishes smoking his cigarette and then leaves.

He family house.

He Shu E stays in her bedroom and doesn’t come out after being exposed.

This matter is not only affecting Jing family but also He family greatly. Old Madame He didn’t know it from reading the newspaper. She knows it when she gathered together with her friends. That time she noticed something wrong from her friend’s gaze. She asked her and she was told about it.

Now everyone seems to ridicule Jing and He family, though they don’t dare to do it in front of them.

It’s too shameful!

Old Madame He knows that He Shu E that time wanted a divorce because of that Su Mu Cheng but she never thought that she will have an affair!

“Ma, don’t be angry. Though Xiao Mei (little sister, He Shu E) did that with Su Mu Cheng. But I think……” He Ji Fan’s father, He Zhang Ju consoles his mother.

But his tone is not really firm.

The time everyone knows about this, He Shu E doesn’t say anything. Her response makes them think that everything is written on the newspaper is true.

He Ji Fan is sitting down with them, but he says nothing. He feels it’s inappropriate to intervene with senior’s private life.

“No matter whether it’s true or not, it has a great effect. Do you know that today every person that I met kept on asking me. “Ay, is it true that your daughter had an affair?” He Ji Fan’s mother, Chen Meng says: “I am too embarrassed about it. How could we let it go. Who is bold enough to write that article? Sue! We should sue them!”

“Shut up!” He Zhang Ju turns his head and scolds his wife. He says seriously. “Today I gave A Zong a call. A Zong said that he will handle this matter, he asked us to watch quietly.

“A Zong is not angry?” Old Madame He asks. She knows that recently her daughter has came round with Jing Zong after a long time. They even went to travel and spend time together during the long holiday.

Which man will accept that his wife had an affair with another man?

“He didn’t sound angry.” He Zhang Ju says. “But I think there’s no hope anymore between Xiao Mei and A Zong. This is too much. Everyone knows how A Zong treat He Shu E. With this matter, everyone should be ridiculing him. Though A Zong might not mind but how do you think Jing family will react?”

“A man always minds his face and reputation. Especially he is a government official with high position. His reputation is important.”

He Zhang Ju’s words make Old Madame He sighs.

Yet this time, a maid comes over and reports to her. “Da Gu Ye is here.”

“Quick! Let him in.” Old Madame He is happy and instructs another maid. “Make a tea, A Zong loves to drink Long Jing tea.”

After a while, Jing Zong gets inside the house with a maid.

“A Zong.” Old Madame He greets him friendlily.

He Ji Fan stands up and greets Jing Zong. “Gu Fu.”

Jing Zong nods at him and greets everyone else in the living room. He asks Old Madame He. “Where is Xiao E?”

Old Madame He: “A Zong, you…… you aren’t angry with Xiao E?”

Jing Zong smiles: “Whatever people said, it’s unrelated to us, where is Xiao e?”

He means no matter what other people said, it will not affect his and Xiao E’s feeling. Old Madame He is smiling happily that her tears almost fall. “Good, good, I’m relieved to hear it. Xiao E should just lose her mind that time. It’s great that you are still tolerating her. She is in her bedroom. Go up and find her. Have a good chat.”

Jing Zong goes upstair, he knows well the way to He Shu E’s bedroom. He opens the door.

The door shaft doesn’t emit out any sound.

He Shu E is sitting on the sofa near the French window of her bedroom. She is wearing a loose clothes. She is hugging her knees. Her hair isn’t tied, it drapes on her shoulder. Her body is still well-shaped.

The light is dim in her room just like her heart.

Jing Zong stands there for a while then he comes inside the room. He closes the door and walks toward her.

“What are you doing here?” He Shu E asks calmly.

It turns out she knows that Jing Zong is coming when the door is opened.

He Shu E places her chin on her knees and looks at Jing Zong. “I make you embarrassed, are you coming here to settle it with me?”

Jing Zong sits down beside her and places his hands on her shoulders.

He Shu E avoids her touch, she turns her body to face him. “All people in JIng city knows that you were cuckolded by me. Why aren’t you angry with me?”

“Why should I?” Jing Zong asks her. “I should be angry with you for an one-night stand? I have already known about this since sixteen years ago, why should I keep on being angry? Or should I be angry with you for making everyone mock me? What is the relation between me and other people that they deserve my anger?”

He Shu E is crying. Her face shows that she has been crying for quite some time.

Jing Zong pulls her into his embrace. “Don’t worry. For that matter on the newspaper, I’ll be fair for you.”

“So what?” He Shu E closes her eyes, her tears start to fall down again. These periods of time being with Jing Zong, she feels so safe. She just realizes she had made a great mistake during her youth.

She knows clearly that now she has fallen in love with him.

The time they don’t meet each other, she really wants to meet him. The time she meets him, she feels her world is full of blooming flowers.

She had experienced it with Su Mu Chen. It’s love, she is sure of it.

But now the time she is ready to start over with him, the reality stops her.

“Go home.” He Shu E struggles to get out of Jing Zong’s embrace. She tries to calm herself and her voice. “These years I will always remember what have you given me. Someone from US has called me and asked me to go back. I just replies them. Tomorrow I’ll go there.”

“You want to abandon me again?” Jing Zong starts to be furious. He looks at He Shu E’s face. “These days I thought that though you don’t love me. But at least we can interact with each other in harmonious manner. You are willing to be with me. But now why are you leaving again?”

“It’s good for everyone.” He Shu E is so heartbroken. “You might not care about what happened that year, you might not care about how people are thinking about you. But I care. I don’t deserve you. I also let you down.”

Jing Zong looks at her and says: “You want to leave because you let me down?”

He Shu E is silent.

She always thinks of that matter, but Jing Zong always acts like he doesn’t care. With time, she thinks she might forget about it too.

But after the exposure, she notices that she is too naive, she is self-deceiving herself.

“You don’t let me down, Xiao E.” Jing Zong holds her face and kisses her lips. He says softly and gently. “The day you met Su Mu Cheng. Actually at first, Su Mu Cheng called me and told me about that. I know that you always thought of him so I asked him to accompany you to drink. “

He Shu E is surprised.

“The time you guys were drinking, I was in the next room. From Su Mu Cheng’s phone, I could hear everything you guys talked. I know everything.”

Jing Zong planned to keep that as a secret.

If Su Mu Cheng didn’t call her, he also would know it.

“You were too drunk, I wanted to take you home, but you made a fuss. You didn’t want to go home. So I took you to the hotel upstair. I know that you were thinking of me as another man. But I was willing. Xiao E, that time I was willing.”

“That time it’s been a long time since you letting me be close to you.”

“Impossible! You are lying!” He Shu E doesn’t believe it. That time it’s clear……. she tries to recall. That time she woke up in an unfamiliar hotel room. The bed was in a mess. She felt something was wrong with her body. She couldn’t remember clearly that time. She just remembered she was with Su Mu Cheng last night so she thought…..

“You lie to me right, you just make this life to comfort me right?” He Shu E looks at Jing Zong on the eyes.

This is too absurd, for a moment, she cannot accept it.

“If that is the case, then why don’t you tell me earlier? Why don’t you tell me that it was your kid?”

“That time you hate me, how could I say it to you?” Jing Zong says. “I am afraid if I told you, you will hate me even more and leave.”

Jing Zong: “You should understand me well. If that Su Mu Cheng dared to touch you, I would beat him up, why should I ask A Yuan to do it?”

He Shu E looks at Jing Zong. She doesn’t know what should she say.


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