Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 399

Jing Bo Yuan places Ye Qing Xin on the bed, he also covers her well again. He looks at her belly.

She is wearing his grey shirt, it covers her body. His big hand covers her belly. It is still flat. But Jing Bo Yuan feels amazed.

He covers her well and goes out of the resting room.

Luo Feng is not back yet, Jing Bo Yuan goes to her table and switches open his computer. Then he goes to stand in front the glass window. He looks at the scene outside.

His computer rings.

Jing Bo Yuan turns his body and goes sit down on his chair. He opens up his email and notices a lot of emails. Most of it is related to business. He scrolls down and opens up an email that he finds unusual. He opens it up and notices that there are several ten short videos.

He opens one of the video, which showed the time 07 October 201x, 08:15 a.m. – 08.55 a.m.

It is a CCTV recording when the accident happened.

In the video, Ye Qing Xin was driving her car in rapid speed, but she didn’t exceed the speed limit. There’re only few cars around her. After Ye Qing Xin drove the car and surpassed a heavy-duty truck. Because of the angle, the view of the car was blocked because of the heavy-duty truck.

The heavy-duty truck suddenly sped up when about to make a turn like it wanted to bide something. Immediately after that Ye Qing Xin’s car once again appeared in front of the camera and the accident had happened. Her car stopped and the victim laid down there.

The CCTV recording makes it impossible to conclude who was responsible for that accident.

Yet because of her speed was clearly fast. The victim was walking normally. It seemed the video might give Ye Qing Xin more blame.

Jing Bo Yuan plays the fast-forward button.

Then it showed several people were making calls. Someone knocked on Ye Qing Xin’s door. She got off the car and vomited near by.

It showed all the process.

Jing Bo Yuan opens up his drawer and takes out a box of cigarette. He takes out a cigarette and just realizes it’s been long time since he smokes.

He just plays with the cigarette without lighting it. He replays each of other videos one by one.

It’s a video of his car passed through the CCTV on that area.

The time he got the position of Ye Qing Xin. The first thing he did was calling the Yan Qi manor and asked what number Ye Qing Xin’s license plate was. Then he called the leader of traffic police, who he knows, and asked for his help to retrieve the CCTV recording.

That leader of traffic police had owed him so he didn’t hesitate to help him.

Jing Bo Yuan asked for help if the CCTV recording shows that Ye Qing Xin is not wrong, then just let the CCTV be. He also asks to send the related CCTV to his email so he can destroy it.

The leader of traffic police called him before and said that for not making anyone doubt their action. He asked his subordinate to pretend that he makes a mistake that make the CCTV recording be erased. That subordinate will be accused of “committing an error” and gets punishment. So Jing Bo Yuan gives two blank written contracts. One for the leader of the traffic police and the other one for his subordinate.

Before he made an excuse to the police that he got a call from Ye Qing Xin that she is picking him up from Yan Qi mansion. He was worried so he wanted to welcome her by driving the car to her location. They met and changed cars. He drove the car, which Ye Qing Xin drove, and bumped someone.

For the reason of changing cars, he could think a lot of reasons.

He excuses himself that he wants to let his wife drives a better car.

It’s a bit forced. But it’s not easy to be spotted.

Without CCTV recording, his words are the ‘truth’.

That time with Chen Ting and Luo Feng’s presences, those people around them can be handled quickly.

The time he is thinking about it, someone knocks on his door. Jing Bo Yuan takes away the cigarette from his lip and says: “Come in.”

Luo Feng opens the door and gets inside. He looks a bit angry.

“Before Di Tian called, said that there were two employees who accepted interview with a reporter. They said that our safety measure isn’t strict. As long there’s a news coming out, it’ll show that there’s a hidden trouble that leads to last night accident in the factory?”

Di Tian is the person-in-charge for the new construction.

Luo Feng continues: “I try to give a call to the reporter but he doesn’t answer it. I called the news company and they gave me the runaround statement, it’s too absurd!”

He is too furious!

In the past, he looked down at those people. Now they dare to fight with him. It seems that they don’t respect him.

Jing Bo Yuan is calm though he hears those things.

“Tomorrow when the news come out, it definitely will affect our company greatly. The media will try to confound black and white and turn the lie to the fact. Now the cause of the accident is not yet investigated completely, we might force to stop production.

For that project, Bo Wei has invested a great huge sum of money. The project has taken a period of almost two years. The project has just gone into production and hasn’t gotten any profit. This could inflict heavy losses for Bo Wei.

Jing Bo Yuan just sits down and be silent.

The silence somehow gradually makes Luo Feng turns calmer.

Suddenly Jing Bo Yuan’s phone vibrates.

It’s a call from Jing Zong.

Jing Bo Yuan answers it, his expression turns grave and stern after hearing what Jing Zong said.

“Okay.” Then he just hangs up.

He said to Luo Feng, “For this time being, no need to care about the media. Add more people to investigate of the reason for the accident. In addition, strengthen the safety measure for our other groups. Let the internal relation department produces a SOP and gives it to all the groups.”

“Okay.” Luo Feng answers, then he is confused, and asks: “Why do we just let the media do what they want?”

“Isn’t that person want to scare us? Just let him happy for now, we also should act like we are in trouble.” Jing Bo Yuan says casually.

Luo Feng doesn’t dare to be casual, he notices that something is strange.

“For Tai Tai’s accident, should we send several other people to help to handle this?” Luo Feng suggests with a kind intention, yet his boss just looks at him an alarming gaze. He suddenly realize there is something wrong with his words. He changes his sentence: “I mean your accident, should we send several other people to help Attorney Chen to handle it?”

“You don’t believe on Attorney Chen’s ability?” Jing Bo Yuan says.

“No….” Luo Feng smiles apologetically.

“Just mind your business for now.” Jing Bo Yuan orders him.

Luo Feng nods with respect and leaves the office room.

The time he closes the door. Jing Bo Yuan turns off his laptop and goes to the resting room.

The resting room’s door is slight open. Ye Qing Xin is standing behind the door. She smiles: “I wasn’t eavesdropping to your conversation with Assistant Luo. I wanted to go out, but you guys were chatting so I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Jing Bo Yuan says nothing about it: “Your clothes should be dry now. Go change your clothes and I’ll take you to eat.”

They both come out of Bo Wei group office building when the evening lights are lit.

Jing Bo Yuan takes Ye Qing Xin to a nearby restaurant. He orders all dishes that she likes.

Ye Qing Xin eats then she remembers the victim. “How is the condition of the victim? Do you know anything about it?”

“She is still alive.” Jing Bo Yuan answers.

Chen Ting hasn’t called to say that the victim is dead so it means that victim is still alive.

“Bo Yuan, actually that time I was driving and also honking. I was so afraid that there might a pedestrian wants to cross. That woman should hear me. Before she was hit, I saw that she looked back to look at my car. The time I almost passed her side, she suddenly crossed. I had my doubt that she might do this in purpose….”

Ye Qing Xin continues: “You can see ti from the CCTV….”

Jing Bo Yuan: “That time did you surpass a large truck?”

Ye Qing Xin thinks about it carefully: “I think so.”

“The truck blocked the view of your car.”


After the dinner, they return to Nan Shan mansion. The triplets are playing with Ye Qing Guo in the living room. Ye Qing Xin says to Jing Bo Yuan: “Last night you didn’t have a good rest. Have a shower and sleep. I’ll be downstair and accompany the kids.”

Jing Bo Yuan just says: “Take care of your health.” Then he goes upstair.

The time he is done showering, he comes out. He wipes dry his hair and goes out to the balcony.

He recalls what Jing Zong said to him.

“I got a reliable news. That the first commander of the higher authority fears that Jing family is too powerful. Your Er Shu (Jing Yi) and the second commander are close with each other. The first commander of the higher authority might want to use your accident to let us know who is the leader. For the time being you should endure to be wronged for several days. Don’t attack him. Our Jing family will also lay low for a while. After all he is the first commander. If we lay low and he let it go then nothing will happen. But if he continues to want to pressure us, we also will not be that modest.”


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