Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 6

Sang Zhi’s voice is not loud but her tone is calm, but the content of her words are too shocking.

The silence is broken and the atmosphere turns relaxed then it turns to awkward atmosphere.

Duan Jia Xu says nothing.

The woman realizes that the man will not say anything. Her intention is visible. She cannot control her smile anymore and puts down her phone slowly.

Sang Zhi peeks at Duan Jia Xu.

As chance has it, their gazes meet each other. She immediately looks down and holds her own phone. She regards herself as a background.

After several seconds.

Duan Jia Xu looks at somewhere else and says to Sang Zhi. “Em, I am a scumbag.”


“Moreover recently I cannot cope with it.” He laughs lightly and shakes his phone. “You want my phone, it’s possible that you still need to queue.”

He acts like it’s inevitable and right, he acts like everything is normal. He shows no shame or guilty feeling.

Duan Jia Xu raises his eyebrows and says: “Do you want to consider it for a while?”

The woman takes a deep breath and forces herself to act politely. “No need.”

“It’s a pity.” Duan Jia Xi sighs and says regretfully: “If not let me leave my contact information, maybe one day you will change your mind……”

The time he finishes his words, then the woman just leaves.

There are only Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu standing there.

The time the woman has disappeared from their views, Duan Jia Xu looks at Sang Zhi and asks leisurely. “Xiao Hai (Little kid), Ge Ge almost has thirty girlfriend, what should I do?”


His tone is gentle and calm like he is really asking. But his smiles like a dagger hidden in smiles (friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions).

Sang Zhi even feels that it’s better for him to get angry to her than does this.

“I fall short of one.” Duan Jia Xu smiles, “How could I pass today?”

“…..” Sang Zhi doesn’t dare to say anything, she just coughs unnaturally. She feels timid.

Sang Zhi stands beside Duan Jia Xu and says nothing more. She is too quiet.

Sang Zhi is afraid, this time she even doesn’t dare to peek. She just stands quietly. The inability to predict what will happen makes her feels anxious. She swallows her saliva and takes a step back.

She gathers her courage and shouts quickly “Ge Ge, bye bye.” Then she suddenly runs forward like she is avoiding something.

Duan Jia Xu smiles and grabs her arm, she pulls her back.

“What are you running from?”

She is caught when she just took a step.

She suddenly realizes the probability of her can run away will be zero.

She releases her deep breath.

“It’s too late….. The sky is dark.” Sang Zhi hangs her head low and says in the small voice. “Later on my Ma will go home, she will be worried if I am not home yet.”

Duan JIa Xu looks at the sky. “It’s late, how can Ge Ge let you go home alone?”

Sang Zhi immediately says: “It’s okay, the bus stop is nearby. My stop is near my house. Ge Ge also needs to go back to your university. It’ll be very late for you too.”

“Em?” Duan Jia Xu says, “Before I couldn’t see that you are really care about me.”

“……” Anyway she cannot run away, Sang Zhi simply says: “Ge Ge, that is just a small matter, why do you keep on remembering that? You also don’t suffer any loss.”

Duan Jia Xu says slouchily: “How could I not suffer any loss?”

Sang Zhi is bold and assured: “You were considering for so long, you just didn’t want to give that Jie Jie your phone number, but you were so embarrassed to refuse her. Didn’t I help you? To look it that way, you should say “Xie Xie (Thank you) to me.”

This little girl’s skill of talking nonsense is really impressive. She even doesn’t blink when she is talking. Duan Jia Xu watches her for several seconds and laughs. He says: “Okay.”

“But Ge Ge helped me too before.” With his reply, Sang Zhi feels her confidence is not really going up, she can only brace herself and says: “Then we are even.”

“How could you say that. “Duan Jia Xu says: “Let’s go, Ge Ge personally will visit your parents to express my gratitude.”


The most terrified things for the kids her age is —- “Report to the teacher”, “tell the parents”.

This man in front of her keeps on terrifying her with those things. She loses her temper now. Sang Zhi doesn’t dare to provoke him she says dejectedly: “How could you easily just say that you will tell my parents, you are so childish.”

Duan Jia Xu says lightly: “I just lack of one girlfriend so I am in a bad mood?”

Sang Zhi refutes: “you come here for helping me meet my teacher, you are not here for a blind date.”

“Okay, tell me, who teach you about these things?” Duan Jia Xu says, “You said that I change my girlfriend every day, you make me look like a duck.”

Sang Zhi blinks and feels so confused: “How could you look like duck?”


Suddenly he just realizes that in front of him is just a grade 7 little girl.

Duan Jia Xu touches his face and takes her backpack and says calmly: “I mean like raising a pet, raising a duck. Then day by day changing the owner for the duck.”

Sang Zhi thinks about it and feels it’s so strange but she still acts like she understands it.


He holds her pink bagpack.

Duan Jia Xu weighs the backpack on his hand. Then he changes his subject. “How could it be so light?”

They both look at the bus stop.

Sang Zhi: “I don’t bring anything.”

Duan Jia Xu: “What about your homework?”

Sang Zhi’s expression changes, she says slowly: “…… I don’t want to do it.”

“You don’t want to do it?” Duan JIa Xu says: “Then what do you do with your time?”


“Xiao Hai, you should be obedient. During the class, you should listen well. Don’t break the classroom discipline. Don’t purposely oppose the teachers. Do and finish your homework.” He then remembers the boy. Duan Jia Xu says: “Also, don’t go have puppy love relationship. You should wait till you reach an adult age. Just have good friendships.”

Sang Zhi looks at him and says in perfunctory manner: “oh.”

Duan Jia Xu adds more words because this girl looks like she doesn’t listen to him. “If your parents are called anymore, I supposedly will leak about I acted as your Ge Ge to meet your teacher. Then it’ll be the end of me. You cannot requite my kindness with enmity right?”

Sang Zhi: “You can just come next time then….”

Duan Jia Xu doesn’t reply anymore and restrains his smile.

Sang Zhi doesn’t know why, Sang Zhi feels a bit scared to make him angry. So she just says: “Okay I get it.”

He smiles: “Good girl.”

He sounds like he is rewarding her.

Duan Jia Xu bends his body and strokes her head.

“Let’s go, Ge Ge will send you home.”

The time they arrive in front of apartment building.

Duan Jia Xu does not show any intention to go upstair. He passes the backpack to her. “Go home.”

Sang Zhi nods and says obediently: “Thank you Ge Ge.”

Sang Zhi takes out her key and opens the door. She doesn’t know whether they will meet again. She just stops and looks back.

Duan Jia Xu just stands there and looks at her.

Sang Zhi blushes and immediately shouts: “Ge Ge, goodbye!”

Then she just runs inside the building.

There’s no one home as the apartment is empty.

Sang Zhi touches her blushing hot face. She kicks off her shoes off and runs toward the balcony. She holds the fence. Duan Jia xu has almost reached the apartment exit. This time he is holding his phone and calling someone.

After few seconds, he seems to notice something. He suddenly looks back and raises at his head. He looks at Sang Zhi.

Sang Zhi is taken by surprise.

She suddenly turns her body and kneels down.

Her heart is beating so quick, she feels her heart is about to jump out her body. She swallows her saliva. She stays there for a while and then looks back again.

There’s no more Duan Jia Xu.

Sang Zhi releases her breath.

She feels empty.

This trouble is solved smoothly.

The teacher doesn’t doubt it. Her parents also look like they have no idea. Because of this Sang Zhi also isn’t got any scolding. Yet it brings an aftereffect for her.

She starts to keep on repeatedly longing for that person.

Sang Zhi feels indescribable feeling. She is at loss, she doesn’t dare to tell anyone about this. She feels embarrassed. It’s like her own feeling that cannot be shared to anyone else.

Sang Zhi starts to day dreaming every day.

Her sketchbook and diary also slowly start to be filled with that man’s name. This happens for a period of time.

Perhaps because they don’t meet each other again, it starts to dilute. Or perhaps she presses it down so she thinks it’s gone.

In a flash, the mid-term exams end. It’s a Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Sang Zhi comes home early and takes a bowl of fresh strawberries from the fridge. She lays down on her stomach on the sofa and chews on it. Her parents are not home. She’s alone at home. She is watching a cartoon.

Suddenly the door is opened. Sang Zhi looks over and she recognizes Sang Yan.

She doesn’t expect him to go home during this holiday. Sang Zhi is startled and she just looks back at the television.

Sang Yan is furious and laughs. “You don’t know how to greet people?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’ll be home.” Sang Zhi eats and says: “Before mama called to tell you to cook two bowls of rice, hurry up cook it.”

Sang Yan says coldly: “I didn’t tell her that I’ll come home, how could she ask me to cook it?”

Sang Zhi’s gaze is fixed toward the television, she probes for her phone and dials Li Ping. Then she turns on the speaker. “If you don’t trust me, then you can give her a call.”

Sang Yan is lazy to mind her, he takes a glass of cold water to drink from the fridge.

It’s answered. Li Ping says: “Zhi Zhi, what is it/”

“Mama.” Sang Zhi says calmly: “Ge Ge is home, before you asked me to tell him to cook the rice right ah?”

Sang Yan closes the fridge and looks at Sang Zhi.

Then he hears Li Ping is silent for a while, then she says; “Oh right, has he cook it?”

Sang Yan: “……”

Sang Zhi swallows her strawberry and raises her voice. She says to Sang Yan. “Ma is asking whether you have cooked it or not!”

Sang Yan watches Sang Zhi for a moment and says nothing. He just goes to the kitchen directly. Looking at this, Sang Zhi stands up and goes to the kitchen. She just cranes her neck on the door. “He is cooking it now.”

She then says few words to Li Ping and ends the call. She looks at Sang Yan’s figure and suddenly remembers about Duan Jia Xu. She suddenly speaks up: “Ge Ge, are you dating someone in university?”

Sang Yan ignores her.

“No? You haven’t been on relationship?” Sang Zhi just forgets about her cartoon. “I am serious, Ge Ge.”

Sang Yan looks at her and says hostilely: “What is it?”

Sang Zhi says seriously: “Do you want to go to have plastic surgery?”


Sang Yan is so furious that he doesn’t want to look at her. He just faces his back to her and sneers. “Do you remember the Ge Ge that came home with me?”

Sang Zhi stops chewing and looks down. She says slowly: “Yes.”

“He said that you and me are look similar.”

“……” Sang Zhi turns silent for a while, then says again. “Did I offend him?”


Sang Zhi pursues her lips and says unhappily: “If I didn’t, then why did he say me to be ugly?”



Sang Zhi: “No matter how, though other people said that I look like you, you are still ugly.”


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