Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it (偷偷藏不住) by Zhu Yi (竹已)~ Chapter 3

If this time the one that stands in front of her is Sang Yan, Sang Zhi will not tell him about the reason. Sang Yan supposedly will not able to question her. He even will not tell her about the precondition. She would just keep on pestering him till he agrees about it.

This is the first time for her to meet someone like Duan Jia Xu.

From the first time he speaks up, Duan Jia Xu is gentle and kind. He acts like he will not get angry at her. Sang Zhi cannot guess what’s on his mind. She doesn’t dare to act presumptuously as she is not familiar with him.

Sang Zhi turns silence for a short while, she is a bit unwilling to confess. “I didn’t listen to the lecture during the class.”

Duan Jia Xu: “em.”

“The teacher asked me to stand up to answer the question. I was able to answer it.” Sang Zhi pauses and organizes her words. “Then he asked me whether I want to replace his position to be the class’ homeroom. I considered it and thought I couldn’t do it so I refused.”


Duan Jia Xu: “?”

Sang Zhi looks at him cautiously, she wants to see his response. She stands there silently, she acts like she is a well-behaved kid. “Then he asked me to ask my parents to come over.”

When she is done, she feels the whole world turns silent.

Sang Zhi is lacking in confidence as Duan Jia Xu keeps on being silent. She cannot help but to say: “Trust me.”

Duan Jia Xu says: “I am really a bit distrust you.”

He seems to find it hilarious. He smiles. He is a handsome man, the time he is laughing, he looks even brighter and shinier.

They both are standing close to each other.

Sang Zhi could feel his cigarette scent and feels unease.

She forces herself to speak again. “What I am saying is true.”

Duan Jia Xu: “Really, you don’t lie to me?”

Sang Zhi nods and says sincerely: “No, it’s real. If you don’t trust me, then you can go and you’ll know tomorrow. Lao Shi tomorrow will tell you the truth.”


The door is opened.

Sang Yan doesn’t look at them and just walks toward his wardrobe. “Xiao Gui, go out.”

Though Sang Zhi feels that she is wrong to frame her brother, but she is unwilling to leave this way. She mumbles: “Couldn’t I stay here?”

Sang Yan turns his head to look at her and puts on a fake smile: “I want to change my clothes.”

“Then Ge Ge….” Sang Zhi once again holds Duan Jia Xu’s sleeve. This Ge Ge should go out too. I think he will not want to look at you changing your clothes.”

Sang Yan just pretends like he doesn’t hear her. “Go out and close the door.”

Sang Zhi just regards that he agrees to her so she drags Duan Jia Xu to go outside. “Okay, we will close the door.”


Sang Yan watches two of them for a while, then just waves his hand. He is too lazy to mind them.

Because this matter cannot be heard by other.

After coming out of the room, Sang Zhi immediately pulls Duan Jia Xu to her room. She closes the door and asks impatiently: “Ge Ge, then would you come tomorrow? I already told you the truth…..”

Duan Jia Xu says lazily: “Why don’t you ask for your Ge to help?”

“How can I!” Sang Zhi opens her eyes wide. “Before I have accused him wrongly…. If I tell him about this, he immediately will tell my Mama.”

Duan Jia Xu still laughs: “Your Ge Ge is not that kind of person.”


It’s hard to distinguish whether he is stating a truth or lie.

Though Sang Zhi has threatened him, but she just boasted about it.

She has no way out. She remembers about what happened before. She reminds him: “Ge Ge, before if you didn’t tell my Ge about what happened, I wouldn’t get into a fight with him.”

Duan Jia Xu raises his eyebrows: “Em?”

This time the door is opened.

Sang Yan stands outside the room and looks at Duan Jia Xu: “Let’s go.”

Duan Jia Xu just nods and acts like he doesn’t hear her. “Little kid, see you next time.”

Sang Zhi doesn’t dare to believe.

How could he says ‘see you next time’?

They are not done yet. They haven’t agreed on anything!

She realizes that Duan Jia Xu is leaving, Sang Zhi immediately holds his arm. “How could you guys leave so quick? It’s late, let’s eat first before you guys lave?”

Duan Jia Xu refuses politely: “Next time.”

Sang Zhi just watches him and doesn’t show any sign of letting his arm go.

What is next time!

Did you forget what you said before! Do you have amnesia!

But she doesn’t dare to speak it out. She just asks miserably: “When is next time……”

Duan Jia Xu smiles and says nothing.

Looking at both their action when they are about to part, Sang Yan raises his eyebrows: “What are you guys doing, are you guys just liking each other in the first encounter? Duan Jia Xu, you should take it easy. My Mei is just twelve years old.”

Sang Zhi starts to retort: “Thirteen years old.”

Duan Jia Xu is astonished. He looks at Sang Zhi.

“You are thirteen years old?”

He sounds like he cannot believe it as if it’s a fantasy story.

His response somehow hurts Sang Zhi. She suddenly forgets what she requested before and says unhappily. “Do you think that because I am short, I don’t look like thirteen years old.”

Sang Yan is stirring up trouble and saying: “He means it.”

Duan Jia Xu rubs his eyes and shakes his head. “No.”

Sang Zhi looks at both of them for several seconds and gets angry. “Forget it, I’ll not talk to you again.”

She seems hurt. “After all I’ll grow up.”

Looking at that, Sang Yan feels a bit guilty, he tries to comfort her: “Isn’t it good to be short? The time you are thirty years old, maybe someone will think you are still eighteen years old.”

He seems to poke on her sore spot again.

Sang Zhi just gives a cold face. “So just because you are tall, someone will think you are my Pa?”


Sang Yan’s a bit of guilty feeling just vanishes completely.

The young girl’s eyes are red like someone has bullied her, yet she doesn’t show her weakness.

Duan Jia Xu feels like it’s him that makes her unhappy twice, he sighs and starts to soften up. He asks: “You are thirteen years old so you are grade 8?”

Sang Zhi doesn’t look at him and just corrects him: “Grade 7.”

“Which school?’

“Rising sun (Xu Ri) middle school.” Sang Zhi continues. Then she adds: “Grade 7.1.”

Duan Jia Xu repeats once more. “Rising Sun (Xu Ri) middle school grade 7.1.”

Then he bends his body and looks at her on the eyes.

“Kid, what is your name?”

Sagn Zhi pursues her lips and says softly: “I am Sang Zhi.”

“Sang Zhi?”

“That’s right.” Sang Zhi avoids his gaze. “Zhi of Zhi Qi (Childish nature).”

Duan Jia Xu pinches her cheek lightly and intimately. “Then Xiao Sang Zhi (Little Sang Zhi).”


He lowers his voice and whispers to her so no one can listen to their conversation.

“Do you get when is next time?”

After two men bid their goodbye with Li Ping, they leave Sang family house.

The sun is set completely.

Duan Jia Xu suddenly asks: “Your Mei Mei should be an obedient right?”

“Obedient?” Sang Yan snorts. He takes out a lollipop and eats it. “That Xiao Gui is in her rebellion period. It’s very hard to handle her.”

Rebellion period.

Hard to handle.

It’s also quite good.

Duan Jia Xu considers for a while. after all, she is immature and also he doesn’t know for sure what happened. He decides to discuss it with sang Yan. “Your Mei Mei is asked to bring her parents over to the school. Before she asked me whether I can help her to meet her Lao Shi, what do you think?”

Sang Yan clicks his tongue and says: “No wonder she insisted to let you stay for dinner. I just know that she has something.”

Duan Jia Xu smiles and says nothing.

“Supposedly it’s nothing major. It has happened for several times, it’s all for the same reason.” Sang Yan asks absent-mindedly. “Are you free tomorrow? If you are, then help me to go over. Tomorrow I have things to do.”

“Tomorrow ah….”

“Em, if you are not free, later on I’ll tell my Ma about it.”

He has agreed to her and now in a flash, he let her parents know?

That little kid supposedly will cry.

“Though I’m not, but I need to be free.” Duan Jia Xu says: “I cannot deceive little kid.”

The front door is closed, Sang Zhi peeks then she runs toward Li Ping. “Mama, why did Ge Ge come home?’

Li Ping: “He was playing ball nearby so he came home to have a shower.”

“It’s late, why weren’t you letting them to have dinner?”

“Your Ge’s friend has matter to do.” Li Ping doesn’t think too much about it and asks casually: “Zhi Zhi, did your Ge Ge really hit you?”

“……’ Sang Zhi immediately feels guilty, she doesn’t dare to ask anymore. She turns her body and runs toward her room. “I’ll go and do my homework first!”

She returns to her room and locks the door.

Sang Zhi kicks away her slippers and lays on her stomach on the bed. She takes a doll and holds it. Her mood is still bad. She recalls what Duan Jia Xu said to her.

— “Do you get it when is the next time?”

Is it mean that he will come?

Sang Zhi finally feels relieved. She flips her body and hums a song happily. She replays again what happened before.

Fast forward —

Dian Jia Xu pinched her cheek.



Sang Zhi immediately sits up.

Did her cheek pinch by someone?

Is it right?

How could he be able to pinch her cheek?

It’s their first meeting!!! HOW ! CAN ! HE PINCH HER CHEEK!!

Why! WHY! why did he stay so close to her!

HE… also! calls her Xiao Sang Zhi……

Just let it be.

Sang Zhi calms herself down and pretends to be ignorant. “Just let it be, forget it.”

Just think that he is helping her so she allows him to do it.

She looks around and sees what is on the mirror near the desk.

She notices that she is blushing so hard.

Sang Zhi’s calmness just goes away.


Why you look like you are taking something from him!!!

It’s the first time in her thirteen years of living that she has this feeling.

Sang Zhi returns to his bed and rolls herself with the blanket.

She can hear her heartbeat is so fast and loud.

The next morning.

Sang Zhi finishes getting ready and goes to the dining room. Sang Rong and Li Ping are already enjoying their breakfast together. Since she has a way now, she doesn’t tell them about any of it.

She sits down and Li Ping passes her a bowl of lean meat porridge.

She has no motivation to talk this early morning.

The house is quiet.

Sang Zhi eats her porridge and suddenly thinks of Duan Jia Xu’s response. She sighs and asks: “Papa, am I really short?”

Sang Rong looks at her and asks: “Who told you about that?”

Sang Zhi nods and just let Sang Yan to bear the responsibility. “Ge Ge told me.”

Li Ping: “Don’t listen to your Ge.”

Sang Zhi stirs the bowl. “But my classmates are just twelve years but they are really tall. Yan Zhen Ru is 160 cm.

Sang Rong consoles her: “You are still young, you’ll grow up.”

“But they are really tall, why don’t I get taller. The time I get on the public bus, there’s still someone that give their seat for me. They think I am an elementary student.” Sang Zhi is dejected. She asks dejectedly: “When Ge Ge was thirteen years old, was he 150 cm?”

Li Ping hesitates and says: “Your Ge is a boy so…..”

Sang Rong suddenly cuts her off and answers Sang Zhi: “No.”


“How could he be that tall.” Sang Rong says calmly: “Papa doesn’t really remember it. But Papa has impression that your Ge Ge that time, shouldn’t be as tall as 140 cm.”



Sang Yan: “For making my Mei feels happy, i even don’t have right to be 140 cm.


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