Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 387

Dou Weir closes her lips and looks calmly and coldly toward He Ji Fan. She says nothing.

“Speak!” He Ji Fan doesn’t like her indifferent attitude.

“What do you want to hear?” Dou Weir asks him.

“…..” He Ji Fan lets her go.

“It’s been a long time for us not to meet each other, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Dou Weir bends down to pick up her tassel bag. She tidies up her messy hair and takes out her compact mirror to see her makeup. She retouches her make up and looks at that man. “Nothing.”

He Ji Fan takes out his cigarette: “You used to….”

“Oh!” Dou Weir suddenly remember something, she opens up her bag and takes out her wallet. She takes out a black card. “This is the card you gave as the compensation for my miscarriage. I used to be poor so I needed this. Now I can earn my own money, I don’t need it anymore. I return it to you. I also has put it all the money I used inside the card.

He Ji Fan looks at it. He used to receive a message when the card is used. It made him feel that they are still connected. But now it’s been half year since he got message.

Recently he got a message of money transferred into the account, it’s a huge sum of money.

Dou Weir notices that he is not taking it, she comes forward and stuffs it inside his pocket.

“Goodbye, He Xian Sheng.”

Two minutes later, a car passes his side. He watches the car disappears. He snorts.

This young woman really thinks she has grown up and become independent?

He takes out the black card as if it has that woman’s light scent.

At 06:00 p.m. He Ji Fan returns home, he gets inside and a small figure runs over and hugs his leg: “Papa—“

He Jin Fan holds him up.

He Chi Zhou smiles happily and uses his oily hands to stroke his father’s face.

Toward his son, He Ji Fan is gentle and warm. He teases his son’s round belly and makes his son laughs so happily.

“Ji Fan Ge Ge.” A female voice calls after him. It breaks the happy moment between father and son.

He Ji Fan looks over the female, who is standing beside the sofa. She is smiling happily at He Ji Fan.

“Why are you here?” He Ji Fan frowns and his smile disappears.

That woman is Old Madame He’s best friend’s granddaughter, she calls Ye Yu Shi.

“I…….” Ye Yu Shi blushes, she doesn’t know how to answer that question. Old Madame He comes out from the restroom. She hears He Ji Fan’s question and helps Ye Yu Shi to answer: “I let Yu Shi comes over, you guys are not home for the whole day. You want me to be lonely with no one to accompany me?”

“Zhou Zhou has finished his friend chicken leg? Yu Shi, take the wet tissue to wipe Zhou Zhou wipes his mouth. Look how oily his little hands.”

Ye Yu Shi picks up the wet tissue from Old Madame He and hesitates for a while. Then she walks toward He Ji Fan.

He Chi Zhou’s oily hand is almost gone because he used to wipe on He Ji Fan. Ye Yu Shi wipes his hands and mouth. She is clumsy like she hasn’t had experience of taking care of children.

“Let me do it.” He Ji Fan takes the wet tissue from her.

Ye Yu Shi blushes.

Old Madame He is satisfied to see Ye Yu Shi’s blushing face.

Being part of He family, first of all that woman should be clever and lovable. For the other things, Old Madame He thinks it can be taught. Old Madame He has met few of He Ji Fan’s women. She thinks most of them are foxy and have impure motive.

He Ji Fan is almost thirty seven years old, he will turn forty years old soon. Though he has son but he cannot stay unmarried forever.

He should marry. Especially for Zhou Zhou, he should have a mother.

“It’s too hot outside. A Fan should feel very hot. Yu Shi ah, go to the kitchen and prepare a peppermint tea for A Fan.”

“….He Nai Nai, I, I cannot……….” Ye Yu Shi is not knowing what to do. She is a spoiled daughter of rich family. She even doesn’t know what peppermint tea leaves look like.

Old Madame He’s motive is to let her have chance to interact with He Ji Fan, yet Ye Yu Shi is an inexperienced one.

“It’s okay, there’re maids in the kitchen, you can ask them to teach you.”


He Ji Fan knows Old Madame He’s attempt. He helps He Chi Zhou wipes his hands and mouth. Then he holds him and take him to the sofa. He picks up a baby’s glass on the coffee table for He Chi Zhou to drink.

“Nai Nai, last time I made it clear to you. That I have no plan to marry for the time being. Don’t waste that young woman’s time.”

Old Madame He strokes Zhou Zhou’s head and says sincerely: “Why don’t you think about yourself, consider for Zhou Zhou. Now he is a year old, in just one to two year, he will look for his Mama. Could it be you want to let an actress to act as his stepmother?”

Old Madame He doesn’t think highly of actresses as she thinks that industry is not safe.

“You think a woman that even cannot make tea, can be Zhou Zhou’s stepmother?”

Old Madame He chokes and turns silent for a while. Then she explains: “Now she cannot do it, but after several practices and exercises, she will be able to do it. For certain matters, you can tolerate. What is important is Yu Shi is an innocent, kind woman. Though she cannot take care of Zhou Zhou well right now. But she will be helped by maids. As long as she can love Zhou Zhou dearly, it’ll be okay. Zhou Zhou is your son, you should consider about it.”

He Ji Fan lets He Chi Zhou gets down from his lap. He picks up a toy and throws it. He is playing with He Chi Zhou.

He Ji Fan watches He Chi Zhou runs to take the toy. Then he thinks about that beautiful woman. He remembers the time when he was awake, he always covers her up with blanket. If he didn’t wake up at night, she would get cold. He cannot hope that she can take a good care of the kids.

“Nai Nai, if I need to marry a woman just for Zhou Zhou so he can have a stepmother. Shouldn’t it be unfair for that woman? Zhou Zhou has a love for a family, he wouldn’t be lonely.”

He Ji Fan says it and stands up.

“You have a mother’s love since you were young, you don’t know the feeling of having no mother’s love, you….” Old Madame He wants to say more things but she notices that Ye Yu Shi is back so she shuts up.

“He Nai Nai, Ji Fan Ge Ge, drink the tea.” Ye Yu Shi’s face is still blushing.

“I’ll leave first I have things to do, so I’ll not drink it.”

He Ji Fan strokes Zhou Zhou’s head. “Papa will go out first, say bye bye to to Papa.”

He Chi Zhou lets go of the toys and holds He Ji Fan’s leg. He calls: “Papa– Papa–“

It’s clear that he doesn’t want He Ji Fan to leave.

He Ji Fan kneels down: “Zhou Zhou be good, Papa has matters to do. I’ll go home later on to play with you. Our Zhou Zhou is a good boy right?”

“Papa….” He Chi Zhou’s vocabulary is limited. He just shows his sad expression and frowns. He looks like that he will cry soon.

“Zhou Zhou is a good boy.” He Ji Fan holds him and passes him to Old Madame He. He goes toward the door.

He Chi Zhou is unhappy but he doesn’t cry and make fuss.”

“A Fan……” Old madame He knows that He Ji Fan wants to avoid Ye Yu Shi so she calls after him. Yet her grandson doesn’t even look back.

Ye Yu Shi watches He Ji Fan leaving and feels dejected. She knows that He Ji Fan seems… doesn’t like her.

“It’s late, I should go home now.” Ye Yu Shi holds her handbag. “Next time I’ll come again to visit you.”

Old Madame He holds He Chi Zhou and sends off Ye Yu Shi.

“Recently the company has matters to be handled. A Fan is worried about this. Don’t think too much about this.”

“I understand.” Ye Yu Shi smiles. She then looks at He Chi Zhou and strokes his face. “A Yi will leave first. Zhou Zhou, don’t forget A Yi oh.”

“Yi Yi…..” He Chi Zhou holds Ye Yu Shu’s hand and grabs her jade bracelet.

“Do you like it?” Ye Yu Shi takes it off and passes it to He Chi Zhou: “I lend it for you to play.”

“It’s a pretty bracelet. Don’t let him lose it.”

“It’s okay. It’s not expensive. Next time I come, Zhou Zhou should be bored with it already. He can return it to me later on.”

Old Madame He smiles: “Okay, come over two days later.”

Ye Yu Shi’s car disappears. Old Madame He notices He Shu E’s car is back.

“Why are you coming home early today?”

“I come to change my clothes and I’ll leave again.” He Shu E gets off the car and she comes inside with excitement.

After a while, she comes downstair again, this time she has changed into a light purple dress.

She looks beautiful.

“Where are you going? Are you having dinner at home?”

Old Madame He looks outside. The sun is set down.

“Jing family tonight has a dinner gathering. I’ll go over there. I’ll not come home tonight.” He Shu E puts on her high heels.

“You decide to reconcile with A Zong?” Old Madame He puts down He Chi Zhou and lets him play by himself. She looks at He Shu E. “Tell me honestly, are you getting ready to reconcile?”

He Shu E doesn’t answer directly. “Bo Yuan and his family will come too. It’s been some time since I had dinner together with them. Ma, your dress is great. You look younger.”

“Don’t try to avoid this topic. I’m asking you about a serious question.”

He Shu E pursues her lips: “He keeps on asking me to reconcile….”

“Then just reconcile with him, remarry him. I think you know it clearer than me about his feeling and action toward you. No matter what you do, he always tolerate you. You are so stubborn. How could you not look his good and think only about Su Mu Cheng that year?”

“For those things in the past, I cannot amend it…. I’m late. I’ll leave first. Enjoy your dinner, Ma.”

“……..” She leaves. Old Madame He is furious. “Everyone is gone. Just leave I and Zhou Zhou at this house!”

It’s a peak hour. It always takes around thirty minutes, now it takes her an hour to get to Jing family residence.

The time she passes the mansion’s gate, she notices easily Jing Zong, who is standing and smoking nearby the tea-oil tree. Hearing her car, Jing Zong turns his head.

He Shu E stops her car and unfastens her seatbelt. Jing Zong has stood in front of her car door and opens it for her.

She is startled and notices a lot of mosquitos under the light. “There’s a lot of mosquitos, why are you standing outside? You aren’t afraid of mosquitos’ bite?”


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