Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 385

Old Madame Jing is unhappy. “I feel that You Yuan is quite okay, he is good for you. Tonight you cannot go anywhere? Understand?”

Jing Fen Fen imagines for a while, what if she really be with You Yuan, then they fight, he will cry……

“Yi—” Jing Fen Fen thinks about it and cannot help but to shiver. “Nai Nai, just let it be. I promise you that I’ll be good during the blind date and talk with them.”

“I cannot believe you.” Old Madame Jing pokes Jing Fen Fen’s head.

Then suddenly there’s a baby cry. Old Madame Jing feels sorry for him. She can make it out the sound is from her not-yet-six-months-old Sun Zi (grandson).

She looks over and indeed Wen Ren Xi is holding the crying Hu Hu and walking back to the resting room. Jing Yi is holding Wen Ren Xi’s bag and goes with her.

Old Madame Jing knows that Hu Hu should be hungry. With Jing Yi by Wen Ren Xi’s side, she doesn’t come over to disturb them.

Her attention is back at Jing Fen Fen again.

Jing Fen Fen says: “Er Shen is really blessed and looks very happy.”

Old Madame Jing glares at her. “Don’t learn from your Er Shen. Tonight if you dare to make excuses to avoid this. I will ask your Pa to ‘cut your legs’!”

Jing Fen Fen: “………”

It’s almost 11 o’clock.

Ye Qing Xin gathers the triplet. The waiter comes over and tidies up the desk on the stage. The stage is covered with red tablecloth and there’re three sets of Mahogany wood carvings for grabbing test tradition on baby’s first birthday (in which various objects e.g a book, a writing brush, an inkstone, tools, and other things – are spread before the baby. Whatever he or she picks is supposed to indicate future character, hobbies, and fortune).

Jing Fen Fen is cold by Old Madame Jing for half an hour. For shifting her attention, Jing Fen Fen says: “Wai Sheng Men (Nephew) will do the grabbing test now, let’s watch what they hold.”

In ancient times, this is done for surveying the young kid’s interest, future and also future job. Nowadays parents are not really believing this kind of superstition, but a lot of parents do this just for making the kids happy.

Everyone is watching the triplet. They are waiting to see what these three guys will hold.”

Jing Bo Yuan stands beside Ye Qing Xin, his phone suddenly rings so he says it first to Ye Qing Xin and goes to other side to answer it.

It’s a call from Ji Lin Yuan. He apologizes to be unable to attend. Jing Bo Yuan knows that Song Xian Yu just gave birth to a son. Now she is in a month confinement after childbirth. Ji Lin Yuan is also well-known for spoiling his wife. Jing Bo Yuan heard that nowadays he works from his study room inside the house. He also skips every business dinners that he can. For twenty four hours a day, he takes care of Song Xian Yu.

Jing Bo Yuan couldn’t understand that kind of attitude in the past, he used to think that business is the most important for a man. Now after he is married, he can understand it. He doesn’t blame him. They both chat for a while and then the call ends.

Jing Bo Yuan returns to Ye Qing Xin’s side. Ye Qing Xin smiles toward him.

On the table, Mu Mu is sitting down quietly. He is holding Wang Ke Suan. Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are standing on the table and walking around nonstop. Nian Nian holds Cai Man Xing and Zhao Zhao is holding Shi Shen He.

Wang Ke San means that the kid will a businessman, a business tycoon.

Cai Man Xing means the kid will be fortunate and wealthy for a lifetime.

Shi Shen He means that the kid will enjoy delicacy throughout his life.

According to this, Mu Mu in the future will be dedicated man that always works hard to earn money. Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are seen to be someone that can spend money and enjoy his life.

Ye Qing Xin thinks about this and feels sorry for Mu Mu. Jing Bo Yuan holds her shoulder and smiles: “It’s just a game, don’t think too much about it.”

Song Xian Yu and Ji Lin Yuan don’t come to the feast, but Ji Nian Yu is coming with Old Madame Ji. Ji Nian Yu is almost two years old. She loves to experience a lot of things and always acts full of curiosity. At first she followed Old Madame Jing’s side quietly. But the time she watches the triplet.

“That, that, Nian Nian wants…..” She tiptoes and points at the Wang Ke Suan on Mu Mu’s hold.

Ji Nian Yu is wearing a t-shirt with tiered skirt. Her hair is styled in simple cute bun. She is so beautiful.

Mu Mu is calm and looks at his Wang Ke Suan. He acts like he will not be generous toward her.

Both of the kids are refusing to budge. Ji Nian Yu pouts and her eyes turn teary so fast. It will fall down soon.

Old Madame Ji immediately holds her. Nian Nian looks at Mu Mu’s Wang Ke Suan for a while, then he just lets go his own Shi Shen He. He takes the other Wang Ke Suan and comes to give it to Ji Nian Yu.

Ji Nian Yu looks at him, she doesn’t take it, she just keeps on being stubborn. She wants the one that is held by Mu Mu.

Mu Mu just glances at her calmly and turns his back. His back is facing Nian Nian.

Ji Nian Yu is startled and her tears falls down. She doesn’t cry like other kids. She just cries quietly. It makes everyone feels sad too.

“Mu Mu, Nian Nian Jie Jie likes your toy. Could we lend it to Nian Nian Jie for. Awhile to play?” Ye Qing Xin bends her waist to look at Mu Mu on the eyes. She is discussing with him.

Nian Nian’s good intention is ignored, he is dejected. He doesn’t jump or leap again. He just stands there and looks at his mother. He hopes that his mother will comfort him. Who knows his mother doesn’t notice it, he feels even more hurt.

Ye Qing Xin is still discussing with Mu Mu. She thinks that when another kid are crying, a parent should take her own child’s toys to give it that crying kid. That thing is Mu Mu’s, it’s his right whether he wants to give it or not.

As an adult, she shouldn’t snatch it from him. She thinks she should discuss it with her kid. And let the kid makes the final decision.

It’s clear that Mu Mu isn’t someone that let go easily. The time Ye Qing Xin is discussing with him, he just looks at her for a while without letting go the Wang Ke Suan.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Jing Bo Yuan.

Jing Bo Yuan comes over and holds the crying Ji Nian Yu. He wipes the tears and pampers her for a while.

JI Nian Yu likes Jing Bo Yuan so the time he holds her, she stops crying. She just looks at Mu Mu with resentment.

This moment passes quickly.

At almost 12 o’clock, the feast starts. Song Jiu is late.

She gives the gifts for the triplet and apologizes: “I had music recording this morning, I was late. The traffic was bad. I’m sorry.”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t mind it and smiles: “There’s nothing. It’s okay.”

The lunch starts at 12:00.

Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan come to every table to propose a toast.

Dou Weir and Song Jiu are sitting down on the same table as Ye Qing Xin.

“Da Ge, what are you looking at?” He Yun Xiao feels something is off with his Da Ge. He looks over and notices that He Ji Fan is looking at Dou Weir. Could it be his Da Ge likes Dou Weir?

Dou Weir is beautiful.

“Da Ge, I’m pursuing Weir. You know you cannot snatch a woman from your Di Di and be the third party right?”

“Who knows who is the third party, it’s too early to conclude.”

He Yun Xiao: “….. What do you mean?”

He Ji Fan says nothing and just goes to the restroom. He doesn’t take a shortcut and just walk around. He passes from Jing family’s table. He stands behind Dou Weir and talks with Jing family’s elders for a while.

Dou Weri is lowering her head and ignores him.

“Weir, what is it?” Song Jiu notices something is wrong with Dou Weir.


Song Jiu doesn’t ask anything and looks at Ye Qing Xin. Just in time, she notices that Jing Bo Yuan is proposing a toast to someone that she knows.

“It’s him!” Song Jiu’s eyes turn bright.

Dou Weir hears it out, she asks. “Who?” She looks over.

Ye Qing Xin has finished proposing toast for that table, Cheng Yu Nong is talking with someone. His handsome is shinning under the light.

Dou Weir doesn’t know who Song Jiu means, she just notices that He Ji Fan is back inside the hall. She just lowers her head and eat.

He Ji Fan comes inside and looks around. Dou Weir is not the only one that wears red that time but she clearly the most eye-catching one.

Her white milky skin, her curly hair. She really is a beauty. He notices that several men are paying attention to her. She frowns.

Dou Weir has different kind of beauty from Ye Qing Xin. Ye Qing Xin looks pure and innocent, her image lets someone wants to marry her and spoils her. But Dou Weir can make a man easily expresses himself in a pompous flower style.

At first He Ji Fan also acted that way. He just wanted to play her, he never thinks to marry her. Afterwards he pursued her relentlessly just because he was infatuated with her body.

Now he somehow can describe and be sure of his intention.

He Ji Fan stands on the balcony and leans on the fence. He smokes while his gaze keeps on that woman in the red dress.

The first time of their intimate moment, he was so surprised for the ecstasy that she gave to him. He had been with countless women. But no one is like Dou Weir.

After that time after he is with other women, he feels uninterested.

To think about it carefully now, after being with Dou Weir, he has never been with another woman. He never touches anyone. It’s indeed something that is hard to be believed.

He Ji Fan stops smoking as he notices that He Yun Xiao is approaching Dou Weir. He leans over toward Dou Weir intimately. He Ji Fan feels something is burning inside of him.

He gets into the hall.

Dou Weir can smell He Yun Xiao’s perfume scent from his body, she frowns as she thinks of another man’s perfume.

The birthday celebration has reached the end. A lot of people are leaving. Song Jiu notices Cheng Yu Nong and walks toward him. She is chatting with him now.

He Yun Xiao sits down on Song Jiu’s previous seat. He purposely shifts the chair closer to Dou Weir. The time he is talking with the elders of Jing family, his body unconsciously moves closer toward her.

Everyone seems to notice it.

The elders don’t mind of his action, they think that young ones like He Yun Xiao, should have hard time to control himself.

Moreover Dou Weir is Ye Qing Xin’s best friend so they think highly of dou Weir.

Jing Suo Suo smiles: “He Er Ge, do you know what is my greatest shortcoming?”

He Yun Xiao is complimenting Old Madame Jing’s jade bracelet. Hearing Jing Suo Suo’s voice makes his temple bounces. Though he has a lot of girlfriends. But he loves each one of them sincerely. He feels the time Jing Suo Suo describes his previous relationships with his ex-girlfriends, it makes he looks like he is fickle in love.

Jing Suo Suo continues without waiting for his answer. “What kind of person i am. My greatest shortcoming is for something someone doesn’t want to mention, I even have great interest to mention it. For example, your underage ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend…..”

He Yun Xiao: “……..”

Jing Suo Suo notices that He Yun Xiao’s face changes. She smiles so brightly but says nothing else. She isn’t interested to leak anyone’s secret but she just wants to make He Yun Xiao acknowledge his defeat and mistakes to satisfy her. Hahaha!

He Yun Xiao looks at Dou Weir: “Don’t think too much about it. Suo Suo means my first official girlfriend. That time we were at second year of senior high school. We were young. We was in relationship for two years then we just broke up after the college entrance examination. It’s really an innocent relationship between man and woman…..”

Dou Weir laughs and wants to say something. But suddenly He Yun Xiao’s phone rings.

He takes it out and his face changes.

He says to Dou Weir: “Let me answer this first.” Then he answers it.


That is the last thing Dou Weir heard from him.

He Yun Xiao just leaves and doesn’t get back inside the hall.

Dou Weir looks around and notices on the balcony there are He Yun Xiao with a serious fifty years old man. They are talking with each other with serious expression like they are discussing an important matter.

Then she looks around. He Ji Fan is sitting down on the chair and smokes. He is talking with someone. His sleeves are folded. She can see his expensive watch.

He seems to notice her gaze and he turns to look at her. The time their gazes meet each other, Dou Weir’s heart tighten.

She just shifts her gaze away.

It’s been two years of separation between them, she feels something is different.

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  1. I cannot agree with YQX here a child older than you own is crying for the younger one’s toy and you think the best thing is to try and teach the younger one to give in rather than teach the older one that it is not her’s and she won’t get what she wants just by crying?
    This seems like history repeating itself if they dont curb her.
    Thanks for the update!

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    1. I agree, the older child should be taught better. I’m glad Mu Mu held his ground but I’m also glad YQX, made it his choice and didn’t force him. Mu has such strength of character!.

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