Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 383

Three days later, Ye Qing Xin gets a news that the case is dropped.

At last this lawsuit ends before it’s even started.

Ye Qing Xin hears from Chen Ting that Tai Zheng Ting didn’t know about this. The case is dropped because of him.

No matter what is the reason, Ye Qing Xin wishes they can settle it quietly because she doesn’t want Ye Qing Guo stands in the court and looks at how relatives fight for him.

When everyone starts to say goodbye and start a new journey, Ye Qing Xin is still busy to follow her tutor to finish her task. She always leaves early and comes home late at night. It’s been a long time since she enjoys a dinner with Jing Bo Yuan, the triplet has stopped drinking her milk.

At the end of June, Jing Bo Yuan goes home late after business dinner. He opens up his bedroom and notices that his busy wife hasn’t come home. He wants to call her to ask what time she will be home, but at last he doesn’t dial the number.

After the shower he stands on the balcony and watches the main gate.

After some time, a red BMW car stops in front of the mansion door.

Under the light, he can see a woman gets off the car.

A twenty two years old Ye Qing Xin, after becoming a mother, she has become more mature.

Ye Qing Xin notices it and raises up her head to look at him. She waves at him.

Ye Qing Xin gets inside the room and changes her shoes.

Half month ago, she finally got her driving license. She went to car store to buy low-keyed car. Now she is a student, she feels she shouldn’t buy too expensive car.

She gets upstair, she goes to the babies’ room to look at her triplet. Then she turns her body to go back to the master bedroom. She looks at Jing Bo Yuan.

Ye Qing Xin hugs his waist and says: “It’s late, why haven’t you sleep?”

Jing Bo Yuan takes her coat and says: “Do you remember what day is today?”

“What day is it?”

“Our sons turn a year, do you forget?”

“………” Ye Qing Xin is shocked: “don’t you remember it? So it’s okay for me to forget about it?”

“Nai Nai wants to hold a big feast, Pa thinks it is not really good idea. He suggest to do a simple one. He asked me about your opinion.”

Jing Bo Yuan takes Ye Qing Xin back to the master bedroom, he places his coat on the sofa.

‘What…… do you think? I’ll just follow you.” Ye Qing Xin returns back the choice to Jing Bo Yuan.

“Then just do it simpler way. We just invite our friends and relatives. Recently the situation is quite tense. Pa, Er Shu, San Shu are focuses of attention. They shouldn’t live as extravagantly and wastefully as before.”

“Em.” Ye Qing Xin nods.

The kids’ birthday shouldn’t be too grand.

“Just make a simple one, Wai Po just passed away too…..” Ye Qing Xin feels sad.

Jing Bo Yuan comforts her and lets her have a shower.

Ye Qing Xin finishes her shower and falls asleep on Jing Bo Yuan’s embrace.

On the Second of August, the weather is hot.

Jing family holds a lunch birthday celebration for the triplet, they arrange thirty to forty tables. They just invite the closest friends and relatives to come and celebrate the triplet’s birthday.

Ye Qing Xin asks for two days leave from the university.

The hall is designed in grand style. In the middle of the stage, there’s a writing of the triplet’s name and a sentence: “We are one years old!”

The triplet can walk by themselves now. The hall is big. Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are running around all over the place. Li Yi and Sun Yi are chasing after them. Mu Mu is standing beside Ye Qing Xin peacefully, he is looking at Ye Qing Xin, who is chatting with other people.

Dou Weir comes and talks a while with Ye Qing Xin. Then her attention quickly shifts to the clever Mu Mu.

“Xin Xin, your Lao San is very good.” Dou Weir holds Mu Mu. Mu Mu’s cheeks are chubby but his chin is very pointy. He is wearing a grey small shirt and jeans.

“Your Lao San is an exact copy of Big Boss Jing.” Dou Weir watches Mu Mu. Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao’s eyes and lips are really look like Ye Qing Xin.

“I’ll take away your son for a while, later I’ll bring him back.” Ye Qing Xin nods.

Dou Weir is wearing a red dress. She looks so sexy and attractive. A lot of men are peeking at her.

She takes Mu Mu to the resting area.

“You are young but you already this handsome. I don’t know how many women will be captivated by you by the time you grow up.” Dou Weir holds Mu Mu to stand up on her thigh. She seems to not care if his small shoes stain her skirt.

“If you don’t mind, the time you grow up, A Yi will marry to you okay?”

Dou Weir is joking but someone speaks up: “The time he grow up, he should be around twenty years old, it’s better for you to marry me.”

Dou Weir turns her head and looks at that man. That man is young, at the most he should be around twenty four or twenty five years old.

“I even don’t know about your name, how can I marry you?” Dou Weir smiles.

That man seems to be attracted to her, he says: “I am Cheng, Cheng Yu Nong. You can call me Yu Nong.”

Dou Weir looks at his hand for a while and shakes it lightly. She smiles: “A man usually waits for a woman to extend her hand first to shake hand. Cheng Xian Sheng seems to rush it.”

Cheng Yu Nong laughs.

“Beauty, what is your name?”

Though clearly, Cheng Yu Nong is flirting with her but he doesn’t act annoyingly.

“My family name is Dou.” Dou Weir smiles, “You can call me Weir.”

Suddenly Cheng Yu Nong’s phone rings.

It’s a call from Song Yu Nong.

He doesn’t go to other side and just answers it in front of Dou Weir. Dou Weir is interested to the call so she just plays with Mu Mu for a while.

All along Mu Mu’s small face just looks plain just like Jing Bo Yuan. Dou Weir teases him for a while but he doesn’t react. She feels bored.

Cheng Yu Nong ends his call and says: “I have Mei Mei at home, she always feels worried about my partner. Weir, do you think that I’m someone that will have difficulty in having a wife?”

Dou Weir smiles and answers honestly: “No.”

“Weir, you really have a great taste.” Cheng Yu Nong shifts the topic. “Are you free tonight? Let’s have dinner.”

“I have time tonight, it’s better to go and drink with me.” A man intervenes their conversation.

Cheng Yu Nong turns his head and looks at He Ji Fan.

He Ji Fan looks at Dou Weir. Dou Weir is still talking with Mu Mu.

“He Da Ge knows that I cherish woman than man. It’s better to have dinner with Dou Weir than drinking with you.” Cheng Yu Nong sits down on the sofa.

He Ji Fan’s smile disappears.

“Weir? You guys are close?” He Ji Fan sits down in front of Cheng Yu Nong.

Cheng Yu Nong: “I and Weir are having familiarity at first sight.”


“Weir!” An excited voice calls after him.

He Yun Xiao greets his own Da Ge (He Ji Fan) and Cheng Yu Nong. Then he sits down beside Dou Weir. He is excited. “I didn’t expect that I can meet you here. You know Jing Da Ge (Jing Bo Yuan) or Jing Da Sao (Ye Qing Xin)? I never met you during Jing family gathering?”

Dou Weir looks at He Yun Xiao: “I and Xin Xin are best friend.”

“Oh, what a coincidence.” He Yun Xiao is fully occupied with Dou Weir. He just ignores everyone else and just focuses on Dou Weir. “Are you free later on? After the feast, I want to ask you out to watch a movie, at night let’s have dinner.”

Dou Weir doesn’t even have chance to refuse, He Ji Fan just speaks up: “Have you finished the contract for Jin Ling group?”

“It’s almost done.” He Yun Xiao’s attention is fixed on Dou Weir. He smiles so brightly and replies He Ji Fan causally. “Don’t I get two more days before the deadline. I am almost done with it. I guarantee I can finish it within two days.”

“Tomorrow at 9 o’clock put it on my desk.” He Ji Fan looks at Dou Weir. Looking at how Dou Weir doesn’t refuse any of their requests, He Ji Fan is a bit annoyed. He takes out his cigarette and smokes it

“Ah? Why, don’t you say that I have two more days?”

“Tomorrow I want to read it.” He Ji Fan says. “This is my order.”

He Yun Xiao:”……”

Cheng Yu Nong watches Dou Weir and feels so interested to her.

Dou Weir holds Mu Mu and stands up: “The kid shouldn’t inhale the smoke, I’ll go take Mu Mu there to play. Excuse me.”

“Weir…..” He Yun Xiao calls after her, Dou Weir doesn’t even turn her head to look at him.

“Ge, why aren’t you respecting me? I’ve been chasing her for several months. It’s rare that we can progress….” He Yun Xiao drinks his champagne, he is unhappy.

“What kind of progress?”


Dou Weir holds Mu Mu and walks toward Ye Qing Xin. She feels like she is a stranger here. The guests have gathered, Ye Qing Xin sits down on the corner and takes a rest. Several other rich women are chatting with her. Ye Qing Xin acts elegantly and friendly. She seems to be suitable for this society now.

Dou Weir stops moving and watches Ye Qing Xin.

She remembers the time they just attended the university. They were the same person, they were poor and worked hard. Now they are in different position.

Ye Qing Xin has transformed to daughter of rich families and a wife. But Dou Weir feels that though she is well-known in modeling industry but it’s nothing compared to Ye Qing Xin.

Ye Qing Xin also has a loving husband, she has given birth to the triplets; and she, she is just alone. She has a lot of pursuers but they just judge her based on her appearance, they might not be able to tolerate her body.

“Mama— mama—” Mu Mu, who is held by Dou Weir, suddenly bends his waist and wants to get down. She emits out a baby sound like “mama”.

Dou Weir places him on the ground and Mu Mu immediately moves his little legs and runs toward Ye Qing Xin.

His steps aren’t steady, he likes a little duck. He looks so cute and adorable. Everyone is watching him and moves aside to let him run toward Ye Qing Xin.

“Mama—” Mu Mu stops in front of Ye Qing Xin and holds her thigh with his hands. He raises his face and looks at her with his bright eyes.

Ye Qing Xin lowers her head and looks at her son. She holds Mu Mu and wipes his sweat.

“He is just a year old and he can walk, in the future, he will be great. He will be as great as his father.” One of the married woman says. She seems to complimenting Mu Mu.

“Jing Tai Tai is so great. You can have three sons in one go. He is so young but he can yell Mama.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Your kids should be great too.”

“How can they be compared to your triplet, my kid are naughty and is late to walk and talk. They don’t like to study and have bad mark…”

Ye Qing Xin smiles. She looks around to find Dou Weir. She notices that Dou Weir is chatting with Jing Suo Suo so she just lets her be.

On the other side.

Jing Suo Suo is dragging Dou Weir to He Yun Xiao’s side.

“It’s a rare chance that three of us can be here, I can let go the chance to attack He Yun Xiao.”

Jing Suo Suo is still resenting He Yun Xiao’s jokes and teasings.

“He Da Ge, Xiao San Ge.” Jing Suo Suo greets He Ji Fan and Xiao Yan, then she looks at He Yun Xiao. “He Er Ge, this is Dou Weir, my very best friend.”

He Yun Xiao starts to be happy again to see Dou Weir is back. “I know Dou Weir, Weir, are you thirsty? Are you feeling hot? Let me get you iced fruit juice.”

Dou Weir shakes her head: “I don’t feel well, I cannot drink cold juice. I am also not thirsty.”

Jing Suo Suo smiles. “Ay, oh ya He Da Ge, I remember your ex-girlfriend is French right? Your ex-ex- girlfriend is African right. Your ex-ex-ex is Thai right. Your ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend is…….”

“Stop!” He Yun Xiao looks at Jing Suo Suo and frowns. He asks her: “What do you want?”

Jing Suo Suo sits down on the sofa and sighs: “I am thirsty and feeling hot. I want to iced fruit juice, but no one wants to take it for me.”


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