Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 382

“She is just a bit greedy. But she doesn’t have any intention to harm anyone. Please forgive her.”

Ye Qing Xin just “Em”

The car is stuck in a traffic jam for a while. Ye Qing Xin looks at Ye Qing Guo. His popularity lets him be viewed as a source of easy money.

She has expected this to happen.

Ye Qing Xin is thankful that she is not that kind of Jie Jie that sees him as a source of easy money. If not, he will have a hard life.

That night, Ye Qing Xin tells Jing Bo Yuan about it.

Jing Bo Yuan says: “That time asks Chen Ting to help you.”

He means that she doesn’t need to use anything to press Li Shu Fen, with Chen Ting’s help, it is enough to solve this small matter.

After around half month, indeed Ye Qing Xin gets a letter from the court and she just hands it over to Chen Ting.

At the end of June, Chen Ting looks for Tai Zheng Ting. For this case, Tai Zheng Ting is the immediate party. As long as Tai Zheng Ting doesn’t show any thought of fight for the right of raising Ye Qing Guo, this appeal has no basis.

Tai Zheng Ting just knows about Li Shu Fen’s action behind his back.

Li Shu Fen hears the door bell and opens up the door. She smiles when she sees him, but Tai Zheng Ting just slaps her hard.

Li Shu Fen falls to the floor and covers her face.

She looks at him. It’s the first time Tai Zheng Ting has ever hit her.

“Zheng Ting…” She says.

“Zheng Ting, what happened?”

Tai Zheng Ting pulls his tie and sits down on the sofa. He looks at her and asks coldly: “You want to make Xiao Guo be at your side? You really want to take care of him or is it because he is popular now and you want him to earn money for you?”

Li Shu Fen smiles and wants to curry favor with him. ” I always want to talk about this to you. Recently you are so busy so I cannot find a time. Your business just starts to turn better. You need some capital. Xiao Guo is your son, he has duty to help your company. I also do it for your own good…”

“Stop saying nonsense!” Tai Zheng Ting looks at Li Shu Fen.

“How can I not know what kind of person you are? Before when I turned bankrupt, you wanted a divorce. You ran away with my money. What happened now? You lost your money and you want me to take you back? You also want my son to earn money for you?”

“Zheng Ting, you, how can you talk to me that way? We used to be husband and wife…”

“You still remember that we used to be husband and wife? Then where are you during my most difficult time? How can you not remember that we were husband and wife? You think that I give you permission to come here, it means you can decide for me?”

Tai Zheng Ting extends his hand to Li Shu Fen.

“What is it?”

“Give back my key and leave immediately. In the future, you cannot come here again.”

“Zheng Ting…. I, I really do all of this for you. I heard that Xiao Guo earns a lot of money for a movie. You should think about it. If you get the right, you will be responsible for everything. Why should that Ye Qing Xin gets all the benefit? That time if you have the right to raise him, his contract will be signed by you and you can have the money for your company, isn’t it good?”

Li Shu Fen’s face is in pain, she can feel her face is swollen. She keeps on being patient to explain: “You are Xiao Guo’s biological father. Zhou Qiao Qiao is dead. You are the rightful one to be Xiao Guo’s guardian. I asked the lawyer, we have eighty percent to win the case”

Tai Zheng Ting takes out his cigarette box. He smokes for a while and laughs. “Do you know who is Xin Xin’s lawyer? It is Chen Ting. In this Jing, even for the most difficult cases, as long as he comes out, he will in. Do you still want to win? It’s just a nonsense.”

“Okay, leave the key here. Don’t come here again in the future. Don’t force me to throw you out.”

“Zheng Ting…”

“I’ll give you three minutes.”

Li Shu Fen: “……”

She takes out the key and leaves it on the coffee table. She covers her face and leaves.

She hasn’t moved into the apartment. She comes here because she said that she wants to help Tai Zheng Ting to wash the clothes and clean up.

She changes her shoes and turns her head and says: “No matter you believe it or not, I do all of this, it’s really because of you.”

Because of him?

Tai Zheng Ting smokes his cigarette and laughs like he is mocking himself.

If it’s for him, she shouldn’t provoke Ye Qing Xin or Jing Bo Yuan. He can get back up. After all it’s because of Jing Bo Yuan.

He is already fifty years old, now he just wants to earn some money for his pension. He doesn’t want to suffer when he is old.

Also for Shi Shi. He has let down his daughter. He wants to arrange everything well for her.


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