Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 375

“Xi Fan…..” Wen Ren Xi is helped by Old Madame Wen Ren to lie on her side. The pet cage is uncovered. Xi Fan’s whole body is swollen. Wen Ren Xi’s tears cannot stop falling.

Xi Fan’s fur is stained with red blood.

“The cat is already sent to you, I’ll leave first.” The delivery man just leaves. Old Madame Wen Ren sends him out.

Wen Ren XI has no time to think about anything else, she is distressed for the cat, who has been accompanying her for twenty years. She touches the cage. “Xi Fan.”

Xi Fan seems to recognize her owner’s voice, she opens her eyes to look at her.

The cat’s face is swollen too.

“Miao—” She even cannot open her mouth, she only makes a sound lightly.

“Xi Fan….” Wen Ren Xi wants to hold her but a movement makes her belly in pain.

Old Madame Wen Ren is worried. “Don’t move.”

Old Madame Wen Ren takes out Xi Fan out from the cage and places Xi Fan beside Wen Ren Xi’s pillow.

“Xi Fan, I’m sorry. I involved you.”

Xi Fan stays silently and looks at her owner.

Wen Ren Xi strokes her head.

“Xi Fan, I had delivered the baby, now I can stroke your head.”


“Xi Fan, he is in surgery right now, do you think he will be okay?’


Xi Fan is tired, she closed her eyes and tears start to fall down from her eyes.

“Xi Fan, will you accompany Bao Bao (Baby) to grow up?”

“Xi Fan, are you tired?” Wen Ren Xi looks at her cat. XI Fan’s whisker is thin and soft. She plays with the longest one as she usually does.

At first, Xi Fan didn’t like anyone to touch her whisker, she was unhappy. But after a long time, she uses to it. Every time she just rolls her eyes at Wen Ren Xi.

Wen Ren Xi plays with Xi Fan’s whisker and starts to cry.

“Xi Fan….”

“Xiao Xi, don’t cry…… what if your wound is opened?”

Wen Ren XI keeps on crying these two days.

After a long time, Wen Ren Xi strokes Xi Fan’s gradually stiffen body. She says: “Ma, bury Xi Fan at my previous store. I want to buy the store back.”

“Will they sell it again to you?” Old Madame Wen Ren says.

“I want to buy it in any cost.”

JIng Yi’s operation is at the afternoon 02:30 p.m. The American doctor has arrived and entered the operation room.

His arrival is a hope for the doctor, nurses, and Jing family members.

Everyone is waiting outside, Old Madame Jing is nervous.

Finally, the door is opened.

“The operation is successful.” The doctor breaks the nervousness and worries of everyone.

Shortly Jing Yi is pushed outside and sent to the sickroom.

Wen Ren Xi gets the news and finally turns relieved. She falls asleep.

At 03:00 a.m. Jing Yi wakes up once, he looks around and asks: “Is Xiao Xi okay?”

Jing Zong tells him that Wen Ren Xi is resting. Then he just falls asleep again.

Wen Ren Xi lays down on the bed for three days. On the fourth day, she finally can walk a bit. She lets the maid to take a wheelchair and take her to go to Jing Yi’s sickroom.

Jing Yi is still weak. They both hold hand. He says to her: “Don’t cry.”

Wen Ren Xi smiles: “Our kid is born. Though he is a bit small, but he is very strong.”

Jing Yi just nods. “Em.”

“Xi Fan passes away. I let someone to bury her at the Xi Fan store that I used to live her for twenty years. I plan to buy that store back. So in the future I can take the kid to accompany her so she wouldn’t be alone.”


“You should get better then we will bring our kid home too.”


“Choose a name for the kid okay. He still has no name.”

Jing Yi turns silent and says: “Let’s call him Si Hu, I hope that God will protect him forever.”

He hopes the child will get special care from God..,

Wen Ren Xi smiles: “Em, his name is Jing Si Hu, his nickname will be Hu Hu.

On the seventh day.

Wen Ren Xi can get down of the bed and walk, Jing Yi also start to be able to get off the bed.

Jing Si Hu, who is incubator, also starts to get better. Now he can breath by himself. Ye Qing Xin visits him and feels that he is developing well. The time he is awake, he likes to kick hislegs.

On the eighth day.

The news about the country attacks W country leads to controversy.

The army is deployed secretly and severs W army military and their communication apparatus. They blow out W military field. W government sinks into a great fear and just in three hours, they surrender.

The news create a great sensation!

No one expects this when everyone is celebrating New Year.

On March 5th.

Jing Si Hu is turning a month old. He is bigger now, his skin turns normal like other kids. Everyday he can powder milk, now he is not in critical condition too.

Wen Ren Xi and Jing Yi have been discharged and recuperated at home. Every day Jing family members take turn to visit Jing Si Hu. They see that everyday the child is getting better. All the worries are dispersed.

After being injured, Wen Ren Xi and Jing Yi are closer than before.

Jing Yi is injured because of protecting country’s secret, he is awarded with the highest credit medal.

On April 25, Jing Si Hu is a month and ten days old. This time the spring has come and the flowers are in bloom. Jing Yi and Wen Ren Xi are in a good health now.

They pick their son up that day.

Jing Si Hu now is weighed around 2.25kg.

That night, every member of Jing family gather to have dinner to celebrate Jing Si Hu going home.

Jing Bo Yuan drives Ye Qing Xin and three sons to go back home to Jing family residence. It’s already at night fall.

They get into the living room. Jing Si Hu is laying on his bed. Jing family are standing around him. Sometimes he shows his smile and makes everyone laughs too.

Jing Bo Yuan holds Mu Mu, Ye Qing Xin is beside him. Looking at this, Ye Qing Xin pulls Jing Bo Yuan’s sleeve. She says: “Your Di Di.”

A young brother who is younger than his sons, it makes people want to laugh.

The maid notices Jing Bo Yuan and says to him with respect: “Lao Xian Sheng (Old Mister Jing) asks you to come over to the study room.”

Jing Bo Yuan nods and passes Mu Mu to Sun Yi. He says to Ye Qing Xin: “I’ll go over first. You should go chat with them. Don’t hold the baby by yourself.”

“I get it.” Ye Qing Xin smiles.

Ye QIng Xin waits till he disappears in the corner and turns her body to hold Nian Nian. Then she walks and sits down with Wen Ren Xi.

Wen Ren Xi looks better than before.

Ye Qing Xin greets everyone and passes the gift for Hu Hu to Wen Ren Xi.

Old Madame Jing keeps on smiling, she looks at her three chubby Chong Sun Zi (great grandson).

“Now we have four kids in the house, it’s really different.” Jing Xian Xian smiles. Nai Nai finally gets what she wishes for. She has Cong Sun Zi and also a Sun Zi (Grandson). Not everyone has a blessing as you.”

Old Madame Jing carries Zhao Zhao and kisses his cheek. She smiles and says: “It’s not enough, you guys should marry and give birth to children. Bring your husbands and children home. Xian Xian ah, you and Gu Ting are engaged. if you can have a kid, Nai Nai will make your wedding so grand.”

“Nai Nai, why are you implicated me?” Jing Xian Xian blushes.

Everyone laughs at this, Old Madame Jing also laughs: “You are twenty seven years old now, you are still embarrassed about this. You are not a girl anymore.”

“Nai Nai!” Jing Xian Xian says.

Old Madame Jing: “Okay okay okay, I’ll not press you again. Anyway your wedding will come soon.” Then she says to Jing Fen Fen. “Fen Fen is thirty years old this year. Xiao Yi ah, have you arranged the blind date for her?”

“She has arranged a lot of blind dates and I’ve attended several time. Those men are weirdo than I expected. I don’t dare to go anymore.”

“What do you mean? The man is not good?” Old Madame Jing is confused.

Ji Yi is worried. “The men that are in the same age as Fen Fen, most of them are married. The younger men are not happy, so it’s easy to look for one.”

Old Madame Jing complains: “Look at you. For Xiao Yu, you have wasted your time. Now it’s hard to find a husband!”

“I just waste several years, it’s nothing than Er Shen. Now Er Shen can get Er Shu. I am considering whether I want to wait or not. Maybe after twenty years I can get what I wish for.” Jing Fen Fen looks at Jing Suo Suo.

“How can yo compare yourself with Xiao Xi, Xiao Yu doesn’t like you.” Old Madame Jing glares at Jing Fen Fen.

Jing Fen Fen says casually: “Er Shu also didn’t like Er Shen before, but now he loves her dearly.”

Jing Suo Suo looks at Jing Fen Fen. She cannot be sure whether Jing Fen Fen’s words are real or not. She is worried ans say: “Er Shu’s heart had Su Yu Zuo’s mother so he didn’t like anyone for twenty years. At last he be together with Er Shen. Cheng Da Ge now doesn’t have anyone that he likes, maybe sometime he will like someone. Then doesn’t it mean you are waiting for nothing.”

“Suo Suo, what nonsense are you talking about?” Ji Yi hears that Jing Suo Suo mentions about Su Mei. She cannot help but to scold her. Then she looks at Wen Ren Xi, she is relieved that Wen Ren Xi is calm.

In the past Wen Ren Xi hated the time anyone mentions about Su Mei, but now clearly she is calm about it.

Jing Suo Suo doesn’t understand why Ji Yi scolded her, she mumbles. “I’m not wrong, Er Shu…”

“Stop it!” Ji Yi says seriously.

“Ma, why are you scolding me?” Jing Suo Suo feels wronged. If Jing Fen Fen doesn’t let Cheng Ru Yu go, how can she pursue him?

But after Jing Fen Fen’s depression, all the family members are worried and nervous about her condition. Jing Suo Suo realizes that this matter is not simple.

She cannot ignore Jing Fen Fen’s feeling. She also afraid that the family will not bless her relationship with that man.

“It’s okay, Xia Yi.” Wen Ren Xi speaks up: “In the past I minded that he lieks that woman. Now, I don’t.”

“The time he took the bullet for me. I just realize my position in his heart. That time I just realize that nothing more important than him being alive.”

Being able to dispel the negative thought, it’s a kind of growing up.

The atmosphere turns relaxed.

“Yi? What smell is this?” Jing Xian Xian breaks the silent. She then covers her nose: “Who is pooping? The smell isn’t right…”

The nannies of the triplet start to check on each baby, Wen Ren Xi also checks on Hu Hu.

Hu Hu is the one pooping.

Old Madame Jing directly asks the maid to take a basin of warn water and clean towel. She helps him clean up.

Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao is curious to look at Hu Hu. Their eyes are watching Hu Hu intensely.

“What are you looking at, he is your Xiao Shu Shu (Young Uncle).” Jing Xian Xian smiles, she is holding Nian Nian. She then asks: “Is Xiao Shu Shu cute?”

Nian Nian kicks his legs. He extends his arms to Hu Hu like he is asking to be held. But no one is sure what Nian Nian wants to do.

Old Madame Jing cleans Hu Hu up while looks at her Song Sun Zi. She says: “You are still small, you cannot hold Xiao Shu Shu. When you are bigger, then you can take Xiao Shu Shu to play.”

“Don’t think that Hu Hu is small, his position in the family hierarchy is higher than you.” Ye Qing Xin smiles.

Jing Suo Suo is staying silent on the sofa. She doesn’t join in the conversation.

After a while, they hear a sound of car engine. Very quickly, the maid brings Gu Ting to get inside. He is bringing a lot of things for both Jing elders, Jing Xian Xian’s parents and four kids, and Ye Lin.

“Why are you buying a lot of things and bringing it here, we are family. No need to be so courteous.” Old Madame Jing is satisfied to see that Gu Ting is sensible. Jing family doesn’t lack of anything. But his act shows that he cares about Jing Xian Xian.

Jing Bo Yuan comes downstair, Gu Ting notices him and turns nervous. He wipes his wet palm and comes forward to shake hand with him. Jing Bo Yuan is polite and chats with him for several minutes.

The dinner starts.

Everyone takes their seat on the big round table. He Shu E also comes to join the dinner. No one knows what happened between her and JIng Zong. But they look close than before. Jing Zong keeps on taking food for him and she doesn’t ignore him like before.

During the dinner, everyone is happy and harmonious.

The time the dinner is almost over, suddenly there’s a sound of baby cry. It’s surprised everyone. Ye Qing Xin and Wen Ren Xi come over to the living room.

Inside the living room.

Zhao Zhao and Mu Mu are standing up while holding the sofa. Nian Nian is held by Sun Yi and Sun Yi tries to calm Nian Nian down. Hu Hu is still laying peacefully on his own bed.

“What happened?” Ye Qing Xin asks.

“Before I was not careful. Da Shao Ye climbed on Hu Hu Shao Ye’s crib, he didn’t hold onto anything and fall down.” Sun Yi apologizes.

Now the little guys can climb anything.

“Oh, it’s okay. Our Nian Nian doesn’t afraid to fall down right?” Ye Qing Xin wipes Nian Nian’s tears and says gently. “Our Nian Nian is big boy now, you cannot cry easily, okay?”

Nian Nian pouts and his tears still fall down.

“Let me hold him.” Jing Bo Yuan also comes to the living room. He holds Nian Nian.

Jing Bo Yuan is colder than Ye Qing Xin. At last Nian Nian just stops crying.

The time he returns to Ye Qing Xin’s embrace, Nian Nian just lays his head on her shoulder like he is greatly wronged.

Ye Qing Xin pats her son’s back and says: “Nian Nian climbed Xiao Shu Shu’s bed, is it because you like Xiao Shu Shu and wants to play with Xiao Shu Shu?”

Nian Nian just “heng” like he understands Ye Qing Xin’s words.

Ye Qing Xin carries her to Hu Hu’s die and stands while her back facing the bed to let Nian Nian able to see Hu Hu.

“Xiao Shu Shu is sleeping, let’s wait till Xiao Shu Shu is awake okay, then you can look at Xiao Shu Shu?”


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  1. That’s the junk part about Jing Yi and WRX getting together, it gives unrealistic hope to Fen Fen. That’s really cruel, to block everyone from being happy. I know it hurts, but the man doesn’t like or love you, so move on!


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