Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 372

Inside the delivery room.

With Wen Ren Xi’s condition, the doctor cannot do the anesthetic so Wen Ren Xi is in pain. Her pain makes her even conscious of what is happening.

The child…” The child, her and Jing Yi’s child. He should be okay. She starts to move and wants to raise up her head to look at her belly.

“Stop her! Hold her! Don’t let her move!” The operating surgeon is cutting her belly. Wen Ren Xi’s sudden movement surprises her but luckily she is quick so she doesn’t make a mistake.

“The kid….” Actually Wen Ren Xi has no more energy. Her arms and legs are tied. A nurse holds down her shoulder and comforts her. “Don’t be agitated, the doctor is saving your child. The child is not in a good condition. If you want him to leave, you should be calm….”

“Yi… Yi….. the child….”

“Her blood pressure is declining! Her heartbeat turns faster.” A nurse screams.

“Hurry up, stabilize her…”

“Yi…….” Wen Ren Xi starts to have imagination that Jing Yi is in front of her. JIng Yi is smiling at her. In a next moment, he is bleeding heavily in front of her. Her breath turns rapid, she starts to yell again: “Yi…..”

Don’t die, I beg you to stay alive.

Wen Ren Xi loses her conscious. It’s all her fault. It isn’t for her, he would not be blackmailed, he wouldn’t take the bullet for her….

She regrets a lot of things. She shouldn’t turn into someone that is greedy. She shouldn’t attracted to his softness. If she didn’t reconcile with him. He will be fine, the child will develop well inside her and borns.

Perhaps everything is a mistake, she shouldn’t love him, she shouldn’t wait for him. She rather watches him from far away than watching his death.

Yi, don’t die…..

The other pregnant women has successfully delivered their own babies so now it’s only Jing family members left outside the delivery room to wait for Wen Ren Xi.

Not long before Jing Zong called, Jing Yi’s condition is not too good as the bullet is in deep part. The doctor doesn’t dare to operate him so he advises them to let a doctor from America, who he knows, to come over and help. Cheng Ru Yu already contacted the doctor and the doctor agrees to come over. It’ll take around fifteen hours for him to arrive at the hospital.

Old Madame Jing’s tears are unstoppable. Her eyes are swollen now. Everyone can pass the New Year happily, how can her Jing family be like this?

Ye Qing Xin says few comforting words yet she cannot stop the old madame’s tears.

Old Madame Jing’s health is not really good. Everyone is worried about her situation.

The delivery room door is finally opened. The nurse holds a really small baby out. “Boy, just 1.75 kg. He doesn’t mature yet. His organs are not fully developed. Whether you want to keep him or not, you guys need to consider. If you want to save him, then you will bare the possibility that this child might be dead or he will experience deficiency in the future. If you don’t want to save him, then just take him away.”

The nurse is much older, supposedly she has experienced a lot of things so her voice is quite cold and apathetic.

She adds coldly: “But I advise you to try to save him, after all this little one has life.”

“Save him! Of course save him!” Old Madame Jing just blurts it out without thinking of anything. “This is my grandson, though in the future, he might suffer few deficiencies, but it’s okay, we can raise him! His relatives can take care of him forever. Hurry up. No matter how expensive it’ll be, it’s no problem!”

Old Madame Jing watches the baby, which looks very small.

Ye Qing Xin feels sad because of it.

Old Madame Jing signs the paper, Ji Yi follows the nurse to the pediatrics department. The newborn baby is put into the incubator and he is plugged with breathing machine.

The time the baby is put on the breathing machine, the child struggles and cries.

Outside the room.

“How is the adult?” Old Madame Jing and Old Madame Wen Ren asks to the nurse.

“The adult is okay. We just need to observe her. After few moments, she will be sent to the sickroom.

Then the nurse goes back to the delivery room.

Wen Ren Xi is laying down on the bed with her eyes closed. She is sleeping.

“Is there any problem?” The operating surgeon asks with lingering fear.

An hour and half before, Wen Ren Xi’s heart stopped. The doctor and nurses were helping her to give birth to the baby and also saving her life. It’s quite a hard time for him. When the child was out, unexpectedly he was not breathing. That time it was a chaos. God knows how messy the situation was that time.


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