Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 370

Jing Yi’s face turns serious. The country wants to employ the plan, how can this news be known to W country.

This plan is top-secret, it’s important. They have taken a lot of preparations to make it a secret. W country can get this news, it means the spy shouldn’t be looked down.

This time military action should be careful. He will use this to make W country will not dare to do anything bad.

When he just puts down his phone and he wants to turn his body—

“Zong Chang.” Xiao Jiang speaks up. His voice sounds different from usual. His voice is cold.

Jing Yi thinks of something. But he is too late.

Wen Ren Xi’s face is paled up, she is standing eight to nine meter away from Jing Yi. Xiao Jiang is holding her neck with his left hand, while he is holding a gun with his right hand. The gun is pointing toward Wen Ren Xi’s temple.

Jing Yi’s gaze turns dark. Wen Ren Xi’s face is so pale. Her hands keep on trembling. She looks scared.

“Jiang Shi Cheng, it’s you.”

The spy is unexpectedly is the one that stays beside her!

Jiang Shi Cheng smiles wickedly. “Yes it’s me. What I want, I think you know it well. Give me the plan. If not, I will take her life.”

Jing Yi fists his hand.

“Do you know what are you doing? You are betraying your own country? Aren’t you afraid of military trial?”

“I’m afraid, of course.” Jiang Shi Cheng says slowly, “So I want to take you on with this too. Zong Chang, the time you pass me the plan. You are the same person as me. I need to rely on you to hide my identity.”

Jiang Shi Cheng has made a plan. He wants to use Wen Ren Xi to blackmail Jing Yi to give him the plan. In case Jing Yi compromises, he will also be a betrayer of the country. If this thing is known, Jing Yi’s reputation will be utterly discredited. Jing family will also be influenced.

So as long as Jing Yi compromises, he will be saved.

Jing Yi of course considers this too. He says calmly: “You have followed me for a long time, how can you not understand me well? When have you see me damage my country’s benefit for another person?”

Then he starts to move closer. His steps seem to be so relaxedly, yet it makes Jiang Shi Cheng be so nervous. He drags Wen Ren Xi to retreat.

Jing Yi shouldn’t be looked down as he can get high position not only because of his family but also mind.

Jiang Shi Cheng had personally witnessed how he killed someone during the talk.

“Don’t move!” Jiang Shi Cheng says. “I know Zong Zhang’s ability, I also know that you prioritize country’s benefit more than anything but it’s all in the past. Don’t forget, the current you has weak spot. Fu Ren’s baby is almost seven-months old right? I don’t know whether the kid can feel the pain, the time the bullet enter?”

Jing Yi stops and looks at Jiang Shi Cheng coldly.

“Zong Zhang, you have full responsible for W country’s attack. I believe you have all the material I want. I just trouble you to write it down.”

Wen Ren Xi has passed her panic, she starts to be calmed down though her face is still pale.

She looks at Jing Yi.

Attacking W country?

Every day she watches the news and knows that the country is in tense situation with W country. Yet she never hears that the country wants to attack W country.

This is a secret matter, if not everyone in the country will know about it.

Wen Ren Xi looks at Jing Yi. She loves her kid, she also loves him. She wants to be with him together to see their kid grow up. She wants three of them to hold hands and stroll around the garden, to the theme park. But how can she let him betray conscience for her? That will make him live in guilt for the rest of his life.”

She loves him as a soldier that protects the country and not as someone that betrays the country.

“I have limited patience. I urge Zong Zhang to be faster.” Jiang Shi Cheng urges.

“What if I don’t do it.” Jing Yi says expressionlessly. “Tonight, if my wife is harmed, you also will not live.”

“Think of your old mother, your kid. How will they think of you?”

“If I don’t remember wrongly too, next year your son will join college entrance examination. Your action will directly ruin his future. There’s time to surrender.”

Jiang Shi Cheng also has a weak spot.

Jiang Shi Cheng holds the gun even tighter. He thinks who is willing to do this if he has another way?

The time he was just a new soldier. He was so outstanding and selected to join a special force. The first time he carried out a task, he met a woman by accident. That woman looks so beautiful and has good personality. Her voice is gentle and soft. He fell in love. He thought that woman is good, who expects that woman is a trap for him.

The time they were doing intimate contact, the hotel door was opened by force. Five strange men rushed inside and recorded him with the video camera.

Those people accused him of raping their younger sister. They wanted to report him back to the military department to let his reputation damaged.

That time he was just twenty years old, how can he face that. He was afraid of his reputation so he just submitted and signed an agreement.

An agreement to betray his own country.

It makes him be a spy.

Every month in these thirty years, those people will contact him. These thirty years, he always lives in fear that someone will notice his secret.

A month ago, those people contacted him secretly to let him get the plan to attack W country.

The one in-charged of that plan is Jing Yi.

This one month, he keeps on trying but he cannot see it. He even doesn’t know who involve in this plan.

Two days ago, those people sent him a diplomatic note. If he cannot give the plan by tomorrow, they will expose his identity.

He has no chance to turn around.


Heng Shu is dead, he just wants to survive.

“Stop your nonsense. I will give you half an hour to write it down for me. If not I will let you lose your wife and kid!” Jiang Shi Cheng says ruthlessly.

Jing Yi just watches Jiang Shi Cheng.

“Hurry up!” Jiang Shi Cheng is afraid of Jing Yi’s eyes.

“Yi…” Wen Ren Xi calls after him, she wants to say something.

Jing Yi raises up his hand to let her not speak, then he says to Jiang Shi Cheng. “Stop right now, you can redeem yourself through good service. In the future if you are taken to the court, I will ask for lenient punishment, I will even for a secret military judgement. Except you and your family, no one will know about this.”

“If not you will only a dead end. You will be dead and your family need to pay up your mistake. Your son will bear the identity as the son of the betrayer. Think about it.”

Jiang Shi Cheng wavers.

“I almost be deceived by you. I don’t need a choice. As long as I get the plan. You will need to hide my identity too. That time I will still be your assistant. My family will be safe.” Jiang Shi Cheng looks at the clock. “There are only twenty more minutes. If I don’t get it, I’ll kill her.”

Then Jiang Shi Cheng points the gun toward the flower pot.

“Pi–” the flower pot breaks.

Wen Ren Xi’s body starts to tremble. “Ah!’ She screams. The time the gun points to her temple again, her tears fall down.

Xi Fan hears Wen Ren Xi’s scream.

Jing Yi is worried about Wen Ren Xi. He turns his body to go to the study room to take pen and paper.

But then he notices Xi Fan. She looks fierce.

Xi Fan always acts hostile to Jiang Shi Cheng……

Jing Yi doesn’t go to the study room, he walks toward Jiang Shi Cheng.

“Don’t come over!” Jiang Shi Cheng is alarmed.

“Don’t you want the plan? There’re pen and paper behind…”

He hasn’t finished his words, Xi Fan just jumps to Jiang Shi Cheng’s shoulder and scratches Jiang Shi Cheng’s left eyes.


Jiang Shi Cheng is in pain and unconsciously he lets go of Wen Ren Xi. Wen Ren Xi’s first response is run away from that dangerous man. She also bites Jiang Shi Cheng’s other hand to let down the gun.

Jiang Shi Cheng is in pain. The gun falls down to the ground. But he is quick, he wants to grab Wen Ren Xi’s hair but Xi Fan is quick, she bites Jiang Shi Cheng’s Leg. Jiang Shi Cheng is furious, he kicks his leg to the cupboard. Xi Fan is bumped into the cupboard and falls down.

This time, Wen Ren Xi kicks the gun toward Jing Yi and runs toward her.

Jing Yi takes the gun but he notices that Jiang Shi Cheng takes out another gun from his back and points it to Wen Ren Xi.

Wen Ren Xi holds her stomach and runs.

JIng Yi looks at his wife and runs toward her to protect her.

In a flash.



Two gunshots! In just short time.

The atmosphere in the room is so in chaos.

Two men fall down, there’s bleeding cat, and a shocked woman.

Her tears start to fall down quickly. She quickly looks at her man, who is laying on the ground with a lot of blood.

It’s too much, she cannot block it.

“You shouldn’t bleed this much… you cannot…..”

“Xiao Xi.” Jing Yi holds her hand. “Xiao Xi……”

He is in pain. He even feels that it takes a lot of energy to hold her hand.

“This time you should call ambulance to help me. Don’t cry. I’ll be okay. I still want….. to see our kids……”

He smiles and his voice turns even smaller.


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