Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 366

At 11:30 p.m. Jing Bo Yuan comes back to the bedroom from the study room. He notices that his young wife is still sitting on the sofa. Ye Qing Xin has fallen asleep there too.

Ye Qing Xin just wakes up when she is carried up by him.

She just realizes that she dozes off on the sofa. She yawns and says: “I just felt so tired so I closed my eyes to have a rest for a while. I didn’t expect to fall asleep there. Are you done with your meeting?”

“Em.” Jing Bo Yuan places her on the bed.

“Bo Yuan, Cheng family…… is there anyone whose name is Cheng Yu Nong?”

Jing City has a lot of people with family name of Cheng. Cheng Yu Nong and Cheng Ru Yu are quite similar name. She feels it’s a familiar one.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her and doesn’t answer directly. “Why are you asking this?”

“It’s…….. because I have a friend, she lets me to ask around about him.”

“There is.” Jing Bo Yuan takes off his watch.

“Do you have his phone number?” Then she notices something is wrong with Jing Bo Yuan’s gaze, she directly explains: “My friend also wants to know about it.”

“No.” Jing Bo Yuan just answers directly and goes to the bathroom.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Jing Bo Yuan’s unhappy figure and just realizes that he minds that she is asking around about a man.

She smiles and goes to the babies’ room again to look at the kids. Then she goes to wait outside of the bathroom.

Jing Bo Yuan comes out and Ye Qing Xin just hugs him.

Ye Qing Xin climbs on his body and Jing Bo Yuan just supports her bottom to not let her fall down.

Ye Qing Xin holds her handsome’s face and smiles. “I’m just helping Song Jiu to ask around about Cheng Yu Nong, why are you so petty?”

Jing Bo Yuan’s expression turns gentle and takes her to the bed.

“I really don’t have Cheng Yu Nong’s phone number. Perhaps you should ask Song Xian Yu.”

Ye Qing Xin still wants to ask why but Jing Bo Yuan just kisses her lips. It makes her just forgets about everything else.

The next day, she wakes up and feels that her legs are sore and pain. Last night she was so active that it makes her feel the residual effect.

Ye Qing Xin blushes.

She goes to take a shower and then goes downstair. The little guys are just finishing their milk. The mansion is quite peaceful as three elders has returned to stay at their own house. He Shu E also moved out a month ago.

Ye Qing Guo once again enters the movie production process. This time he doesn’t move around or travel far away as the location of the shooting is in Jing City. Ye Qing Xin visits him several time. Indeed Xu Jin Huan this time has arranged bodyguards and assistants for him. With his condition, he is quite happy with everyone caring about him.

For this movie, Ye Qing Guo acts as the brother of woman that has a brain injury. It’s quite an important role. Even before the production starts, the trailer has made it popular.

Ye Qing Guo’s fans have increased in number. Sometimes when Ye Qing Xin goes stroll around, she could hear everyone is talking about Ye Qing Guo.

Ye Qing Guo comes closer and kisses each of the babies, then she goes to the kitchen to take her breakfast.

After the breakfast, she remembers about Song Jiu’s request. She takes her phone and calls Song Xian Yu. The call is answered but when she hasn’t gotten into the point. Song Xian Yu yells: “Cheng Yu Nong! Be careful with Nian Nian!”

Then Ye Qing Xin can hear the crying voice of Nian Nian. It’s too heartbreaking.

Song Xian Yu doesn’t even have time for hang up the call, she just directly calms Ji Nian Yu down. From what Ye Qing Xin can hear, Cheng Yu Nong is careless that he lets Ji Nian Yu falls down from the sofa and bumps her head.

Ye Qing Xin just hangs up the call. Ji Nian Yu cries so hard, Song Xian Yu supposedly has no heart to talk to her.

In the middle of the afternoon, Ji Nian Yu calls Ye Qing Xin back.

“What do you want to talk about this morning?”

“Nothing. I just want to ask when did Nian Nian start to grow her tooth.” Ye Qing Xin makes an excuse.

“Nian Nian’s tooth grows late. She just got her first tooth when she was ten months.” Song Xian Yu says: “How about the triplet, have they gotten theirs?”

“Not yet.”

“Don’t worry. It’s normal.”

They just chat for a while, then Ye Qing Xin starts to talk about Cheng Yu Nong. “Is Nian Nian better now?”

“She is okay now. Her Jiu Jiu is too careless. He is back and visits her frequently. Every time he will make her fall down. If I don’t understand her Jiu Jiu, I will think that he does it with purpose.” Song Xian Yu jokes.

“How many Jiu Jiu Nian has? I thought she only has Cheng Ru Yu as her Jiu Jiu.”

“Cheng Ru Yu is Nian Nian Shu Bai Jiu Jiu (uncle descending from the same grandfather or great-grandfather. The one that always makes her fall down is her related Jiu Jiu. It’s too hilarious. In the past, I didn’t know that I am part of Cheng family. I didn’t know that I have a twin brother.”

When Song Xian Yu was just born, she was taken with a meanie. She just returned and be part of Cheng family around two or three years ago. Ye Qing Xin has heard about this from Jing Suo Suo.

“This morning I heard that you yelled Cheng Yu Nong, so he is your biological Ge Ge?”


Ye Qing Xin smiles: “What a coincidence.”

“What is so coincidence?” Song Xian Yu is confused.

“I have a friend that asked me to ask around about Cheng Yu Nong. You should know what it means. Then…. could you give me your Ge Ge’s phone number to me?”

Song Xian Yu is startled and says excitingly: “You mean that my Ge has an admire? That woman likes my Ge? Who is she?”

“It’s not good for me to tell you…” Ye Qing Xin is in difficult situation. She thinks how it will influence Song Jiu.

“It’s okay. Later on I’ll send the phone number to you. My Ma is worried that my Ge has no girlfriend yet when he is twenty three years old. Okay then. I’ll hang up first.”

Song Xian Yu hangs up. In less than two minutes, Ye Qing Xin receive the message of Cheng Yu Nong’s phone number and his biodata. Song Xian Yu makes it look like a match making process.

Ye Qing Xin is a bit confused, Song Xian Yu seems to hope that her Ge Ge can have a girlfriend soon. But Cheng family’s man, shouldn’t be worried about looking for a wife. Moreover Cheng Yu Nong is still twenty three years old.

She considers for a while then sends Song Xian Yu’s message to Song Jiu.

Song Jiu is so happy and calls Ye Qing Xin. She even makes a kiss sound several time to Ye Qing Xin.

Two days later, Old Madame Jing asks Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan to take the triplet to Jing family residence to have dinner together.

When Jing Bo Yuan and Ye Qing Xin arrive, they notices a military green car. Looking at its license plate, it can be known that Jing Yi also comes.

The triplet are covered well to not get cold. Jing Bo Yuan carries one, while Ye Qing Xin holds the umbrella. Wang Yi and Li Yi each carries one baby. Sun Yi helps to hold the umbrella for them.

The time they enter the house, Old Madame Jing just rushes over to welcome all of them. She holds each baby in turn.

In the living room, all the members of Jing family are sitting down. Wen Ren Xi also comes today. She is wearing a loose clothes. Her face is rosy and looks different from what Ye Qing Xin saw previous months.

Ye Qing Xin greets all the elders first . The time Ye Qing Xin sits down, a maid comes over and places a bowl of bird-nest in front of Wen Ren Xi.

“Xiao Xi, quick eat it.” Old Madame Jing is holding Mu Mu. She says to Wen Ren Xi. “Look at these boys, they look so handsome. It’s all because of this bird nest. You should eat more.”

Old Madame Jing is happy for Wen Ren Xi’s pregnancy that she doesn’t care if the baby will be a boy or girl.

From her three sons, there’s only Jing Yi that has no offspring. Two months ago, he gets Su Yu Zuo as his daughter. Though it’s not what she hopes but she is still Jing Yi’s flesh and blood. Now Jing Yi will have another kid, it makes her even happier.

“Nai Nai, didn’t you say that you have given all the bird nest to Xin Xin? Where did you get this?” Jing Fen Fen asks.

“This is given by someone else. But this all real, this cannot be compared from what you see at the market. I’m keeping it. Only those who are pregnant can eat this.”

Jing Fen Fen pouts. “Don’t you think you are too much? Xian Xian just got engaged with Gu Ting after the New Year, they will be married next year. After getting married, they will have kid. For Er Shen and Xian Xian it might not be too over. But what about me and Suo Suo? Xin Xin might give birth for the second time.”

Jing Xian Xian and Gu Ting has tried out to get close. Gu Ting is a good person and motivated. He is not totally submissive to Jing Xian Xian but he also cares and loves her. Jing Xian Xian feels that he is suitable for her.

Since the day two years ago, when she personally watched how Ji Lin Yuan got skinnier because of almost-dying Song Xian Yu. She realizes that she has no hope to get his heart. Since that time, she vanishes all her liking toward him.

She cannot get the person that she loves, then she thinks she should be together with someone that loves her.

After a while.

There’s a sound of car. Old Madame Jing and Old Mister Jing take everyone to go outside to welcome Wen Ren Xi’s parents, two Ge Ge and their wives.

“Qing Jia Mu (son’s mother-in-law)–” Old Madame Jing greets friendly.

Old Mister Wen Ren looks unhappy, Old Madame Wen Ren just looks at Wen Ren Xi. She really wants to slap Wen Ren Xi’s head to wake her to her sense.

Wen Ren Yue and Wen Ren Li and their wives just smile.

Jing family knows that they are the wrong party. Now Wen Ren Xi is also pregnant so they are showing tolerance of both elders of Wen Ren.

All of them return to the living room, yet both elders of Wen Ren keep on being silent.

Old Madame Wen Ren just stares at Wen Ren Xi.

Wen Ren Xi just lowers her head and can still feel her mother’s blaming gaze. She stands up and says: “I’m going to the restroom first.”

“Go go, Lao Er, accompany your wife.” Old Madame Jing says.

“No need, I can go by myself.”

Wen Ren Xi has come over here several time so she is familiar of the restroom’s location.

Shortly, Old Madame Wen Ren also wants to go to the restroom. Old Madame Jing stands up and wants to take her but Old Madame Wen Ren just says: “No need, let her take me.” Old Madame Wen Ren points at one of the maid.

Then she just walks away.

Old Madame Jing can guess that Old Madame Wen Ren wants to talk alone with Wen Ren Xi. Because of the fight between Old Madame Wen Ren and Wen Ren Xi, Old Madame Jing is worried they might get into a fight and harm the child. She considers and looks at Jing Yi. She just notices that Jing Yi has left.

In the restroom.

Wen Ren Xi is standing outside the door and waiting for Old Madame Wen Ren.


“You still think of me as your Ma?” Old Madame Wen Ren asks the maid to leave. Then she points to Wen Ren Xi’s nose. “What are you doing now here? You keep on pestering someone again and again. No wonder he doesn’t respect you!”

These words expose Wen Ren Xi’s pain.

Wen Ren Xi’s face pales up. “Ma, I already talked to him clearly. We will get divorced after the kid is born.”

She continues: “He agrees.”

“He agrees? I don’t agree.” Old Madame Wen Ren looks at Wen Ren Xi’s belly. “How old are you? You want to raise up this kid, who else will want to marry you? I still stand firm on my thought, you cannot have this kid!”

“Ma, I will not harm my kid. I also don’t think to remarry.” Wen Ren Xi says: “I will just raise up the kid and live my life peacefully. I know that I make you worry and have trouble. I’m really sorry. But you also said that I’m old. I know what I want, what I do. I know it clearly. You guys don’t need to worry more about me.”

“What do you mean? You mean you don’t want us to care about you anymore?” Old Madame Wen Ren is so sad that her tears start to fall down. “If you are not my daughter, you think I want to care about you?”

“Ma, I don’t mean that way.” Wen Ren Xi wipes the Old Madame’s tears. She says softly: “You guys are almost seventy years old. You guys should enjoy your old days. You don’t need to be sad just for me. I am also sad to see you guys like this.”

“You girl. If you don’t do this, how can we be sad.” Old Madame Wen Ren hugs her. “How can you not live a happy and peaceful life like others? It’s been twenty years, how can you keep on tormenting yourself? Other people even will not waste three to five years.”

Wen Ren Xi feels sorrowful too. She also frequently asks herself. Why should she wait for that man that long? Is it worthy?”

Perhaps it’s not. At least in other people’s perspective it’s not worthy. Her relatives and friends are laughing at her.

But every time she recalls what happened that year. She was in a black hole and a gun was pointing toward her temple. How Jing Yi helped her. She was even more persistent to wait for him. She thought it’s worthy.

Actually she also made a deadline for herself. She would wait till he is married.

If only he gets married and the bride is not her, she would give up.

Who knows Jing Yi is as loyal s her. He guarded his heart for a woman for twenty years.

If she is stupid, isn’t he stupid one too.

“Ma, it’s all in the past. There’s no use to keep on pondering on that. Let the nature take its course. You go back and talk to Pa. Tell him to not be sad for me. You guys already have it hard in your previous life. You should enjoy your time now.” She is silence for a while and she says: “I’ll live well. Don’t worry.”


Old Madame Wen Ren cries for a while.

Her own daughter, whom she raised up alone, how can she not know how stubborn she is.

“Since you decide to get divorce with him, then don’t live together with him. Move back home. I’ll take care of you.” Old Madame Wen Ren is changing her decision. “If you want to give birth to this child, I also will not stop you but you cannot be together again with him. No matter whether you will remarry or not, you are not allowed to be with him again.”

“He dares to give up on yo once. He can give you up again. Since the start I have watched him, I know that he clearly doesn’t respect you. That kind of man, you shouldn’t marry to him.”

Old Madame Wen Ren says seriously.

Wen Ren Xi nods. “I get it.”

“Okay, let’s go back. We are taking too long time. Later on, Jing family members should be looking for you.”

Old Madame Wen Ren turns her body and notices Jing Yi is behind her.

Her old face turns stiff for a while. But it quickly returns to normal. She snorts at Jing Yi for a while then passes by him.

There’re only Wen Ren Xi and Jing Yi left.

Wen Ren Xi knows that Jing Yi should listen to her and her mother’s conversation. She somehow feels nervous but she thinks that is the truth. She just walks and asks him. “You are going to the restroom? I’ll go back first.”

Jing Yi says nothing and just pursues his lips.

Wen Ren Xi frowns and doesn’t mind him. She just wants to pass him.

But suddenly her shoulder is clutched by him and her body is turned around. Jing Yi just lowers his head and kisses her lips.

That man’s tongue seems to be in fury and tries to open up her teeth. Wen Ren Xi doesn’t struggle and just let it be silently.

The maid comes over and notices what happened, she just leaves silently.

After a while, Jing Yi lets Wen Ren Xi go. He buries his face on her neck, his breathing turns rapid.


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