Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 365

Wen Ren Xi stands in front of the French window and watches Jing Yi gets on his car.

The mansion turns silent, Wen Ren Xi lowers her head and looks at the slipper that she wears. She then goes to the shoe cabinet and changes her shoes. The courtyard is large and the road is long.

Along the road there’re several types of plum blossoms. It’s quite windy and she cannot help but to cover herself up.

“Fu Ren (Madame), Zong Zhang ordered that you cannot go out.”

Wen Ren Xi just walks toward the front gate and the guard says those words to her.

This time.

A dark green military car stops in front of the front gate. There are two people on the car. The first person is the assistant Xiao Jiang and the other one is a young woman in military uniform.

Xiao Jiang and that female solider come over and greet her.

Xiao Jiang says: “This is Tang Xi, you can call her Xiao Tang. In the future, Xiao Tang will be your assistant, she will be responsible for your daily life.”

Tang Xi then smiles and greets Wen Ren Xi: “Fu Ren, Ni Hao.”

“……. I want to go home.”

Xiao Jiang is a very clever man, he doesn’t reply to Wen Ren Xi’s words. He just says to Tang Xi: “It’s cold outside. Hurry up take Fu Ren to get back inside the house.”

Wen Ren Xi is taken back by Tang Xi back to the house.

Wen Ren Xi sits down on the sofa, she feels so confused. Jing Yi clearly is using forced toward her….

“Fu Ren, eat the fruits.”

Tang Xi serves a plate of strawberries for her.

Wen Ren Xi frowns: “When will he be back?”

“I’m sorry Fu Ren. I also don’t know about it.”

At five o’clock. The sky turns dark quickly. The guard is changing.

There are two kitchen staffs come over and get ready to prepare the dinner. It’s the first time for them to come over here as Jing Yi rarely eat at the mansion. This is the first time that the kitchen is used.

The food is suited Wen Ren Xi’s taste.

After the dinner, Xiao Jiang takes Wen Ren Xi upstair to Jing Yi’s bedroom. Wen Ren Xi wants to ask for another room, but as usual Xiao Jiang ignores her request. He just says to Tang Xi: “Fu Ren should feel tired today. Hurry up take her inside to rest. I’ll leave first.”

“Fu Ren, goodbye.” Xiao Jiang leaves.

“Fu Ren, please get inside.” Tang Xi opens the bedroom door for her.

Wen Ren Xi closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “I don’t want to sleep in this room.”

Tang Xi: “Fu Ren, please get in.”

Wen Ren Xi: “….”

She can see that those people only obey Jing Yi’s order.

Inside the dressing room of the bedroom, there’s a silver grey suitcase. Tonight there’s someone that send her suitcase over.

This her first time to see Jing Yi’s autocracy.

Wen Ren Xi goes over and opens up her suitcase. Inside the suitcase, there are her clothes, toiletries, makeup, her bag, and handphone.

“Fu Ren, please have a rest. My room is downstair. If you need anything, please call me using that phone by dialing number 2.”

Tang Xi then leaves the room.

Wen Ren Xi stands up and takes her pajamas and toiletries to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, there’re only few things of Jing Yi.

She has a shower and when she finishes, she doesn’t get on the bed. She just opens the cupboard and gets the spare blanket.

She holds the blanket and puts it on the sofa.

The heater in the room is on so she doesn’t feel cold to sleep on the sofa.

Wen Ren Xi switches off the light and lays down on the sofa.

She thinks of what happened on the teahouse this afternoon, she feels terrified but at the same time she feels guilty. She knows that what her mother does is for her own good. She understand her mother’s worries.

In late night.

Jing Yi’s car enters the mansion gate.

Jing Yi still wears the same uniform as this morning. His footsteps are steady but it also sounds a bit rush.

He gets upstair and opens the bedroom door. He notices that Wen Ren Xi is on the sofa. Then his worries are gone.

He takes off his coat and hangs it. He arranges a blanket on the bed and then carries up Wen Ren Xi and places her on the bed. He covers her with the blanket again.

Wen Ren Xi is woken by it.

She recognizes Jing Yi and she turns stupefied. She just remembers that now she is in Jing Yi’s mansion.

She looks at his gentle face and cannot say anything at the moment.

“I disturb you?” Jing Yi says: “Sleep.”

Wen Ren Xi watches him going to the bathroom and she just regains herself. She cannot sleep gain.

She stands up and takes her phone on the coffee table, it’s just two o’clock in the morning.

She remembers that during the beginning of their relationship, he also frequently went home late at night or early in the morning. That time she complained to him that he is too busy. It’s too irregular. He had not time to accompany time. A lot of time when he was home, she already fell asleep. When she woke up, he was gone.

Now she is firm to separate with him, she doesn’t have any right to ask for his time to accompany her. But she feels something change in her heart as she watches that he has a quite difficult life.

Jing Yi freshens up quickly. In just few minutes, he comes out from the bathroom with just a short pants.

Wen Ren Xi turns her head to look at him. It’s hard to imagine that a fifty-years old man can have a body like him.

Jing Yi’s hair is short, it is cut to a crew cut for the military staff.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” Jing Yi comes over and approaches her. He hugs her and bends over to smell her.

Wen Ren Xi pushes him away: “I want to go home tomorrow. I need to take care of my shop.”

“I’ve talked about this with Bo Yuan. He will arrange someone to come over and handle the store for you for a period of time.” Jing Yi strokes her long hair.

Wen Ren Xi frowns: “My ma and My Ge……”

“I already called and told them that you will keep on living with me.” Jing Yi strokes her belly now. “When the kid is born, you and him will stay here with me.”

“Don’t forget, I already ask for a divorce.” Wen Ren Xi reminds him. “No matter what you do, we will get the divorce…..”

Suddenly Jing Yi lowers his head and kisses her.

Wen Ren Xi is shocked and soon after she starts to struggle.

The man is powerful that it’s hard for her to break free. Jing Yi’s both hands hold her face.

Jing Yi’s kiss is very soft and gentle, Wen Ren Xi’s heartbeat starts to quicken. Her struggle starts to fall off. At last she even doesn’t realize that Jing Yi takes her to the bed. She also doesn’t aware that her clothes are taken off.

Jing Yi just hugs her again and pecks her neck.

“Don’t mention anything about the divorce.” He says, “i don’t want to be separated from you.”

Wen Ren Xi closes her eyes, her mind is in chaos. But after a while, it starts to clear out again.

“Do you still remember what did you say on the car to me?”

“I said that I still have Su Mei in my heart. If you don’t mind, we can try it out.” Jing Yi answers honestly.

“That time I promised you, I didn’t mind. We could try it out.” Wen Ren Xi says softly, she continues: “That time for me, being able to stay by your side is an extravagant thing. I didn’t concern about you having another woman in your mind.”

“That time I probably didn’t really mind that you love Su Mei. But in this world, everyone always feel dissatisfaction, there’s a bottomless pit. At first I was okay with just being able to stay by your side but then I long to have you to only love me.”

“But I know clearly that this lifetime you cannot only love me. Su Mei is the only light inside your heart forever.”

“I don’t want that one day, I’ll only be the woman that only knows to fight with you. I don’t want to be a crazy woman. I don’t want to change into a woman that complains and loathes you just because I feel jealous of Su Mei.”

“So let’s break up. That way I will not have any hope and expectation for you. We can pass days calmly. I will raise up the kid well. If you want to meet him, I’ll not stop you. You are his father. You have right to see him. I think he will also like a father to accompany him.”

In the beginning she planned to conceal the truth about the kid, but now he already knows about the kid, Wen Ren Xi feels there’s no need to conceal it.

Her voice is very soft. There’s no hint of unwilling or resentment.

This is the first time, Wen Ren Xi shows her true feeling and thought to Jing Yi.

Jing Yi listens to it quietly. He strokes Wen Ren Xi’s belly softly.

It’s a long silence.

Then he speaks up: “At least, stay here till the kid is born. Your mother is a stubborn one, I don’t want to get any disturbance.”

There’re four months left.

Wen Ren Xi nods: “Okay.”

Then she stands up.

“What are you doing?” Jing Yi stands up too and asks her.

“I want to take a shower again.”

Wen Ren Xi goes to take a shower, Jing Yi is waiting for her while leaning on the headboard. He is thinking about something. He smokes his cigarette that makes the whole room is full of smoke.

Wen Ren Xi frowns and reminds him: “A pregnant woman cannot smell this kind of smoke.”

Jing Yi pauses and directly puts the cigarette away.

“I’m sorry.”

He uses to smoke most of the time, he is careless about this.

Just like that, Wen Ren Xi stays in Jing Yi’s mansion for a period of time.

Ye Qing Xin knows that Jing Yi took Wen Ren Xi to his mansion, which is given by the nation, the next day.

Jing Bo Yuan mentions about this during their dinner. Ye Qing Xin sighs.

Ye Qing Xin thinks that the probability of Wen Ren Xi accepting Jing Yi will be greater.

“Who do you ask to handle Xi Jie’s teahouse?”

“You are interested?”

Ye Qing Xin stuffs in food inside her mouth. “I just want to know about it.” Then she asks again: “Does Wen Ren Nai Nai know about Xi Jie living together with Er Shu? Is she angry about this?”

Ye Qing Xin remembers that yesterday that Old Madame glared at her, she finds it so funny. “The Old Madame is a stubborn one. But it’s for Xi Jie’s own good. If it’s me, I think I’ll do the same.”

“She is angry but she is unable to find a way.” Jing Bo Yuan says. Jing Yi’s place cannot be entered as one pleases.

“No matter we shouldn’t make Old Madame angry right? If Er Shu cannot settle with her, it’ll be hard for him to be the son-in-law.”

Jing Bo Yuan just smiles and says nothing.

The time Ye Qing Xin is done with her dinner, he stands up. “You should be tired of taking care of the triplets today, you should go up and rest early.”

“Where are you going?” Ye Qing Xin holds his arm.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ve meeting this evening. You should rest early. I’ll be in the bedroom when I’m done.”

“Oh, okay.” Both of them go upstair. Ye Qing Xin returns to the bedroom and Jing Bo Yuan goes to the study room.

The schedule of the fourth-year university student isn’t too packed. The courses are getting less. A lot of them are preparing for internship or job, also there are some that start to prepare for an entrance exam for a graduate program.

Ye Qing Xin is getting ready for an entrance exam for a graduate program.

When she just entered the university because of her family condition, she just thought of getting her degree quickly, find a job, strive to earn a lot of money to ease family’s economic burden and pay back Tai Zheng Ting’s money.

Now she wants to upgrade herself.

She wants to be her better self, she wants to stand up beside Jing Bo Yuan.

Moreover, with her responsibility to handle Sheng and Yan group, she knows that the shareholders will not let a mere undergraduate student to handle the company.

Ye Qing Xin considers of studying abroad but after a lot of consideration, she gives it up as she is unwilling to be parted with her husband and children.

She goes to the babies’ room to see her little guys. She covers them well with the blanket and returns to the bedroom. She has a shower and then just sits on the sofa and reads book.

After quite some time, her phone rings.

Ye Qing Xin takes it. The caller is Song Jiu.

Song Jiu gets runner-up in a singing competition. Now she is part of music company.

“What is it?” Ye Qing Xin asks.

It’s already nine o’clock. There’s should be an important matter if she call her this late.

“Xin Xin…..” Song Jiu is someone that bother about trifles.

“Just say it.” Ye Qing Xin sits down on the sofa again.

“Can you help me to ask around about a person?”

Ye Qing Xin understands what she means: “A man?”


“What is his name?”

“Cheng Yu Nong.”

“……” Ye Qing Xin frowns, this name sounds familiar to her. “What do you want to know about?”

“I just want a way to contact him…. Xin Xin, please.”

“…….” Just like that, Ye Qing Xin gets a inexplicable duty of ask around about someone.

It’s just this Cheng Yu Nong seems to be related to Cheng Ru Yu?


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  1. Honestly upset Wen went back to the dude…..20 years and hes late to both engagement and wedding for a woman that ran out on him. It’s too late. They can co parent but she needs to steel her heart and wait for someone who truly loves her. Not this piece of trash. Not everyone deserves forgiveness

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    1. I mostly agree with you. It’s a 70/30 split that I didn’t want her to get back with him. There’s just too many wrongs stacked against him. However, the small romantic part of me is willing to give him a chance because he seems like he’s willing to change. I’m very tempted but the large rational part of me is saying “No, don’t get back with him”


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