Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 361

The sun sets gradually. It’s the beginning of December and Jing City has started to turn as winter is coming.

Su Yu Zuo sits near the window and looks at the passerby.

The waiter places a red teapot on the table and a plate of almond. Wen Ren Xi pours a cup for Su Yu Zuo.

“Thank you.” Su Yu Zuo thanks her.

Wen Ren Xi just replies: “Your welcome.”

The teahouse atmosphere is much calmer. A lot of people comes over to drink tea and read book.

Su Yu Zuo looks at the woman, who is in the similar age as her mother. After a long time, she suddenly speaks, “you are more suitable for papa than my mama.”

Wen Ren Xi just smiles and says nothing else.

“When my Mama was young, she had some bad experiences. I think you have heard about it. She always be so inferior and feels that she is unsuitable for Papa. She then took me and Jie Jie to leave here. She followed a man that she never loves to leave. In the past, I didn’t understand her but now I suddenly understand. Loving someone will make you hope that he will live happily. You even will be willing to sacrifice to make him live a better life.”

Su Yu Zuo’s gaze turns dim.

One of the Wen Ren Xi’s hand is on the table, while the other one is placed on her slightly bulging belly. Under the loose sweater, no one will know that she is four-month pregnant.

“Compare to her, your family, experience is much better. You had waited for my Papa for twenty years. Based on your strong feeling, you are more suitable for him.”

“Luo Jian Qiu is commuted death sentence with forced labor and judicial review after two years. It’s different from what I expected, but I believe that Papa will make her stay prison. That’s enough…..

Su Yu Zuo keeps on chattering, she seems to want to let Wen Ren Xi to just listen to her.

“I buy ticket for fly back to Su City, I’ll go to the airport after this.”

“My Papa, he….. he loves you very much. He takes a good care for that chubby cat, Xi Fan….. I hope that you guys will be happy.” Su Yu Zuo: “…… Em……. I wish you guys to be happy.”

Then it’s a silence.

They both are thinking of their own problems, and no one speaks up.


“Why are you here?” The voice is familiar for both of them.

Jing Yi is wearing his full formal cloth. He walks toward Wen Ren Xi’s side and looks at Su Yu Zuo. He looks alarmed.

Wen Ren Xi stands up and looks calm. “You guys should chat.”

Her attitude is still cold toward Jing Yi.

When Wen Ren Xi just passes by him, her scent somehow makes him pleased.

Everyone will feel excited to smell the scent of someone they like, moreover not everyone can smell it. In the past when he interacted with Wen Ren Xi, he frequently get closed to smell her. It makes him feels happy. But that time, he still thought of Su Mei.

After several months being with her, he is getting even more attracted to her. All of her seems to be occupying his whole heart. Sometimes when he was alone, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten Su Mei for long time.

That time during Wen Ren Xis’ birthday, indeed it’s his negligence. There’s an urgent matter in southern part of operation. He should go personally to handle it. It’s too sudden and also secret matter. He cannot leak it out. It’s so sudden that he didn’t tell anyone. He even forgot about Wen Ren Xi’s birthday. He got off the plan around 10:30 p.m and got a call from her. He just said two short sentences and just hung up.

The time he remembers about it, it’s already few days later. He thought about compensating her but he forgets to apologize to her.

The time when they were strolling, he noticed Su Mei’s figure. In the beginning, he took troubles to heart for Su Mei’s sudden betrayal. He just returned to the unit for several days and they were just still in love. But in just a flash, she left with another man. He didn’t care about the rule and just returned to Jing City to look for her. Yet he realized that all about her was wiped clear.

He knows that it is Old Madame Jing’s action. He begged Old Madame Jing to tell Su Mei’s news to her but that time Old Madame Jing was stubborn and powerful, she treasured the family’s reputation. How can she let that woman back.

These twenty years, he kept on asking why did she suddenly leave. They agreed together to face anything together.

He doesn’t believe that she loves anyone else beside him.

What difficulties did she have? What kind of difficulties that can force her to let go?

This question is like a poison in his brain.

He clearly looked the figure that looks like Su Mei gets on the elevator to the parking area. The time he chased after her, she’s gone.

That time he recalled again their moment of togetherness.

On the wedding day, he watched Su Yu Zuo was hit by the car. She looked like Su Mei. He was in heartbreak.

In the hospital, he called Wen Ren Xi. Wen Ren Xi was so calm in talking about it. She was making decision. That time his heart was worried. It’s the similar feeling that he felt when Su Mei left him.

He just abandoned his car and ran toward the hotel for thirty minutes. His mind was full of a lot of things of Wen Ren Xi.

The image of her standing far away from him and secretly peeking at him.

The first time she approached him and introduced herself to him. Finally, her face when they did their first time. She hugged his waist and called him.

“Yi… Yi….”

The moment when he saw the wedding dress on the sofa inside the hotel bride’s room, he realized that she is really leaving him. His heart feels something is gone from him.

That moment he finally realizes that he has fallen in love with her. If not how can how can he willing to try it out with her, how can he let Old Madame Jing force him get engaged with Wen Ren Xi.

Twenty years ago, Old Madame Jing kept on threatening him to leave Su Mei but he didn’t willing too.

He never does anything that contradict with his heart.

That moment he also realizes that the reason of Su Mei’s leaving is not important anymore.

Jing Yi looks at Wen Ren Xi passing from his side.

“Xiao Xi.” He cannot help but to hold her wrist.

He feels that she is skinnier than before.

Wen Ren Xi turns her body calmly and pry open his hold. She smiles calmly and asks: “What is it?’

Her attitude makes him feel in pain. “Let’s eat dinner tonight.”

“I’m sorry, I have no time.” Wen Ren Xi says: “I still have thing to do, sorry I cannot take care of you guys.”

“Xi Fan seems to be sick. These days she doesn’t drink or eat. When do you have time to go home and visit her?”Jing Yi says.

“I’m sorry, I have no time.” Wen Ren Xi’s answer is still the same.

Before she leaves, she says: “Raising a cat for other people, it’s enough for me.”

Wen Ren Xi then goes to the back room.

Jing Yi just looks at that door, he is disappointed and frustrated.

Su Yu Zuo notice his feeling. She suddenly recalls that Su Mei used to said to her. That her Papa is not someone that meticulous for another people’s feeling. He might neglect several details. Su Mei frequently felt furious about it but she accepted him as he was her hero.

Su Yu Zuo pours a cup of tea for Jing Yi. She feels that this fifty years old man is no expert in chasing woman.

“Papa, the most thing woman needs is companion. The feeling of being protected and loved. You need to let her feel that you care for her. If not, your words are no use.

“What are you doing here?”

“You are afraid that I will say something that makes her unhappy?” She smiles: “Don’t worry, I just say goodbye to her and to tell her, that I wish you guys happiness.”

Jing Yi looks at his daughter.

“My Mama transferred her love to you to me. Though we are not that close but I wish that you will be happy. She is suitable for you.”

She then says: “Mama also wishes that you can be happy.”

“You cannot stay here? You can pick your foster father to Jing City to treat his illness.”

“No, he has emotional bond with that place. The doctor cannot cure person’s heart. Moreover…” Su Yu Zuo closes her eyes: “I also have my sore point, I want to calm myself down. Leaving this place is the best choice for the moment.

“It’s been a long time to since I visit Mama and Jie Jie, I want to meet them.” Su Yu Zuo smiles: “Don’t worry. When I have time, I’ll come to visit you. I still want to supervise for your half lifetime. If you are unhappy, my ma will not let me off.”

Jing Yi says: “Call me if you have a problem.”

“Okay.” Su Yu Zuo looks at her watch and says: “It’s getting late. I need to go home to take my luggage to catch my flight.” She stands up and asks: “When will you have time to go to Su City to visit them?”

But then she says again: “Just let it be. For you now, they are a past. You just need to look at the future. You…… please take care.”

Jing Yi stands up: “Take a good care of yourself.”

“I get it.” Su Yu Zuo then goes closer to him. “Can I hug you for a while?”

Jing Yao spreads his arms wide.

Su Yu Zuo smiles and approaches him. She hugs him.

When she was a little girl, Su Mei frequently told them that their Papa is very tall. If they sit on his shoulder, they can pick the stars.

Su Fen Diao frequently shouted that she wants to go to Jing City to find Papa. She wanted to sit on Papa’s shoulder to pick the stars. Su Yu Zuo never did that, she just wanted a papa like their neighbor that can protect her from the rain by holding her.

Em, Papa’s hug is very warm and safe.

Ye Qing Xin watches that moment between father and daughter for a while.

Ye Qing Xin then returns back to her own table. The little guys are still struggling with the orange. Their hands are all dirty with orange juices. Ye Qing Xin takes the oranges from them. She is worried that it might affect their teeth growth.

Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are unhappy. They open their eyes big and says “Ay–“. They want to snatch it back. Mu Mu is calm, he just smacks his lips and just ponder over the aftertaste.

“For just an orange and you guys act so greedy. You should learn more from Di Di.” Ye Qing Xin says to both Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao, she puts Mu mU as the positive role model.

“Ay—!” Nian Nian speaks up like he is protesting.

“Nian Nian is unhappy.” Wen Ren Xi takes a baby wet tissue and wipes Zhao Zhao’s mouth.

Ye Qing Xin smiles and says: “For them now, food is the most important.”

“Xi Jie, is there really no chance for you to get back together with Er Shu?” Every time Ye Qing Xin goes to Jing family residence, she always sees that Old Madame Jing scolds Jing Yi, she feels sympathy toward him.

In the beginning Wen Ren Xi stopped other people to mention about Jing Yi front of her. But afterwards she changes, whenever anyone mentions about Jing Yi, she always acts so calm. Ye Qing Xin doesn’t think this is a good sign.

Wen Ren Xi holds Nian Nian and puts him on her thigh.

She heard from others, that when being pregnant, a woman should hold a healthy and pretty kids. Then her own kids will grow up healthy and prettily. Though it’s just a superstition, as a mother, she is willing to try.

“He cannot give what I want.” Wen Ren Xi says calmly. “This is when we have more beside us, we will feel even dissatisfied and greedy. In the beginning I just wanted to stay by his side. Afterwards, I want him to care about me more. Then I hope that he will love me. At last, I wish that in this life time he will only love me.”

“I want to have even more. What I got was too little. I am afraid that one day I’ll be crazy and turned to be a woman that I don’t want. It’s better like this, I don’t have any request. I am more at ease.”

“Xi Jie….”

“Now it’s very good, moreover…. I also have a new hope and something to look forward too.” Wen Ren Xi looks at her belly.

Yes, a new hope.

The man is not belonged to her, but, the kid it is. He will only belong to her.

In the winter, the sky of Jing City turns dark faster. It’s not yet five o’clock in the afternoon and the sky is already turned dark.

The time Jing Bo Yuan picks Ye Qing Xin up, Jing Yi is still there, sitting in his spot.

“Er Shu, we will leave first.” Ye Qing Xin goes to say goodbye to him.

Jing Yi takes his cigarette box and plays with it. In the teahouse, there’s a non-smoking sign sticked on the wall.

He nods toward Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan and says: “Drive safely.”

Jing Bo Yuan holds Mu Mu with one of his arm, and his other arm holds Ye Qing Xin to go. Behind them, there are three nannies. Two of them are holding babies. Another one is holding all the babies’ toiletries.

The two adults’ good appearance and the triplets, it attracts a lot of attentions. A lot of young women gasp in surprise to see the triplets.

“So cute!”

“Triplets ah!”

Mu Mu is laying on his father’s shoulder, he just watches the A Yi Men (The aunties). Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are laughing with their teeth out. They seem to know that A Yi Men are praising them. They even wave their chubby hands.

“The two babies behind are very cute, the front one is a bit cold…..”

Ye Qing Xin gets on the car, Jing Bo Yuan places Mu Mu on her thigh and helps her to fasten the seatbelt.

The other two babies are still happy because of the A Yi Men’s praise. THey are laughng.

Ye Qing Xin cannot help but to wonder. Whose gene it is that makes the two babies be so showy?

With a glance, it is visible to see that Mu Mu’s temper follows Jing Bo Yuan. Old Madame Yan frequently says that Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao look like her more. Could it be Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao’s showy attitude is inherited from her?

Could it be that when she was little, she was this showy?

She then thinks about Su Yu Zuo’s plan to leave.

“Bo Yuan, Su Yu Zuo will leave tonight, does Xiao Yan know about it?”

Recently the triplet had a cold and a fever so they were taken to the hospital. At the hospital they met Cheng Ru Yu. Ye Qing Xin heard that Cheng Ru Yu mentioned about Xiao Yan. He said that after Xiao Yan got divorce, he turns to be addicted to alcohol and cigarette. Ye Qing Xin thinks that it is related to his separation with Su Yu Zuo.

Last time when they had a diner in Jing family residence, Ye Qing Xin noticed that Xiao Yan cared about Su Yu Zuo, it’s not an act, but a real action.

“What do you think?” Jing Bo Yuan asks her back.

“He should…. know right?” Ye Qing Xin answers him.

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t say anything else.

The sky turns darker and several stars show up.

At Jing City International Airport.

In the airport terminal, Song Xian Yu holds Su Yu Zuo’s hand and asks her: “You really need to go?”

Su Yu Zuo raises up her ticket and smiles. “What do you think?”

“Is it because of him?” Song Xian Yu says: “It’s in the past, why should you get a divorce with him?”

Su Yu Zuo sighs and says: “You still remember the time you fought with that your man? I also asked you the same question. You like him so much, but why did you break up with him? Did you still remember what did you say to me?”

“You say, for some matter, the outsiders cannot see and understand it.” Su Yu Zuo doesn’t wait for Song Xian Yu’s answer, she just directly says: “For a lot of matters, you don’t know about it.”

Song Xian Yu shuts up and says nothing else.

“If you have any trouble, then call me.” Song Xian Yu says.

Su Yu Zuo nods. “Of course.”

07.50 p.m.

The planes to Su City takes off.

At night 09:30 p.m.

Wen Ren Xi’s teahouse prepares to close for the night. Jing Yi is still sitting down there.

After few days, the waiters also know that Jing Yi is senior official of Jing City. They also know that he is their boss’ husband. The boss is getting ready to get divorced, but Jing Yi seems to be unwilling.

Jing Yi doesn’t go, the waiters alternately to remind him that the store is closing, Jing Yi just stays there unmoving.

It’s not working so they go to ask Wen Ren Xi.

Wen Ren Xi is laying down on recliner while listening to the music.

She hears the waiters’ footsteps, she opens her eyes and looks over. The waiters tell her what happened.

“You guys can leave first.”

“Then what about you?”

“I’m okay, don’t worry.”

The waiters tidy up their things and leave.

Wen Ren Xi comes outside and looks at Jing Yi. She acts so calm like she doesn’t feel anything. Jing Yi looks at her too and he frowns. He really doesn’t like the calm Wen Ren Xi.


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