Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 358

After the dinner, Old Mister Jing wants to catch Jing Zong to go upstair and play chess with him. But Jing Zong has things to do that he needs to leave first. He wants to grab Jing Yi but Jing Yi excuses himself that he needs to rest early for tomorrow business trip. At last he takes Jing Yan upstair to play.

Xiao Yan, Jing Bo Yuan and Ye Jun Dong go to the small living room. Su Yu Zuo, Old Madame Jing, and the others go to the living room to chat. Ye Lin just goes upstair to do his homework.

The maids go to eat their dinner. Ye Qing Xin pushes out the stroller to go to the back garden to enjoy the moonlight.

The little guys are laying down on their stroller, they look curious with the moon on the sky.

Ye Qing Xin notices that three of them looks at it seriously. Then she just tells them the story of Chang’e flying to the moon.

Nian Nian and Zhao Zhao are bored so they just look around, Mu Mu is listening to it seriously. He just watches his Mama.

“Xi Xin, you are here.” Jing Suo Suo comes over. “It’s boring inside, it’s better to come and play with kids.”

Ye Qing Xin stops telling the story, she says: “You suddenly have another Jie Jie, why aren’t you getting to know her.”

“How dare I do that. That time I might be played!”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know about it!”

Ye Qing Xin blinks : “What?”

“The day after she was discharged, she made the oldest granddaughter-in-law go to the prison for premeditated murder.” Jing Suo Suo pouts.

“Premeditated murder? Who did she kill?”

“I think it’s Su Yu Zuo’s Mei Mei.” Jing Suo Suo explains: “Her Mei Mei is Su Fen Diao. She passed away two years ago. She reported to the police the day she got discharged that her sister’s death it’s not an accident, but it’s premeditated killing. Actually…. I am in doubt that might be she married into Xiao San Ge because she wanted to make Xiao Da Sao to be punished.”

“I heard that in the beginning that my Tang Jie (Jing Suo Suo) planned to get close to Xiao San Ge. She was pregnant and forced Xiao Da Ge to marry her. But who is he….. if he is unwilling to marry, how can anyone force him too….”

“The adult’s world is complicated, I feel that I am not suitable for growing up.”

Jing Suo Suo shakes her head.

“If you are not grow up, how can you confess to Cheng Da Ge?” Ye Qing Xin cannot help but to tease her.

Jing Suo Suo: “…….”

“I recently see that Fen Fen Jie’s condition is quite good. How are things going between you and Cheng Da Ge?”

Jing Suo Suo blushes: “It’s quite good.”

“Are you guys together?”

“Not yet…..” Jing Suo Suo is embarrassed. “But recently we get in touch a lot, sometimes we eat together. I want to confess to him but I think I need to wait till Da Jie is better.”

Though Song Xian Yu said that Cheng Ru Yu seems to have someone that he likes but Cheng Ru Yu has no girlfriend, Jing Suo Suo think that she can fight for him.

She sighs: “Though Da Jie usually acts very annoyingly, but I don’t want to see her be dispirited.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles, she thinks that though JIng Suo Suo seems to be naive, but she is quite sensible.

The triplet, who are on their stroller, start to yawn. Ye Qing Xin pushes the stroller backs to the living room. Tonight all of them will stay here so Ye Qing Xin immediately let the nannies of the triplets to help them have shoer and sleep down.

Ye Qing Xin helps out and feeds the babies’ first. She waits till the babies are sleeping. Jing Bo Yuan hasn’t come up so she goes downstair to look for him.

Inside the living room, Old Madame Jing, JIng Si, Ji Yi are sitting down there and chatting. Jing Fen Fen, Jing Suo Suo and Jing Xian Xian are not there.

Ye Qing Xin goes to the small living room.

She passes the door of the front yard and hears a familiar female voice.

“Don’t you wonder why did my Mama leave you that year?”

Ye Qing Xin just stops walking and frowns. According from what she knows, Su Mei left because of Old Madame Jing’s coercion. Perhaps Su Yu Zuo wants to stir a trouble?”

“Half year ago, I really wanted to know.” Jing Yi says. “Now for me it’s not really important. No matter for what reason she left, it’s all in the past.”

Ye Qing Xin goes closer to the door, the door is not really closed. She could see both Jing Yi and Su Yu Zuo.

“Because of the woman you married?” Su Yu Zuo sounds like she is mocking him. “In the past I heard people talk about you. They said that for twenty years you stayed single for a woman. I didn’t expect the that woman you love so deeply is my Mama.”

“I didn’t expect that you loved her for twenty years and now you can love another woman. Now you don’t think it’s important to know why my Ma left.”

“But….. it’s enough.” Su Yu Zuo says. She sounds like she is in heartbreak but at ease at the same time. “If she knows that you stayed single for twenty years for her. She will be very happy.”

“You don’t let her down as she preserve her purity till she is dead.”

Su Yu Zuo takes a deep breath and continues regardless Jing Yi wants to hear her out or not: “From what I remember, everyday my Mama will say to me. She will say: “Nan Nan (Sweetie: usually for calling a child) ah, your papa is a soldier, he is an impressive general. He is mama’s hero….”

“She told me the you guy’s first encounter. She told me that you rescued her from the most terrifying place. She told me how you guys love each other so much. She said that you love he so much that you sacrificed a lot for her. She feels guilty about it, she doesn’t want you to sacrifice more so the time you returned to your duty. She just sent a break-up letter for you. She followed my foster father to go home.”

“My foster father loves her forever, but all along she couldn’t accept him. She said that she is so sad that before she met you she couldn’t keep her purity. But at last after knowing you, she can keep her purity for the rest of her life.”

“She never tells me about your name, she also never tells me about your address. Till seven years go, she was ill and laying on the bed. In daze, she held my hand and said to me “Nan Nan, go to Jing City and help Mama to find him. Take a look for me whether he lives well, whether he lives happily….”

“If he lives very well, then don’t disturb him. If he is not, then you should be filial to him to make him happy.”

“All along I never understand how can she love you so much?”


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