Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 353

Everyone has a bad feeling about this.

Ye Qing Xin looks at that white wedding dress and a bouquet of anemones. She suddenly remembers of something that she read in the books:

Not every love is that beautiful and fine, not every love is sweet. Perhaps your love can be so miserable, perhaps the one that you love might not love you, but another person. If that way please give yourself a bouquet of anemones.

Because anemones flower means expectation, it also means losing hope. It shows a feeling of loneliness and desperation of love.

“Where is Xiao Xi? Didn’t I ask you to not go anywhere? And if something happened called me? Where is she now?” Old Madame Jing asks the maid, who is holding a tray of food.

The maid lowers her head and mutters: “Er Fu Ren, she she, she said that she is thirsty. She wants to eat a fresh dragon fruit juice. She asked me to go to kitchen to juice it for her… The time I returned she is gone……”

Old Madame Jing is so furious: “Isn’t there waiter to serve it? Why didn’t you ask for the waiter?”

Old Madame Jing growls: “Where is the waiter?”

“Er Fu Ren said that she has her period, she asked the waiter to buy her tampon. She also asked for a specific brand. The waiter said the hotel doesn’t have that brand, Er Fu Ren asked her to buy it outside….”

This time the waiter comes back, she pants. She is holding a plastic bag.

It’s clearly planed by Wen Ren Xi. Old Madame Jing is so furious. Ji Yi pats Old Madame Jing’s back to let her calm down.

Ye Qing Xin starts to call Wen Ren Xi’s phone.

It’s off.

Old Madame Wen Ren also tries to call Wen Ren Xi and she realizes that the phone is off. She cries and she calls Wen Ren Lin, she says: “A Lin, your Mei Mei is missing. Her phone is off. Go to her place and look whether she is home or not! Also ask A Yue to go to Xi Fan (Wen Ren Xi’s restaurant) to look whether she is there or not! Go quickly!”

“If something bad happens to my daughter, I will fight your Jing family!” Old Madame Wen Ren falls to the ground and starts to wail sadly.

Old Madame Jing calls all of the Jing family’s members to go and look for Wen Ren Xi.

Then she calls Jing Yi’s phone.

It’s not connected. That someone runs over from the elevator side.

Ye Qing Xin notices who is that person. Her eyes turn bright and calls after him. “Er Shu!”

JIng Yi runs toward the resting room, he is in front of the door.

The time Old Madame Wen Ren notices him, she is so furious and keeps on punching his arm. “You still have face to come! You bullied my daughter and you still have face to appear here!”

“Ma.” Jing Yi doesn’t avoid any of her punches, he just lets her do it and vent her anger toward her. He doesn’t even frown. His face is full of sweat, his hair is in a mess. He looks worried. He looks at his watch. “I’m sorry, I’m late. Now we can start the wedding, we still have time.”

He then looks at the inside of the resting room.

“Wedding? I even don’t know where is Xiao Xi now, you still want to hold the wedding? You should just take care of that woman from the nightclub for the rest of your lifetime! Tomorrow I’ll let Xiao Xi to handle the divorce with you!”

Old Madame Wen Ren is so in rage that she doesn’t mind her words.

“Why are you here? Do you really want me die because I am so angry? You are so unfilial!” Old Madame Jing scolds him.

Jing Yi doesn’t listen to her words and just looks at the wedding dress on the sofa. His eyes are tight. He moves from everyone to get inside. He looks around and cannot find Wen Ren Xi. Ye Qing Xin can see that he is worried and nervous.

He stands in the middle of the resting room and looks at the wedding dress.

That wedding dress…….

Previously, Wen Ren Xi liked two kinds of wedding dress, she cannot make a choice so she cried secretly. He can imagine it on his mind.

“I just wait for you till eight, if at eight, you don’t come. I will not get marry with you…..” Wen Ren Xi says with half truly and half falsely tone.

Jing Yi is panic, he feels something is gone from his heart.

“Lao Er!” Old Madame Jing screams. “Why are you bleeding?”

Jing Yi is wearing a black suit so nothing can be seen. But suddenly someone realizes that he is bleeding by looking at the floor.

“Lao Er! You……” Old Madame Jing sounds worried. “Go to hospital! Hurry up go now!”

Jing Yi can hear his mother’s worried screams, his head is lowered down. He can look on his feet. He feels the pain that he just fains.

Old Madame Wen Ren wants to complain but looking at what is happening, she stops talking.

Jing Yi is losing his consciousness.

Old Madame Jing: “Lao Er!”

An hour ago.

07:40 p.m.

After Jing Yi hung up on Old Madame Jing, he dialed Wen Ren Xi’s number.

It’s answered quickly, it’s like Wen Ren Xi is waiting for his call.

“Yi.” Wen Ren Xi sounded calm, she asked him: “Are you on your way now?”

“Not yet.” Jing Yi said, actually he wanted to say more. ‘Maybe I’ll a bit late to come’, it’s just Wen Ren Xi laughed lightly and said half-heartedly. “You are never on time. I am a bit tired, I’ll wait for you till eight o’clock. If you are not coming at eight, I’ll not marry you. I want to go home and have a rest.”

Jing Yi’s words were stopped on his throat, he didn’t say it to her. His heart just beat quicker. That time he knew that the woman, who is waiting for him for twenty years, is deadly serious.

He panicked and looked at the emergency room. He was contemplating what should he do. He didn’t have time to think too long. He stood up and said to Wen Ren Xi: “Okay, wait for me. Eight o’clock. I’ll be there eight o’clock.”

One of Jing family’s relative was there with a car. Jing Yi asked for the car key. He drove the car quickly to the hotel.

It usually takes around thirty minutes drive from the hospital to the hotel.

Around ten minutes when he drove, there’s a traffic jam that blocked the road. Jing Yi just neglected his car and prepared to run to take taxi. But the time he passed the road, a black car suddenly lost control and bumped him. That time Jing Yi just thought of his bride so it’s all too late. He was hit till he fell down on the bush on the roadside.

He felt the pain and his body went numb.

“I just wait for you till eight, if at eight you don’t come, I’ll not marry you…” He replayed Wen Ren Xi’s words.

He just watched at his watch, there’re only ten minutes left.

A good person helped him to stand up. He then just ran to take a taxi.

That night there’s only limited taxi.

Jing Yi called Wen Ren Xi’s phone. But no one answered the phone.

He called again. But there’s no answer.

That moment, Jing Yi’s heart turned cold. He didn’t want to waste anymore time, he just ran to the hotel.

It’s nine kilometer long run. He ran it for thirty minutes.

But he is late.

The woman, who has been waiting for him for twenty years, this time doesn’t wait for him for thirty minutes.

She just silently took off her wedding dress and left without even leaving a note just like how silently she has been waiting for him.

Xiao Xi…..

Jing Yi is completely unconscious now.

“Lao Er!” Old Madame Jing comes over and holds Jing Yi’s body. Old Madame Jing feels the heaviness and cannot hold his body.

She calls after someone. “Don’t be startled, hurry up take him! QUICK!”

Jing Yi is taken to the hospital.

The guests are sent to leave with apologizes from both Jing and Wen Ren family.

At 09:10 p.m, Jing Yi is pushed in to the emergency room, he is taken out around 02:00 a.m.

He loses a lot of blood, his spleen is injured.

Jing Yi has turned conscious at 09: a.m. 2nd October.

Ye Qing Xin is taking the kids to stroll around the garden. The weather is good, it’s not too hot or cold. The little guys are looking around curiously at this strange and new world.

Hearing news about Jing Yi from Jing Bo Yuan makes Ye Qing Xin sighs: “Have you told Xi Jie’s matter to him?”

Last night Jing Yi ran toward the hotel, there’s CCTV recording what happened. The victim is found and caught.

It is easy to see that Jing Yi actually cares about Wen Ren Xi.

It’s just his action has hurt her. So she leaves. No one knows where she is going. She even leaves the cat, Xi Fan, that she never ever leaves before.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Xi Fan, who is laying down on the rattan chair near the swimming pool.

She heard from Wen Ren Xi’s family that the time they went to Wen Ren Xi’s own apartment. Xi Fan was laying inside her cage. Her food basin is full of her food. All of her things are packed neatly. Beside the cage, there’s a sticky note.

It’s written: “Pa Ma, Ge Ge, don’t worry. I’ll be okay. Help me to return Xi Fan to him. I’m sorry to make you guys worried about me. It’s my own wrong, don’t blame him.”

She is a very stupid woman. This time she still doesn’t forget to speak up for that man, who has hurt her.

Wen Ren Xi’s Ge Ge sent back Xi Fan to Jing Yi’s hospital. The hospital doesn’t let the cat to be around. Old Mister Jing has a light asthma so Jing family residence cannot keep it. Jing Bo Yuan called and asked for Ye Qing Xin’s opinion then he just took Xi Fan back to Nan Shan mansion.

Xi Fan is very good and obedient, she is quiet. She just eats what she is given. She doesn’t make fuss during the shower. She just stays quiet and thinks.

“Sooner or later, he will know.” Jing Bo Yuan says.

Jing Yi already knows that Wen Ren Xi is missing.

“Is there any news about Er Shen?”

Jing family has asked someone to find her, Wen Ren Xi’s family is calmer than before. They are not really worried.

Jing family knows that Wen Ren Xi’s family should know her whereabout so they are not worried. They just don’t want Jing family to know about her whereabout.

Last night Xi Fan was sent back with all the betrothal gift that was given by the Jing family. It is clear that Wen Ren family wants to cut it off with Jing family.

“Not yet.” Jing Bo Yuan says calmly.

“When will you go back?”

“I’ll go back during the afternoon for lunch.”

The call ends.

Ye Qing Xin silently approaches Xi Fan, she sits down beside Xi Fan.

Xi Fan looks at her and swings her tail. Then she just considers again.

“Xi Fan, where is your owner? Do you know?”

Xi Fan just moves her ear lightly.

“You also don’t know?” Ye Qing Xin remembers that Ji Yi said that Wen Ren Xi has kept the cat for twenty years. For those years, Wen Ren Xi should thinkk Xi Fan as a tie between her and Jing Yi so she just pampered it, brought it everywhere with her. Now she even abandons Xi Fan…..

11:30 p.m. The black car gets inside Nan Shan mansion.

Jing Bo Yuan changes his shoes and gets inside the living room. He looks at his young wife, who is feeding their baby.

“You are home.” Ye Qing Xin smiles at him. She waits till he comes over and she asks: “Is Er Shu okay? How is Su Yu Zuo?”

Both of them are in the same hospital.

“They are okay.” Jing Bo Yuan replies. Then he carries up Zhao Zhao, who is laying down on the stroller and eating his hand. The kid starts to dance when he is held. He looks happy.

This morning Ye Qing Guo is picked up by Xu Jin Huan to meet a director for a new drama. Supposedly he will return at night.

At last Ye Qing Xin still lets Ye Qing Guo to go out and experience the world. She knows the last accident makes her a bit unwilling to let him go but she feels she shouldn’t let him live a complete ignorant life.

From Jing Bo Yuan, Ye Qing Xin knows that Su Yu Zuo has passed critical condition. Jing Yi has been conscious and wanted to be discharged. Of course Old Madame Jing doesn’t approve.

After the lunch.

Jing Bo Yuan leaves and returns back home at night 09:00 p.m. He brings news for Ye Qing Xin.

Jing Yi didn’t care about anyone’s disapproval, he just discharged himself and went to Wen Ren Xi’s parent’s house. He begged them to tell Wen Ren Xi’s location to him. But Wen Ren family said nothing about it, they just kicked Jing Yi out. Jing Yi hasn’t fully recovered, he just stands outside and doesn’t want to leave.

He stands there for three days till he just faints. He is taken back to the hospital.

The fifty-years old leading official stood in front of female’s side’s family house is not an absurd thing but in other colleagues eyes, it’s indeed quite something.

Wen Ren Yue watches with his own eyes Jing Yi is taken back to the hospital, he is worried, “Ma, if not..”

“You dare!” Old Madame Wen Ren glares at him. “Didn’t you see how terrible he was with Xiao Xi? You should know. He was late for the engagement and I let it go. Engagement is not less important than wedding. But for the wedding, he was late too just because of the woman that looks like his old lover, Xiao Xi is deeply hurt! It’s hard thing for Xiao Xi to get over this, you shouldn’t disturb this. Understand?”

“How can you say that she is getting over this, if she is, she will not hide okay?” Wen Ren Yu shakes his head.

“No matter what, you, and you!” Old Madame Wen Ren points at Wen Ren Yue and Wen Ren Ling. “You guys shouldn’t tell anyone about Xiao Xi, understand, if not I’ll teach you guys a lesson!”

“okay, okay I get it. I do not Jing Yi about my Mei Mei’s whereabout…… It’s just… Jing Yi is a high official, how can we offend him, is it a good thing?”

“He is the one that is willing to stand outside by his own free will. How can we mind that.

At the hospital.

Jing Yi regains his conscious again, he just watches the ceiling in a daze. HE feels that his heart is empty… His heart is in pain. It’s so painful that he feels like he has difficulty to breath.

He moves his lips and mutters her name. “Xiao Xi.”


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