Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 336

Ye Qing Xin is in daze for a while when they are kissing.

Because of her health, Jing Bo Yuan at last uses his own hand to solve this matter. Ye Qing Xin kisses his skin to help him.

After the matter ends, Ye Qing Xin turns on the light and takes a wet towel to help him tidy up.

Three months of hibernation, the amount is so surprising.

Jing Bo Yuan lowers his head down and watches his young wife’s white hand busy tidying him up. He strokes her hair.

They sleep around 11:00 p.m.

The next day.

The news about

[Conscienceless: The rumor of Gu Qiao plans to harm her god-grandmother is confirmed]

The news is written in the interview format. The one that is interviewed is Jing Yan’s director, Old Mister Yan. He express his hurt feeling and disappointment toward Gu Qiao’s action. He states that he will not tolerate her mistake within the company, moreover within his family.

Gu Qiao’s scandal keeps on heating up till four to five days, there’s no sign that it’ll be forgotten soon. EspeciallyYe Qing Guo’s fans, they keep on talking about Gu Qiao. Some of them use Gu Qiao’s photo and photoshops in various mean ways.

Gu Qiao’s family members tries to find connections to delete those photos, but it’s useless as Ye Qing Guo’s fans too much. They can erase it in a day, but the next day the same or even new photos will appear.

Gu family also tries to post online some words to protect Gu Qiao, but in no time it’ll be attacked.

Gu Xing De and Gu family has been stopped in front of the Nan Shan mansion gate for three to five days. They try to go to Jing Yan group or Jing family residence, but they cannot meet Old Mister Yan. Their calls are unanswered too.

In three days, three babies will turn a month old. The night before the babies turn a month old, Old Madame Yan gets a call from an unknown numbers.

She answers, it’s a call from a local police station in the west of the city. Gu Qiao wants to talk to her.

Old Madame Yan just turns silent for a while and she agrees.

Gu Qiao speaks up quickly. “Nai Nai, I’m sorry. I’m wrong….”

After days, she knows now that it’s useless to refute her doings. The police has investigated and gotten the evidences, witness. Her words mean nothing, it cannot save her from this.

Yesterday Old Madame Gu visited her and gave her an idea. She should admit her wrong doings and beg for Old Madame Yan’s forgiveness. Old Madame Yan is someone that values feeling. Gu Qiao grew beside her, Old Madame Yan will not just let her in despair situation.

Gu Xing De bribes the police to give Gu Qiao a chance to call Old Madame Yan.

Hearing Gu Qiao’s sad voice, indeed Old Madame Yan feels sad.

“I was so jealous that I became so muddle-headed. I was jealous of Xin Xin. She could get the man that I longed and loved. Jing Bo Yuan treats her well though that time everyone thought she couldn’t give birth. Jing Bo Yuan still wants to marry her that time. I was so jealous that I thought it’s okay that I don’t get him. But I still have a great family, I am still the heir of Jing Yan.”

“I put all my efforts to make Jing Yan grow. I want to be the successor of Jing Yan. I want to stand in the high position that Jing Bo Yuan will know what’s good about me, that he will realize that I am the woman that is suitable for him. But… Nai Nai, it’s all just a dream. It’s gone. Because of Ye Qing Xin, why? Why for everything that I want, at last it changes to be hers? How can it be so unfair, Nai Nai, is it fair for me?”

“Do you know what everyone says about me? They said that I am just ‘a chicken that grows up in phoenix den’, I just pretend to be graceful and great but all along I am just nothing. The true phoenix is back, I even cannot be anything.”

“Everyone is laughing at me, Nai Nai. Those contractor also treated me badly. I looked for them to sign the contract but they just looked down on me. If I didn’t give him anything good, how can they mind me. I let those two women to sleep with them because I had no other ways. I shifted those money, it’s all for the business gathering. I didn’t spend it all, I didn’t take it for myself. Really, I never spend it for myself.”

“Nai Nai, you also kno how did I lose my leg right? It’s also because of Ye Qing Xin. I hate her, if there’s no her, my ma will not ask someone to kidnap her. If my Ma didn’t find someone to kidnap her, I wouldn’t be bumped into that kidnapper, I wouldn’t turn this way!”

“Nai Nai, because of her, I lose a lot of things. Is it fair to me?”

“So you asked Yu Ning to drug me? You planned to let someone to kidnap Xiao Guo?” Old Madame Yan realizes for the first time. The woman that she thought was educated, turns out her heart is too twisted.

“A Yuan doesn’t like you, is it Xin Xin’s mistake? Though there’s no Ye QIng Xin, there will be Song Qing Xin, Li QIng Xin, Wang Qing Xin, it’ll never be you Gu Qiao? Xin Xin snatched away your position as successor? If Xin Xin wasn’t missing when she was little, I will not admit your Pa as my godson, you will not be related to Jing Yan. You can enjoy several ten years of wealth and position. In the end, those become the reasons you harm my granddaughter?”

“You clearly know that you’ve lost your leg because of the result of your Ma’s doing. That is karma. Your Ma reap what she has sown. You should go and hate your Ma. You don’t hate your Ma, but you just hate Xin Xin. How can you be so unreasonable?”

“You are a really good Yan family god-granddaughter! These years you acted like you are a kind person, but deep down you are a bitter and cruel person. How can you be compared to my Xin Xin. No wonder A Yuan doesn’t like you. If I am A Yuan, I also will not like a woman like you!”

“I know I know, Nai Nai. Now I know that I am wrong. really. I call you to say that I wan to apologize to you. I am wrong. I am too narrow-minded. I am to evil. I am too greedy, I shouldn’t long for those things that not belong to me. Nai Nai, I know that I am wrong. Please forgive me….”

Gu Qiao cries sadly. “Nai Nai, do you still remember the first time we met? That day you gave me a candy that I’d never seen before. You opened it personally for me. You asked me whether it’s nice or not. That time you looked at me like my own grandmother looked at me. That time I thought this person is a good person, a good one like Nai Nai.”

“You let me call you Nai Nai, I didn’t hesitate and just called you. You were very happy and laughed till the tears fell down. For making you happy I kept on calling you Nai Nai. You hugged me and let me be your god-granddaughter. You said that you’ll give the best for me.”

“Nai Nai, do you forget that? That time you loved me so much, right? I am wrong, please forgive me once. Please Nai Nai, I already lose my leg, looking at this, please help me. Please help me…”

Then suddenly. “Time is up!”

“I still have things to talk. Please give me one minute. I beg you just one minute.”

“Please cooperate with us.”

The call ends. Gu Qiao says lastly: “Nai Nai, please help me. I beg you.’

Old Madame Yan’s heart cannot turn cal.

She doesn’t expect that Gu Qiao’s bad intention starts from Jing Bo Yuan’s matter.

Not long after Gu Qiao’s call, Gu Xing De and Old Madame Gu want to go to Nan Shan Mansion. But they still stop in front of the gate.

Gu Xing De takes out an envelope and silently puts it on the leader of security’s hand. He says: “Everyone is in difficult situation. Please call the number 8. If they are willing to see us, just let us inside. If they don’t, we will not make things hard for you? Please help us.”

Today Luo Feng’s cousin is off. The envelope is thick, so several security guards just look at each other, they agree on this.

“Okay, looking at how hard it is for you to keep on coming. But let’s make it clear. We just help you guys to call. If they don’t want to meet you guys, you guys should go.”

Gu Xing De says: “of course, of course, thank you.”

The call is answered by Auntie Chi.

She asks whether Old Madame Yan wants to meet them, Old Madame Yan shakes her head.

Getting the rejection, the security guard says: “They don’t want to meet you guys, go home.”

Old Madame Gu is unhappy. They have given a quite big sum of money to them.

Gu Xing De holds Old Madame Gu and smiles. “Sorry to trouble you guys.”

“What should we do now?” Old Madame Gu says unhappily when they are on the car. Her Mei Mei (Younger sister) is quite ruthless. Though Qiao Qiao is wrong, but she is a kid. How can she not do something wrong?

Gu Xing De gets on the car, he also cannot think of a way.

Without Yan family’s support, he is nothing. These period of time, he has been looking for connections. But those people keep on avoiding him, they clearly are laughing at him.

The car starts to move.

Old Madame Gu suddenly speaks up: “Jing Bo Yuan’s triplets will turn a month old tomorrow right?”

Gu Xing De looks at the date on his watch. Today is 1st of September.

He remembers the triplets are born in the second of August.

“Yes.” He answers.

“Do you know where they will hold the party?”

“I’m not clear, why are you asking this?” Gu Xing De looks at his mother.

Old Madame Gu has a better health condition than Old Madame Yan. She has a smooth life.

“I remember that you told me, that in Sheng family there’s someone that hates Ye Qing Xin right? The day of celebrating Ye Qing Xin’s return, someone tried to make things hard for her, and that occasion turned into a joke.”

Gu Xing De told that story.

“Sheng Wen Qiong hates Ye Qing Xin.” Gu Xing De says. He frowns and feels something is wrong. “Ma, what do you want to do?”

Old Madame Gu says: “We cannot beg Shu Zhen, I think we can get another way to help Qiao Qiao out.”

Jing Bo Yuan holds the party for celebrating the triplets’ one month old celebration in Bo Wei’s group five-star hotel. He doesn’t invite too many people. Just several families and close friends around fifty tables.

Jing Bo Yuan and Jing Zong are outside to greet the guests. Ye Qing Xin and three Old Madame are taking care of the babies. Wang Yi, Sun Yi, Li Yi are also there to make sure every babies are well-taken care of.

The triplets are growing well. They are even more handsome than before. Every one of them are fed well till they are white and chubby. Three of them are laying down on their stroller. Their eyes are open big and round. Everyone that looks at them, likes them so much.

The triplets are not scared of stranger, they don’t cry when they are carried by other old Madames. Everyone wants to have a turn to carry and hold them. Old Madame Cheng carries a baby. “Look at this guy, he is so handsome. Ke Yin, your Xin Xin is really great. She feeds them well, they are all breast-fed right?”

“Exactly, Xin Xin has enough milk for them.”

“Good, good.” Old Madame Cheng praises.

“You should mind your Xiao Yu. Our Fen Fen is so depressed for him. You should persuade him to hurry up and get married, to make Fen Fen loses hope on him.”

Jing Fen Fen is sick, she has no spirit to live. She doesn’t have appetite so she has turned so skinny now. Old Madame Jing is worried for her.

“I also want to, but Xiao Yu recently doesn’t want to go to blind-date. I almost take a knife to cut my neck, but he still insists to not want to go. I’m too angry!”

“Have a good chat with him to know what is the reason.”

“I did it, but that brat didn’t say anything, he kept on smoking.” Old Madame Cheng. “He is too weird. In the past, he would just go but now he doesn’t want.”


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