Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 334

He comes out of the bathroom with his usual deep grey pajamas.

Because the kids are sleeping in their room, he doesn’t turn on the wall lamp like he uses to.

Jing Bo Yuan lays down on the one side of the kids. He holds Ye Qing Xin’s hand while the kids are in the middle.

“Bo Yuan.”

Ye Qing Xin wants to ask about Gu Qiao’s scandals. “Today I used my phone to browse online.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks t her.

“I found out about Gu Qiao. I am thinking that someone seems to adding the fuel to the flames, is it your doing?”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t deny.

Ye Qing Xin immediately gets the answer.

Gu Qiao’s goal in kidnapping Ye Qing Guo, should be because of ey Qing Xin.

It’s lucky that their kids are okay.

Ye Qing Xin calms herself down and smiles at him. They hold hand.

Gu Qiao knows about the fact everyone seems to have knowledge about her action after two days.

It’s the time Gu Xing De comes over to meet her, he tells her about it.

She is sitting on the chair and daydreaming. Her face is so pale.

“Impossible…” She cannot believe it, she cannot believe it. How can this be like this? She never expected this thing will happen.

“Pa, what about Ye Ye and Nai Nai? They don’t look online, they shouldn’t know about this right? They should be busy of thinking of the way to help me right? I, I don’t want to be in jail. Pa, I have lost my leg, I am a disabled one. Please help me. You also don’t want me to be in jail right. I am your own biological daughter……..”

“I had no alternative before, these period of time those people forced me, they gave me an attitude. You also know right. Nai Nai told me if I can raise company’s income by twenty percent. I can get something. If I didn’t get the contract. They wouldn’t want to sign the contract. As for the money that I took, I can return it!”

“Those things on the internet are false. Don’t trust it. Song Yu Ning’s action was my Ma’s order. It’s unrelated to me. My Ma has paid the price, is it possible that I need to take responsible for it? Pa, I also didn’t ask someone to kidnap ye Qing Guo, how can it be related to me? Why should all the mistake are thrown at me? Is it Ye Qing Xin’s doing? It’s her right?”

Gu Qiao is emotional.

She looks at Gu Xing De’s face: “Pa, help me! Help me please!”

Gu Xing De is in tears. It’s his own daughter, of course he pities her.

“I will go back and find your Ye Ye and Nai Nai to plead for mercy. It’s just don’t hope too much. You had attacked Ye Qing Xin, who is their off-limit.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Go and find Ye Ye and Nai Nai. They used to love me, they should believe me. They will not just watch I being prisoned. I don’t want to be here!”

Coming out of the police station, Gu Xing De raises his head and looks at the bright sun. Under the sun, it can be seen clearly that his hair is getting whiter in just two days.

On 24th afternoon 02:00 p.m.

The video telephone rings and breaks the silence in the Nan Shan mansion.

Auntie Zhang answers it and after a while, she goes to knock on the master bedroom’s door. Ye Qing Xin is still in daze, she says: “Come in.”

“Tai Tai, Gu Xing De is outside of the mansion. He wants to meet Old Madame Yan…”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t hesitate and says: “Go downstair and asks Wai Po about it.”

Old Madame Yan should agree to meet Gu Xing De. Ye Qing Xin can hear a faint male voice.

Ye Qing Xin wakes up and lays down for another short while. She gets off the bed and goes to the babies room. The babies are sleeping soundly.

She kisses each one of them and suddenly her phone rings.

It’s a call from Dou Weir.

“Xin Xin, I’ve gone for a while, how can there are a lot things has happened?”

She should see it online.

Ye Qing Xin smiles. “It’s all in the past.”

Dou Weir is silent for a while and shifts the topic of their conversation. “What about my nephews? Are they turning fat now?”

Last time she returned to Jing City, she had not enough time. She hasn’t come to visit them, she just looks at the through video call.

“Em, they are getting round a bit.” Ye Qing Xin looks at the babies.

“When will you return to Jing city?” Ye Qing Xin asks. “Come back the class will start soon.”

“The last year will not be that tight in schedule. I’ve contacted our homeroom teacher. I asked for a half month off. The competition will end in the middle of September.” Dou Weir is so excited for the competition. “Xin Xin, this time I’ll win, then I can achieve my dream soon.”

“What kind of dream? Enter MDC to be top model? Or walking for Victoria’s secret?” Ye Qing Xin teases her.

“I’m serious. This time the champion will walk on Victoria’s secret, it’s great right?” Dou Weir says: “The Victoria’s secret show in Shanghai.”

‘Okay, I’ll hang up first, I’ve things to do now. Bye Bye.”

She hangs up and Ye Qing Xin just puts down her phone down. She opens the glass door to the balcony. When she is about to come out, she just remembers that she cannot go out because of the wind. She comes inside and just closes the door. She goes downstair.

The time she is on the stair, she could hear Old Madame Yan’s angry voice: “Looking at she stayed by my side and grew up? When she asked someone to kidnap Xiao Guo, did she think that she grew up by my side? Why should she kidnap Xiao Guo? How can you not know about it? For Xiao Guo’s disappearance, the most worried one was Xin Xin. That time Xin Xin hadn’t reached time for giving birth. There were three babies inside her, how about if something bad happened that time……”

“How can she not think about my kindness and feeling toward her for those years, how can she be so ruthless and want to harm my own granddaughter. Let me be clear to you gu Xing De, starting now our Yan family has nothing to do with your Gu family. We are unrelated. Don’t call me Ma, I cannot bear it anymore!”

“Ma….. Qiao Qiao knows that she is wrong. She has regretted it, for realy.” Gu Xing De is so helpless.

“Don’t call me Ma anymore!”

“……” Gu Xing De is turning silent for a while. “Old Madame Yan, I beg you. I just have one child, Qiao Qiao. Wei Juan is inside the prison. If Qiao Qiao is inside too, I cannot live anymore.”

“Whether you can live or not, it’s unrelated to me. Xin Xin will wake up soon from her afternoon nap. Go home, don’t kneel in front of me again. In the future, don’t come over again. We, Yan family, has no relationship with you. Tomorrow I’ll publish it out, I publish out that we have cut off the tie!”

Then it’s a great silent.

Ye Qing Xin goes upstair silent and stands on the railing gate in the second floor.

After a while, Auntie Zhang sends off the guest.

Ye Qing Xin just goes downstair, Old Madame Yan is leaning on the sofa tiredly. The time she hears footsteps, she looks over and tries to smile. “Xin Xin, you are awake?”

“Wai Po.” Ye Qing Xin comes over.

Old Madame Yan hols her hand. “Wai Po, we’ll never let you be wronged. A bad person should be punished.

“Wai Po, I already feel so lucky for your protection.”

After Gu Xing De, there’re several other people coming over.

Gu Qiao’s biological Nai Nai, who is also Old Madame Yan’s biological sisters, and Old Madame Yan’s older brother’s sons.

Those people are Ye Qing Xin’s senior. She greets all of them and let them sit on the sofa.

Auntie Zhang prepares the tea and cuts the fruit. She serves it all to them.

It’s obvious why all of them come over to Nan Shan mansion. Old Madame Yan’s older sister wants to talk about Gu Qiao.

“Qiao Qiao is always an obedient and good one. I remember when she was little, our family has swallows with nest. Sometimes the swallow will fall down. She would cry for them. That kind of child, how can she wants to bad things.”

Old Madame Yan’s smile disappears.

Ye Qing Xin just smiles.

“Shu Zhen, that year I let Qiao Qiao and Xing De to Yan family. I was unwilling but I just smiled and let them go. I felt sorry for you. That time you were so heartbroken to lose your own daughter and granddaughter. I am your older sister, how can I not help you. Who else will help you then? Also, our family is nothing compared to yours. Xing De be your god-son, it’s his good luck. I don’t want to stop him.”

“Every mother always hopes that the kid will live happily, but never expect that this day will happen. If I can predict, I’ll never let them leave home, leave my side.”

“Su Zhen, what the news said about Qiao Qiao’s act of forcing and embezzlement, I don’t believe it. I’ll never believe it. How can my obedient and smart granddaughter do that thing? People online also said that Qiao Qiao drugged you, also asked someone to kidnap Xin Xin’s Di Di. Do you believe it? How can you trust that thing?”

“If you trust it, okay, let Qiao Qiao out, I’ll take her home. Starting today she will have no relation with your Yan family, okay?”

Old Madame Yan’s sister is crying. “Su Zhen ah, I gave my granddaughter in good situation, how can you make her like this? Return my Qiao Qiao back to me…..”

Ye Qing Xin takes a tissue for her.

“Er Gu (old Madame Yan), Da Gu said is reasonable. We saw Qiao Qiao grew up. We know clearly what kind of person she is. How can you just listen from one side and just wrong a good person.”

“Yes yes, Er Gu. Qiao Qiao will not those malicious things.”

Old Madame Yan turns silent. She looks at everyone and says: “Whether she did or not, my words cannot be counted. This matter has been investigated by the police. Whether she is wronged or not, let’s wait till the result is out.”

“Er Gu…….”

“Su Zhen, are you leaving no way out for Qiao Qiao! She has been filial to you, how can you not remember her good?”

“Jie, you said that Qiao Qiao will not do those things right?” Old Madame Yan is expressionless. “It’s just a matter of time, how can you not believe her?”

Old Madame Yan’s sister says: “of course I believe Qiao Qiao.”

“Since you believe her, then don’t say anything else to me.” Old Madame Yan says and looks around. She explains: “Since you believe her, then why should you be here? She doesn’t make any mistake, what else should you say? The police will not throw the blame at her. The time it’s all clear, the police will clear up her name. That time I’ll personally come to apologize to her. Jing Yan will also publish their apology.”

“If the police investigation shows that she is wrong, then Yan family will invite the best lawyer to let the court gives her major punishment according to the law. She has heart to harm my granddaughter, she should expect this.”


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