Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 331

An expert says that kid’s temperament is innate.

These three kids have different personality. Lao Da and Lao Er are livelier and active, Lao San is much more silent and calm.

After hearing Ye Qing Xin’s words, Jing Bo Yuan imagines their three kids. He finds it so hilarious. He is happy.

“Tonight during the business meeting don’t drink too much. Drive safely. If you have driver, let him drive slower and safely.”

Ye Qing Xin reminds him. She doesn’t urge him to go home earlier. She just wants him to be healthy and safe.


The call ends. Jing Bo Yuan returns to his desk. Luo Feng knocks on the door.

“Chief Jing….”

He wants to says something, but Jing Bo Yuan’s phone vibrates. Luo Feng immediately shuts up.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at his phone and smiles lightly and coldly.

He answers: “Wai Gong.”

With very few sentences, then the call ends.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng speaks up: “There’s a news from Jing Yan’s group, Gu Qiao’s scandals have spread all around the company. It also provokes all media’s rage. Everyone is requesting for her removal. All the big media will publish this news on their headlines. Jing Yan’s public relation department has tried hard to cover it. They keep on calling the media. But because of our initial approach to the big media, Jing Yan is in deadlock position.”

“Director Yan has already investigated the recent financial report form. Supposedly now he already knows that the god-granddaughter that he always takes fancy on has used up the company’s fund.”

Jing Bo Yuan stands up and takes his suit. He wears it and says: “Call them up.”

He doesn’t say who will come but Luo Feng just says: “Okay.”

After thirty five minutes.

A black car stops in front of magnificent restaurant lobby.

Luo Feng gets off the car first and opens the back door for Jing Bo Yuan.

They are greeted by a handsome man and the other one is a middle-aged woman.

“Jing Xian Sheng, Luo Xian Sheng.”

Jing Bo Yuan just looks at them and enters the lobby.

Luo Feng says to both of them. “Let’s get in.”

After two minutes, another black car stops at the same place.

Gu Xing De gets off the car then he goes to other side of the door to help Old Mister Yan gets off the car.

Old Mister Yan just gets off the car and his phone rings. He stands straight with his stick and answers it.

The caller sounds like he is so scared witless.

Old Mister Yan is startled.

Gu Qiao takes nearly RMB!

Old Mister Yan is speechless. He is so furious. “Investigate it! I give you two hours. Before the sky turns dark, you should know where did she transfer the money to!”

Gu Xing De can hear it, he cannot believe it.

“Pa, this…..”

How can this be? Gu Xing De remembers several months ago, Gu Qiao just lost one of her leg. That time she sincerely begged him to help her to complete what she promised to two elders. She wanted to be the successor. How can do that kind of thing that will harm the company?

“Could it be there’s a misunderstanding? Maybe someone made a false account to transfer the company’s fund. Maybe it’s not Qiao Qiao… perhaps someone wants to ruin her name…..”

Old Mister Yan doesn’t look at Gu Xing De, he just walks to enter the restaurant. His hand is trembling while he is holding his phone.

He tells Jing Bo Yuan’s name to the waiter and the waiter just takes them upstair.

Inside the private room.

Jing Bo Yuan is sitting on the sofa.

Behind him, there are three people standing. Among them, there’s Song Yu Ning.

When Gu Xing De notices Song Yu Ning, he has a bad feeling.

Jing Bo Yuan stands up when he sees Old Mister Yan enters the room. He smiles and greets him. “Wai Gong.”

Old Mister Yan just says “Em.” Then he sits down, he immediately wants to get right to the point. “Tell me.”

Jing Bo Yuan glances at Luo Feng. Luo Feng looks at the handsome man.

The man comes forward, he doesn’t look anyone. His head is hanging low and just says: “I am Ma Yi Yang, Zong Fu Li’s boyfriend…..”

Zong Fu Li?

Gu Xing De is shock, isn’t she Gu Qiao’s assistant?

He has even worst feeling.

He somehow can guess how Gu Qiao offended Jing Bo Yuan. Gu Qiao might touch his off-limit, which is his wife.

Everyone knows how Jing Bo Yuan cherishes Ye Qing Xin like she is his eye.

Gu Xing De clutches his hand. He hopes Gu Qiao doesn’t do anything too over. Then both elders might ask Jing Bo Yuan to let Gu Qiao go.

“I come from a poor family. Li Li’s parents want me to buy an apartment with three bedrooms. I have no other way. I just be a male model at Lan Jue Gong nightclub…” He continues: “Li Li doesn’t know about this, I don’t know how can Gu Xiao Jie knows about this. She threatened me that she would tell Li LI about this. I don’t want to disappoint Li Li, so I agree to do as she wished. It’s so simple. She just asked me to show the picture of Ye Qing Guo to Jiu Shen Jie…..”


Gu Xing De’s lighter falls to the table. He looks at Old Mister Yan in panic. Indeed Old Mister Yan is also in shock.

Ma Yi Yang continues: “Before Jiu Shen Jie turned rich, because he is ugly that everyone laughed at her. He has obsession toward handsome man. The time he saw Ye Qing Guo’s photo. He was so excited and asked me about him. I just told him as what Gu Xiao Jie told me.”

Ma Yi Yang’s eyes turn red.

Old Mister Yan’s hands are trembling, he looks at Jing Bo Yuan, it’s hard for him to believe this. “You mean Xiao Guo’s disappearance is planned by Qiao Qiao?”

“Impossible!” Gu Xing De denies flatly, he isn’t sure, “Qiao Qiao….. she has no reason to do it, why should she harm Xiao Guo? Xiao Guo is unrelated to him, he doesn’t do anything wrong toward her.”

Gu Xing De isn’t sure.

Ye Qing Guo is unrelated to Gu Qiao but Ye Qing Xin…….

Who will be sad if Ye Qing Guo is hurt?

Ye Qing Guo’s disappearance led Ye Qing Xin to give birth sooner……

Gu Xing De is worried.

If it’s really Gu Qiao’s doing, she is a sinister woman. As a father, he also feels scared.

“Qiao Qiao… she…. will not…….”

“I’m sorry, Old Mister.” Ma Yi Yang retreats. Then Song Yu Ning comes forward. With her head hanging low, her face shows her guilty feeling. “I let Old Madame down. In the beginning, Tai….. Huang Wei Juan threatened me to drug Old Madame. Old Madame treated me like her own daughter, I didn’t agree to it but she threatened me with my son, I…..”

“Afterwards she found someone to kidnap Jing Tai Tai, I was so happy that she finally cannot threaten me anymore. But in private Gu Qiao found me, she told me that Huang Wei Juan has passed the evidences to her. She asked me to continue to drug Old Madame, if not my son will go to prison.”

“I…. I’m sorry……”

Song Yu Ning is full of guilt. She is thankful that Old Madame Yan is okay now.

She continues: “Gu Qiao also threatened me, if I exposed this, she would just pass all the blame to Huang Wei Juan. After all, Huang Wei Juan will be sentenced to life. If not she will want my grandson’s life. I……… Sorry…..”

Song Yu Ning cries.

Previously Old Mister Yan and Gu Xing De were also confused for what happened. Why Song Yu Ning still undergo with Huang Wei Juan’s bad plan.

Jing Bo Yuan also felt curious of it so he asked someone to investigate it. He found the evidence that Gu Qiao had interacted with Song Yu Ning.

For her grandson, Song Yu Ning is silent.

Song Yu Ning has purposely harmed Old Madame Yan, she has finished her two month sentences.

Two days ago, the first day she was out of the prison, she was playing with her grandson on the roadside. There’s an accident that led to her grandson drowned and passed away. She feels that this should be her karma.

She wanted to go to Old Madame Yan to apologize. Yesterday she went to Nan Shan Mansion and bumped into Jing Bo Yuan. So here she is.

Song Yu Ning cries, she doesn’t only cry her stupidness and bad act, but also for her grandson.

The private room turns cold. Yet Gu Xing De is full of sweat.

Old Mister Yan is so furious.

“Pa…..” Gu Xing De calls after him.

Old Mister Yan points at him with his trembling pointer finger: “you….. what a good daughter of you! Go away! Get lost of Yan family. Now go home and pack up your things! Before the sky turns dark you should be out of Yan house. Go far far away!”

They simply are cruel and unscrupulous! Heart of wolf and lungs of dog (idiom)!

Old Mister Yan takes out his phone and dials his house’s phone. “Go! And pack up all Gu family’s things! Throw it out!”

“Old Mister…..” The butler is confused.

“I ask you to do it, do it!”

Then he just hangs up.

He calls another number, which is his loyal assistant.

“Throughly investigate our employees that had interacted with Gu Qiao. I want to know clearly beside forcing those female employees and embezzlement, what else has she done. No matter what you find, directly pass it to the police!”

“Pa, Qiao Qiao is young. She is still a kid. You cannot just force her to the dead end!” Gu Xing De tries to hold Old Mister Yan’s arm. He begs him. “Pa….”

Old Mister Yan throws his phone to the table. “Kid? Young? Her own actions, how can it be like a kid? How can it show that she is young? That time Huang Wei Juan found someone to kidnap Xin Xin, I should just kick you guys out. I thought you guys have kind heart. I thought Gu Qiao is a filial one. I don’t expect that you guys are cruel ones!”

Luo Feng takes Ma Yi Yang and Song Yu Ning to leave secretly.


Luo Feng: “I think you guys know what you should do.”

Song Yu Ning and Ma Yi Yang nods. Zong Fu Li has known what he did so there’s nothing else to hide. He is an orphan so it’s okay.

Luo Feng doesn’t say anymore nonsense. “Leave.”

After both of them leaves, Luo Feng just stays outside and waits.

“Sorry to ask. Your boss, is he a big boss?” One of the waiter asks Luo Feng.

Luo Feng looks at her and says excitingly: “How do you know that my boss is a big boss?”

“His aura is different from those big boss.” Another waiter says: “Our restaurant is cannot be said to be reckoned as the first or second best, but it is well-known. Every person’s fee right here around five digits. Not everyone can spend that much many. Those who are coming here should be rich.”

“So?” Luo Feng asks.

“But I see that your boss is different. He has a charisma, he is tall and handsome. I never see that kind of boss.”

Luo Feng feels it is so funny. “Little girl, you really have limited experience then.”

Inside the room.

Old Mister Yan looks at Jing Bo Yuan, he is a bit angry. “You know it from the start right? Why don’t you tell me earlier? Are you happy to see we were played by others?”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles lightly and looks very calm. He doesn’t explain too much, he just says. “It’s not late for you to know about this.”

He then raises his cup of tea. Then he says: “It’s late. Wai Gong, are you interested to have a drink with me?”

Old Mister Yan: “Em.”

“You planned all this, is it for avenge Xin Xin? If it’s not Xin Xin, I’m afraid you will not mind us.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles. “Wai Gong, you are joking.”

Gu Xing De notices that both of them don’t want to mind him. He stands up and says: “I’ll go back first.”

Old Mister Yan just stays quiet, Jing Bo Yuan nods and says: “Gu Shu Shu, take care!”

Luo Feng enters the private room after Gu Xing De leaves. Jing Bo Yuan glances at him and Luo Feng immediately knows what should he do. He asks the waiter to serve out the food.

The time Gu Xing De exits the restaurant, the sky turns dark.

He feels like he is dreaming.

It’s over.

His wife, his daughter are all misled by wealth. They all walk in the wrong road.

The driver stops the car in front of him. “Xian Sheng, Old Mister is not coming out yet?”

Gu Xing De waves his hand and passes the car. He takes a taxi home.

When he arrives at Yan residence, all the big and small boxes are piled up outside. The butler is waiting for him.

Gu Xing De cannot describe his current mood. The day that he worries the most, now it’s coming.

“Xian Sheng.” The butler greets him politely.

Gu Xing De calls the moving company.

Gu family has been informed about Gu Qiao’s scandal and the fact she is in local police station, they also know about Gu Xing De being kicked out of Yan house. Old Madame Yan knows about this at night around nine p.m.

She, Old Madame Jing and Old Madame Sheng are playing with three babies. Each one of them holds one baby and teases them. She answers a call from her older sister. Her older sister asks about what happened to Yan family today, how can Gu family being kicked out.

Old Madame Yan is stupefied. How can she know about it?

She calls the Old Mister Yan to ask. Except her, it’s only Old Mister Yan has the power to kick Gu family out.

The call is unanswered. Then she gets a call from vice-director. The vice- director is calling to recommend his own son. At first it is widely spread that Yan family want to let Gu Qiao to be their successor. But now Gu Qio is in, Gu Xing De has no ability. Though Yan family has found back their own granddaughter but she is not yet graduated and young. She might not qualified to be the successor in near time.

Old Madame Yan is stupefied to hear it. “What do you mean, Qiao Qiao is in? Where is she?”

“You don’t know about it?” The vice-director is surprised. He explains: “In this afternoon shareholder meeting, there were two female workers said that Chief Gu forced them to sleep with someone from other company. She also did embezzled company’s fund. The director reported her to the police, now Chief Gu is in local police station.”

“What?” Old Madame Yan is so surprised. “How can it be?” She says quickly. “I’ll hang up first, I want to call the director.”

“What happened?” Ye Qing Xin is coming out from the kitchen with a plate of fruits. She cannot eat cold dish so Auntie Zhang steams the fruits first before giving it to her. It’s not taste really great but it’s better than nothing.

Old Madame Yan hangs up and calls Old Mister Yan again. “Your Wai Gong called the police to catch Qiao Qiao. He also kicked Gu Xing De out of the house. I don’t know what is happening.


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