Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 330

This matter has reached unmanageable stage.

Gu Qiao stands there and fists her hand.

She feels that someone is planning this, her efforts are useless now.

Who is it? Who is scheming her?

Suddenly she remembers the way Jing Bo Yuan looked at her when she came by to visit Ye Qing Xin?

That time he looks calm and elegant, but it also shows a malicious….

Gu Qiao takes a step back and falls down to her own seat.

If it’s really Jing Bo Yuan, he really plans this very well. This is an extremely important time for her, he is cutting off her escape road…..

Could it be because he knows that she is the one that planned the kidnapping Ye Qing Guo?

“This is the CCTV record when Gu Qiao took us for the first time for business meeting, this really shows how did she take us to the hotel room!”

Gu Jing Jing shows a USB. She plugs the USB to the computer, the big screen shows the video.

The video shows that two assistants were so drunk that they were unconscious. They both were taken out by the waiters out of the private room. After walking a while, they both were taken to separate rooms. The waiters left, then Gu Qiao shook hands with two men outside. Then Gu Qiao left. Those two middle-aged men were impatient and went to the room. As for what they did inside the room, it goes without saying.

Soon after, the cashier shows the video which Gu Qiao instigated her to help to transfer the company fund. The cashier says: “Since the first time Chief Gu asked me to do it, I disapproved it. I know that there will be second time so for the second time I recorded this for ensuring that one day I will not be blamed for this….”

“This is too much!” The worker representative glares at Gu Qiao. “This is the way company treats their worker? Perhaps the growth of our company is based on this despicable means?”

“This matter should be punished severely! You should make it clear for us!”

“Right right! We cannot tolerate this kind of person!”

The shareholders are looking at Gu Qiao, “Embezzled the company’s money, damaging our company image. Director, this is the successor that you train to be our future leader? It’s really impressive!”

Gu Qiao is sitting down stoically on her seat. She watches everyone, they are either furious, disappointed, some of them even look happy for her downfall. She suddenly realizes that she has became the target of public criticism.

Doesn’t know who calls the police, Gu Qiao and three other workers are taken to aid for investigation.

Old Mister Jing is sitting on the center of the room silently, he is looking at the result of the voting.

The final result….

Gu Qiao doesn’t even get enough votes to be one of the board directors. But before he announced, she has lost the qualification to be one of it forever.

It’ll be even harder for her to be a person later on.

The shareholder meeting ends.

Guo Zhang Fen is called to the director’s office by the director’s assistant.

Also those security guards that guard the meeting room.

During the shareholder meeting, there should be no one can come inside randomly. Especially those three employees, they are only ‘mantis shrimps’ of the company, one security guard will be enough to stop them. But they can rush it. It is clear that someone has planned that.

That Guo Zhang Fen should have no ability to take those three women.

Gu Jing Jing is also somewhat unusual, she can get the computer to connect to the big screen. She seems to be familiar at the meeting room’s layout.

Old Mister Yan is experienced one, he could think in detail.

The shareholder meeting today has led Jing Yan to damage its reputation and image.

The public relation department has actively taken action, they hope that tomorrow’s news will not damage their reputation further.

Before Old Mister Yan has warned those medias to not report it out.

It’s just Old Mister Yan knows that it might not be able to handle the media.

Today Jing Yan’s situation not like Bo Wei. He cannot buy the company when he is unhappy.

Old Mister Yan is in gloomy mood.

Everyone that he called sits on the sofa.

“Now why are you so quiet? Before didn’t you speak out loud during the shareholder meeting?”

Guo Zhang Fen lowers down her head.

“Tell me!”

He is so furious that the assistant and secretary, who are standing outside, can hear it and they are trembling.

Usually if there’s no problem, the director will not come to the office. Everything in the company is handled by Gu Xing De and Gu Qiao. But the director is still the powerful authority in the company.

“Is the director inside?” Gu Xing De comes over hurriedly.

He just returns and hears what happened during the shareholder meeting. He instinctually doesn’t believe that Gu Qiao can do that thing. How can she force the female workers to sleep with their business partners? How can a woman who always acts kind like Gu Qiao do that kind of thing?

Embezzling public fund?

It’s impossible.

“Chief Gu, director is inside…. he is angry. I think it’s better for you to not get in now. Give him some time. The director also told us to not let anyone enter…..”

The assistant stops Gu Xing De.

Gu Xing De cannot anything. These years he has no any kind of reputation.

“Chief Gu is taken away by the police. No matter the rumor is true or not. I think it’s better for you to find a dependable lawyer.”

The assistant reminds Gu Xing De. He goes to give a call.

He has quite good friends that professed as lawyers.

After his call ends, the door is opened.

Guo Zhang Fen and others coming out of them room. They don’t stop when Gu Xing De called them.

Gu Xing De enters the director’s office. Old Mister Yan is standing near the window. He looks worried.

Gu Xing De closes the door and goes to Old Mister Yan’s behind. He asks, Pa, what happened?”

“I know Qiao Qiao well, she shouldn’t be the one that did that misdeed. There’s should be someone that make those rumors right?”

Old Mister Yan is standing there unmoving, he doesn’t response.

“Pa, what is happening? Who is harming Qiao Qiao?”

Old Mister Yan is still silent.

After a while, he turns his body and goes to his table. He opens a drawer and takes out his eyeglasses. He then takes out his phone. He dials a number.

Gu Xing De watches him on the side.

The call is answered. The phone has a loud volume. Old Mister Yan doesn’t lower it down so Gu Xing De can hear it clearly. It’s Jing Bo Yuan’s mature and serious voice: “Wai Gong.”

He respects him deeply.

Gu Xing De is surprised.

Old Mister Yan says: “A Yuan, there is something bad happened in this afternoon Jing Yan’s shareholder meeting. I heard that you always be well-informed. Have you heard about this.”

This just happened in short while, the media hasn’t reported it. Except the people that attended it, how can anyone know?

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t deny, he says: “It’s unfortunate.”

He said that but he doesn’t sound regretful.

Old Mister Yan’s eyes turn dark.

He cannot understand why his junior did this.

Because of Ye Qing Xin, Jing family and Yan family are in very good relationship, they are the most closest one between five families. Though it’s been years since Jing Yan and Bo Wei worked together but they are in friendly relations.

Jing Bo Yuan is attacking Gu Qiao, Gu Qiao is part of Yan family. It’s like he is attacking Yan family.

Guo Zhang Fen and those people didn’t waste time explaining to Old Mister Yan, they just made it clear.

Jing Bo Yuan gave those people a lot of profits. He also guaranteed that they will not lose their livelihood. They just bribed by other company. Those women were hidden by Zhang Guo Fen to the third floor restroom. When it’s time, the security guards just let them in.

Old Mister Yan wants to see how Jing Bo Yuan explains this to him.

Old Mister Yan takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down. He says coldly: “Give me a reason.”

“Go and ask your good god-granddaughter.” Jing Bo Yuan says calmly: “Why should I attack her, no one is clearer than her.”

He continues: “If Wai Gong cannot get any answer, I’ll clear up confusion for you. I think Wai Gong now has a lot things to do handle, I’ll not waste up your time anymore. Goodbye.”

After saying those thing, Jing Bo Yuan says nothing else. He doesn’t hang up and just wait till Old Mister Yan hangs up.

Old Mister Yan feels this thirty five years old man is too experienced.

In the afternoon 04:50 p.m.

In the local police situation in the east of the city, not far from Jing Yan company.

Gu Qiao is interrogated in the interrogation room, Old Mister Yan and Gu Xing De are bringing lawyer over. The lawyer tries to negotiate with the police. Old Mister Yan and Gu Xing De are granting an visit to meet Gu Qiao.

“Ye Ye, Pa, these are not my doing. You guys should trust me.” Gu Qiao is calm. Her face is full of tear marks. Her lips are pale.

Old Mister Yan is sitting in front of her, he is looking at her with a calm gaze.

Old Mister Yan knows Jing Bo Yuan since Jing Bo Yuan was little, he knows him quite well. He knows that sometimes Jing Bo Yuan is a bit ruthless but he never attacks someone without reason.

Jing Bo Yuan let Old Mister Yan asks Gu Qiao about it. He knows that Gu Qiao should do something offensive for Jing Bo Yuan that makes Jing Bo Yuan attacks her. Jing Bo Yuan said before that he would explain it to her if Gu Qiao doesn’t explain. Supposedly Jing Bo Yuan already knows that Gu Qiao will refuse to admit her mistake.

He has schemed this matter in great way.

Gu Qiao has miscalculated this.

Gu Xing De has listened to what Jing Bo Yuan said. Gu Xing De has the same thinking as Old Mister Yan.

“Qiao Qiao, tell Papa honestly, what have you done to offend Jing Bo Yuan?”

Old Mister Yan doesn’t say anything, Gu Xing De is worried.

Gu Qiao feels shock.

“Pa, what do you mean?”

“This is Jing Bo Yuan’s plot. He said that you offended him, what did you do? Tell Papa, Papa will think of a way to beg him for forgiveness. I’ll ask him to let you go.” Gu Xing De continues: “Also for those three women’s matters, is it true?”

“I don’t do anything.” Gu Qiao shakes her head: “I don’t do anything. I also don’t know why Jing Bo Yuan is attacking me. Ye Ye, help me please. I don’t offend him. I even never say anything to him, how can I offend him?”

Old Mister Yan just watches Gu Qiao with his calm gaze.

Gu Qiao then says again to Gu Xing De: “Pa, I am your biological daughter. You should know me well. How can I do those things. They are accusing me wrongly!”


Old Mister Yan just stands up and leaves.

“Ye Ye….”


Gu Qing wants to chase after to beg for Old Mister Yan’s trust, but she is helpless as now she is cuffed to the chair. She can just watch with open eyes Gu Xing De chases after Old Mister Yan. Both of them leave.

She really feels terrified, she is scared.

She thought that no one will know about this, unexpectedly Jing Bo Yuan knows everything. He exposes all of her doings to the media. She cannot imagine what the headlines news tomorrow will be.

Everyone has known that she forced those three women, she embezzled company’s fund. She has two offenses.

If someone knows that she also the mastermind of Ye Qing Guo’s kidnapping…….

Outside the local police station.

“Pa, you want to go to ask Jing Bo Yuan?” Gu Xing De asks. He is sweating heavily.

Today is so hot.

Old Mister Yan says nothing else, he wears his glasses and takes out his phone. He dials Jing Bo Yuan’s phone.

“Sorry, the number you are calling is…..”

Old Mister Yan puts down the phone and wants to try again in short while.

This time, Jing Bo Yuan is calling Ye Qing Xin.

“Tonight I’ll go home a bit late. You should have dinner first, freshen up and have a rest. Don’t peep at your phone or computer. It’s not good for your eyes.”

Now Jing Bo Yuan has turned to someone who talk endlessly without getting to the point.

Ye Qing Xin is laying down on one side on the big bed. Three guys are laying in row beside her. Three of them are wearing thin onesies. Da Ge and Er Ge are kicking their legs and waving their hands like they are dancing happily. The youngest are looking at the ceiling and not moving.

“I get it.”

“What is it,you are impatient toward me?” Jing Bo Yuan laughs lightly. His tone is too gentle.

“No.” She extends her hand to stroke the Lao Da’s chin. ” I just feel that you’ve changed a lot.”

“Is it a bad thing?” Jing Bo Yuan asks.

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “I like it so much.”

Jing Bo Yuan laughs.

After a while, he asks; “What are the kids doing?”

Since the time she was discharged, Jing Bo Yuan stayed at home to accompany her for days. Then he starts to go to the office again. There are many things to handle.

Though he says nothing, but Ye Qing Xin can notice that he seems to tired.

“Nian Nian is eating his hand, Zhao Zhao is scratching his head, Mu Mu is looking at the ceiling.” Ye Qing Xin says with hint of humor. She reports it in detail.



Lao San: “Lao Lao (writer Yao) why every time you are writing about me, you are describing me as strict like a boring old guy? Why you always say that I am motionless and just watches the ceiling? Can’t I be livelier?

Writer Yao: “No.”

Lao San: “Why?”

Writer Yao: “Because you are the most similar as your father.”

Lao San: “……….”


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