Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 323

Gu Qiao is wearing a light mauve long skirt and white silk top today.

Jing Bo Yuan stuffs a pillow on Ye Qing Xin’s back to make her comfortable. Ye Qing Xin sits down comfortably and smiles toward Gu Qiao.

“Thank you Qiao Qiao Jie.” She says with a smile.

Gu Qiao is sitting down on the stool near the bed.

Jing Bo Yuan opens the thermos and wants to feed Ye Qing Xin food.

“Let me do it by myself.” She takes the spoon and bowl from Jing Bo Yuan, she says softly: “I can eat by myself, you can go and accompany Wai Gong, Ye Ye to chat.”

She has norms, she doesn’t act proud because she is loved.

Ye Qing Xin can move her arms well, she doesn’t need anyone to feed her. Inside the room, there’re guests. It’s inappropriate that Jing Bo Yuan just cares about her.

Jing Bo Yuan strokes her head. “If you need anything, call me.”

Ye Qing Xin nods and smiles.

Their interaction is comforting.

“A Yuan and Xin Xin is really suitable for each other.” Old Madame Cheng compliments. “I don’t know when my grandkids will marry someone liek Xin Xin. She is beautiful and capable wife….”

Old Madame Cheng wants to find someone like Ye Qing Xin to marry her grandkids. Ye Qing Xin is pretty, she has good academic skills. She is talented. The most important thing, she can give birth directly to three grandsons. Old Madame Cheng wants this kind of granddaughter-in-law.

“Xin Xin ah, do you have any classmates, or old friends? That you can introduce to our Xiao Yu?”

Old Madame Cheng is excited. She sits down on the stool near the bedside.

“Xin Xin ah, you are just turning twenty one right? You should have a lot of girlfriends without boyfriend right? How about if you introduce several of them to Cheng Nai Nai?”

Old Madame Cheng looks at Ye QIng Xin.

Ye Qing Xin is scooping the porridge, she doesn’t know whether she shoudl eat it or not.

Jing Suo Suo hears those words, she stands up and glares at Ye Qing Xin.

Ye Qing Xin smiles and says: “In the past…… my family condition is not very good. Except going to the class, I also needed to do part time jobs so I don’t have that many friends. The ones that I close to seem to not …. suitable.”

“Everyone of them has boyfriend?” Old Madame Cheng asks.

“Not really, I have three roommates. Two of them already have boyfriends….”

“What about the other? How does he look? What is she called?”

Ye Qing Xin looks at Jing Suo Suo. “It’s Suo Suo. I am roommate with Suo Suo.”

Ye Qing Xin eats her porridge.

Old Madame Cheng is startled and looks at Jing Suo Suo.

Jing Suo Suo acts like she is watching the three babies and doesn’t hear it.

Old Madame Cheng jokes: “Suo Suo is good too but she is too young. Xin Xin ah, there’s no one else?”

Isn’t it mean that she doesn’t approve Jing Suo Suo?”

Ye Qing Xin glances at Jing Suo Suo, she can see the disappointment on Jing Suo Suo’s face.

“I remember that Weir has no boyfriend right?” Old Madame Jing suddenly intervenes. “Xin Xin has a friend, she calls Weir. She is pretty and tall, but she is a model….”

“Previously I wanted to introduce her to your Xiao Yu but I wanted to know your opinion first. I forgot about it. I just remember it today. If you don’t mind about her work, later on Xin Xin can introduce her for you.”

“Being a model is also good. Our Xiao Yu (Song Xian Yu) is also a model. She just stop working after she has Nian Nian.” Old Madame Cheng doesn’t mind about the profession as a model. She says to Ye Qing Xin. “Xin Xin ah, when will you make an appointment for me with your friend? If not now, what about I meet her tonight?”

Ye Qing Xin: ‘….”

Old Madame Cheng is too rushing this.

Ye Qing Xin can understand why Cheng Ru Yu always gets a hard time every time Old Madame Cheng mentions the wedding.

“Cheng Nai Nai, Weir cannot.” Jing Suo Suo speaks out. “Last night, Weir said to me that she has a boyfriend now, they just settled their relationship two days ago. Cheng Nai Nai, you shouldn’t break up an affectionate couple.”

Jing Suo Suo jokes.

Old Madame Cheng says: “Suo Suo also knows Weir?”

Jing Suo Suo says: “of course. We are roommates. Weir is one of the roommates that have boyfriend. Right Xin Xin?”

Ye Qing Xin nods.

Old Madame Jing is confused. ‘But previously you said that Weir has no boyfriend.”

“It’s only recently.”

Ye Qing Xin just eats.

“Ay..” Old Madame Cheng sighs. “I am so jealous and worried. All of you guys already have your own great grandkids. I think I’ve introduced him to all the women, but ay…..”

Then suddenly they could hear Cheng Ru Yu’s laughter outside.

“Nai Nai, what are you discussing about me?” Cheng Ru Yu opens the door. He is holding a book.

He smiles.

“What do you think? I tell them that an old man like you cannot bring a wife home. Do you really want to make me worry to death?”

“Look at A Yuan, he already has three kids? Where is your wife? Where is your son?”

Cheng Ru Yi glances at Jing Suo Suo, Jing Suo Suo is standing in front of the babies’ beds.

“Nai Nai, don’t be angry. It will harm your body.” Cheng Ru Yu looks at Old Madame Cheng. “There’s no use to rush it, why should you be so angry?”

“What are you doing here? You have nothing to do? Go do your business, don’t hang around in front of me. Looking at you make have a headache.” Old Madame Cheng drives him away.

Cheng Ru Yu surrenders. “Okay! Ok! I’ll leave. I’ll leave now.”

“Suo Suo, <<Sheng Sheng>> is showed tonight. Let’s watch it together. I’ll treat you.” Someone is talking with Jing Suo Suo on the phone.

It’s hard to know whether it is a male or female voice.

Jing Suo Suo answers quickly. “Okay. What time?”

Cheng Ru Yu stops walking when he hears it. He turns his head and looks at Jing Suo Suo.

Jing Suo Suo is holding her phone and smiles. She seems to be so happy.

She is a cute type. She has big eyes and small lips, she has a chubby cheek. She is not tall and also she has a small chest. She just likes a senior high student.

She wears a white t-shirt and hot pants. Though she is not really tall but it shows her legs well.

Cheng Ru Yu frowns.

He always feels that Jing Suo Suo is too carefree, he thinks that she can be deceived easily.

Jing Suo Suo raises her head over, their eyes meet each other. Jing Suo Suo just shifts her gaze and shakes her phone. She talks to Old Madame Jing. “Nai Nia, I’ll go with my friends. I’ll leave first.”

Then she quickly takes her pink handbag and waves her hand to excuse herself to everyone.

Cheng Ru Yu also bids goodbye to the elders and leaves.

The time he comes out, he looks at Jing Suo Suo.

How can she be so happy to watch movie with other people?

Cheng Ru Yu looks at her for two seconds and follows her.

The elevator stops at the first floor.

Jing Suo Suo presses the button for going down, she waits for the elevator to come up and take her down. Her gaze is fixed on screen.


She hears a familiar footsteps behind. She can recognize who is it.

She remembers the sentences that she ever read: “Though a thousand people are passing by my side. I also can hear your footstep. Because nine hundred ninety nine people just step on the ground, and it’s just you who step on my heart.”

Jign Suo Suo purses her lips. She keeps on thinking the gift that she gave to him. How can he give it to somebody else, it makes her feel so embarrassed.

She doesn’t look back and pretends to not hear his footsteps.

Cheng Ru Yu just stands behind her, Jing Suo Suo feels her back is tense.

She feels the several short seconds pass by like a long summer.

Then her phone suddenly rings. It breaks the silence. She takes out her phone from the pocket of her hot pant. She opens up her Wechat, someone sends her a voice message.

Cheng Ru Yu is much taller than Jing Suo Suo so he can look pass her head easily. She looks that she is opening a chat with someone called “Teng Fei.”

This should be a male’s name.

Jing Suo Suo opens the voice message up. From the voice it’s hard to distinguish whether it’s a male or female. “After watching the movie let’s eat a seafood buffet. I know there’s a newly open great seafood buffet. My Ge’s bar has finished the renovation, today it’ll open. Do you have any interest to go there after eating?”

Cheng Ru Yu frowns.

“Okay, It’s a good idea. It’s been a long time since I went to the bar. Let’s call other. The more people come by, it’ll be merrier.” Jing Suo Suo sends back the reply.

When it’s done.

“You go to the bar?” She hears a cold voice behind her.

Jing Suo Suo controls her feeling of awkwardness, she turns her head and looks at Cheng Ru Yu. She shows her so-called ‘surprised’. “Cheng Da Ge, since when are you standing behind m? You shock me.”

Cheng Ru Yu looks at her face and doesn’t answer her question. “It’s not safe for a woman to go to Bar. It’s better to rarely go there.”

“With Teng Fei there, there will be no problem.” Jing Suo Suo smiles. “Teng Fei will not be drunk after thousand of glasses, Teng Fei is great.”

Cheng Ru Yu looks at how happy Jing Suo Suo is when she mentions about Teng Fei.

“If Jing San Shen knows that you go to bar, she will not be happy.” Cheng Ru Yu reminds her.

“You want to report it to my mom?” Jing Suo Suo glares at Cheng Ru Yu. “Only a tasteless person will report. Cheng Da Ge, are you that kind of person?”

Jing Suo Suo fists her hand. Her face shows her furiousness.

Cheng Ru Yu softens and cannot help but to stroke Jing Suo Suo’s head. “Bar is not a good place to go. A woman shouldn’t go there. Her me out.”

Jing Suo Suo forgets to respond. Her heart beats so fast and her face blushes.

Cheng Ru Yu looks at Jing Suo Suo’s eyes and be startled.

The elevator door is opened. No one moves to get inside so the elevator door is closed again.

The atmosphere somehow changes.

After a long time.

“Cheng Da Ge, I….” Jing Suo Suo also doesn’t know what should she say. Her throat is blocked. There’s a lot of things that she wants to say to him but that time she cannot think of anything.

The time she is about to speak up again. Cheng Ru Yu’s phone vibrates.

Cheng Ru Yu takes away his hand and takes out his phone out of his white doctor robe.

Jing Suo Suo looks at his belt. It’s not the one that she gave to him.

She just watches him answering his phone. She was pissed so she presses down the elevator button again. The elevator door is opened and she gets inside. She pushed the closed button.

The call is from the director of administrative division. There’s a set back during an operation, he asks Cheng Ru Yu for help.

Cheng Ru Yu glances over and watches how Jing Suo Suo acts childishly. He doesn’t chase after her. He says “I’ll go over now.” Then he just walks away.

The time the call ends, he already in front of the surgery room.

Before he gets in, he opens up his Wechat and sends Jing Suo Suo a message. “You are not allowed to go to Bar.”

Jing Suo Suo reads it and she feels rebellious.

He doesn’t allow her to go to bar? She will go. Who does he think he is, how can she want to control her!

After Cheng Ru Yu and Jing Suo Suo leave, the room turns bit calmer and quieter.

“Your Suo Suo and my Xiao Yu seem to be suitable for each other.” Old Madame Cheng says.

“Don’t let Fen Fen hear you say that, she will make a fuss.” Old Madame Jing laughs.

Old Madame Cheng says: “I just talk randomly.”

For Old Madame Cheng, Jing Suo Suo is indeed a great woman. She looks lovable and likable. It’s just Jing Fen Fen likes Cheng Ru Yu so much so she doesn’t dare to let Cheng Ru Yu be with Jing Suo Suo. It will make a fight between sisters. It’ll be a great joke for everyone later on.

“Xin Xin, the movie that Suo Suo mentioned before <<Sheng Sheng>>, is the one that your Di Di acted on right?” Gu Qiao speaks up and smiles. “Xin Xin is really capable in educating children. With your Di Di’s condition, if it’s another person, I think there’s no one will show so much care for him. But you don’t give up on him and educate him to be a great kid. Now he even can act to earn money. It’s really great.”

Gu Qiao then says to Old Madame Jing. “Nai Nai, Xin Xin is really good at look after children, you are so blessed. In the future, your three grandsons will grow up to be smart and obedient.”

Gu Qiao’s words sounds to be kind but when you consider it deeper. There’s something wrong with it. It doesn’t make someone happy.

What does her intention to compare the three newborn babies to Ye Qing Guo, what does she mean?”

Is it to suggest that when the kids grow up, they will have a low IQ like YE Qing Guo? Or they will be like an actor like Ye Qing Guo?

On the eyes of rich families, they think that being an actor is just providing entertainment for public. There’s no use.

Though they like Ye Qing Guo and loves him, but it doesn’t mean that they hope that the three kids will grow up like Ye Qing Guo.


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  1. Can’t that Gu Qiao girl just shut her big mouth? I have to say that I am impatient to see how she gets punished for what she did to Xiao Guo.

    As for Suo Suo, could there finally be romance in the air for her? We know she gets married but to whom? I have my suspicions.

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