Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 282

Jing Bo Yuan can avoid Ye Qing Xin’s belly perfectly, he just presses her down on the seat.

He kisses her.

It’s a bit hurt. Because his kiss is powerful, it lets her somehow losing her breath.

It’s not fully dark yet. Outside the car, a lot of people pass by. Ye Qing Xin is nervous that someone will notice their intimate contact. She notices that the man’s hand has probed inside her back. He undoes her bra.

“Wooo….” She cannot help but to resist.

The car glass is covered with a thin film, Ye Qing Xin can see clearly that lots of people are passing by. She even can see their expression clearly.

Jing Bo Yuan kisses her from her lips to her neck. When she is nervous, her skins turn to be sensitive. She can feel throughly the softness and wetness of his tongue.

Someone comes over to the car by their car. The man opens the car, Ye Qing Xin’s eyes turn big as if she is afraid that man will see them.

Jing Bo Yuan lifts up her sweater.

“Bo Yuan…. I am wrong….. don’t……”

She wants to push away his head, but she is powerless.

“There is someone outside…….”

She asks for his mercy.

She knows she is wrong.

She shouldn’t seduce him.

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t plan to do anything to her, he just wants to kiss her.

Jing Bo Yuan lets her go and tidies up her clothes.

“Why are you doing this, there are lots of people outside…..”

Jing Bo Yuan just looks at her and smiles, he strokes her head. He gets off the car first and opens the door for her.

They both get inside the restaurant and is taken to the private room. They order several dishes and go directly to Jing He hospital. Old Madame Yan looks better today than yesterday as she can eat a lot today.

They both arrive in the sickroom around 06:30 p.m. The sky is dark. Wang Li Ta is helping to feed Old Madame Yan her dinner.

Ye Qing Xin comes over and takes the bowl and chopsticks from Wang Li Ta. “Wang Yi, let me do it. You can go and have a meal too.”

Wang Li Ta smiles and replies: “Okay. Sorry to trouble you.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “This is my duty to do it.”

Jing Bo Yuan is standing behind Ye Qing Xin, he is holding her backpack. His phone is vibrating, he takes out his phone. He takes a look at it and this time he just answers it without hesitation.

Inside the room there’re only Old Madame Yan and Old Mister Yan. The other are going out to have dinner.

It’s a business call.

Ye Qing Xin feeds Old Madame Yan. Old Madame Yan suddenly thinks of something. She sighs: “Today I called Yu Ning, but the phone was off. I am worried about her.”

Ye Qing Xin is calm and smiles. “Song Yu is an adult. She can solve her own matter. If she cannot solve it, then you can help her. She will come to ask for your help. You don’t need to worry. You just need to focus on recovering. In the future I want you to help me to take care of the Bao Bao. If you are not well, how can you have energy to do it.”

Old Madame Yan smiles happily the time she hears about the Bao Bao.

“I have the energy. Looking at my great grandkids with make all my illness go away…” She says it and strokes Ye Qing Xin’s bulging belly.

“Your belly is getting bigger. Are you feeling okay?”

“Nothing major, I just feel itchy sometimes….”

“But you shouldn’t scratch it okay? If you scratch it and it has scratches then you will be infected. It will troublesome.” Old Madame Yan says worriedly.

“No I don’t scratch it. I use olive oil to make it better.”

“It’s good to hear it. When do you have your next pregnancy check-up? Is it in two more days?”

“Em.” Ye Qing Xin tidies up Old Madame Yan’s hair that touches her mouth. “Are you thirsty? Do you want to drink the soup?”

Old Madame Yan nods.

Ye Qing Xin feeds her the soup.

Jing Bo Yuan sits down on the sofa. He keeps on watching Ye Qing Xin. Old Mister Yan finishes his dinner and goes to the sofa. He chats with Jing Bo Yuan.

“Xin Xin, this year you are on your third year right. Next year, you’ll be graduated. I have discussed with your Wai Gong. Young should come to Jing Yan to do the fieldwork. You are studying fashion design. You can enter to the design department first to familiarize yourself.” Old Madame Yan holds her hand and says it after she finishes her meal.

“In the future our company will be handed to you. For Qiao Qiao…. I also will not neglect her. She has put effort for the company. I appreciate it. I and your Wai Gong has discussed. The time you are the CEO, I will let Qiao Qiao be the COO of Ly brand. Since she was little, she always dreams to be Tong Tong, a high class designer. Letting her being Ly brand COO will contribute to achieving her dream.”

“Your Mama ah, she always like to draw and sketch. Afterwards during the college entrance examination, she stubbornly wanted to enter art department. Your Wai Gong wanted her to enter business department. But she didn’t want to. For this matter, both of them were in fight. They were in a cold war for several months. After your Mama died, your Wai Gong keeps on being sad when he remembers of it. He regrets it, he keeps on saying that he should treat her better, even better.”

This is the first time Old Madame Yan chats with her about Yan Tong.

“Your Mama looks like you, she is obedient and filial. That is the the only thign she did that is unfilial. Then she married to your Papa. They lived a happy lfie. Your Papa is very talented man. He treated your Mama very well. I remember that the day she gave birth to you, your Mama experienced difficult situation during the birth. It’s so dangerous. Of course the doctor wanted to save her. Your Mama clutched the doctor’s hand and begged him to save you…”

“The doctor couldn’t decide and came outside to find our opinion. Your Papa didn’t say anything to us, he just asked the doctor to take him inside. Afterwards, I heard from your Mama that your Papa got inside and told her. Either you and Mama live together, or your Mama lives, or your Mama dies, and he will just choke you to death.”

“At last, your Mama could survive. Both of you were okay.”

Old Madame Yan wipes her tears.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t know whether she is touched because of both of them were saved or because of Sheng Wen Jun’s love toward Yan Tong.

Ye Qing Xin feels sad.

She cannot imagine that a woman, can try so hard to live for her kids.

Wang Li Ta and two other nurses return the room. The time they come inside, there’s a middle-aged man coming with them.

“Lao Fu Ren, your relative is coming to visit you.” Wang Li Ta says: “He cannot go upstair, he wants to call you. So I just help you take him up.”

The time that man comes inside, he immediately comes over and says to Old Madame Yan: “Old Madame, please help my old wife….”

That middle-aged man is a fifty years old man. Ye Qing Xin never meets him.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at the man. His eyes narrow. He says: “Old Madame needs her rest. Let’s talk outside.”

The man turns his head and looks at Jing Bo Yuan. His eyes looks terrified.

But he tries hard to maintain his fear, he kneels down and begs: “Old Madame, my old wife has been following you for more than ten years. You know her well. If she is not forced, how could she drug you and make you had a relapse. Please, I beg you. Please release my wife. She knows that she is wrong, she regrets it………”

Old Madame Yan is shocked. “You….. what did you say?”


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