Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 261

Old Madame Yan notices Ye Qing Xin. Her tears start to fall down again from her swollen eyes.

“Xin Xin, why are you here? Have you had your breakfast?”

Ye Qing Xin passes her the thermos and says: “I’ve eaten. This is for you and Wai Gong. You guys should eat a bit.”

Old Mister Yan is sitting down on the chair. Ye Qing Xin takes Old Madame Yan to sit down beside him. Then she opens the thermos, she passes the spoons to both of them.

“Wai Sun Nu is really filial.” Someone praises him.

Old Madame Yan smiles, though her eyes are swollen. She smiles and her tears fall down again.

Someone comforts her: “Qiao Qiao is also miserable. She suffered a sudden calamity. The driver is also in bad condition, he lost one arm and one leg. But I heard there two more people on the lorries. They are okay, they seem to escape from criminal act, they are caught……”

Someone says to Gu Xing De and Huang Wei Juan: “you guys are Qiao Qiao’s parents. You should avenge for her. It’s their fault that they flee in confusion. If not how can they bump into Qiao Qiao’s car….”

Huang Wei Juan doesn’t pay attention to it……

If someone pays attention to her, they will notice that her hands, legs, are trembling. She tries hard to control it.

Yesterday Huang Wei Juan got a call form Huang Wei that there’s an accident between those three and Gu Qiao’s car. Her hands and legs cannot stop trembling.

She feels in pain, it’s painful to breath.

How can this be…..

How can it turn this way…….

Her daughter, her only kid. Now she only lays down on the bed, she is unconscious and loses her leg.

She cannot imagine how can Gu Qiao face this reality when she wakes up, how can this be so tragic.

This is not the ending that she wants…..

The time this matter is exposed, Gu Qiao will hate her till death. Gu Xing De and Yan family will hate her.

Gu Qiao’s future is ruined.


Huang Wei Juan suddenly cries loudly. She hugs her head in pain.

How can this be? Huang Wei Juan cannot understand it. She wants to beat Ye Qing Xin. But this moment Ye Qing Xin is alive and can stand in front of her with healthy body. But her daughter suffers what she hopes Ye Qing Xin will suffer.

Her loud sobs and cries surprise everyone. Everyone thinks that she is sad because of Gu Qiao. They start to comfort her.

Old Madame Yan is also heartbroken. She wipes her tear. Old Madame Sheng also starts to cry.

Gu Xing De is also sad. In just a night, he looks ten years older.

Huang Wei Juan’s voice is too loud. The head of nurse comes in front and asks her to low it down.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at Huang Wei Juan’s unstoppable trembling hands and legs. She frowns.

His phone vibrates.

He excuses himself and goes to the side to answer the call. It’s a call from the detention center.

Jing Bo Yuan’s gaze turns swiftly and fiercely during the call.

He puts his phone back to his pocket, then he looks at Huang Wei Juan with his cold stare.

After Old Mister Yan and Old Madame Yan finish their breakfast, Ye Qing Xin helps them to tidy up all the lunch boxes.

“Wai Po, you and Wai Gong hasn’t rested well right? You should go home and rest, then you can come again? Perhaps just stay at the nearby hotel? You guys are old, you are not younger than Gu Shu Shu….”

Gu Xing De speaks up: “Xin Xin is right. I can stay here with Huang Wei Juan. You guys no need to worry. The time we get any news, I will call you guys first.”

“Yes, Old Madame. You need to listen to your Wai Sun Nu. You just have your Wai Sun Nu. You also don’t wish to get sick and let your Wai Sun Nu worries about you while she is pregnant right?” Someone says.

Old Madame Yan says: “Okay.”

Ye Qing Xin helps Old Madame Yan to stand up. Old Madame Yan says to everyone: “You guys come to visit our Qiao Qiao, I understand your kind action, if there’s nothing else, you guys also need to rest.”

“Okay, okay. We get it. You and Old Mister should go home and rest first.”

Old Madame Yan looks at the ICU door and turns her body to leave. But suddenly she notices two police officers walk toward them.

Both of them look around and directly walks toward the dumbstruck Huang Wei Juan.

One of them takes out a handcuff and places it on Huang Wei Juan’s both hands.

Everyone is surprised.

Huang Wei Juan knows that she is done.

The police officers can find her, it shows that Huang Wei is caught.

Another police shows an arrest warrant to Huang Wei Juan and says: “you are a suspect of kidnapping. According to the law you will be on custody. Please follow us.”

“Police, you……. is there any misunderstanding? Wei Juan…. she….she…” Old Madame Yan stops both of the police officers: “Wei Juan is my goddaughter-in-law. Though she has a bad temper, but she never does something bad, aren’t you guys wrong?”

One of them police officer greets Old Madame Yan politely and answers: “Hi, Huang Wei Juan plans to kidnap Ye Qing Xin by hiring someone. Now we have full evidence. Please cooperate with us, don’t obstruct our official duty.”

Old Madame Yan is shocked: “What did you say?”


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